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16:00:45 <pili> let's start the bot anyway
16:01:27 <ggus> hey
16:01:45 <pili> here's the pad https://storm.torproject.org/shared/6RVelpol1SVMs7nfID2W5aT0Y00ZXxTtsXoaesPIcsp
16:01:55 <pili> ok, just out of my other meeting
16:01:59 <antonela> o/
16:02:02 <pili> please add any updates and discussion points
16:02:11 <pili> while I quickly go get a drink... ;)
16:02:25 <antonela> hi folks
16:02:32 <ggus> *loading*
16:03:15 * antonela imagines ggus loading
16:03:26 <emmapeel> o/
16:03:48 <pili> back
16:04:27 <ggus> haha sandstorming loading in tor browser
16:04:32 <ggus> sandstorm
16:05:14 <pili> let's see
16:05:57 * cy63113 snooping around
16:07:12 <pili> welcome cy63113 :)
16:07:19 <pili> ok, let's start
16:07:29 <cy63113> :)
16:09:12 <pili> last week we reviewed the site and came up with some actions
16:09:23 <pili> I removed the speakers section from outreach
16:09:28 <pili> and did a few other minor fixes
16:09:42 <pili> does anyone have any other updates? :)
16:09:48 <pili> (on the community portal for now)
16:10:20 <ggus> I'm working with Marco to have him as volunteer to migrate some trac webpages
16:11:06 <emmapeel> i have been working on the code of conduct etc
16:12:06 <emmapeel> *on how to localize the documents at https://gitweb.torproject.org/community/policies.git/ )
16:12:41 <pili> great
16:12:42 <emmapeel> but i am waitign for a version of the latex template to look on the slides l10n
16:13:02 <pili> yup, I've got that on my list, hopefully I get to look at this this friday
16:13:05 <pili> as next week I'm afk
16:14:28 <pili> antonela:any updates on the user research section? when do you think you and thurayya can start adding content?
16:15:12 <antonela> we planned to work on it in the next two weeks
16:15:19 <antonela> we have first to work on reporting q1 and q2
16:15:44 <antonela> after that we will start on the user research material
16:16:38 <pili> sounds good, thanks :)
16:17:06 <pili> any other updates or discussion regarding the community portal?
16:17:57 <ggus> i'm good, didn't have time last week to push a lot of contribution
16:18:51 <emmapeel> lets add the edit button to staging so people can submit changes when reviewing! i am hoping for stephw to use it :D
16:19:11 <pili> yeah, we need to come up with a good workflow for her
16:19:13 <pili> I think hiro is working on something
16:19:24 <pili> little by little we can help people to help us more :)
16:20:04 <stephw> ohh an edit button sounds wonderful :)
16:20:27 <pili> so maybe we can discuss whether this should point to github or dip here
16:20:44 <pili> so for me the pros for github are:
16:20:49 <emmapeel> stephw: we are working on this, you can try the one on the support portal https://lektor-staging.torproject.org/support/staging/tbb/tbb-2/
16:20:58 <pili> a) people can show off their contributions more easily
16:21:21 <pili> b) its easy to submit a PR for us to review and then cherry pick in dip
16:21:46 <emmapeel> s/dip/torgit
16:22:18 <emmapeel> pili: +1 i really believe the show off factor will also prevent people of ranting.
16:22:29 <emmapeel> they will not want to smudge their github account...
16:23:13 <antonela> :/
16:23:23 <antonela> do you prefer to link people to github?
16:23:49 <emmapeel> antonela: in reality, once you are on the link you could do other things... you can fork the repo somewhere else...
16:24:30 <antonela> yes, so in that case i prefer to keep people on dip
16:25:05 <emmapeel> also it will mean we can rely on github to know this contributor, see if it has done contributions somewhere else...
16:25:17 <ggus> noob question: in dip they can create an issue without creating an account?
16:25:40 <antonela> we are leaving gh and we want to smooth our collab in our repos, so dip at some point will be official repo
16:25:44 <pili> ggus: we should try that
16:26:13 <antonela> i mean, is the same for me but it is something we need some consensus
16:26:18 <antonela> *that needs
16:27:02 <pili> right
16:27:25 <emmapeel> i dont like that github is from microsoft now
16:27:55 <emmapeel> but i mean, this is not the only way of submitting a patch....
16:28:03 <ggus> i don't like they blocking users from Iran & other countries
16:28:08 <stephw> emmapeel: that works great for me, thank you!
16:28:19 <pili> true
16:28:20 <pili> hmmm
16:28:25 <pili> ok, let's keep it in dip then and see how that goes
16:28:37 <emmapeel> can users create an account in dip?
16:28:51 <antonela> ggus +1
16:28:52 <ggus> in dip to create an issue you need to have an account now
16:29:06 <emmapeel> stephw: could you do a test correction to see if it works?
