16:59:55 <phw> #startmeeting anti-censorship weekly checkin 2019-08-29
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16:59:57 <phw> hi everyone
17:00:09 <phw> here's our meeting pad: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-censorship-2019-keep
17:00:49 <phw> unfortunately gaba cannot make it today. i'm pretty sure she would want cohosh and me to keep our roadmap up-to-date though ;)
17:01:19 <cohosh> ack
17:01:42 <phw> a brief announcement: we started our "set up new obfs4 bridges" campaign yesterday.
17:01:57 <cohosh> \o/
17:02:10 <phw> so far we have ~10 new bridges, which is better than 0 but also not as good as 100
17:03:37 <phw> also, please jot down your work highlights for august here: https://pad.riseup.net/p/ThKAw7J-lXGU3AY3uBwp
17:03:42 <phw> so i can include them in our monthly report
17:04:35 <phw> any other impromptu discussion points?
17:04:54 * cohosh can't think of any
17:04:56 <hiro> \o/
17:05:25 <phw> hiro: great to see all the gettor updates!
17:06:10 <phw> ok, let's have a look at each other's 'needs help with' sections
17:07:09 <phw> for cohosh i see #29206, #31407, and #29207
17:07:26 <dcf1> I'll look at #29206
17:07:42 <cohosh> dcf1: thanks!
17:08:04 <cohosh> dcf1: i'm taking a look at #28942 and have a build running so i can check the checksums there
17:08:12 <arma2> dcf: if you don't get an answer from sina after a while, feel free to ping me and i'll try (usually he's good at answering me)
17:08:13 <dcf1> great, thanks.
17:08:21 <phw> i can take a look at #31407
17:08:41 <dcf1> ok, arma2
17:11:06 <cohosh> #29207 isn't urgent for me, i can move forward on implementing what i proposed
17:11:21 * cohosh thinks that's all the needs help withs?
17:12:02 <phw> ok, sounds good
17:13:05 <phw> dcf1: needs help with #31455 (this is sina's responsibility) and #28942
17:13:25 <dcf1> both of those already got covered above.
17:14:37 <phw> perfect. looks like we're done already. any last words?
17:14:54 <cohosh> so ominous
17:15:11 <dcf1> peperony and cheaze
17:15:39 <serna> Hey so I'm working #25598
17:15:51 <phw> that's almost as good as "just throw an ice cube in there" -- which was the beginning of our aug 8 meeting
17:16:07 <cohosh> serna: hi and welcome :)
17:16:14 <serna> And will need someone to review what I'm doing
17:16:21 <serna> cohosh: Thanks!! :)
17:16:28 <phw> hey serna, glad to have you here!
17:17:15 <cohosh> oh hm i'm not cc'd on that ticket somehow
17:17:18 <serna> Thank you all!
17:17:55 <serna> I'll be pushing some changes today, after I finish doing some changes to the JS proxy
17:18:32 <dcf1> serna is also the one who identified the proxy ID disclosure vuln in #31460
17:19:05 <arma2> phw: re bridge campaign publicity, might be good to brainstorm other places to publicize it. right now we've done... tor-project@ and twitter? and we might do it in a donor newsletter in a bit?
17:19:06 <cohosh> yep, very nice
17:19:17 <arma2> serna: keen. let us know if we can help you help us help you. :)
17:19:23 <cohosh> i'm actually wondering for this if we want to do something along the lines of what is proposed in #29207
17:19:36 <cohosh> and keep it in the HTTP response body
17:19:52 <cohosh> like suggested in #30704?
17:20:12 <phw> arma2: yes, i'll have a chat with stephw about this. we have two somewhat active reddit communities and i'm not sure if they know about this.
17:20:41 <cohosh> not that we can't move forward with what's written now
17:20:43 <dcf1> /r/tor and ...? /r/onions?
17:20:48 <phw> dcf1: yes
17:22:00 * cohosh cohosh will just write thoughts on the ticket
17:24:48 <phw> by next week i'll hopefully have discussion items wrt obfs4 improvements and improvements to our PT spec
17:25:23 <phw> ok, anything else for today?
17:26:10 <phw> #endmeeting