17:00:03 <nickm> #startmeeting network team meeting, 26 August
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17:00:06 <nickm> hello, network-team!
17:00:11 <gaba> hi o/
17:00:13 <asn> o/
17:00:14 <catalyst> o/
17:00:15 <nickm> Our pad is at https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-netteam-2019.1-keep
17:01:38 <nickm> do we have mikeperry this week?
17:01:43 <nickm> I guess we get ahf back next week
17:01:55 * nickm just pinged dgoulet on #tor-dev
17:01:57 <nickm> let's start!
17:02:02 <mikeperry> I am here
17:02:05 <nickm> hi mike!
17:02:23 * asn doing kanban
17:02:36 <nickm> so, woo, our 0.4.1 stable release is out.  We don't need to track getting 0.4.1 stable any more!
17:03:01 <nickm> and we don't have a page for 0.4.2, so I think we can skip this step this week
17:03:08 <nickm> (Freeze for 0.4.2 is Sep 15)
17:03:32 <dgoulet> woa sorry!
17:03:37 <nickm> hi dgoulet !
17:03:42 <nickm> next up is the roadmap
17:03:53 <nickm> everybody please kanban the kanban :)
17:04:02 <nickm> gaba has added items from our september roadmap
17:04:21 <asn> #26768 is both in backlog and in next, but with different cards
17:04:22 <gaba> all setember iteams are in 'backlog'
17:04:24 <asn> is this intended?
17:04:29 <gaba> all remaining august issues are in 'next'
17:04:42 <gaba> asn: it is not intended and pretty sure it is a mistake
17:04:45 <asn> ok
17:04:50 <asn> deleting the one in 'backlog'
17:05:04 <asn> removed
17:05:09 <gaba> ok
17:05:14 <gaba> thanks
17:06:15 <gaba> #26768 is something you are going to work soon asn?
17:06:16 <nickm> gaba: should we be adding new items when we add new subtickets to existing tickets?
17:06:28 <gaba> I think we should
17:06:52 <asn> gaba: yes.
17:06:56 <gaba> ok
17:07:04 <asn> gaba: it's what im working on, but it has spliced into #31369 now
17:07:13 <asn> so im doing #31369 now, and when it's finished i jump back into #26768
17:07:20 <nickm> ok, then I will try to add some new subtickets today
17:07:24 <gaba> nickm: actually, are those subtickets new work or part of the work that you are already estimated to do for the parent?
17:07:28 <nickm> should I add tickets that are already done?
17:07:39 <nickm> gaba: I am not sure
17:07:46 <nickm> maybe?
17:07:55 <gaba> ok, I think is good to add them to the board.
17:08:10 <nickm> ok
17:08:14 <gaba> you do not have to add the tickets already done.
17:08:19 <nickm> great
17:08:36 <nickm> I'll make a list, and show them to you when I am done, so you can check if I did it right
17:08:43 <gaba> thanks
17:09:08 <nickm> anything else on the kanban? next up is reviewer assignments.
17:09:21 <nickm> looks like this time I have the big backlog.
17:09:26 <nickm> I'm going to try to clear through them this week
17:10:01 <nickm> any review I can't do by end-of-week I am going to admit I'm stuck on, and ask for help with.
17:10:12 <nickm> how are everyone else's reviews looking?
17:10:44 <asn> i think i got it under control for this week
17:10:49 <asn> one review spilled from last week to this one
17:10:59 <asn> #31314 but i think i can do it this week
17:11:14 <nickm> cool
17:11:33 <mikeperry> #12399 concerned me in that I don't know the protocol consequences of what is happening here
17:12:07 <mikeperry> I feel like dgoulet and/or asn should check that this is not serious. I don't ee them commenting on the ticket so far
17:12:36 <asn> i was not aware of this ticket
17:12:42 <asn> or that it's relevant to HSes
17:12:45 <nickm> dgoulet, asn: either of you want to take that on?  It is a very short diff.
