13:59:57 <antonela> #startmeeting ux team
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14:00:05 <antonela> hello o/
14:00:24 <antonela> last meeting of the month, who is around?
14:00:42 <thurayya> hello :)
14:00:44 <clash> o/
14:00:50 * ggus waves his hands o/
14:01:09 <antonela> hi folks!
14:01:20 <antonela> https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-ux-team-2019-keep
14:01:33 <antonela> please add your updates and discussion items there ^^
14:03:28 <pili> hi
14:03:29 <alarith> hello, I'm curious to volunteer
14:03:32 <pili> sorry, running a bit late
14:03:49 <antonela> hi alarith, welcome o/
14:03:53 <antonela> no worries pili
14:04:10 <alarith> :-)
14:05:24 <antonela> alarith: we usually use the pad to leave our updates and add items for discussion - i'll add an item to give you some time to introduce yourself and let us know what you would like to help with
14:05:28 <antonela> alarith: sounds good? :)
14:05:55 <alarith> perfect, thanks! :-)
14:05:58 <antonela> cool
14:06:12 <emmapeel> sorry im late
14:06:17 <antonela> hey emmapeel o/
14:06:22 <emmapeel> o/
14:06:37 <clash> hi late im clash
14:06:47 * clash apologises for lame joke lol
14:06:54 <antonela> hahaha
14:07:13 <emmapeel> alarith: welcome!
14:07:14 <antonela> clash! lets talk about the cover, will add an item for you as well
14:07:23 <emmapeel> clash: :D
14:07:38 <clash> antonela: sure!
14:07:54 <antonela> super
14:07:59 <antonela> oki, lets do it folks!
14:08:17 <antonela> first thing is that i'm going to be flying next week at this hour in another timezone, so i cannot run this meeting
14:08:34 <antonela> we can jump or pili can run the tickets triage, what do you think?
14:09:08 <pili> I can try to run the triage without you antonela, it will be hard though ;)
14:09:20 <antonela> i know :/
14:09:21 <pili> let's have it anyway and see how we go :)
14:09:34 <antonela> oki, happy to continue the week after too
14:09:36 <antonela> thanks pili
14:09:43 <pili> yup
14:09:56 <antonela> next item, september roadmap
14:10:25 <antonela> there are some stuffs we should be working on august but we will need to carry on
14:10:43 <antonela> what is the best way to do it pili?
14:10:57 <pili> I started to putting some stuff here: https://dip.torproject.org/groups/torproject/ux/-/boards
14:11:06 <pili> mainly for the EOY campaign
14:11:11 <pili> we can try to fill the rest now
14:11:23 <antonela> awesome
14:11:51 <antonela> are you closing those tickets in trac as duplicated? or we have those in both places at the moment?
14:13:10 <pili> let's leave them in both places at the moment
14:13:19 <pili> since we haven't made a decision on gitlab yet
14:13:22 <antonela> oki, cool
14:14:29 <antonela> so, there are some website tickets that have my face :) can we list all in that board?
14:14:58 <pili> let's try... ;)
14:15:08 <pili> which project are they in?
14:15:43 <pili> community?
14:15:49 <antonela> all them?
14:16:04 <antonela> community and tpo im sure
14:16:07 <antonela> let me check
14:18:12 <antonela> seems like they are in another group https://dip.torproject.org/web/tpo
14:18:16 <pili> hmm, I think it's not possible to see in the board
14:18:47 <antonela> is fine
14:18:48 <pili> yeah, I think unless we put web under ux we won't be able to see them in the UX board
14:18:49 <pili> also, they're not under Tor Project Group...
14:19:07 <antonela> what do you have for september in your list pili?
14:19:20 <pili> mainly EOY campaign work
14:19:53 <antonela> okey, and s30? s27?
14:20:22 <pili> for S27 O2A4. O2A3 and O2A2
14:20:37 <antonela> all of them ha
14:20:38 <antonela> yes
14:20:45 <antonela> and s30?
14:20:54 <antonela> what is the priority for this kind of tickets? https://dip.torproject.org/torproject/ux/team/issues/3
14:21:11 <antonela> i mean, do we have capacity to release it on the next major release?
14:21:12 <pili> so, errors, typos and alt-svc
14:21:29 <pili> and S30: bridges.tpo and personas
14:21:39 <antonela> si
14:21:48 <pili> but I think the s30 work won't happen until october
14:21:49 <antonela> all that is not in that board, right?
