16:59:56 <phw> #startmeeting anti-censorship weekly checkin 2019-08-15
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17:00:00 <phw> hi everyone!
17:00:09 <phw> here's our meeting pad: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-censorship-2019-keep
17:00:10 <cohosh> hi!
17:00:55 <phw> this week we seem light on announcements and discussions.  do you want to start with your announcement, cohosh?
17:01:13 <cohosh> we have torproject.net domains for the snowflake broker and bridge \o/
17:01:28 <phw> great news!
17:01:31 <cohosh> i restarted both to get let's encrypt certs for them
17:02:06 <cohosh> now we can move the proxies away from freehaven.net
17:02:31 <arlolra> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/31250#comment:3
17:02:38 <arlolra> that comment is worth noting
17:03:05 <cohosh> oh thanks for bringing that up again
17:04:26 <cohosh> hm
17:04:34 <phw> if a snowflake proxy is affected by this, what would its operator see?  a grey snowflake?
17:05:07 <cohosh> well right now the broker and bridge respond to bamsoftware.com, freehaven.net, and torproject.net subdomains
17:05:14 <cohosh> phw: good questions :)
17:05:29 <cohosh> i think they still see a purple snowflake
17:05:45 <cohosh> there was a good comment related to this on another ticket
17:05:50 * cohosh looks for it
17:05:54 <arlolra> we have #31391 for that, no?
17:06:13 <cohosh> arlolra: yep that's it
17:06:53 <gaba> hi!
17:07:03 <cohosh> hi gaba!
17:07:58 <cohosh> so given that we don't know for sure whether torproject.net will be blocked, do we go ahead and change it, leave the other domains pointing to the broker/bridge until we know it's working okay?
17:08:10 <phw> it would be useful to have an understanding of where torproject.net is blocked before moving our infrastructure over to this domain.  ripe atlas may give us an idea -- at least for western european and north american vantage points.
17:08:23 <cohosh> okay sounds good
17:08:43 <cohosh> implementing #31391 first might also be good
17:09:14 <phw> right.  given that things work fine right now, we should probably tackle these two tasks first
17:09:33 <cohosh> awesome :)
17:10:38 <phw> anything else that we should be discussing wrt the migration?
17:11:14 <cohosh> nope i think waiting on the hosts is also a good idea
17:11:23 <phw> +1
17:11:23 <cohosh> at least until we're comfortable with these domains
17:11:40 <phw> other than that, the foci and usenix security papers are finally online
17:12:26 <phw> i liked the esni paper.  the meek paper also looks interesting.  haven't had a chance yet to look at the usenix security proceedings though
17:12:50 <phw> i also hear that dcf won woot's best paper award!
17:13:45 <cohosh> good job dcf!
17:14:23 <phw> let's move on to the "needs help with" section -- unless gaba wants to sneak in more discussion items ;)
17:14:54 <gaba> hehe
17:14:56 <gaba> not this time
17:15:28 <phw> so, i have one bridgedb patch, cohosh has several snowflake patches, and arlolra also has a snowflake patch
17:15:37 <phw> oh, and so does dcf
17:15:40 <cohosh> i think many of my patches are for other teams
17:16:22 <cohosh> i would like a review of #31376
17:16:46 <cohosh> and i'll wait on the last item which was about switching domains
17:17:10 <phw> i can review #31376
17:17:25 <cohosh> i took a look at #30126 for a couple hours the other day
17:17:53 <cohosh> i didn't come up with useful insights in that time
17:18:40 <phw> is this on us, cohosh?  i'm asking because the ticket is owned by the tor browser team
17:18:46 <cohosh> it's not on us
17:19:03 <cohosh> i think dcf just wanted another pair of eyes on it because it affects a lot of our stuff
17:19:12 <phw> gotcha
17:19:15 <cohosh> spefically go projects
17:19:36 <cohosh> but i don't want to sink too much time into it right now
17:20:09 <phw> ok, makes sense
17:20:50 <cohosh> arlolra: i can look at #30310
17:20:53 <phw> your reviews are covered cohosh, right?  i think we're left with arlolra's then
17:20:59 <cohosh> phw: yup!
17:21:16 <phw> (and i took the liberty of making you a reviewer for #31252)
17:21:40 <arlolra> thanks
17:22:05 <phw> great, then we should be done for today
17:22:10 <phw> thanks everyone for showing up!
17:22:11 <cohosh> phw: cool, i'm going to be away most of next week
17:22:16 <cohosh> so i'll do it today or tomorrow
17:22:20 <antonela> hi folks!
17:22:21 <phw> cohosh: no worries, it's not urgent
17:22:30 <phw> oh, ok :)
17:22:31 <antonela> a quick thing, i'm working with network settings in tor browser as part of #31286
17:22:43 <antonela> it will be the last iteration before we start to work on improving bridges in tor browser as part of s30. im just sharing if you want to take a look!
17:22:54 * phw looks
17:23:13 <antonela> no hurries, just wanted to share it here before it lands in stable :)
17:23:19 <phw> thanks antonela!
17:23:28 <cohosh> antonela: nice!
17:23:32 <antonela> if you have comments, please feel free to add them in the ticket
17:23:49 <antonela> thanks!
17:24:20 <arlolra> any objection to me making an attempt at #31391?
17:24:43 <cohosh> arlolra: go for it! and thanks!
17:25:02 <phw> yeah, thanks arlolra!
17:25:40 <arlolra> sure
17:25:49 * phw waits if there's anything else before ending the meeting
17:26:30 * phw waits for another five seconds
17:26:33 <antonela> jeje
17:26:44 * phw wonders if that's another discussion item
17:26:55 <phw> #endmeeting