16:29:47 <gaba> hey! sorry that I comment without reading backlog (not following the meeting). We are working on having people to create guest accounts. The idea is to have the same as debian has with salsa.debian.org in front of their gitlab.
16:30:16 <emmapeel> thanks gaba
16:30:17 <pili> well, I don't want to create friction for people to submit a correction
16:30:18 <pili> we want to make it as easy as possible
16:30:29 <pili> I wonder if it would be overkill to have both a link to github and dip
16:30:57 <emmapeel> not too easy cause they may be living on their mothers basement and start clicking cause they are bored
16:31:00 <pili> to let people decide what they are most comfortable with
16:31:12 <antonela> haha
16:31:21 <pili> well, I mean, submit a PR easy :P
16:31:30 <pili> rather than go to dip, need an account, etc...
16:31:37 <pili> which is also overhead for us
16:31:42 <pili> because we need to possibly approve the account
16:31:45 <pili> or whatever
16:31:53 <pili> not sure how the flow would work in the dip case
16:31:58 <emmapeel> pili: but for us to review the PR of a stranger is a lot of work always!
16:31:58 <pili> we need to figure that out
16:32:17 <emmapeel> it is nice if we can get some references.. like ... oh this is hte guy that wrote gpg, ok...
16:32:20 <pili> of course
16:32:22 <pili> but that should be the only work, not also to create an account, etc, etc...
16:32:29 <pili> especially for the hackathon coming up
16:32:34 <emmapeel> oh, sure
16:32:50 <emmapeel> OMG we need the people attending the hackaton to be able to open tickets in dip then
16:32:55 <ggus> yes
16:32:58 <emmapeel> tickets and PRs
16:33:21 <pili> /o\ ;)
16:33:47 <pili> maybe we need to move this discussion to some other forum because we have 30 minutes to go and I want to do some triage also
16:33:55 <pili> maybe we each come up with a list of pros and cons?
16:34:06 <emmapeel> gaba: when do you think it will be possible to open guest accounts in dip?
16:34:11 <emmapeel> sure
16:34:19 <pili> and try to solve it that way?
16:34:21 <pili> also what the workflow would look like for each
16:35:53 <pili> ok, shall we move on for now then?
16:36:00 <emmapeel> sure
16:36:23 <antonela> we can continue this conversation in the pr https://dip.torproject.org/web/support/merge_requests/1
16:36:23 <ggus> we must have a decision before the first week of septmeber
16:36:25 <pili> I'll skip over the blog for now because I think we need to wait for hiro to get back for this
16:36:28 <gaba> emmapeel: when we make it official. We do not have a deadline so far and we should. I'm planning to talk with hiro when she is back to check on capacity for this.
16:36:30 <pili> yup, thanks antonela
16:37:37 <pili> great job on the support portal antonela :D
16:37:45 <pili> tpo
16:37:48 <antonela> :)
16:37:49 <antonela> thanks
16:38:17 <pili> does anyone have any items on the tpo website before we move on to the triage?
16:38:49 <pili> so, for the triage, I just looked at trac for now: https://nc.riseup.net/s/3XqnSkC9rGmb9CN
16:38:50 <emmapeel> i think the banner is quite ok
16:39:15 <pili> since I'm interested in clearing backlog
16:39:37 <pili> I already did some pre-triage and I have some tickets I want to discuss :)
16:39:45 <pili> we can also mark some that could be good for the hackathon
16:40:32 <pili> starting with the newest tickets for now though: #31295
16:40:33 <emmapeel> yeah. also get the ones that are not ours out of the list :D
16:40:40 <pili> hehe
16:40:55 <pili> so, I'm not sure if anyone knows anything about this and whether it's possible
16:41:18 <pili> it seems to be part of a trend of usability issues with signature verification
16:41:30 <pili> if no one has any ideas maybe we can wait to discuss with hiro in 2 weeks
16:41:48 <antonela> could you make your "signature verification issues" list public, pili?
16:41:59 <emmapeel> i dont kno whow to do that in lektor, but it should be possible
16:42:15 <antonela> or add them to a parent ticket? maybe?
16:42:18 <pili> antonela: sure, I haven't completed it yet :) it's mainly as I'm triaging things
16:42:19 <pili> but I can compile it and send it to UX list
16:42:40 <antonela> cool, thanks!
16:43:16 <emmapeel> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/31325 seems ot be ready for a PR
16:43:28 <pili> yup, I need to finish that off
16:43:31 <pili> and the other sponsor ones
16:43:34 <emmapeel> oh sorry, we were coming from the bottom up
16:44:19 <pili> nope, from the top :) but I'm skipping those that already have owners or a clear next step/action
16:45:04 <pili> anyway, then there's a few I've seen so far related to the onion services for our websites and redirections to onion services: #31216 , #30709, #29944, #
16:45:39 <ggus> pili: this is not tpa?
