15:59:49 <ggus> #startmeeting Community Team meeting - 09-16-2019
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15:59:54 <ggus> hello!
16:00:01 <clash> hey!
16:00:08 <thurayya> o/
16:00:15 <ggus> Community team meeting starting now, hola! o/
16:00:20 <ggus> https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-community-team-2019-keep
16:00:39 <ggus> let's update the pad with things we are doing this week
16:05:59 <emmapeel> ey sorry im late
16:06:06 <ggus> also, if you have discussion points, please add on Discussion session
16:07:51 <pili> hi
16:09:17 <ggus> so, let's start? :)
16:09:22 <ggus> welcome back, pili
16:09:58 <pili> thanks! I'm still scrambling around to get back up to date :)
16:10:32 <antonela> hi tgeek o/
16:10:41 <tgeek> Hi antonela
16:11:24 <ggus> let's wait emma and then we start
16:13:38 <emmapeel> yo
16:14:02 <emmapeel> im ready
16:15:06 <ggus> * Sponsor9: some people from other countries (beyond S9 scope) asked to join our partnership program.
16:15:34 <ggus> last weeks we started to reach out some local partners to organize Tor trainings
16:16:08 <ggus> and at least two persons/organizations asked to join the training program
16:16:31 <pili> I think as long as they help the target audiences it would be a good addition to the program
16:16:33 <ggus> and we're going to public launch in 2020
16:16:58 <pili> I think we can evaluate the countries though and see also :)
16:17:06 <ggus> they definitely would be the target audiences
16:17:13 <ggus> yes
16:17:22 <pili> great :)
16:17:29 <antonela> which are your fears ggus?
16:18:12 <antonela> is indeed great that we collected interest from folks in other countries
16:18:48 <ggus> there was any risk assessment done by us. if things go wrong, what we will do?
16:19:31 <pili> ggus: in any case they will need to do their own risk assessments
16:19:37 <antonela> good point, we are offering risk assessment tools for people in their own countries to do it
16:19:38 <pili> we can help them and guide them in this
16:19:43 <emmapeel> you can say you are a bitcoin startup and nobody will care about you :D
16:20:01 <pili> and when we go public we're going to have this same situation anyway
16:20:36 <antonela> yep
16:21:02 <pili> this should also be covered in the partnership agreement
16:21:25 <pili> as one of the responsibilities for the partners: to carry out proper and full risk assessments with our guidance
16:21:48 <pili> but ultimately it is their call and we can always strongly discourage them if we see the need
16:24:09 <tgeek> Is there any documentation on Trac or on the Tor website on how to do a proper risk assessment?
16:26:19 <ggus> tgeek: for trainings? no, not yet. it's a work to be done
16:26:45 <tgeek> I see
16:28:10 <emmapeel> tgeek: we are working on training materials, would you like to contribute to this section?
16:28:48 <tgeek> possibly, but I'm not an infosec expert. I'm more interested for my own information.
16:28:58 <thurayya> ggus: just added to our documentation to-do list
16:29:05 <ggus> thurayya: thanks!
16:29:23 <emmapeel> tgeek: ok, we will be able to test the section with you then!
16:29:42 <tgeek> cool. I will be glad to give feedback
16:30:25 <cy63113> may i contribute to the training material feedback too?
16:31:37 <emmapeel> sure cy63113 ! only it needs to be written first
16:31:55 <cy63113> jejjejeje
16:32:02 <thurayya> emmapeel: haha yes
16:32:18 <emmapeel> https://community.torproject.org/training/resources/
16:32:36 <ggus> https://dip.torproject.org/web/community/issues
16:32:41 <thurayya> but also cy63113 we can work together on this for the training next month
16:33:02 <cy63113> yeah! we can do that!
16:33:05 <ggus> moving on, * Community Team mailing list moderation and moderators
16:33:50 <ggus> after some users reaching out us for support in a public mailing list, i think we should make it moderate
16:33:59 <ggus> we should moderate it
16:35:21 <pili> I can help
16:35:45 <ggus> i updated the mailman list info, to try to redirect users to support, frontdesk and IRC: https://lists.torproject.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/tor-community-team
16:36:27 <ggus> pili: ok! i'll add you to moderation
16:37:15 <tgeek> I've been doing a lot of support on the Tor Stack Exchange page.  Is this still a place that we want people to ask questions?
16:38:36 <ggus> tgeek: nice! thanks for doing that, it's usually for more advanced users
16:38:42 <cy63113> there are lots of misconceptions and questions in stack exchange and reddit
16:39:14 <tgeek> I used to help with Reddit but there is *a lot* of redundancy and newbie questions.
