13:59:59 <antonela> #startmeeting ux-team
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14:00:02 <antonela> hi folks!
14:00:30 <ggus> hi!
14:00:37 <thurayya> hey
14:00:49 <antonela> a new ux team meeting this week - here in the global south is september so spring is landing <3
14:01:14 <antonela> please add your updates in the pad and discussion items https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-ux-team-2019-keep
14:01:37 <emmapeel> here there are a lot of mosquitoes but the network is super fast
14:05:52 <pili> hi everyone
14:06:10 <antonela> not sure where emmapeel is located this days
14:06:15 <emmapeel> thurayya: how are you translating the docs?
14:06:27 <emmapeel> i got kidnapped in a balcony with great internet
14:06:48 * antonela giving people some minutes for the pad
14:07:41 <thurayya> emmapeel: this docs are not reviewed yet - but i'm translating them myself b/c i have to share them with ur volunteers on monday
14:07:48 <thurayya> most ppl here doesn't speak english
14:07:55 <thurayya> don't*
14:08:37 <emmapeel> i see. i wonder how not to duplicate your work afterwards
14:08:52 <emmapeel> i had an idea about hte community portal translations... wanted to comment now
14:09:01 <thurayya> alright, do you think they already exist?
14:09:54 <emmapeel> let me add this to the agenda and we can talk during this meeting? i would need a list of 'finished sections' to send to translate
14:10:17 <antonela> please, do it emmapeel
14:10:22 <antonela> okey lets start!
14:11:01 <antonela> first item is me, i aim to use our https://dip.torproject.org/groups/torproject/ux/ repo for consolidate our roadmap
14:11:24 <antonela> it has a lot of benefits, one of them is having this cool kanban https://dip.torproject.org/groups/torproject/ux/-/boards
14:11:39 <antonela> pili, folks, what do you think?
14:12:02 <pili> sounds good, I already scared emmapeel this morning by adding something there for her ;)
14:12:17 <emmapeel> yeah! i saw september 19 and i though i had a deadline in 2 days :D
14:12:27 <emmapeel> but it was september 2019 :D
14:12:38 <antonela> yes! deadlines can be set inside the issue
14:13:29 <antonela> something that is not working right now is having the website tickets which are assigned to me or to anyone in the ux team listed there
14:14:02 <pili> yeah... :/
14:14:07 <antonela> do you think is something we can have pili? im fine if we don't at the moment. I created a ticket for those like https://dip.torproject.org/torproject/ux/team/issues/26
14:14:44 <pili> I think if we get multiple boards per group in gitlab this will eventually show at this level: https://dip.torproject.org/groups/torproject/-/boards
14:15:37 <pili> where we could have a UX board there that has all of the UX team tickets
14:16:08 <emmapeel> can't you add ux tag to a web issue and have it there?
14:16:28 <emmapeel> i mean on  https://dip.torproject.org/groups/torproject/ux/-/boards
14:17:33 <antonela> maybe?
14:18:01 <antonela> i prefer to stick to what gaba and pili are using for other teams too
14:18:08 <pili> hmm, haven't been able to figure that one out
14:18:16 <pili> the closest I got was sharing projects with groups
14:18:21 <pili> but that didn't work either
14:18:52 <antonela> oki, ideally we can have all ux team tickets in our board, but if not, then we can have an issue that links to it and im fine with it
14:19:13 <clash> antonela, is the media repo where everything is planned to be consolidated?
14:19:22 <antonela> no
14:19:23 <clash> source-files and assets?
14:19:44 <antonela> the media repo should host tpi and tpo assets, but that is not everything
14:20:02 <antonela> im not sure if it answers your question clash :)
14:20:09 <clash> what's tpi?
14:20:28 <ggus> the company behind tpo
14:20:41 <antonela> tor project inc
14:20:42 <antonela> yes
14:20:48 <clash> like tp inc?
14:21:01 <antonela> yep
14:21:44 <antonela> so, pili are we ok with this board and is helpful for you and is aligned with other teams are doing?
14:21:45 <clash> well I think the idea was to put assets somewhere on the dip ux but the location wasn't decided iirc
14:22:03 <pili> antonela: yup
14:22:14 <antonela> pili awesome, moving on
14:22:34 <antonela> clash: we are working on update the media folder to do it, yes
14:22:39 <antonela> clash: is a work in progress
14:23:19 <clash> antonela: ok sounds good!
14:23:23 <antonela> pili, do we need a triage this month?
14:23:38 <antonela> i took some ooni tickets for this month, we can talk about those later
14:24:53 <pili> antonela: we can do there's only 3 new tickets I know of
14:25:02 <pili> which I think you created :)
14:25:07 <antonela> haha
14:25:09 <pili> 31617
14:25:16 <pili> #31660
14:25:23 <antonela> do you have those handy?
