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16:04:23 <pili> one sec
16:04:37 <pili> I've just come out of another meeting so I need to get myself situated :D
16:05:17 <pili> pad is here: https://storm.torproject.org/shared/rdmFw02OnAaIp79kvIqtGGLyo71d6VrGOzAVHHrIshr
16:06:06 <pili> hi stephw emmapeel :)
16:06:11 <pili> who else is around?
16:06:14 <pili> hiro ggus ?
16:06:23 <ggus> hey
16:06:28 <pili> we're missing antonela today as she's on the road as we speak
16:06:42 <pili> maybe we can start with community portal updates? :)
16:06:51 <pili> (spoiler alert: I have none :( )
16:07:09 <ggus> not to many things, i was traveling last week. but
16:07:17 <stephw> i’m sorry i don’t either, so many things happening right now
16:07:34 <emmapeel> oh i wanted to ask stephw  to check again the localization section and make sure her review changes are there
16:07:46 <emmapeel> so i can mark the localization section as finished
16:08:10 <ggus> i migrated the EFF legal faq to the community portal: https://community.torproject.org/relay/community-resources/eff-tor-legal-faq/
16:08:30 <ggus> i still need to fix some broken links
16:09:25 <ggus> i also created the bad relays page - https://community.torproject.org/relay/community-resources/bad-relays/
16:09:48 <pili> ah, cool
16:09:59 <ggus> even though it's not a consensus in bad-relays working group, it's important to have this resource translated
16:10:44 <ggus> i still need help with https://community.torproject.org/relay/community-resources/good-bad-isps/
16:11:28 <pili> maybe we need some sort of table of contents for that
16:11:29 <ggus> i'm planning to implement irl1 idea of using metrics data + wiki page
16:11:41 <pili> so people can jump directly to the countries on the page?
16:11:44 <ggus> pili: yes, it's a feature that i'd like to have
16:12:26 <pili> I think there is some plugin or module or something for lektor that does that already
16:12:34 <pili> I believe nusenu wanted to use that for the page in the past
16:12:41 <pili> they were talking with hiro about it
16:13:19 <ggus> how do we implement this TOC feature?
16:13:55 <emmapeel> with the lektor title markdown link it was possible
16:14:10 <pili> ggus: let me see if I can dig up the email
16:14:15 <emmapeel> but i am not sure if we managed to install it
16:14:22 <emmapeel> it was in use for the glossary
16:15:43 <pili> emmapeel: yeah, that rings a bell about installation
16:16:02 <ggus> emmapeel: i had a shower thought to move the glossary to localization section in community portal
16:17:17 <pili> https://github.com/lektor/lektor-markdown-header-anchors
16:17:18 <pili> that's the plugin
16:17:19 <pili> I thought hiro installed it already on the community portal
16:18:24 <ggus> pili: to finish the relay operations part, we still need: - GoodBad ISPs + Metrics data; - How to update your OS (it's already done, I just need to find a good place to put the instructions); - Fix broken links.
16:18:58 <ggus> We need to have this section done for relay outreach in september :o
16:19:20 <ggus> ops, and another item: - Tor associations around the world and their donation page
16:19:23 <pili> ggus: sounds great, for the metrics data portion... how are we going to use that data with the static site? is it going to re-build periodically with the latest data?
16:20:01 <emmapeel> pili: i only see the i18n plugin with lektor plugins list
16:20:13 <pili> ok, maybe it never happened :)
16:20:14 <emmapeel> in the community git
16:20:25 <ggus> pili: yeah, we still need to figure out this
16:20:44 <pili> I guess one of us could try to install it locally and run lektor with it to see how it would work
16:21:33 <emmapeel> also> that plugin allowed you to add the TOC as part of the template, not as a [tag] you can insert in the text
16:22:04 <emmapeel> i guess it is posible to make it become a tag but somebody should code it
16:22:18 * emmapeel dont want to point any fingers :D
16:23:28 <pili> is the existing functionality not enough then?
16:23:42 <pili> could we ask the plugin writers to implement this?
16:24:48 <pili> ok, let's move on I think :)
16:25:16 <pili> if we really want to use this plugin though we need to a) test it and b) find out if someone can extend it to do what we want
16:25:22 <pili> otherwise we just do what we can, i.e not have a TOC :)
16:26:10 <pili> I just noticed that the training resources were removed from the page, I guess in preparation for the correct format? ;)
16:26:25 <pili> we should try to get some uploaded by next week at the latest
16:26:47 <ggus> we're going to use the latex thing?
