15:02:23 <pili> #startmeeting S27 08/20
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15:02:31 <pili> hi
15:02:37 <pili> who's around today? :)
15:02:38 <dgoulet> o/
15:02:39 <asn> hello!
15:02:40 <asn> been a while
15:02:55 * sysrqb is lurking
15:02:59 <pili> welcome :)
15:03:12 * syverson_ says hi.
15:03:23 <pili> let me find the pad
15:03:29 <mcs> hi to all
15:03:49 <pili> https://storm.torproject.org/shared/KKdEmnTJQEqE61Q14SfIsg2fVID9QjwRHjJTrKsbBXB
15:04:13 <pili> Can people please add their updates and any blockers/dependencies?
15:04:53 <pili> I'll give everyone a few minutes and then we can get started
15:04:58 <asn> ok
15:08:09 <pili> ok, I think we can start
15:08:30 <pili> so from my side I submitted the report for July and next week it will be time to work on the August report already!
15:08:40 <pili> is there anything that I should highlight in this one?
15:08:47 <asn> def the work on DoS
15:09:02 <asn> Lots of progress on DoS tickets: #15516 is merged. #30924 is almost ready to be merged #24964 and friends are merged.
15:10:05 <asn> and also the work on onionbalance
15:10:10 <pili> great :)
15:10:12 <asn> thats from us
15:10:42 <pili> yup, I don't think there'll be anything from browser team side until september at least
15:10:51 <asn> sounds good
15:10:59 <mcs> yes, unfortunately true for the browser team
15:11:23 <pili> so the next big item for network team will be the onion balance work?
15:11:40 <syverson_> Put my updates under "Stakeholder" since I wasn't sure where else I fit.
15:12:10 <pili> syverson_: perfect, thanks
15:12:41 <asn> yes
15:13:15 <pili> syverson_: anything you'd like to discuss here from your updates?
15:13:37 <syverson_> Ermm. let me think.
15:14:56 <pili> asn: is there somewhere I can see the network team roadmap so I can refresh my memory on when you'll be working on the different S27 pieces?
15:15:51 <syverson_> Mostly, basics are the same. Clarifications that discovery and attestation can be separate. Probably not appropriate to go through here, but I would like to sync on e.g. steps to get these recognized for lookup in DHT.
15:16:10 <dgoulet> pili: the kanban I would say on dip if you have access
15:16:17 <pili> I do
15:16:18 <dgoulet> pili: is probably the latest very updated by gaba and our team
15:16:23 <pili> ok
15:17:37 <asn> (im also at the mozilla meeting...)
15:18:10 <pili> syverson_: sure, what's the best way to sync on this? :)
15:19:03 <pili> e.g mailing list discussion?
15:19:23 <pili> or this meeting? (although it seems like at least asn has divided attention :) )
15:20:09 <syverson_> Ermm, you tell me? I would like to know if anyone is willing to work with me on this (or could be assigned to take it on?)
15:22:10 <pili> I guess it depends on how much extra work it is outside of the scope of this sponsor work :)
15:22:21 <pili> or if it can be otherwise be made to fit
15:22:39 <pili> I would need some input from asn or dgoulet to understand more
15:22:55 <pili> maybe we just all need to read the paper again
15:23:41 <syverson_> Why would it be considered outside of scope? I'd need to pull up proposal to say exackly where, but I feel I'm perhaps disrupting because I'm not sure how to approach this.
15:24:10 <pili> I guess it was around the objective to make long onion names easier to use?
15:25:49 <pili> syverson_: this is a bit of a cheat sheet for the sponsor: https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/org/sponsors/Sponsor27
15:26:39 <pili> the other thing to do would be to create tickets in trac to describe the work that is needed and tag them with the Sponsor27-can keyword so they are on our radar
15:27:24 <dgoulet> one thing I believe after Stockholm was that the "long onion" problem, the PoC was to go with HTTPS-E (see #30029)
15:27:40 <syverson_> I was just looking at the Jan 21 version of proposal doc. I do feel like I'm disrupting primary flow of meeting and maybe shouldn't try to respond here.
15:28:41 <pili> syverson_: well, we've gone through the updates and I don't believe anyone has any dependencies they wish to discuss
15:28:42 <syverson_> I think there are limitations/issues w/ simply going with HTTPS-E but maybe can talk to dgoulet or someone separately?
15:29:03 <pili> so I'm happy to open the floor for this discussion
15:29:22 <syverson_> Ah, so might as well talk to Paul 'cause there's nothing more important to do? ;>)
15:29:25 <dgoulet> there are but this is TB team decision to go forward with whatever they want to do with s27 :S
15:29:45 <pili> syverson_: regarding HTTPS-E... i think it's important to understand that this is just a POC
15:29:47 <dgoulet> and I believe HTTPS-E was picke din the end
15:30:36 <pili> I think that given the time constraints that we have for this project HTTPS-E makes sense for now
15:30:42 <syverson_> In that respect makes sense.
15:30:49 <pili> that doesn't mean that we won't look at complementary solutions
15:30:57 <syverson_> d'accord.
15:32:17 <pili> ok, so maybe it makes sense to discuss this when the Browser team is starting to look at that that objective
15:32:26 <pili> or maybe a month before or so
15:32:28 <pili> one sec
15:33:02 <pili> so, we'll probably start looking at this in October
15:33:19 <pili> I would say that by mid September we'll probably start doing this meetings every other week again
15:33:25 <syverson_> Honestly am just paging back in lots of things (like how to function at all on IRC). Who best ping so I can be more constructive (including possibly just lurking) at next S27 meeting.
15:34:10 <pili> so it may make sense to try to discuss this on the Sept 17th or 1st October meetings
15:35:17 <brade> pili: I don’t think the browser team will be ready to discuss this in Sept or even Oct 1 (imo)
15:36:11 <pili> brade: sure... back to the drawing board then :)
15:36:51 <syverson_> OK by me to discuss later, though I would like to start putting together goals and timeline even if it's for a few months out.
15:37:08 <mcs> I think brade is just saying that we (browser team) need to get past more of the ESR68 work and then have some time to look at this.
15:37:10 <syverson_> pili: should I ping you separately about that later?
15:37:16 <pili> syverson_: yes please
15:37:19 <mcs> I am not sure who on our team will take the lead either.
15:37:42 <pili> I have someone in mind who was reluctant in the past, so I won't mention them ;)
15:38:38 <pili> ok, last thing for today then is to confirm the date/time for next meeting: 17th September @ 15UTC
15:38:57 <pili> hopefully this won't clash with the mozilla meeting but if so I'll look at moving out by one week
15:39:05 <brade> sounds good
15:39:07 <pili> any objections? last minute comments?
15:40:24 <pili> ok, let's wrap this up then... I'll be sending an email out to ask for August updates also :)
15:40:27 <pili> thanks everyone!
15:40:30 <pili> #endmeeting