13:59:49 <antonela> #startmeeting ux-team
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13:59:53 <antonela> hello folks!
14:00:12 <antonela> the first ux meeting this month
14:00:14 <antonela> :)
14:00:55 <antonela> first of all, im planning to follow the community team workflow with the status pad, so i'll share the meeting pad with the ux list right after the meeting ends
14:01:06 <antonela> https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-ux-team-2019-keep
14:01:09 <antonela> please use this pad ^^
14:01:28 <pili> hi
14:01:53 <antonela> hi pili!
14:03:18 <antonela> okey, lets do it
14:03:30 <antonela> we have some items in the discussion part for today
14:03:53 <antonela> is thurayya around?
14:04:07 <pili> yeah, I went a bit crazy with the backlog ;P
14:04:18 <pili> I only got halfway through as well :D
14:04:25 <antonela> haha
14:04:40 * antonela gives people a few minutes to read the pad
14:04:43 * antonela goes for more mate
14:04:54 <ggus> hello o/
14:05:13 <antonela> hello ggusgus
14:05:54 <dunqan> Olá ggus!
14:06:06 <antonela> i'd like to wait for thurayya to be around in order to introduce her, so lets move to the second item
14:06:06 <ggus> :)
14:06:17 <antonela> hi dunqan, hi clash!
14:06:37 <antonela> pili, * Brainstorm UX team work and project organisation in gitlab
14:06:48 <pili> right
14:07:06 <pili> so, I've been trying to do this myself but I'm struggling with gitlab
14:07:18 <pili> I wanted to add shared project items e.g from community group to the UX board but I guess that's not possible
14:07:21 <pili> which is a bit frustrating
14:07:24 <antonela> mmm
14:07:45 <antonela> i should read more gitlab documentation about it i think
14:07:54 <pili> yeah, I'll keep looking also
14:08:23 <pili> we should probably just push ahead for now and add items directly
14:08:40 <antonela> im planning to move https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/org/teams/UxTeam to the dip.torproject.org/ux readme.txt
14:08:47 <antonela> what do you think? what other teams are doing?
14:08:48 <pili> to the UX board
14:08:49 <pili> to track the UX portion of the work
14:08:50 <pili> even if it's duplicated in another board
14:08:51 <pili> what do you think?
14:09:00 <antonela> yes, i think is good
14:09:02 <pili> I think UX is the only team that works on projects everywhere
14:09:09 <pili> which makes it tricky
14:09:12 <antonela> yes i know
14:09:29 <antonela> maybe we can rely on labels? and have ux-team labels and filter those labels in a board
14:09:34 <pili> the other thing would be to create some frankenstein group ux + community :P with ux and community teams under it
14:09:41 <pili> but I don't like that
14:09:48 <pili> antonela: yup we can try the labels
14:09:52 <antonela> i see
14:09:59 <pili> maybe in the Tor Project top level group...
14:10:03 <antonela> yes
14:10:06 <pili> but we can't have multiple boards there
14:10:18 <pili> and I think gaba was using that for something, but we can check again and see
14:10:23 <antonela> oki, let me know
14:10:42 <emmapeel> maybe with tags?
14:10:47 <pili> I just don't want to stall on this because we then never move forward with a good solution for organising the ux work
14:11:40 <antonela> yep
14:12:15 <antonela> something i shared this with you and gaba already that i think is very important for the broad adoption of dip is having documentation about the issues workflow
14:12:23 <pili> yup
14:12:45 <antonela> we can work together on that if is needed
14:12:48 <pili> maybe you can add that to the document in nextcloud if you have some ideas already? :)
14:13:03 <antonela> could you remember the url of it?
14:13:07 <pili> https://nc.riseup.net/s/SnQy3yMJewRBwA7
14:13:16 <pili> +1 to working together on it
14:13:23 <antonela> perfect, will add notes there
14:13:28 <pili> I'm adding some stuff re: permissions and groups there
14:13:45 <antonela> good
14:13:57 <thurayya_> hey! sorry, iḿ having some network related problems...
14:14:30 <antonela> pili, anything else re: dip?
