15:00:24 <karsten> #startmeeting metrics team
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15:00:58 <karsten> https://storm.torproject.org/shared/5h1Goax5eNusxjXJ_Ty5Wl7hFR1uqCReUiN8xdlBG8T <- agenda pad
15:01:49 <karsten> let's start!
15:01:52 <karsten> Bug Smash Fund campaign has been on (gaba)
15:02:19 <gaba> yes. this is mostly a request/announcement
15:02:42 <gaba> we have been running a campaign to get funding in August
15:02:57 <karsten> so, we tag tickets, and somebody else reviews tagged tickets and does something with them?
15:02:59 <gaba> that could fund any non-sponsor bug
15:03:16 <gaba> yes, you tag the tickets that are non-sponsored that you are working on
15:03:35 <karsten> what about adding metrics code bases to gitlab's CI?
15:03:37 <gaba> and then people can follow all the non-sponsored work that could be sponsor with this campaign
15:03:45 <gaba> yes
15:03:56 <karsten> it's done as of 1 hour ago.
15:04:03 <irl> seems like a good bug smashing task
15:04:05 <karsten> with credits going to irl, just mentioning this here.
15:04:10 <gaba> yes, that sounds good
15:04:28 <karsten> are you tagging that ticket, or shall I?
15:04:42 <irl> if you have the query, go ahead
15:05:20 <karsten> alright, keeping this in mind for future tickets.
15:05:46 <gaba> thanks
15:05:49 <karsten> great!
15:05:52 <karsten> moving on?
15:06:17 <karsten> Data or possible viz for fundraising on impact of Tor? (gaba)
15:06:26 <gaba> this is related to the mail that Antonela sent
15:06:30 <karsten> right.
15:06:39 <gaba> any thoughts on what they can use?
15:07:03 <karsten> we did some things for one of the last fundraising campaigns.
15:07:37 <karsten> was that in mexico when we brainstormed about this?
15:08:24 <gaba> I do not know.
15:08:25 <karsten> but, going one step back: we should ask when they need this.
15:08:36 <sstevenson> heya! sorry to storm your meeting. i wanted to jump in and add that this is for a printed piece.
15:08:39 <karsten> the proposal seems more urgent+important than this.
15:08:46 <karsten> hi!
15:08:46 <gaba> I think is mostly ongoing for the materials that Isa will give.
15:08:52 <gaba> oh hi!
15:09:05 <irl> i think what you want is numbers of how many bugs were smashed?
15:09:12 <karsten> do you remember if we came up with anything that would be suitable for printed materials?
15:09:16 <sstevenson> this is a low priority. antonela updated the color on an old visualization that we are using now
15:09:20 <gaba> i think this is not related to the bug smashing campaign
15:09:28 <irl> oh ok
15:09:59 <sstevenson> but it would be great to have updated data, or perhaps something completely different and better
15:10:09 <karsten> sounds good!
15:10:15 <karsten> can you send us what you have?
15:10:20 <sstevenson> https://dip.torproject.org/torproject/ux/team/uploads/6010583986f430be762b47f44e49851a/Tor_Hexagons.png
15:11:34 <gaba> sstevenson: mostly you need some other metric that could be helpful/impactful. You need numbers and not really a visualization, right?
15:11:35 <irl> i have no idea where i would start for making that visualisation
15:11:53 <karsten> we didn't make this visualization.
15:11:58 <irl> the numbers of users per country are easy
15:12:15 <sstevenson> gaba: we are looking for a visualization to show tor’s impact
15:13:12 <sstevenson> karsten: right, that is why we are reaching out to see if we can produce something that gets the same idea across
15:13:44 <irl> sstevenson: do you know about https://people.torproject.org/~karsten/tor-brochure/tor-brochure-en.pdf ?
15:13:53 <irl> for printed material
15:13:54 <gaba> something that shows amount of traffic through the network or use of Tor because censorship would be good :)
15:14:27 <irl> i have about 150 of those in my swag kit printed and i've been leaving them places i go
15:14:43 <karsten> I wonder if we could ask the makers of that visualization to make an updated one.
15:14:48 <gaba> this is mostly about impact for funders
15:14:51 <sstevenson> irl: i’ve never seen that one
15:14:55 <sstevenson> it is great
15:15:09 <karsten> I vaguely remmber answering their questions about which user numbers to use.
15:15:19 <karsten> they ended up using the numbers until before the botnet.
15:16:18 <karsten> should I ask them?
15:16:30 <gaba> yes, why not :)
15:17:16 <karsten> okay, let's try that, and if we need more, go back to this topic after submitting the proposal, okay?
15:17:31 <sstevenson> that seems like the easiest solution. thanks, karsten!
15:17:38 <karsten> .oO( started and ended a sentence with okay? check! )
15:17:41 <gaba> ok
15:17:43 <karsten> great!
15:17:44 <gaba> :)
15:17:55 <acute> :)
15:18:06 <sstevenson> thanks, everyone! let me know if you hear back.
