15:59:45 <antonela> #startmeeting www sync
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15:59:53 <ggus> hey!
16:00:13 <antonela> hi folks o/
16:00:26 <antonela> emmapeel, hiro, thurayya
16:00:51 <thurayya> o/
16:01:28 <antonela> lets start with community updates and then lets move to anything that needs discussion
16:01:33 <ggus> antonela: do you have the sandstorm link?
16:01:40 <antonela> i dont :shy:
16:01:58 <antonela> could you share it with us ggus?
16:02:11 <ggus> i need to find
16:03:11 <ggus> https://storm.torproject.org/shared/mhWAZj0wCDcZBX9eUsB3pLsFnTGqB9uNc9H2mP9TQ3t
16:04:29 <antonela> so, re community.tpo.org we have updates! thurayya has been working on the user research content and I aim to review it this week and make a pr so stephw can give a read
16:05:20 <ggus> yay!
16:06:46 * antonela adds it to the pad
16:06:47 <ggus> last week i worked on support/tpo/manual websites, so i don't have updates about community.tpo
16:06:58 <antonela> cool, any other update about community?
16:07:14 <antonela> i think julius sent you a reviewed version of the policies
16:07:15 <antonela> did he?
16:07:26 <ggus> antonela: do we have a ticket in web/community about UX?
16:07:41 <antonela> yes a couple
16:08:12 <ggus> antonela: i think we could create labels to our sections in web/community
16:08:17 <antonela> https://dip.torproject.org/torproject/ux/team/issues/26
16:08:20 <ggus> relay, ux, outreach,
16:09:07 <antonela> yes, we could
16:09:08 <ggus> i see
16:09:46 <ggus> super!
16:10:02 <antonela> re policies, im talking about #26808
16:10:29 <antonela> it seems to need a place in community.tpo too
16:10:49 <ggus> antonela: i have a couple of tickets to discuss
16:10:56 <ggus> but we can do policy documents
16:12:21 <antonela> go for it ggus
16:13:11 <ggus> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/31603
16:13:30 <ggus> I'd like to close the issues part of these repositories
16:13:43 <ggus> since we are not checking
16:14:38 <antonela> not sure who owns gh repos, but seems something doable
16:14:47 <antonela> at least in gitlab is just a on/off option
16:15:08 <antonela> hiro maybe?
16:15:12 <ggus> i think so
16:16:00 <ggus> in tpo there are two open issues owned by you and another one by pili :P
16:16:21 <ggus> but it's probably done and tor-pusher didn't close
16:16:53 <hiro> we can close issues yes
16:17:00 <hiro> I can also give people the power to close issues
16:17:28 <ggus> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/31557
16:17:31 <ggus> yess!
16:17:50 <ggus> pili and i want power to close PRs
16:18:04 * antonela goes to close gh issues
16:19:07 <hiro> pili has that power already
16:19:10 <hiro> you now have
16:19:23 <hiro> emmapeel you too can have: you just need to give me your gh account
16:19:38 <antonela> what is the repo where you see two issues ggus?
16:19:57 <ggus> github/torproject/tpo
16:19:59 <hiro> antonela you have the power
16:20:16 <ggus> https://github.com/torproject/tpo/issues
16:21:46 <ggus> for the issues opened in support repo, i'll migrate to trac
16:23:19 <antonela> done
16:23:24 <antonela> why to trac?
16:23:38 <hiro> yeah why not dip?
16:23:54 <antonela> please, use dip ggus
16:24:33 <ggus> ok
16:25:02 <ggus> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/29945
16:25:47 <ggus> i fixed isse #2 today
16:25:55 <ggus> (the easy one)
16:26:21 <ggus> we should review the labels
16:26:49 <antonela> ideally we have bekela working on those stuffs, that is what the wiki says :)
16:27:58 <ggus> ok, i'll write to her and ask help on this
16:28:33 <ggus> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/31405
16:30:33 <antonela> is this one for hiro ggus?
16:31:09 <ggus> i think so
16:31:18 <hiro> uhm
16:31:25 <hiro> in the old site we had a redirect
16:31:39 <hiro> we can do the same so that we do not link to dist
16:32:38 <ggus> ok!
16:33:34 <ggus> the next one is the policy docs https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/26808
16:33:43 <antonela> haha
16:34:09 <antonela> where do you want to have those?
16:34:48 <ggus> i was thinking about/policies
16:34:59 <antonela> not in community so
16:35:00 <antonela> in tpo
16:35:23 <antonela> and we don't need to list it in the submenu
16:35:31 <hiro> we have a lektor plugin that can be used to import those txt files from our git
16:35:34 <ggus> not in community, unfortunately
16:36:13 <ggus> how this plugin works?
16:36:58 <ggus> and also, do we want these docs translated?