14:14:35 <antonela> hi thurayya_! no worries!
14:14:48 <pili> nope
14:16:06 <antonela> so, thurayya_ has been traveling with gus the last semester through colombia, kenya and uganda as a researcher, she will be helping us on compile the user research we have been doing and also on our work with communities
14:16:21 <antonela> welcome thurayya_ :)
14:16:22 <ggus> \o/
14:16:27 <emmapeel> welcome!
14:16:27 <ggus> weclome thurayya_!
14:16:32 <ggus> welcome*
14:16:37 <antonela> haha
14:16:53 <thurayya_> yesss! thanks :) very happy to join the team!
14:17:07 <clash> nice!
14:17:20 <dunqan> hey thurayya_!
14:17:45 <antonela> i shared with her the notes you made dunqan during the dev meeting
14:17:58 <pili> welcome thurayya_ :)
14:18:02 <antonela> we will be working on it in a few weeks, will keep you in the loop
14:18:05 <dunqan> ah great!
14:18:43 <antonela> okey, i think we can move to the best part of this meeting
14:19:22 <antonela> *** monthly triage ***
14:19:29 <antonela> pili, do you want to do your magic?
14:19:35 <pili> yup
14:19:50 <dunqan> haha
14:20:06 <pili> so I updated the spreadsheet already with the new tickets: https://nc.riseup.net/s/K3rzDptT773QGsa
14:20:16 <pili> and they are all for a new sponsor that started this month
14:20:25 <pili> so nothing really new to triage which is good
14:20:38 <antonela> phew
14:20:47 <pili> so I started going down the backlog ;)
14:20:58 <pili> and I found a couple of tickets I didn't remember about or that I think maybe we can move forward, or close (or just ignore until next time)
14:21:11 <pili> the first one is #28381
14:21:43 <antonela> i think we need dev capacity for it - once we have a tba dedicated developer we can put this ticket in that backlog
14:21:54 <antonela> what do you think? on my side, i think we should have it, yes
14:21:55 <pili> ok, so it's a TBA thing
14:22:00 <antonela> it is
14:22:01 <pili> yup
14:22:10 <clash> yeah it requires dev input
14:22:14 <pili> yeah, I collected a few TBA tickets from our backlog
14:22:15 <pili> ok
14:22:18 <antonela> (thanks clash for working on it)
14:22:32 <clash> I think the design part can be done maybe
14:22:47 <pili> then #27028
14:22:55 <pili> I don't quite understand the problem I guess, seems like something that already happens
14:23:02 <antonela> ohh
14:23:04 <clash> because an adaptive icon is nothing but XML layers
14:23:45 <antonela> that is a firefox issue and gets translated on TB -- what the reporter is recommending there is following chrome UI for downloads
14:23:59 <antonela> i'd say out-of-scope nor capacity at the moment
14:24:47 <pili> ok
14:24:59 <pili> #26765
14:25:13 <pili> this is actually about making TBB look distinct from other browsers
14:25:18 <antonela> nice one
14:25:20 <pili> I would argue that it already is
14:25:34 <antonela> yes
14:25:37 <pili> but maybe there's something there in some of the work that we are already doing that could help with this
14:25:47 <pili> so, shall we close it? ;)
14:25:57 <pili> or do we want to add it as a child of something else?
14:26:40 <dunqan> I know I certainly have a bad habit of confusing TB and FF despite the current differences, and sometimes end up loading a URL in the wrong browser
14:26:43 <antonela> i want to add this ticket to a parent ticket related with the private/amnesic tabs discussion
14:27:05 <antonela> dunqan, yep
14:27:18 <dunqan> i guess there's a question of how visually distinct you'd want to make it from a personal security POV too
14:27:41 <dunqan> like an entire theme would be nice in my case, but others would likely not want to broadcast the fact they're using Tor to anyone over their shoulder
14:28:25 <antonela> yes, we had this conversation before #10399
14:28:33 <antonela> that is the ticket i remember
14:28:47 <pili> dunqan: that's good feedback :)
14:28:48 <pili> ah, yup
14:28:49 <antonela> i also remember a four digits one too #6444
14:28:56 <dunqan> ah gotcha!