15:18:13 <karsten> will do!
15:18:20 <karsten> Scalability proposal (gaba)
15:18:42 <karsten> should we have another meeting for that?
15:18:48 <karsten> video meeting.
15:18:59 <gaba> yes
15:19:02 <gaba> soon?
15:19:05 <gaba> soon :)
15:19:06 <karsten> yes.
15:19:11 <irl> monday?
15:19:31 <gaba> mike was worry that we may drop  " the object model for path queries and basically the ability to spin up many onionperf test instances"
15:19:35 <gaba> from that project
15:19:38 <gaba> Monday works for me
15:19:59 <gaba> 1400 UTC ?
15:20:06 <karsten> or can we do a quick video call after this meeting? like in 15 minutes?
15:20:08 <gaba> it is early here but works better for me than later on Monday
15:20:16 <gaba> mm, that works too
15:20:16 <irl> being able to run test instances is happening anyway, we should write it in the project but it may even happen before the official project start
15:20:40 <karsten> that's also one of my questions: which of the parts that we need will be done before we even start with this project?
15:21:07 <gaba> We can write the project that we need AND if we finish anything from there before the project starts then awesome
15:21:13 <karsten> or is in 15 minutes too soon?
15:21:20 <gaba> 15 min is fine for me
15:21:23 <gaba> irl?
15:21:43 <irl> in 15 min?
15:21:48 <irl> i lost the thread
15:21:50 <karsten> like, after this meeting.
15:22:09 <irl> i run out of work time at 1600 utc
15:22:18 <irl> if we can be done before that then ok
15:22:21 <gaba> we have other meeting 1600 utc
15:22:22 <karsten> yes, that would be fine. I have another meeting at 1600 utc.
15:22:26 <irl> ok cool
15:22:29 <karsten> great!
15:22:45 <gaba> roadmap?
15:22:48 <karsten> yes!
15:23:36 <irl> a note: the onionperf/ansible stuff went through one round of review, and is now back on review after things were addressed
15:23:40 <irl> so that's not stalling there
15:23:50 <gaba> ok
15:23:52 <karsten> Two of my tasks are in the On Review swimlane.
15:24:18 <karsten> so, they're ongoing.
15:24:32 <irl> #31558 will need to be reviewed monday
15:24:34 <irl> out of time
15:24:41 <karsten> regarding #19332, I did look at that, but it seemed like it needs work on the anti-censorship team side first.
15:24:51 <karsten> sounds good.
15:25:00 <gaba> #29461 seems merge ready
15:25:02 <karsten> I think I'd want to leave #19332 where it is.
15:25:09 <gaba> ok
15:25:14 <karsten> yes, that is merge-ready, but it requires releases.
15:25:20 <irl> #31398 is already moved to done
15:25:21 <karsten> well, a metrics-lib release.
15:25:34 <irl> what is #30777 up to?
15:25:44 <irl> that seems to have stalled
15:25:51 <gaba> phw is working on that one
15:26:03 <gaba> with communications for what I understand
15:26:33 <irl> i think if there is nothing needed from metrics we can put that in done
15:26:40 <karsten> right.
15:26:43 <gaba> ok
15:27:36 <karsten> alright, I think the roadmap is good for now.
15:28:07 <gaba> #29461 is done for metrics too, right?
15:28:27 <karsten> almost. we need that metrics-lib release before merging that code.
15:28:40 <karsten> and then we need to merge the metrics-web part of it, too.
15:28:58 <karsten> not done yet, though no major parts left.
15:29:09 <gaba> ok
15:29:45 <gaba> anything from backlog to work on next week?
15:29:58 <karsten> I'd like to focus on the proposal.
15:30:07 <gaba> ok
15:30:09 <karsten> and do #19332.
15:30:27 <irl> does #19332 have a sponsor?
15:30:55 <gaba> sponsor 30
15:31:47 <gaba> any other change?
15:31:54 <irl> #31558 probably needs a sponsor
15:31:59 <irl> either 28 or 30
15:32:42 <irl> or if they are both happy sponsors we can call it bug smashing
15:33:16 <karsten> either works for me. gaba?
15:33:17 <gaba> let's call it bug smashing
15:33:34 <karsten> will do.
15:33:39 <irl> ok cool, so sponsorz on the roadmap, tag it in trac
15:34:16 <gaba> ok
15:34:25 <gaba> anything else?
15:34:30 <karsten> not from me.
15:34:39 <acute> not from me
15:34:47 <gaba> sounds good
15:34:49 <irl> i expect that there will be more onionperf/ansible tickets for acute once the two on review have been merged (:
15:34:58 <karsten> sounds great! :)
15:35:14 <gaba> nice
15:35:19 <acute> yay
15:35:35 <karsten> cool, I think that's all for today's meeting.
15:36:14 <irl> ok, see you at the next meeting
15:36:21 <karsten> thanks, everyone, bye! o/
15:36:26 <karsten> #endmeeting