14:22:10 <pili> then there was the per-site security settings
14:22:12 <pili> nope
14:22:15 <pili> I need to put it there
14:22:44 <antonela> ok
14:23:03 <antonela> and i also have in my list all those website tickets with my name
14:23:12 <antonela> which i aim to work on them during the community hackaton
14:23:20 <pili> and we should potentially start analyising results for S9 but I don't think we will start doing trainings until later in september
14:23:25 <pili> so the analysis will happen in october
14:23:39 <antonela> i have good news regarding that :)
14:23:45 <pili> re #27511
14:23:55 <antonela> re uxr https://dip.torproject.org/torproject/ux/research
14:24:11 <pili> we want it in 9.0 alpha
14:24:14 <pili> so relatively high :)
14:24:23 <pili> we had it there for august
14:24:26 <antonela> yes
14:24:36 <antonela> and that was something i'd like to carry on
14:24:44 <antonela> because i didnt work on it during august
14:24:49 <pili> that's fine :)
14:24:50 <antonela> okey, so new identity for tb9
14:24:57 <antonela> thats cool - lets do it
14:25:07 <antonela> will move it up in my mental list  :)
14:25:26 <pili> let me add these to the board
14:26:11 <pili> I think that's all for september, no?
14:26:22 <pili> anything for OONI?
14:27:26 <antonela> not really, i should sync with hellais and sarath to release explorer
14:27:34 <antonela> but there is not backlog there, for now
14:27:46 <pili> actually, I have a question for you, what's the best way to engage alon for EOY campaign work?
14:28:03 <pili> I tried to add him to gitlab but I think he somehow declined the invite :D
14:28:08 <antonela> haha
14:28:14 <antonela> mmm
14:28:23 <pili> as in, I managed to assign him one ticket but now I can't see him in the list anymore ;P
14:28:40 <antonela> we can explain again, im sure he will find the board useful
14:28:49 <antonela> i can write that email and cc you :)
14:28:49 <pili> I can assign to you but that doesn't really reflect the reality
14:28:50 <pili> ok
14:28:57 <pili> sounds good
14:29:16 <pili> also I'm assuming that he's going to be involved with the illustrations for this :)
14:29:24 <antonela> oh i hope
14:29:30 <antonela> :)
14:29:36 <pili> we can also tell him to ignore the emails :P I can update the tickets for him it just helps me to track things
14:29:57 <antonela> i mean, if is easier for him to upload stuffs for review in comments, im sure he will be onboard
14:30:06 <antonela> and i think is the case with dip, so i dont see any problem on that side
14:31:28 <antonela> cool! so for the records, in september we have: new identity, EOY campaing, Community docshackaton, UXR materials for community, S27 Onion services, S30 bridges+tor browser
14:31:40 <antonela> (among other stuffs, of course :)
14:31:50 <emmapeel> easy peasy
14:31:54 <emmapeel> :D
14:31:55 <antonela> we can do it emmapeel
14:32:02 <emmapeel> yes we can!
14:32:08 <antonela> anything else pili on it?
14:32:42 * antonela hello T_ o/
14:32:47 <pili> it's not enough? :P
14:32:48 <pili> I don't think so :)
14:33:11 <T_> Hello Antonela, all. Happy to be here.
14:33:26 <antonela> we are happy to have you as well T_!
14:33:35 <antonela> thanks pili ! you are awesome sorting all this random stuffs!
14:33:40 <antonela> next item
14:33:51 <pili> <3 :)
14:33:55 <antonela> alarith, do you want to introduce yourself? :)
14:34:15 <alarith> yes, I wrote a bit in the pad
14:34:28 <alarith> I'm an HCI researcher from Germany
14:34:55 <alarith> and I didn't understand all the abbreviations earlier, but I'll get there :-)
14:35:08 <antonela> haha, sorry for it!
14:35:13 <emmapeel> heh. i just googled HCI
14:35:19 <antonela> S = sponsor, EOY = end of year
14:35:22 <emmapeel> it seems we have a culture clash!
14:35:26 <alarith> (EOY = end of year I guess; ... S27, S30 and so on)
14:35:29 <T_> Human Computer Interaction
14:35:40 <emmapeel> T_: yeah i got it as a first result
14:36:13 <alarith> ok... I don't know... ux as in user experience? :-D
14:36:18 <alarith> HCI is just another fancy word for that
14:36:30 <clash> yes
14:36:35 <antonela> yes UX = user experience UXR = user experience research
14:36:36 <antonela> :)
14:36:41 <antonela> alarith: that is awesome
14:36:48 <pili> welcome alarith :)
14:37:03 <antonela> alarith: i see some projects where we can collaborate
14:37:16 <antonela> specially if you are interested in users
14:37:52 <alarith> great, I was wondering if there is some list of easy fixes I can start with to get a better understanding of the working processes?
14:38:23 <alarith> I saw tickets on the website, but now there is this gitlab thing
14:38:31 <antonela> yes, good question
14:39:03 <antonela> this team works in multiple projects, if you feel like you want to go with markup then the website repo has good tickets to start with
14:39:24 <antonela> if you feel like localization is your stuff, then emmapeel has instructions for you
14:39:59 <antonela> and if you want to work with us on user research then we have some projects
14:40:31 <antonela> like #31282
14:41:01 <alarith> ok, thanks!
