14:59:43 <karsten> #startmeeting metrics team
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15:01:02 <gaba> I'm adding the agenda
15:01:11 <gaba> https://storm.torproject.org/shared/5h1Goax5eNusxjXJ_Ty5Wl7hFR1uqCReUiN8xdlBG8T
15:01:14 <karsten> thanks!
15:01:36 <karsten> I have to run very quickly, back in 3.
15:01:50 <gaba> ok
15:02:05 <gaba> irl, acute: you around?
15:02:31 <irl> hello
15:02:34 <gaba> hi
15:02:40 <irl> acute has a driving lesson so won't be here today
15:02:50 <gaba> ok
15:03:03 <gaba> do you have anything else for the meeting today?
15:03:04 <karsten> back. hi!
15:03:33 <irl> hello
15:03:36 <karsten> I don't. the proposal is what matters most, IMO.
15:04:04 <gaba> ok
15:04:05 <karsten> shall we start?
15:04:08 <gaba> yes
15:04:20 <karsten> can we send notes (notes from the pad and link to log) at the end of the meeting to the tor-project mailing list?
15:04:30 <irl> yes, why not
15:04:35 <gaba> like other teams are doing for their weekly meeting
15:04:36 <gaba> ok
15:04:43 <karsten> I personally don't fine those very useful, but I don't mind sharing logs.
15:04:44 <gaba> only the agenda and the log of the meeting
15:04:52 <karsten> find*
15:05:00 <irl> if we made an effort we could use meetbot commands properly
15:05:03 <karsten> this is all already public information.
15:05:04 <irl> but we've never done that
15:05:07 <karsten> right.
15:05:08 <gaba> the agenda so people know what we talked about :)
15:05:32 <karsten> would you send those mails, or would I have to do it?
15:05:41 <gaba> it is a way for people to know that metrics is still meeting (if we do not announce each weekly meeting)
15:05:48 <gaba> as you wish :)
15:06:20 <gaba> i can send them
15:06:25 <karsten> if you're okay with it?
15:06:30 <gaba> yes, no problem
15:06:38 <karsten> thanks!
15:07:08 <karsten> next topic?
15:07:33 <irl> ok
15:07:48 <gaba> ok
15:07:50 <karsten> scalability proposal
15:08:01 <karsten> this is a bit of a moving target.
15:08:08 <gaba> yes
15:08:17 <irl> this has been a bit exhausting
15:08:24 <karsten> yes.
15:08:37 <irl> between this, email and vanguards in debian i've not done any roadmap this week ):
15:08:47 <gaba> we can try to have a retrospective with al later to see how to improve this process
15:09:25 <karsten> it would have been useful to have a mike clone participate in all this.
15:09:32 <irl> +1
15:09:34 <gaba> yes...
15:09:51 <karsten> so, his notes on that pad were very helpful to me to understand what's needed.
15:10:00 <gaba> do we need to talk with him or that list he did yesterday is good for this?
15:10:32 <karsten> most of that list makes sense to me. there are some details that don't, but those are probably not the most important bits.
15:10:48 <gaba> so, next step abou this? do we include those in the proposal
15:10:51 <karsten> should we try to do a mapping between his list and what we already have in the proposal?
15:10:56 <gaba> yes
15:11:41 <karsten> yes, I think we should include his list. my goal is to provide all relevant tools for others to do their work later on.
15:12:08 <karsten> I don't want to develop something that we find useful, which turns out to be not a priority for others, only to find out that we're missing other important stuff.
15:12:11 <gaba> we could work in the same pad at the bottom. I will add the list we have from the proposal
15:12:35 <karsten> what's the timing again?
15:12:43 <karsten> that other proposal is due next week or so?
15:12:54 <gaba> the other proposal to DRL is 9/20 the deadline. This one for MOSS is ongoing
15:12:58 <gaba> yes
15:13:08 <karsten> ok.
15:13:25 <karsten> so, sure, if moving to the pad means that mike sees our comments and can comment on them, then let's do it.
15:13:46 <karsten> we can go back to the gdoc once we're certain that we have our requirements.
15:13:53 <gaba> mmm, I wonder if we should merge both proposals and then talk with mike directly
15:14:34 <karsten> if we could keep this in developer language for now, I'd appreciate that.
15:14:56 <gaba> karsten, irl: do you think you can work on this today?
15:15:09 <irl> i have 45 minutes of work time left this week
15:15:10 <karsten> no, but tomorrow morning.
15:15:11 <gaba> not sure what you mean by developer langauge :)
15:15:16 <karsten> non-funder language.
15:15:26 <karsten> like the stuff that mike wrote on the pad.
15:15:34 <gaba> ah, ok
15:16:19 <irl> it'd be cool if mike could do some user stories for the tools we're going to make
15:16:24 <irl> where mike is the user probably
15:16:47 <irl> the requirements i read on the pad could still do with some context to really nail them down
15:17:02 <gaba> can we chat tomorrow then? and see if mike can join?
15:17:24 <karsten> hmm
15:17:50 <karsten> what can we do in the remaining 42 minutes of this week?
15:18:22 <gaba> can you merge mike's list into the proposal?
15:18:39 <karsten> well, yes.
15:18:44 <gaba> the must-have list
15:18:46 <karsten> so, we continue in the proposal?
15:19:25 <gaba> do you think is a good idea? please propose something else if you think it will be a better use of this time to move the proposal forward
15:20:19 <gaba> do you both want to jump in a jitsi now to talk about this? (wonder if it will be better)
15:20:28 <karsten> yes, we could.
15:20:35 <karsten> or bluejeans?
15:20:43 <gaba> bluejeans
15:20:44 <gaba> ok
15:20:45 <irl> ok one minute, need to find the ipad
15:21:04 <karsten> alright, let's end this meeting then. no roadmap update this week.
15:21:13 <karsten> end-and-continue-via-bluejeans.
15:21:24 <irl> ok cool
15:21:41 <karsten> #endmeeting