15:59:45 <ggus> #startmeeting www meeting 08-14-2019
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15:59:53 <antonela> hi folks o/
15:59:57 <ggus> pili is on vacation, let's break the portals \o/
16:00:11 <antonela> haha
16:00:54 <antonela> pili is on vacs and we wanted to run this meeting anyways, so we can move forward with the #docshackathon triagge
16:00:56 <antonela> *triage
16:02:01 <antonela> ggus, do you want to continue moving issues from trac to dip? or check dip issues and tag them?
16:02:48 <ggus> antonela: let's do trac-> dip
16:02:53 <antonela> cool
16:03:04 <antonela> so the two queries we are using are
16:03:22 <antonela> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/query?status=accepted&status=assigned&status=merge_ready&status=needs_information&status=needs_review&status=needs_revision&status=new&status=reopened&component=Community%2FTor+Support&order=priority
16:03:27 <antonela> and
16:03:27 <antonela> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/query?status=accepted&status=assigned&status=merge_ready&status=needs_information&status=needs_review&status=needs_revision&status=new&status=reopened&component=Community%2FTor+Browser+Manual&order=priority
16:03:43 <emmapeel> o/
16:03:49 <antonela> hi emmapeel o/
16:03:52 <emmapeel> sorry im late
16:04:10 <antonela> its fine, we just opened the first bottle ;)
16:04:31 <ggus> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/27354
16:05:05 <ggus> should go to support.tpo
16:05:14 <antonela> ggus, one question, are you closing the trac tickets that you are moving to dip?
16:05:35 <ggus> antonela: yes, but i'm also tagging them with docshackathon
16:05:41 <antonela> ggus, perfect
16:05:56 <antonela> so, #27354 - yes, should go on support.tpo
16:06:30 <antonela> that is content for technical docs, but we can include it in a support entry
16:06:56 <emmapeel> yes. the link shoudl be found though, i dont think traumschule meant to add that information to https://support.torproject.org/tbb/tbb-21/
16:06:56 <clash> what was the dip link again? I don't have an account so just the direct link to issues works
16:07:21 <emmapeel> clash: this is on trac
16:07:21 <ggus> https://dip.torproject.org/web/support/issues/15
16:07:25 <emmapeel> oops
16:08:26 <clash> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/13005 this maybe, could be added to tb-manual
16:08:33 <ggus> clash: it's also on trac, see the link that i pasted. it's just a copy
16:09:17 <clash> got the dip link, was checking it along with trac to see issues already ported over
16:09:25 <ggus> hm, why in https://dip.torproject.org/web/manual we don't have issues
16:09:34 <ggus> clash: ah, ok!
16:13:35 <ggus> about this https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/30515 i think we should point all the relay configuration to community.tpo
16:14:03 <ggus> so we don't have to update in two websites
16:14:19 <antonela> #19057 ?
16:14:57 <emmapeel> i think it is very important not to duplicate the content
16:15:00 <clash> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/28235 for tb-manual perhaps
16:15:10 <antonela> #23565 <- this is doable, emmapeel already had ideas
16:15:17 <antonela> clash, yes!
16:15:18 <emmapeel> because that will make content go outdated, people will update and think it is ok, but there is more things to update
16:15:34 <antonela> emmapeel: yes
16:16:14 * traumschule feels hilighted
16:16:26 <emmapeel> hello traumschule !!!
16:16:27 * ggus waves to traumschule o/
16:16:36 <traumschule> hey :)
16:16:38 <antonela> hi traumschule!!!
16:16:57 <emmapeel> oh i see, i had ideas. luckily before i forgot i wrote them in the ticket
16:17:07 <antonela> traumschule you should feel illuminated not highlighted
16:17:10 <antonela> :)
16:17:33 <antonela> emmapeel: tickets, good stuff
16:17:44 <antonela> #23809 ?
16:18:12 <emmapeel> #28235 is more about developers than documentation writing
16:18:19 <traumschule> hehe, i feel i have to catch up some
16:18:21 <emmapeel> *for developers
16:19:52 <clash> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/29785 this can be done
16:20:17 <ggus> antonela: this one we already reviewed during community team meeting. nowadays you can install all OS on a raspberry, and the instructions aren't different from the relay guide
16:20:23 <emmapeel> traumschule: do you know about the docshackathon? we are planning one for suppot.tpo and tb-manual.tpo September 2 to 7 !!!!
16:20:42 <ggus> emmapeel: and main portal too
16:20:53 <emmapeel> yeah yeah
16:20:54 <antonela> clash, yes! and also we can move the glossary from an issue to a formal item at the left menu
16:21:29 <traumschule> cool, didn't know. currently traveling but maybe i could contribute a few hours
16:22:19 <antonela> #31211 - could we add this one?