14:42:09 <antonela> and, we have a tor-ux channel where we sync about all this stuffs daily (mainly)
14:42:44 <antonela> alarith: im happy to help you to find something to work with, as you see there are a lot of stuffs going on :)
14:42:59 <emmapeel> alarith: here our localization section in case you want to help us out! https://community.torproject.org/localization/becoming-tor-translator/
14:43:59 <pili> alarith: you can also ignore gitlab for now, we're experimenting transitioning to it but we're not there yet and it's likely to have incomplete info
14:44:10 <alarith> Thanks! I think I'm mostly interested in user research, but maybe some localization could be a good start
14:45:56 <pili> I think it would be really good if you can help us to run some user research, we'd have to find the best way to do that though, what do you think antonela ?
14:45:56 <emmapeel> it depends on the native language of the users you want to research :D
14:46:21 <antonela> yes, exactly, is a perfect timing for having you involved alarith
14:46:32 <alarith> great :-D
14:46:42 <antonela> and this is a good moment to go to the next item thurayya :)
14:47:01 <thurayya> welcome alarith :)
14:47:07 <alarith> :-)
14:48:02 <thurayya> i've been working with the ux team doing some user research this year, i just finished the reporting for the activities ran with s9
14:48:32 <thurayya> also, finished the general report (a shorter report from the countries reports) - now i need some feedback
14:48:38 <thurayya> and comments are welcome ;)
14:48:50 <clash> can we see your report ? :D
14:48:55 <pili> thurayya: when do you need the feedback by? :)
14:48:59 <antonela> what is the best way to give you feedback thurayya?
14:49:00 <pili> (this week is going to be hell for me)
14:49:01 <thurayya> we have also some files that are not inside the report: frequently asked questions (faq) and personas
14:49:09 <thurayya> (but are lnked)
14:49:20 <thurayya> well, we didn't set a date
14:49:51 <thurayya> pili: but i think it can also help with the report for s9 - and if you need help, i can help you with it as well.
14:50:00 <thurayya> antonela: comments in the files is the better way imo
14:50:12 <pili> :) that would be great, I need to start thinking about writing that one
14:50:15 <antonela> cool, should we share the next cloud links? or  https://dip.torproject.org/torproject/ux/research?
14:50:16 <pili> I think it's due in november
14:51:17 <thurayya> i think the dip links only works for those who have accounts?
14:51:18 <thurayya> not sure
14:51:31 <thurayya> but yes! lets share :)
14:51:36 <clash> yep, I get a 404 when I access that url
14:52:13 <antonela> oh right - let me work on that with pili and gaba
14:52:29 <emmapeel> thurayya: pili can get you an account!
14:52:48 <pili> thurayya: you should have an account already :)
14:52:49 <pili> no? :S
14:52:50 <thurayya> i have an account!
14:52:55 <pili> the research is restricted since there is some confidential info there
14:53:10 <pili> we need to think about the best way to separate confidential details from public stuff I think
14:53:23 <thurayya> the general research is simple
14:53:24 <clash> [redacted] :P
14:53:25 <emmapeel> oh i understand now. thurayya wants a link where peple without accounts can also give feedback.
14:53:47 <thurayya> i also removed names from the country reports - although i might need review it yet before turning it public
14:53:48 <antonela> well, we thought about that and we are replacing names/contacts with labels and we have an appendix with those labels -- something like it could work pili?
14:54:28 <antonela> maybe the best way to have feedback is sharing it with the mailing list?
14:55:11 <pili> could work
14:55:19 <pili> (5 minutes until the end of the meeting btw)
14:55:22 <antonela> lets figure out the sensible information situation so we can make it public
14:55:25 <pili> there's another meeting in here after
14:55:30 <antonela> (yes, running)
14:55:35 <thurayya> yes, i also need specific feedback from ggus/alison about mexico context
14:55:44 <thurayya> (but i can work with him in another channel)
14:55:48 <antonela> can we move it to an email thurayya?
14:55:53 <thurayya> yes
14:56:06 <antonela> awesome, thank you !!
14:56:21 <antonela> clash, i sent an email about the cover -- happy to talk about it elsewhere after the next meeting
14:56:37 <thurayya> can i jump to my next point? real quick - but we can discuss this later as well
14:56:44 <antonela> yes
14:57:05 <thurayya> i'm planning activities in sao paulo and rio and i was wondering what test we should run
14:57:23 <thurayya> what makes more sense for the team?
14:57:24 <clash> antonela: yep,  give me 5, was just working on it
14:57:51 <antonela> can we talk about it after the next meeting nah? i have some notes
14:58:00 <thurayya> yes! ok :) thanks!
14:58:20 <antonela> super, thanks
14:58:26 <antonela> folks, anything else?
14:58:36 * antonela thinks that it should be critical
14:58:40 <T_> Thanks all
14:58:47 <pili> :)
14:58:49 <thurayya> haha thanks! :)
14:58:50 <emmapeel> im groot
14:58:51 <antonela> #endmeeting