17:12:51 <nickm> and the patch is in rendmid.c
17:13:05 <asn> yes feel free to pass it over
17:13:06 <dgoulet> yeah protowarn
17:13:11 <nickm> great
17:13:18 <mikeperry> yeah, the tricket bit is that I think it would be nice if we had some idea why this was happening and if it was serious, before sweeping it under the protocol warn rug
17:13:33 <mikeperry> otherwise the diff itself is simple
17:13:49 <asn> arma seems to think that it's a custom tor
17:13:58 <asn> but we should look into it indeed
17:14:00 <nickm> apparently it hasn't been seen for a long time...
17:14:09 <nickm> so, next item is announcements. Only one new one this week: S31 meeting this Thursday at 2300 UTC
17:14:28 <nickm> everybody's welcome
17:15:20 <nickm> discussion time!
17:15:29 <nickm> first one is, what do we do with the remaining august roadmap items?
17:15:53 <nickm> to see them, have a look at the query on the pad, or search for the network-team-roadmap-august keyword
17:16:28 <gaba> there is still a week to go so maybe they can be done.
17:16:43 <nickm> Many of these are subtickets of #29211 -- I'll try to get what I can done in August, but I believe #29211 is now on track to spill into september
17:16:56 <nickm> I'm going to try to get a head start on some september items, though
17:17:29 <nickm> I have put less time than planned into #29211 this month because of the branch's backlog
17:17:37 <gaba> do any of this tickets need to move to the icebox not to be in the next month?
17:17:54 <nickm> for config refactor,I don't think so.
17:17:54 <mikeperry> asn: how is your week looking? would you like to work on #28804 on a pad or something? not sure how to manage merging to git to check the markdown tho..
17:17:56 <gaba> from s27 there is only one of them that is new
17:18:07 <gaba> ok
17:18:12 <asn> mikeperry: yep i saw your note and was waiting for the discussion section
17:18:19 <nickm> yeah, most of the the s27 items are looking pretty far advanced
17:18:41 <mikeperry> I could use some help there. I still need to look at this firefox ESR code, which I think the first alpha is next week :/
17:18:59 <nickm> except for #23493 .. except it has only one child ticket , which is currently needs_review?
17:19:01 <asn> i think the ipv6 s27 item is teor's, and they put it early in the roadmap on purpose, but maybe they can move it for later months.
17:19:15 <asn> ah ok there is action
17:19:19 <asn> so perhaps they have it in control
17:19:22 <gaba> right!
17:19:59 <nickm> asn: looks like you're the reviewer on the child ticket (#23818) and on the grandchild ticket #31492 :)
17:20:16 <asn> i think these were assigned today to me
17:20:19 <asn> i will check them out
17:21:02 <dgoulet> yes I did that :)
17:21:26 <asn> i hope they are not heavy ipv6 stuff because i dont know it. but still will check them out early this week.
17:21:41 <dgoulet> nope it is not
17:21:44 <asn> excellent
17:22:18 <nickm> mikeperry, asn : did you decide something about #28804?
17:22:51 <asn> should we talk about it now?
17:23:09 <asn> mikeperry: so my week is pretty loaded because i just came back from camp and there is backlog etc.
17:23:20 <asn> mikeperry: but i can perhaps push onionbalance a bit in favor of the circpad docs
17:23:29 <asn> mikeperry: are we talking about doing all of it, or doing some of it?
17:23:42 <nickm> (we should figure out who is doing it when.  Personally I tyhink that deferring to september is okay, but I'm against deferring indefinitely)
17:23:48 <asn> agreed
17:24:10 <mikeperry> asn: I am currently looking for a markdown etherpad thingy so we can collaborte on edits. supposedly this exists but I am not sure who runs them
17:24:28 <asn> ack
17:24:29 <mikeperry> it would be good if we can collaborate in realtime on it, when we have time
17:24:32 <asn> if we cant find it, we can do it on a normal pad
17:24:37 <asn> aha
17:24:43 <asn> wanna setup a meeting time this week or sth?