14:29:05 <pili> ok, let's group these somehow then :)
14:29:06 <dunqan> "Opened 6 years ago" oh lol
14:29:09 <antonela> and yes, is a point
14:29:10 <antonela> haha
14:29:31 <pili> yeah, sometimes I get a bit of OCD and want to close really old tickets ;)
14:29:48 <antonela> i know, i think the best way to close old tickets is involving them in current work
14:29:51 <pili> yup
14:30:06 <antonela> like, each time i start a work i make the query in trac to see what happened before
14:30:16 <pili> ok, so let me create a new parent ticket and add these to it then
14:30:19 <pili> does that work?
14:30:23 <antonela> yes, perfect
14:30:37 <antonela> a parent ticket about a custom theme for TB? or private tabs? or?
14:30:48 <pili> ok, next one I had was #25580
14:30:51 <pili> antonela: something that will fit all of these tickets
14:30:58 <antonela> pili, deal :)
14:31:03 <pili> so probably about visual identity and making it somehow distinguishable
14:31:05 <dunqan> yeah maybe a few mockups of different options would help guide people towards a conclusion too
14:31:09 <pili> from other browsers
14:31:13 <antonela> dunqan: yes!
14:31:14 <dunqan> could put that on my list for august/september if you like
14:31:21 <antonela> if you want :)
14:31:22 <pili> this is not necessarily something for now but more about grouping work
14:31:29 <dunqan> sure! :)
14:31:32 <antonela> cool stuff
14:31:37 <pili> i.e it's not necessarily a priority :)
14:31:51 <pili> ok, shall we move on to the auto update ticket?
14:31:59 <antonela> i think #25580 is something we somewhat fixed during our TB updates work
14:32:05 <pili> again, it seems like something that is done already
14:32:19 <pili> and if it's not, *someone* should justify why it's not done
14:32:25 <pili> antonela: I agree
14:32:27 <antonela> on #25694
14:32:47 <pili> I'll just close it and someone can re-open and say why it's not fixed :P
14:32:53 <antonela> maybe the reporter will argue that is not fixed, but if we can close it they can reopen
14:32:56 <antonela> hahah yes
14:33:15 <pili> ok, final one (this was only halfway down backlog but I'll do more next time) #24638
14:33:29 <pili> I didn't really understand this one
14:33:36 <pili> maybe it's something that doesn't exist any more
14:33:46 <pili> so I wanted a second opinion on it
14:33:49 <antonela> nice ticket
14:34:03 <antonela> i'll paste it into the Tor Launcher work we are doing
14:34:30 <antonela> also devs already reviewed it
14:35:15 <antonela> i can add it to my review list
14:35:38 <pili> great, thanks antonela :)
14:35:55 <antonela> np
14:35:58 <pili> other than that I've been tagging some tickets with S30 and we should decide which we want to do
14:36:07 <pili> but i haven't finished finding all of them yet
14:36:10 <antonela> nice, i talked with gaba about it
14:36:26 <antonela> im planning to join the anticensorship team meeting on thursday to sync with them on it
14:36:39 <antonela> dunqan: we are going to be working with bridges
14:36:47 <pili> ah yes
14:36:48 <pili> I remember you said that :)
14:36:49 <pili> great
14:36:50 <pili> thanks
14:36:53 <antonela> dunqan: you already reviewed it during TBA onboarding (do you remember?)
14:37:08 <dunqan> i do! I happened to just be looking at that this morning as well
14:37:18 <antonela> cool, will cc you in some tickets about it for review
14:37:19 <antonela> is good?
14:37:26 <dunqan> for sure :)
14:37:31 <antonela> super, thanks!
14:38:13 <pili> thanks dunqan :)
14:38:24 <dunqan> no prob
14:38:56 <pili> one other update I have is that we're working on getting the final Orfox update ready to move people to TBA
14:38:57 <antonela> we groot with the triage pili?
14:39:04 <pili> yup, good with triage
14:39:20 <emmapeel> oh yeah what translation?