16:45:46 <pili> possibly
16:46:11 <emmapeel> tpa?
16:46:18 <pili> this is one of those where the line is unclear
16:46:19 <pili> because hiro sits on the line :)
16:46:20 <pili> should I move the component then?
16:46:24 <pili> or assign to anarcat?
16:46:25 <pili> or?
16:46:49 <ggus> i think we could ask anarcat
16:47:09 <ggus> it's more infra than web dev
16:47:42 <pili> ok
16:48:38 <emmapeel> yes
16:48:49 <emmapeel> i agree with ggus
16:49:20 <pili> let's move on to a few issues with display on mobiles: #31014, #30327, #29937
16:49:34 <pili> (there may be more, but this is as far as I got with my pre-triage)
16:50:06 <ggus> hmmm, css
16:50:18 <pili> yup
16:50:34 <pili> at some point we need to start thinking about priorities for these
16:50:52 <emmapeel> #29937 is horrible, we should fix it
16:51:18 <pili> :)
16:51:42 <pili> is this one for you antonela or for hiro? or someone who loves css? :)
16:51:43 <emmapeel> i think it is a duplicate even
16:51:48 <pili> or one for the hackathon?
16:51:53 <antonela> i can work on mobile tickets, yes
16:51:58 <ggus> it's not for the hackathon
16:52:09 <emmapeel> its not documentation, is web programming
16:52:16 <emmapeel> web-dev
16:52:38 <ggus> maybe we could temporarily move the dropdown to the top before 'about'
16:53:43 <antonela> done
16:53:45 <pili> ok, I'm going to move on while people are thinking about this :)
16:53:58 <pili> #30966 I asked the person who raised it to write it for us ;)
16:54:00 <antonela> i just assigned those 3 to myself
16:54:17 <pili> #30965
16:54:19 <pili> we were just discussing in #tor-dev, it's been moved to dip
16:54:43 <pili> #30936 - I'm unclear where this is at, I think it just needs a review
16:54:50 <pili> can someone volunteer to do this while hiro is out?
16:55:00 <ggus> #30966 should be done in hackathon to support portal
16:55:10 <emmapeel> pili: catalyst had some ideas about #30936
16:55:19 <pili> I think they did a PR
16:55:45 <emmapeel> it has been merged
16:55:48 <antonela> is done?
16:55:54 <pili> ah, cool, so it can be closed?
16:55:56 <emmapeel> https://dip.torproject.org/web/tpo/merge_requests/1
16:56:24 <pili> #30844 -  hackathon?
16:56:53 <pili> #30838 - hackathon?
16:57:00 <emmapeel> yeah
16:57:39 <pili> #30751 - this is signature verification adjacent... antonela could we have another bubble next to the signature for this?
16:57:42 <ggus> i thought we were not going to update 2019.www anymore (re #30838)
16:57:48 <pili> ggus: agreed
16:58:11 <ggus> so, that instructions should move to other portal
16:58:21 <pili> actually, I think that one was up for discussion
16:58:27 <pili> ok, so I'll add a comment about this going to docs portal
16:58:39 <ggus> yes
16:59:02 <ggus> the problem is that we still use that link in many places...
16:59:03 <emmapeel> i think we should nevertheless add a note to the good document at the 2019.* pages
16:59:09 <ggus> for example, relay guide in community portal
16:59:16 <emmapeel> like ' this page has been superseeded by URL'
16:59:26 <pili> well... what do we do then? :)
16:59:37 <ggus> pili: /o\ dunno
16:59:48 <pili> :)
16:59:53 <pili> let's leave it there :P
16:59:58 <pili> and can carry on conversation on ticket
17:00:26 <pili> I'll continue going down the list and can continue this next meeting until we catch up :)
17:00:38 <pili> any last comments from anyone before I end the meeting?
17:01:18 <emmapeel> i would like to reproduce the links on the community and tb lektors in staging
17:01:20 <antonela> im not going to fix #30751 by adding more information at the download page
17:01:34 <pili> antonela: ok :)
17:01:40 <pili> emmapeel: sounds good
17:01:49 <antonela> lets try to work on the signatures issue in a holistic way, not by adding patches to fix tickets randomly
17:01:54 <emmapeel> when hiro comes we can do the merge to master
17:01:55 <ggus> antonela: and md5 is broken for years
17:02:17 <pili> antonela: yup, I will collect all the signature tickets for this
17:02:22 <antonela> yes, and the politics behind those
17:02:24 <pili> ok, anything else?
17:02:53 <pili> I'll take that as a no :)
17:02:58 <pili> #endmeeting