17:25:04 <asn> i replied on the ticket as you might have seen
17:25:10 <asn> but at that point it was just a skeleton
17:25:14 <mikeperry> well, I mean more realtime than git pushinhg, but yah
17:25:24 <asn> i think i would do a fine job with many of those sections, and not so good with others
17:25:31 <mikeperry> it's not a hard deadline for Sept 1.. but I would feel better if we coiuld both edit it
17:25:42 <asn> sounds good
17:25:45 <mikeperry> yah exactly. with a pad I think it will be easier to manage that
17:26:01 <asn> ok
17:26:20 <asn> as long as the stuff that i need to do is a manageable quantity, i can def help.
17:26:29 * asn tries to find the ticket
17:27:00 <asn> mikeperry: you want to put this stuff in a pad (or i can do it)
17:27:03 <mikeperry> nickm: where do you think the circuit padding developer documentation should live?
17:27:06 <mikeperry> once we've got it done
17:27:08 <asn> and then i can mark the sections that i feel comfortable writing
17:27:13 <asn> and we can split them or something?
17:27:28 <nickm> mikeperry: maybe in a new subdirectory of doc/ ?  I am not sure and I think we can be flexible.
17:27:39 <mikeperry> I threw my draft in tor.git/doc/circuitpadding-dev.txt or smth I think
17:27:40 <mikeperry> ok
17:29:08 <nickm> also, this is not a bad time for us to look at the september roadmap tasks:
17:29:16 <nickm> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/query?status=accepted&status=assigned&status=merge_ready&status=needs_information&status=needs_review&status=needs_revision&status=new&status=reopened&keywords=~network-team-roadmap-september&col=id&col=summary&col=keywords&col=status&col=owner&col=type&col=priority&col=points&col=sponsor&order=status
17:29:50 <nickm> a bunch of them currently have nobody assigned, including most of the S31 stuff.  This will be something to talk about at the Thursday S31 meeting mentioned above :)
17:30:05 <nickm> anything else on these roadmaps before we move to the next discussion topic?
17:30:17 <asn> mikeperry: i went quickly and marked the sections i can do here: https://pad.riseup.net/p/qNuar_OnN6RUrJM5fnSp
17:30:30 <nickm> Next topic is whether to do an August retrospective, or postpone to end-of-Sep.  I am okay both ways
17:31:37 <nickm> doing it in August is probably not workable at this point...
17:31:42 <nickm> so we can schedule early Sep or late Sep
17:31:43 <gaba> yes
17:31:48 <nickm> or mid sep, I guess
17:31:53 <nickm> Anybody with a preference?
17:31:59 <gaba> I think late sept would be good
17:32:05 <asn> late sept works for me
17:32:43 <dgoulet> post freeze would be best I think also
17:32:44 * catalyst also would like late sep
17:32:45 <dgoulet> so late sept.
17:33:00 <asn> mikeperry: i think we can also slim down the document potentially as an MVP
17:33:11 <asn> mikeperry: IMO some of the sections there while good to have, might not be necessary for an MVP
17:33:18 <nickm> ok
17:34:37 <nickm> looks like late sep it is
17:34:46 <nickm> Do we have any other topics for this week's meeting?
17:36:02 * asn is good
17:36:04 <gaba> there is one 'need help with' in the statuses
17:36:52 <gaba> mikeperry: are you ok now with the help from asn on doc writing?
17:37:51 <mikeperry> gaba: yah for now. I need to check back in on the Firefox ESR side with gk
17:37:57 <gaba> ok
17:39:50 <nickm> anything else for this week?
17:40:18 <nickm> okay; thanks, everybody!  Please ping me about anything; I'm in a good mood to talk about software. :)
17:40:21 <nickm> cheers!
17:40:22 <nickm> #endmeeting