16:37:13 <hiro> https://dip.torproject.org/web/community/blob/master/templates/two-columns-page.html#L18-20
16:38:14 <hiro> it creates this: https://community.torproject.org/training/code-of-conduct/
16:38:33 <ggus> nice, it's working!
16:38:50 <antonela> \\o //o \\o //o
16:38:58 * antonela is dancing
16:39:19 <hiro> you can also import the localized file
16:39:42 <antonela> I think we should be careful with translations on those, they have legal wording
16:39:54 <hiro> you just have to past the alternative to the url... I think emmapeel said we can have those txt translated in the repo
16:39:59 <ggus> yeah
16:41:52 <ggus> hiro: this template only works in community repository?
16:42:09 <hiro> no all the web lektor projects
16:42:59 <hiro> we have a plugin for RSS feeds and one for txt files
16:43:44 <hiro> the one for RSS feeds is the one that creates our events list: https://community.torproject.org/outreach/
16:44:00 <ggus> hiro: very nice!
16:44:07 <antonela> good stuff hiro!
16:44:10 <hiro> https://dip.torproject.org/web/community/blob/master/templates/outreach.html#L38
16:44:32 <hiro> if we wanted to have list of our latests blog posts we could have that too
16:45:50 <ggus> i'll keep this in mind :)
16:46:10 <antonela> so, what else folks?
16:46:25 <ggus> antonela: about policies, we are going to create one page per policy?
16:46:38 <antonela> good question
16:46:50 <ggus> or something like trademark style page
16:46:51 <antonela> the location will be tpo.org/about/policies?
16:47:06 <ggus> i think so
16:47:07 <antonela> and then you have a two columns layout?
16:47:16 <antonela> works for me
16:47:22 <ggus> works for me too
16:48:20 <ggus> the last ticket for today https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/30203
16:49:57 <ggus> a) "Alternative Downloads"
16:50:06 <ggus> b) "Download little-t-tor"
16:50:15 <ggus> c) "Download Tor network daemon"
16:50:30 <antonela> i think we already discussed it befor
16:50:31 <antonela> e
16:50:32 <ggus> d) Your new option
16:51:28 <antonela> the only weird thing right now is that win32 binaries are also listed under "Download Tor Source Code"
16:51:40 <ggus> yes
16:52:24 <antonela> and this could be an issue now because we dont have a devs portal, which should host this developer specific assets
16:52:48 <antonela> and any of the options above will fix that problem
16:53:30 <antonela> so, im not sure which problem are you willing to solve gus?
16:53:57 <ggus> many relay operators compile their own tor daemon, so i don't think it should be in devs portal
16:54:15 <ggus> so i'd go with (a) for now
16:54:16 <antonela> that is why we have the tor source code at the download page as well
16:54:25 <antonela> i wouldn't
16:54:30 <antonela> because the main downloable here is Tor Browser
16:55:49 <antonela> what is the problem with "Download Tor Source Code"
16:56:01 * antonela besides the caps
16:56:08 <ggus> win32 is a binary
16:56:35 <ggus> and users are sending email to frontdesk about this windows binary
16:57:00 <antonela> great, so will should find a better place for win32 but you were worried about the relay operators willing to compile their tor daemon
16:57:29 <antonela> s/will/we
16:57:53 <ggus> worried that we should not remove little-t-tor source code from download page
16:58:11 <antonela> the label or the downloable?
16:58:36 <ggus> we should not label this: Download Tor Source Code
16:58:43 <ggus> if we are appedning windows binary
16:59:06 <antonela> and do you think alternative downloads is a useful label for relay operators looking for Tor source code?
16:59:17 <arma2> ggus: i had been pondering the name 'Advanced' rather than specifying what exactly it is
16:59:28 <ggus> a,b,c would be better
17:00:03 <antonela> b and c don't contemplate the win bundle, tho
17:00:18 <antonela> arma2: "Advanced Tor?
17:00:27 <antonela> "Advanced Tor" or?
17:00:57 <arma2> nope, just an indication that it's for things that only advanced users would be interested in
17:01:13 <antonela> ok
17:01:19 <arma2> 'alternate options' or something is not a crazy idea either
17:01:32 <antonela> i'll comment on that ticket, again, and we can continue talking about it
17:01:34 <antonela> sounds good?
17:01:35 <arma2> i agree that calling it source code, and hiding a windows binary in it, is something that should be fixed somehow
17:02:04 <antonela> and we also agreed a while ago that it is not a priority if we can point windows binary interested people to that link too
17:02:40 <arma2> 'other options', 'advanced options'
17:02:45 <antonela> wfm
17:02:46 <ggus> the only thing is the label, having it together is fine
17:06:59 <antonela> cool
17:07:02 <antonela> what else folks?
17:07:14 <ggus> i'm good!
17:07:24 <antonela> good, thanks all!
17:07:29 <antonela> #endmeeting