16:23:26 <ggus> antonela: i don't have a mac os to try that instructions, but yes
16:23:33 <antonela> cool
16:23:36 <clash> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/28526 can the documentation part of this be done?
16:23:53 <antonela> clash, we want to keep it there as part of s30 work
16:24:08 <antonela> probably, later
16:24:23 <antonela> #31337 - is this leeeeeet issue done ggus?
16:24:43 <ggus> very special issue
16:24:50 <antonela> (:
16:25:01 <clash> insert hackerman.jpg
16:25:06 <antonela> haha
16:25:27 <ggus> #fixed
16:26:01 <antonela> good stuff
16:26:10 <antonela> #23371 - this one?
16:26:11 <emmapeel> oh yeah i fixed that
16:27:18 <emmapeel> it was weird! there were two asterisks on the text, so the markdown was getting confused
16:27:18 <ggus> antonela: yes, to support portal or tb-manual?
16:27:31 <antonela> i think is good to have it in support
16:27:34 <emmapeel> (#31337)
16:27:58 <antonela> what do you think folks about #23371?
16:28:05 <ggus> wait, antonela emmapeel are you opening these tickets in dip?
16:28:24 <antonela> nope, but we are logging this meeting so i plan to do it after the meeting
16:28:30 <emmapeel> ggus: #31337 is closed
16:28:35 <ggus> ok
16:28:38 <antonela> (so we can move faster)
16:29:28 <antonela> #28474
16:29:54 <emmapeel> #4509 should be moved somewhere else than Community/Tor Support I think...
16:30:15 <ggus> wait
16:30:45 <emmapeel> well, actually maybe is a cool ticket for the hackathon
16:31:00 <ggus> i don't think we should move that instantmessaging doc
16:31:29 <clash> once we have a list of tickets for the hackathon, they'll need to be triaged in order of difficulty right?
16:31:40 <antonela> emmapeel: could be
16:31:43 <antonela> ggus: why?
16:32:00 <antonela> clash: yep, we will do it when pili is back
16:32:21 <ggus> half of that page is discontinued software
16:32:33 <ggus> other part is dangerous /leaky software
16:32:40 <antonela> good points
16:32:44 <antonela> should we close that ticket so?
16:32:47 <emmapeel> ggus: updating it may be part of the process
16:33:08 <emmapeel> but yeah i guess instant messaging topics are not so relevant now that there is no tor messenger right?
16:34:28 <ggus> yeah, i think it need to be updated
16:35:11 <emmapeel> in any case if the informatin ois not cool, we should also take it out from the wiki :D
16:35:18 <antonela> maybe we can rename that ticket?
16:35:38 <emmapeel> ill do it
16:35:44 <ggus> emmapeel: if this is the criteria we should shutdown trac-wiki :)
16:35:45 <antonela> Add tor + msg apps entry at the support portal
16:35:51 <antonela> and mention that docs at the description
16:35:53 <emmapeel> hehehe
16:36:38 <antonela> #28418 is a good one and i think we should have it in dip
16:36:52 <ggus> yes, for #28418
16:37:05 <antonela> noscript changed their UI lately, so we need to make sure that we hace up-to-date material
16:37:10 <antonela> cool
16:37:52 <emmapeel> updated!
16:38:09 <antonela> gracias emmapeel!
16:38:30 <emmapeel> ggus: i added the keyword to https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/doc/TorifyHOWTO/InstantMessaging
16:38:30 <antonela> emmapeel: about the glosary #29785
16:38:43 <emmapeel> ggus but i didnt open ticket in dip
16:38:48 <emmapeel> yes antonela
16:39:18 <antonela> emmapeel: i think that 1. we should move it as a left menu item 2. we should link key words in articles to the glossary word
16:39:33 <antonela> emmapeel: we can do 2. together, but what do you think about 1.?
16:39:54 <emmapeel> i think somebody should do it. i tried and i was not able
16:40:17 <emmapeel> 2. would be nice to do also as a filter when rendering the markdown
16:40:40 <antonela> i can do 1.
16:40:51 <emmapeel> more than finding links by hand, or maybe something like [g:$word] and you get the glossary
16:40:51 <antonela> for an automated 2, lets aim for it, yes
16:41:04 <emmapeel> like a macro thing
16:41:18 <antonela> if you can write some code that can do that, we can do it [o.o]
16:41:31 <emmapeel> hehe well i could learn but it will take me some months
16:41:32 <emmapeel> :D
16:41:53 <antonela> anws, lets think about it, but i can do 1. during the hackathon - will place a proper ticket
16:41:56 <emmapeel> or something that when you hover it hints the definition
16:42:16 <antonela> like wikicards
16:42:17 <antonela> yes
16:42:20 <clash> yes like wikipedia does
16:42:21 <emmapeel> yes
16:42:22 <clash> yes
16:42:29 <antonela> we can do it i think
16:42:32 <antonela> #28109 - should we close it?