14:39:21 <pili> there's just a few strings to localise and hopefully we're good to go soon
14:39:30 <pili> emmapeel: I've asked where we can get them
14:39:37 <emmapeel> where are they? i mean on which file on which repo?
14:39:40 <pili> hopefully we will find out soon and we can move that forward
14:39:45 <emmapeel> yes a repo will be good
14:39:53 <emmapeel> ok cool!
14:40:18 <pili> this is the repo for the app: https://github.com/guardianproject/Orfox
14:40:42 * antonela * ·    · l10n time      ·  + *  ·   ·
14:40:48 <pili> not sure if you know where/how to find the strings from there...
14:40:49 <pili> otherwise I've asked nathan so hopefully he can get back to us about it :)
14:40:58 <pili> and thanks for following up on the fundraising banner also :)
14:42:04 <antonela> are there any currently call for translation emmapeel?
14:43:24 <emmapeel> antonela: we just did one for the donate button
14:43:36 <emmapeel> https://github.com/guardianproject/Orfox/blob/1b6533337ed4ef31b0cacf10effd41faa60139c7/app/src/main/res/values/strings.xml seems to be the orfox localization file
14:43:51 <antonela> emmapeel: awesome, i saw those emails, yes
14:43:57 <antonela> thanks emmapeel!
14:44:09 <pili> ah, perfect emmapeel
14:44:18 <emmapeel> i found it through an infosed tecnique called 'recursive clicking'
14:44:23 <antonela> hahaha
14:44:25 <pili> it does look like it, nathan said there were only a few ;)
14:44:26 <pili> :D
14:44:34 <antonela> emmapeel knows things
14:44:47 <antonela> okey, folks, what else?
14:44:50 <emmapeel> oh no, im just here waiting for my boyfriend
14:45:03 <antonela> <3
14:45:10 <pili> let me check if I have some hidden notes somewhere... ;)
14:45:41 <pili> ah, yes, just about the next browser funding proposal
14:45:50 <pili> but we discussed that yesterday during the browser team meeting
14:46:03 <antonela> yes exactly, and i think we will discuss more about it in the upcoming weeks
14:46:28 <pili> yup
14:46:51 <clash> I was thinking that all the Tor Browser release blog posts use this graphic https://blog.torproject.org/sites/default/files/styles/full_width/public/image/tor-browser_0_31.png
14:47:10 <clash> Maybe that could be updated now that there's a new logo?
14:47:39 <antonela> yes, we have different types of releases, maybe we can setup the same for each type of release
14:48:01 <antonela> clash: do you want to work on those assets? we can share with stephw, she will be happy i think
14:48:12 <clash> sure!
14:48:46 <stephw> yes i would thank you :D
14:49:46 <emmapeel> pili: do we have a deadline for the orfox translations?
14:49:53 <dunqan> clash is the brand guardian ✊
14:50:10 <pili> emmapeel: hmm, I can make one up? :D
14:50:19 <pili> when do you think it's reasonable?
14:50:47 <pili> it would be good to get it done soon, but that's the same for all projects :P
14:50:49 <antonela> cool stephw, thanks clash! we can coordinate that work over #tor-project
14:50:56 <pili> emmapeel: shall we say by the end of august? is that reasonable?
14:51:20 <clash> solid!
14:52:24 <emmapeel> i dont mind much but erinm says deadlines help translators somehow
14:52:31 <emmapeel> that one is alright!
14:53:17 <antonela> awesome
14:53:27 <antonela> i like deadlines :P
14:54:58 <antonela> okey folks, anything else?
14:55:26 <antonela> ggus, do you want to announce the support portal hackathon here?
14:57:41 <antonela> i'll do -- the community team is going to run a hackathon in september for working with the support portal, so if you are a community person, stay tuned!
14:57:43 <antonela> :D
14:57:50 <antonela> all groot then?
14:58:07 <thurayya> hahaha :)
14:58:13 <antonela> haha
14:58:16 <antonela> thanks folks o/
14:58:20 <antonela> is a pleasure
14:58:23 <antonela> #endmeeting