16:27:16 <pili> that's not going to be ready any time soon I don't think :)
16:27:22 <pili> I was playing with pandoc last week for some slides on a talk I'm giving
16:27:26 <pili> but didn't get too far
16:27:42 <pili> I think for now we should go with the original plan of just uploading to the community portal
16:28:01 <pili> and upload different localised versions in the relevant directories
16:28:17 <pili> so the right ones show up with the language dropdown
16:30:04 <pili> I think next week during the docs hackathon I will work on the community portal and try to come up with a proof of concept for having the materials in the community portal repo for now
16:30:58 <emmapeel> maybe it is easy for hiro to provide some table like the ones for the different Tor releases
16:31:08 <emmapeel> *thinking about localizing files
16:31:31 <pili> hmm
16:31:40 <pili> yeah, maybe, we should follow that model
16:31:46 <pili> although those files are hosted elsewhere
16:31:50 <emmapeel> i feel i cannot convey the importance of translating through the translation platform. if people starts to simply submit random translations is not going to work well on the long term
16:32:22 <emmapeel> it will be very hard to maintain such a text/codebase
16:32:24 <pili> emmapeel: it's more about providing the localized training slides we already have
16:32:44 <pili> e.g ggus already has his training materials localised in a number of languages
16:32:54 <emmapeel> ok
16:33:17 <pili> my idea is to take those files and upload them to the community portal for now
16:33:18 <pili> while we get the resources localisation pipeline set up
16:33:29 <emmapeel> grrml ok
16:33:51 <ggus> we don't have enough people to do everything we need or want
16:34:04 <pili> emmapeel: I understand why you don't like that though, this is a stop gap
16:34:22 <pili> I'm sure ggus is not going to go off and translate the slides to thai himself :D
16:35:09 <emmapeel> :D
16:35:14 <ggus> yeah, my thai is not fluent.. :P
16:35:17 <pili> ok, anything else on the community portal?
16:35:34 <ggus> we need everything on onion services section
16:35:37 <emmapeel> neither will our thai translators because the slides are not on the translation platform :P ok i shut up with that
16:35:51 <emmapeel> another thing> to prevent the loss of contributions we should disallow users to comit to https://dip.torproject.org/web/community
16:36:12 <emmapeel> only allow torpusher
16:36:19 <ggus> emmapeel: make all repositories read-only?
16:36:39 <emmapeel> in dip
16:36:50 <pili> yup
16:36:55 <emmapeel> not all, only the ones that are overwritten by torgit
16:37:16 <emmapeel> i.e. https://dip.torproject.org/web/community :master :staging :develop
16:37:17 <pili> let me see, I'm going to try do that now
16:38:35 <pili> emmapeel: I guess if I make everyone reporter only on those repos that should work?
16:38:50 <pili> but I wonder what other permission that will take away
16:39:39 <pili> hiro: do you know how to do this?
16:40:50 <pili> anything else to discuss while I try to figure out how to do that? :)
16:41:19 <pili> I think this is what we want https://docs.gitlab.com/ee/user/project/protected_branches.html
16:41:40 <emmapeel> maybe we can have protected branches
16:41:46 <emmapeel> he exactly
16:43:43 <ggus> pili: we need to review our release dates for community portal. some sections are in production mode, like, bridges
16:44:31 <pili> emmapeel: I think hiro already did this
16:44:48 <pili> I can see that master and staging are protected branches for support and community at least
16:44:53 <pili> so I think we're good
16:45:34 <emmapeel> i can edit files in master i think
16:45:45 <pili> for which repo?
16:45:54 <emmapeel> ah no
16:46:04 <pili> only maintainers should be able to :)
16:46:09 <pili> and the only maintainer is hiro
16:46:10 <emmapeel> i can 'niciar una nueva solicitud de fusión con estos cambios '
16:46:15 <pili> good :)
16:46:17 <pili> so it works
16:46:22 <emmapeel> great
16:46:38 <pili> yay, we have a happy emmapeel ? ;)
16:46:51 <pili> back to release dates
16:46:54 <emmapeel> yay!
16:46:57 <ggus> pili: i think next week we all should focus on docs hackathon - support, tb-manual and tpo
16:47:02 <ggus> there are too many issues
16:47:17 <pili> sure
16:47:18 <pili> what else do we need to prepare there?
16:48:16 <ggus> we need to send an email to the participants (due this friday) and maybe open a pad to organize things?
16:48:22 <emmapeel> maybe we have to check that the documentation for lektor and local testing is ready
16:48:31 <ggus> so people can quickly communicate with others?
16:48:34 <ggus> i don't know
16:48:47 <ggus> emmapeel: yeah
16:49:05 <ggus> pads are very useful for collective actions
16:49:15 <ggus> self-organizing
16:49:26 <emmapeel> we should have A pad
16:49:34 <ggus> (A) pad
16:49:39 <emmapeel> maybe full of links to ther pads but as a point of contact...
16:49:40 <ggus> the self-organized pad
16:50:29 <pili> https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-docs-hackathon-keep
16:50:36 <pili> there you go, that's my contribution ;)
16:51:41 <emmapeel> yay!
16:52:27 <pili> emmapeel: I've given you the task of checking lektor docs
16:52:31 <pili> I think it's mostly ready
16:52:40 <pili> we probably just need to make sure that the wiki has these links for people
16:53:17 <pili> ok, we have just over 5 minutes left
16:53:18 <pili> I see people are updating the pad
16:53:27 <pili> any other pressing issues to discuss before the end?
16:53:38 <ggus> the pad uprising is starting
16:54:05 <emmapeel> ok with checking the docs
16:54:36 <emmapeel> im groot
16:55:13 <ggus> i'm good too
16:55:54 <pili> ok, let's move to the pad then and end the meeting :)
16:56:03 <pili> #endmeeting