16:42:54 <ggus> antonela: yes please
16:42:59 <emmapeel> hehehehe
16:43:21 <ggus> i created this ticket to move feedback wiki page to support: https://dip.torproject.org/web/support/issues/13
16:43:25 <emmapeel> that reminds me to the people that writes to tails-bug because people at tails.com does not send them the dog food
16:43:54 <antonela> haha
16:44:01 <ggus> hahaha!
16:44:09 <antonela> okey, we cleaned the first query!
16:44:12 <antonela> \o/
16:44:15 <ggus> poor tails.com support folks
16:44:24 <ggus> "Hey nsa is following me, help me"
16:44:29 <emmapeel> hehehehehe
16:44:41 <antonela> HAHAHHA
16:45:08 <emmapeel> our users are not as clueless as theirs
16:45:21 <antonela> :sunglasses"
16:45:23 <antonela> :
16:45:24 * emmapeel is proud of the thorough Tails users
16:45:38 <antonela> 😎
16:45:45 <emmapeel> they report all kinds of redundant stuff
16:45:57 <antonela> okey folks, i'll move the tickets we discussed to dip and we can continue this process with pili next week
16:46:04 <antonela> is good?
16:46:11 <ggus> yep, another question
16:46:18 <emmapeel> yes!
16:46:18 <antonela> continue this process = go through the tb manual query
16:46:35 <antonela> ggus, go
16:46:42 <ggus> do we want people to 'subscribe' to the hackathon? so we know how many ppl will show up?
16:46:49 <ggus> sorry registrattion
16:46:59 <emmapeel> registration is very important
16:47:03 <emmapeel> i am so afraidw
16:47:30 <antonela> lets figuring out the situation with guess accounts internally and lets define it based on that
16:47:38 <emmapeel> we are being a bit unwelcomind i think, if we provide a collaboration space where contributors are limited
16:47:45 <ggus> i think it's prior of dip account
16:47:46 <emmapeel> they should be able to comment on other issues,e tc
16:48:03 <antonela> yep
16:49:31 <clash> is it possible to use some public service so we don't have to take care of providing everyone with accounts?
16:49:35 <ggus> it would be nice to have ppls contact, so we could email them and help on onboiarding
16:49:42 <clash> or will there be a sign up page
16:51:17 <ggus> we need to figure out
16:51:22 <antonela> that will depends on how guess accounts are going to be released in dip, i guess?
16:51:32 <antonela> yep
16:51:36 <antonela> lets think about it
16:52:07 <ggus> antonela: we also need to have a deadline for the blog post
16:52:32 <antonela> okey, i think we should sync with stephw about it
16:52:53 <ggus> one idea: we create a form in survey.tpo with nickname, email and what tickets the person is interested tofix
16:53:04 <ggus> this form should be linked to the blog post
16:53:06 <antonela> two weeks earlier is good, and then more social media callouts the week before
16:53:13 <ggus> this blog post could be published next tuesday
16:53:45 <antonela> good stuff, so by then we need to have the login/registration/account situation figured out
16:53:54 <ggus> yes
16:54:01 <clash> is it possible to make some sort of temporary accounts maybe for the duration of the hackathon 🤔
16:54:35 <antonela> im not sure
16:55:06 <ggus> plan b: we export the issues from dip and import in github
16:55:18 <clash> because every participant should have an individual account so we can keep track of who did what
16:55:20 <antonela> we will ask TSA what is doable
16:55:29 <ggus> clash: yep
16:55:42 <ggus> and to give individual account, we need registratio
16:55:45 <ggus> registration
16:55:51 <clash> yes, or plan b
16:55:52 <antonela> plan b is bad -  lucky we have the entire alphabet for planning
16:56:13 <antonela> plan c: make dip ready for guest accounts
16:56:22 <ggus> antonela: this is plan a
16:56:31 <antonela> plan a is the survey thing
16:56:34 <antonela> isnt?
16:56:39 <ggus> no
16:56:51 <ggus> survey is to have registration so we can talk with our collaboratos
16:57:03 <antonela> ohh i see
16:57:10 <ggus> and to have a notion on how many people we are talking
16:57:13 <ggus> 1 - 1000
16:57:22 <antonela> cool
16:58:25 <clash> hmm so like a form where they sign up so we get an idea and then if we just want to open dip registration to those people we send them an email with registration link and/or other instructions
16:58:26 <ggus> all good?
16:58:34 <antonela> we are about the hour, we can continue talking about it in tor-www
16:58:37 <ggus> clash: yes
16:58:40 <antonela> yep
16:58:47 <antonela> could you call it ggus?
16:58:50 <ggus> sure
16:58:52 <antonela> thanks folks!
16:58:53 <ggus> #endmeeting