16:02:58 <pili> #startmeeting Community Team meeting 08/19/2019
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16:03:02 <antonela> hi o/
16:03:04 <pili> hi everyone
16:03:27 <pili> ggus asked me to run the meeting today as he's busy preparing stuff for ccc camp
16:03:34 <pili> please add your updates to the pad: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-community-team-2019-keep
16:06:28 * kat5 may have to duck out a little early
16:07:35 <pili> kat5: no worries :)
16:07:52 <pili> I'll just give a few more minutes for updates to the pad
16:09:41 <pili> ok, let's get started
16:09:51 <pili> does anyone have any updates to share with the group?
16:10:12 <cy63113> a little one
16:10:19 <pili> go ahead cy63113 :)
16:10:41 <cy63113> just wantto tell about last week talk I run at Universidade of Sao Paulo
16:11:17 <cy63113> Was super crowded and many many many questions about Tor
16:11:45 <cy63113> I believe i evangelized more than 200 people to use Tor :)
16:12:02 <emmapeel> this week was the 10th anniversary of Tails
16:12:11 <cy63113> They were graduated studants of Information system
16:12:24 <cy63113> that's it from me
16:12:30 <pili> cy63113 sounds great, thank you! :)
16:12:32 <cy63113> congrats Tails
16:12:47 <pili> emmapeel: yes! the email was unfortunately stuck in moderation
16:12:56 <pili> happy birthday to Tails
16:13:28 <pili> cool, anything else before we move on to the discussion part of the meeting?
16:13:41 <kat5> That's great, cy63113!
16:13:49 <cy63113> thanks :)
16:14:04 <emmapeel> i ask the reviewers to have a look in transifex, because soon i will pass to the proper 'publish only reviewed transaltions' mode
16:14:25 <pili> oh, wow
16:14:48 <pili> emmapeel: I guess that won't affect existing translations? only new ones?
16:15:24 <emmapeel> pili: unfortunately there are many translations that are not reviewed, i should have done this before but i didnt knew very well how
16:15:27 <emmapeel> i know now
16:15:58 <emmapeel> i think this is a bit of a vulnerability, provided that we automatically publish such translations on our website, so a rogue translator can change stuff etc
16:16:35 <cy63113> emmapeel:  i plan to keep on with reviews as soon I have a little spare time from my work
16:16:54 <emmapeel> thanks cy63113 yeah pt-br, es, fr are some of the ones that will be ok
16:18:10 <pili> emmapeel: are loclab helping us to find reviewers?
16:18:19 <pili> or is there anything that we should do to try to find trusted reviewers
16:18:23 <emmapeel> the ones in yellow will be ok https://share.riseup.net/#jwhehk7i7JPqU84xU1P_FQ
16:18:32 <emmapeel> the ones in blue need trusted reviewers
16:19:00 <emmapeel> erinm is looking for reviewers too, but of course we could do with reviewers from tpo for all the languages that are not blue on the link pic
16:20:47 <pili> ok
16:21:06 <emmapeel> it is not easy to find reviewers :S
16:21:27 <pili> nope :/
16:21:29 <pili> thanks for the warning emmapeel
16:21:30 <emmapeel> oh, ofc Turkish is in great shape
16:21:39 <emmapeel> my favorite team!
16:22:35 <pili> so I guess we need to take a look at the languages that could do with some extra help reviewing and use our networks to find trusted reviewers for those languages?
16:23:29 <emmapeel> yeah. maybe this week some people could recruit German reviewers?
16:23:38 <pili> yes ggus ^
16:23:40 <emmapeel> on the camp
16:23:52 <pili> ok, let's move on to the discussion part if there's nothing else from others?
16:24:55 <pili> Can someone give me an update of where we are with the prep for the docs hackathon since last week? :)
16:25:02 <pili> I saw there was some triage done
16:25:13 <emmapeel> ggus has done triaging and copying stuff to dip
16:25:27 <pili> did anyone move the blog post further along?
16:25:52 <antonela> not really pili, we have been running triage, creating dip issues
16:26:00 * emmapeel looking for hackathon pad link but it seems she lost it
16:26:03 <antonela> and talking with tsa about guest accounts
16:26:23 <pili> cool :) I'll pick up the blog post again today
16:26:53 <pili> I was talking about this with isa and she said we should "announce" this twice: once as a "save the date" and another time as a reminder that this is happening
16:26:59 <pili> we should do the first one this week for sure
16:27:09 <antonela> yep
16:27:10 <antonela> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/query?status=accepted&status=assigned&status=merge_ready&status=needs_information&status=needs_review&status=needs_revision&status=new&status=reopened&component=Community%2FTor+Support&order=priority
16:27:32 <antonela> the triage on this community support query is done
16:27:43 <antonela> there is still some issues at the manual one
16:28:04 <pili> great! are you guys ok to run with that or do you need me to get involved with the triage?
16:28:24 <clash> after that I think we need to triage the triaged issues further
16:28:29 <pili> one thing that is very important also is to assign some kind of points or measurement of effort
16:28:40 <clash> like assign difficulty
16:28:45 <pili> because not all issues are equal
16:28:46 <emmapeel> yeah we didnt assign points
16:28:53 <clash> yes
16:29:02 <pili> clash: yup, or even just how time-intensive it is
16:29:27 <pili> because people could just fix a lot of typos, which is great, but it's not the same as writing a whole new document
16:29:36 <clash> that could be a factor, for example there's an issue that's just about fixing a typo
16:29:40 <clash> exactly
16:29:47 <antonela> pili, to run what?