16:39:43 <cy63113> yes, I know. I used to help as well
16:40:59 <ggus> next topic, * Disable translation switch in community.tpo while we don't have translations?
16:41:23 <ggus> emmapeel: we didn't freeze the content to the community portal yet, right?
16:42:19 <emmapeel> yeah i dont think we have
16:42:36 <emmapeel> there is A LOT of content
16:42:47 <emmapeel> its going to take a while to translate it :D
16:43:04 <ggus> yeah
16:43:40 <ggus> so we agree to disable the switch button while we work on the translations?
16:43:42 <pili> Is there some way we can prioritize some sections?
16:43:49 <antonela> the original plan was to keep the same workflow as tpo.org: when a language is done, we publish it live - if is not, we keep it in staging
16:44:00 <pili> as in maybe we don't need to translate the whole of the relays section
16:44:04 <pili> especially for the S9 project
16:44:15 <antonela> why we don't pili?
16:44:31 <emmapeel> yeah i agree with antonela. we left hte default for the template etc but we were not supposed to be live. we have agreed on not having incomplete langs in production
16:44:47 <pili> ideally this would be all localised to the relevant languages by the time we launch publicly
16:44:48 <pili> antonela: I meant straightaway
16:44:50 <pili> :)
16:45:00 <pili> as in, some sections are more important to have localised right now
16:45:23 <pili> because we want people to do trainings and they will need content in their language to be more effective
16:45:29 <antonela> mmm, oki
16:45:59 <pili> I mean, if there's nothing we can do about it, that's fine and we should definitely follow the same workflow as before
16:46:18 <pili> I'm just a bit scared about the amount of content that needs to be fully localised before we publish
16:46:47 <antonela> agreed, is a lot
16:46:48 <pili> especially if we get strict about having reviewed content for languages before we publish it
16:47:51 <pili> anyway, I think it's mainly the relays section that will be problematic
16:48:09 <emmapeel> that will take a lot of time, specially for our more difficult langs arabic, persoina, korean
16:48:12 <emmapeel> persian
16:48:22 <emmapeel> i mean reviewing
16:49:12 <pili> anyway, to cut a long story short,  I'm happy to disable translations in community until we string freeze :)
16:49:41 <emmapeel> they are currently disabled
16:49:42 <pili> and we should also think about what content should be prioritised for inclusion before string freeze
16:51:08 <ggus> ok, moving to another topic
16:51:16 <ggus> * Should we add translations status in community team monthly reports? Or it's UX?
16:52:08 <antonela> same for me emmapeel as long as we have it somewhere :)
16:53:02 <emmapeel> antonela adds interesting stuff about localization but not really the status of translations... maybe i can prepare monthly numbers...
16:53:27 <emmapeel> i got tired of maintaining my log :S
16:53:32 <antonela> that'd be great
16:54:07 <antonela> i think is a relevant info to share with the community, so community or ux reports are good places for it
16:54:16 <ggus> yes
16:54:43 <emmapeel> i also have my graph of language stats
16:54:46 <ggus> so next monthly report we should have these localization metrics to report
16:54:57 <emmapeel> ok
16:55:02 <serna> emmapeel: ping me if there's anything to do with the translations ;)
16:55:18 <ggus> * International Translation Day - 30th September - help steph with blog post and twitter buzz. Are there any particular campaigns we want to run
16:55:32 <emmapeel> ey serna cool! you mean to translate? or you would like to look onto the translation stats?
16:55:33 <ggus> (we only have more 4 minutes)
16:55:57 <emmapeel> gus, i talked with pili about that, maybe ill try to write a post
16:56:00 <ggus> emmapeel: maybe we could call translators to help community portal translation on 30th sept?
16:56:06 <emmapeel> sure
16:56:10 <ggus> ok
16:56:16 <ggus> * Docs Hackathon: I started this spreadsheet to count contributions: https://nc.riseup.net/s/3TyR4XHDifBzAKJ
16:56:20 <emmapeel> i hope the strings will be more mature by then
16:56:27 <serna> emmapeel both, if the stats is a small task
16:56:42 <ggus> pili: let's try to do online this week this counitng? maybe tomoorrow or wednesday?
16:57:25 <clash> btw, did we release the docshackathon results? I thought the timeline was of the weekend.
16:57:34 <ggus> we didn't
16:57:36 <clash> ah
16:57:39 <har00ga> o/
16:58:08 <ggus> hey har00ga
16:58:09 <pili> wednesday is better for me
16:58:16 <pili> unless we do it early tomorrow
16:58:21 <pili> e.g before 13UTC
16:58:34 <ggus> pili: let's do wednesday
16:58:47 <ggus> i'm killing the bot, because we have another meeting now
16:58:52 <ggus> #endmeeting