14:00:07 <antonela> #startmeeting ux team
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14:00:11 <antonela> hi folks!
14:00:20 <ggus> holaa
14:00:25 <T_> hello!
14:00:29 <thurayya> helloi
14:00:44 <antonela> oh glad you made it T_ :)
14:00:47 <clash> hey!
14:00:48 <antonela> hi ggus and thurayya!
14:00:51 <antonela> hey clash o/
14:01:09 <T_> Thanks Antonela, I figured it out
14:01:20 <antonela> how are you folks, lets do it as always
14:01:23 <antonela> updates here https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-ux-team-2019-keep
14:01:24 <dunqan> hola :)
14:01:30 <antonela> and please add items for discussion as well
14:01:33 <antonela> hello dunqan!
14:04:23 * antonela gives a couple of minutes for people to update the pad
14:04:26 <antonela> emmapeel: you around?
14:05:12 <antonela> okey, lets do it
14:06:21 <antonela> lets go with the discussion items, from the bottom to the top :)
14:06:28 <antonela> thurayya: you go first
14:06:35 <thurayya> ok!
14:07:31 <thurayya> so i listed the topics to be developed on the general report (the link is on the pad). i'm trying to create a reduced version with more quantitative/visual data than qualitative (those are on each country reporting)
14:08:30 <thurayya> so my questions are: - what do you think of a journey map for the general report? (there is one on the mexico reporting), - should we include affinity maps for threat model?
14:08:44 <thurayya> what else do you think we should include?
14:08:49 <antonela> im reading your pad list, i think the list is great
14:08:52 <thurayya> that's all :)
14:09:08 <antonela> i would like to include also top reported user issues
14:09:27 <antonela> which is more related with the usability testing we ran
14:09:40 <antonela> affinity maps for threat models, yes
14:10:11 <antonela> journey map for the general report, i dont know, maybe we can use personas for that?
14:10:23 <thurayya> great!, i'm adding top reported user issues
14:10:52 <thurayya> mexico has both "a persona" and journey map for tb on raspberry pi
14:11:10 <antonela> nice, we can include it
14:11:47 <antonela> and i think that is a good summary
14:12:39 <thurayya> great, thanks!
14:13:04 <antonela> to give a quick background for other people here - thurayya is working on reporting the user research we have been doing during Q1 and Q2 this year, that includes our travels through India, Indonesia, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Uganda, and Kenia
14:13:38 <antonela> we are planning to have one report per country and a general report for the Q1Q2 work
14:13:56 <dunqan> awesome, i'm looking forward to seeing them!
14:14:01 <antonela> the content of those reports is what we are talking about now :)
14:14:08 <T_> Oh, great
14:14:10 <clash> sounds awesome, I'm especially excited about the India one!
14:14:42 <antonela> we are usually talking about this progress in #tor-ux, so if you are interested you can join :)
14:14:52 <antonela> thanks thurayya!
14:15:04 <T_> I'll be keen to read the report, and learn especially for my own research
14:15:09 <clash> I didn't know that existed :P
14:16:26 <antonela> T_ i added an item for you, but is not necessary to do it this week -- my idea is that we can use this space/meeting to talk about your progress and also collect some feedback from other peers as well
14:17:42 <T_> Fine, I can do it next week then. Thanks!
14:18:08 <antonela> T_ is running a research about the usage of circumvention tools in targeted countries, anything related to it please share with Tunde!
14:18:14 <antonela> T_ cool, thanks
14:19:21 <antonela> the other item we have is for fabby, but i don't see her here
14:20:04 <T_> I'm studying the usage of tools used during information controls in Ethiopia, Nigeria, Zimbabwe and Cameroon. Currently I'm doing a literature review and contacting potential interviewees in those countries
14:20:49 <thurayya> T_: that's great! i wanna read it :)
14:21:24 <antonela> we can think about to extend our personas during your research T_
14:21:52 <dunqan> yeah that's going to be really valuable ino!
14:21:55 <dunqan> *info!
14:22:25 <T_> Ok
14:23:33 <T_> Please if you are aware of Tor user communities in these countries please introduce me to them via email
14:23:53 <antonela> ggus ^^
14:25:47 <antonela> is there anything else we should discuss folks?
14:25:59 <thurayya> yess, i almost forgot
14:26:31 <ggus> hello, T_
14:26:40 <T_> Hello!
14:26:41 <antonela> thurayya: yes, tell me
14:26:58 <thurayya> ggus and i are planning a training in brazil for september, i want to create a material that can be easily used for ux reporting (and ask someone to join me on this training)
14:27:46 <antonela> thurayya: awesome -- it will be the first usability testing of our user research material :)
14:28:13 <thurayya> i don't have it yet, but maybe next week i can share some ideas for the ux reporting of trainings (and if anyone has thoughts on this, please talk to me)
14:28:14 <antonela> ggus: maybe we can ping that usp student who wanted to run user research?
14:28:51 <thurayya> ! :) perfect
14:29:45 <antonela> cool, lets talk more about it during the week thurayya, i have some draft notes, maybe we could merge those
14:29:49 <ggus> antonela: yeah, good idea
14:30:07 <ggus> this activity will be under sponsor9 phase 3 thing
14:30:29 <antonela> yes, perfect
14:30:53 <antonela> and we can shape the content and iterate based on the experience with the group
14:31:53 <antonela> okey -- what elsse
14:31:56 <antonela> *else
14:32:56 <T_> Hey ggus. Can I follow up with you and Antonela later on Tor users as potential interviewees in these countries?
14:33:46 <antonela> clash, about the blog featured images -- do you have what you need to move forward with it?
14:34:02 <antonela> clash: I mean, assets, and stuffs. I want to make sure that we have those available in repos, could you help me on that?
14:34:34 <ggus> T_: yes, today i'm busy finishing some reports, but i can do tomorrow
14:34:48 <clash> I was mainly looking for the background and the new Tor Browser logo (picked it up from trac).
14:35:11 <T_> Ok, thanks! I'll be in touch through Antonela
14:35:45 <clash> let me know what I can do to have those assets in one place, antonela
14:36:28 <antonela> clash, im thinking about it
14:37:05 <antonela> ideally, we can host all that graphic material at https://dip.torproject.org/ux/assets
14:37:32 <clash> a repository would be great imho, the source files and the generated material all could be put in it
14:37:50 <clash> looks like it needs a sign-in
14:37:59 <antonela> yep, will ask around to reach some consensus on that and back to you clash
14:38:11 <antonela> exactly, we dont have guess accounts in dip yet
14:38:30 <clash> sounds good
14:38:55 <clash> yep, if we go ahead with dip it should be public maybe
14:40:09 <antonela> canonical repos are not dip, tho - is more about how we are going to organize this material to make other people find it after us
14:40:25 <antonela> we make some intents with /media but is still a wip
14:41:44 <antonela> do we have anything else for today folks?
14:41:49 <clash> the minimum viable thing would be to just have one public place with the assets so anyone who wants something can quickly get it.
14:42:38 <antonela> clash, yep
14:43:55 <antonela> oki, lets wrap it
14:43:58 <antonela> thanks for coming folks!
14:44:01 <antonela> see you next week
14:44:15 <T_> See you.Thanks!
14:44:20 <antonela> #endmeeting