16:31:04 <antonela> just in case, the dip issues are here https://dip.torproject.org/groups/web/-/issues
16:31:27 <pili> antonela: to help with triage
16:32:16 <antonela> for tb-manual issues? yes i think we need to do that query as well
16:32:30 <antonela> not sure what is gus' idea on that, tho
16:33:03 <pili> ok
16:33:27 <pili> I'll take a look also this week
16:33:28 <pili> my priority is to get the blog post out to announce this though
16:34:07 <antonela> yep, we need to define some stuffs for that blog post like how people can/will create accounts / get registered
16:34:59 <clash> the prize too
16:36:23 <pili> ok, let's figure that out now
16:36:35 <pili> so for prizes I think we have t-shirts for top 3 contributors
16:36:48 <pili> and there are some nice posters that we can also give out
16:37:08 <pili> we can either do that for something like: most tickets closed (not taking into account effort)
16:37:28 <pili> or just for random participation?
16:37:29 <pili> not sure
16:37:36 <clash> and stickers etc too maybe
16:37:47 <clash> Um what about assigning points to tickets then adding it up
16:38:11 <clash> Like easy (1), medium (2), hard (3)
16:38:40 <pili> clash: right, we will do that to figure out top 3 contributors
16:38:44 <clash> so closing a typo ticket gets you just 1 point but doing something more complex gets you more points
16:39:07 <pili> there was also a mention about the age of the ticket
16:39:18 <kat5> I think we still have a lot of those black pullover hoodies. Should we give a t-shirt plus one of those to the top contributor?
16:39:27 <pili> so the age of the ticket could be a multiplier
16:39:31 <pili> kat5: that could be nice, yes
16:39:37 <pili> I think jon mentioned that also
16:40:32 <clash> that sounds good pili but I think dip didn't carry over the ticket age from trac
16:40:43 <clash> so that might have to be cross referenced again
16:40:48 <pili> clash: ok, let's forget about that then, too complicated then ;)
16:41:14 <kushal> Sorry for being late.
16:41:27 <pili> hi kushal
16:41:36 <pili> we're discussing the docs hackathon but you could share any updates you have if you'd like
16:42:08 <stephw> pili: can you share the draft post with me?
16:44:06 <kushal> For the docs hackathon, I want to work to move a few things from the old site to the new.
16:44:08 <pili> stephw: sure! It's a mess of ideas at the moment :)
16:44:15 <kushal> I took time to find those information.
16:44:24 <kushal> means others will also have trouble :)
16:45:11 <stephw> pili: okay cool! would still like to see to get an idea of scope. If there should be campaign associated, i will be creating campaign briefs for each moving forward, so that could help with organization and getting the post completed
16:45:28 <pili> stephw: sounds great! :)
16:46:40 <pili> kushal: are there tickets for this?
16:47:28 <pili> we definitely want to make sure all the content on the old site makes it somewhere prominent and we also need to be mindful that this doesn't happen in the same way it did with the old website
16:47:56 <pili> so we don't end up with the same problem in a few years of a website with lots of information that is not easy to find and is alienating to beginners
16:48:20 <kushal> pili, I don't know, I will talk about it after 1 hour hopefully in the docs channel
16:48:25 <pili> hehe, ok :)
16:48:38 <kushal> in multiple meetings at the same time right now
16:49:28 <pili> so, we still need to figure out: criteria for prizes other than top 3 contributors (calculated based on total points on tickets closed)
16:49:29 <pili> when should a contribution be counted? when a PR is merged?
16:49:58 <pili> the actual mechanisms by which people contribute, e.g PR on github
16:49:59 <kushal> I think so
16:50:10 <pili> merge request on dip/gitlab?
16:50:20 <pili> other?
16:50:47 <pili> we're still working on this idea of creating accounts for people on dip
16:50:58 <pili> and pre-registering contributors
16:51:36 <clash> PRs sounds okay, in case there are multiple then quality would have to be taken into account to decide whose gets merged
16:51:55 <pili> right
16:52:03 <clash> can there be more than 3 prizes?
16:52:10 <pili> clash: yup
16:52:47 <pili> but we should restrict the number of prizes so we don't overcommit
16:53:05 <pili> e.g shouldn't tell everyone that they'll get something for participating since we don't know how many people will
16:53:36 <clash> well maybe if feasible then top 5 get tshirt, and top 3 get a hoodie as well
16:53:41 <pili> any other ideas from people? :)
16:53:59 <kushal> 3 prizes sound good to me.
16:54:30 <kushal> pili, we can mention their names (if they want) in the final blog post and thank them for the contribution.
16:54:40 <pili> kushal: that's a good one
16:55:47 <pili> ok
16:55:50 <emmapeel> oh yeah
16:56:01 <pili> any last thoughts?
16:56:30 <emmapeel> i think it would be nice also if we can get the button reviewed by hiro before the hackathon
16:56:58 <hiro> ?
16:57:02 <hiro> which button
16:57:03 <pili> emmapeel: the contribution buttons? yup, definitely
16:57:18 <hiro> is the thing that's on staging for support?
16:57:23 <emmapeel> ys
16:57:29 <hiro> ok I saw it it's nice go ahead
16:57:31 <hiro> :D
16:57:32 <emmapeel> the ' edit this page' button
16:57:55 <emmapeel> cool
16:58:04 <emmapeel> ill push them to master in tbmanual and support.tpo
16:58:42 <pili> we'll have to allow signups though
16:58:47 <pili> in gitlab/dip
16:59:49 <emmapeel> yes, this is very important for the hackathon. if we cannot offer accounts in dip, we should change the links!
17:00:11 <nickm> network-team here. can we have this channel now, or should we use a different one?
17:00:25 <pili> #endmeeting