14:25:38 <pili> and #31768
14:25:41 <pili> the first one again #31617
14:26:18 <antonela> yes, i just talked with geko about the first one, we will work on it for TB 8.5
14:26:37 <pili> 9.5 ;)
14:26:42 <antonela> oops
14:26:42 <antonela> yes
14:26:51 <antonela> for #31768 i'll ping dunqan
14:28:45 <antonela> #31617 is a new one, i don't have any idea what is going on there
14:29:41 <pili> ah ok
14:30:15 <pili> actually, that was me that tagged you
14:30:27 <antonela> im wondering if we should mark some ux-team tickets with `bugsmashfund`
14:30:28 <pili> maybe we don't need to get involved
14:30:36 <pili> antonela: yup, definitely
14:30:49 <antonela> can we work together this week to do it?
14:32:57 <pili> yeah, we can try to do it at the end of our sync
14:33:10 <antonela> nice, thanks!
14:33:15 <antonela> you next i think pili
14:34:21 <pili> ah, yes, I saw stephw was reviewing this file: https://dip.torproject.org/torproject/ux/research/edit/master/community/landing-page.md
14:34:45 <antonela> thurayya and i were working on the content for community.torproject.org/user-research
14:34:47 <pili> and I was wondering what we were using that for? I thought we were still adding the user research introduction to the community portal?
14:34:50 <pili> ah ok
14:34:57 <antonela> we are using those files to trac changes
14:35:00 <pili> so you're working on it there first? and then you'll move over?
14:35:04 <antonela> exactly
14:35:13 <pili> ok
14:35:16 <pili> phew :D
14:35:27 <antonela> we are waiting for stephw review on it and then i'll do the PR to update the section
14:35:40 <pili> hmm, why not just do it in the community portal?
14:35:47 <pili> we have the workflow worked out for that
14:35:56 <pili> and that way steph can also see what it looks like in staging
14:36:03 <emmapeel> there is also an empty section o nthe community portal
14:36:04 <antonela> good idea
14:36:04 <pili> and easily make changes herself
14:36:13 <antonela> yes, we could
14:36:38 <antonela> i really would like to work with this in staging but i dont know if we have staging working at the moment
14:36:51 <emmapeel> community.tpo staging? yes i think
14:36:56 <pili> ok, emmapeel or myself can help you with that :)
14:37:14 <emmapeel> maybe it is a bit outdated with respect to master but that i can fix if you dont find your way
14:37:29 <antonela> or maybe we can use another branch that is not master
14:37:47 <emmapeel> yeah. hiro was proposing to start using develop for such things
14:38:06 <emmapeel> i dont know if develop will be built by jenkins and appear on lektor-staging tho
14:38:09 <antonela> yes, im afraid that i have super powers to push things and those things goes live and nobody review thme
14:38:11 <antonela> them
14:38:28 <emmapeel> 'with grat power comes great responsability'
14:38:34 <pili> :)
14:38:38 <antonela> that is exactly why we were using a .md for this work in progress
14:38:51 <antonela> but yes, i can do a pr and back to the community repo
14:39:36 <emmapeel> antonela: you can push it to staging. lets go through the commands together if you dont want to fuck up. i will not tell anybody, i have logging disabled!
14:39:38 <pili> I will copy the workflow that we discussed during one of the last website meetings to the community repo readme
14:39:57 <pili> but basically once you're happy with content you push to staging and move to the review column in the Community board
14:40:04 <antonela> emmapeel: sounds like a plan, thank you!
14:40:07 <pili> also tagging steph
14:40:15 <antonela> perfect, that sounds great
14:40:16 <pili> so she's aware
14:40:31 <antonela> will do that this week
14:40:55 <emmapeel> yesterday we went with stephw through a PR cycle for community team and it worked well. i need to merge the request tho :D sorry stephw i have been distracted!
14:41:19 <emmapeel> but she had problems with that repo and i told her i dont know about it, how it works, etc.
14:41:44 <antonela> that is awesome, im happy this is working!
14:42:01 <antonela> oki, anything else on it?
14:42:16 <pili> I'm good on this point
14:42:31 <antonela> super, next one is me again
14:42:46 <antonela> ooni land is on fire, we launched ooni explorer last week > take a look if you didn't!
14:42:58 <emmapeel> yay!
14:43:00 <antonela> https://explorer.ooni.org/
14:43:21 <clash> looks nice!
14:43:25 <antonela> there is an open repo for issues, feel free to file them if you experience something weird
14:43:34 <antonela> https://github.com/ooni/explorer/issues
14:44:05 <antonela> and i took three issues for this month to help them with, those are
14:44:21 <antonela> https://github.com/ooni/probe/issues/870
14:44:22 <antonela> https://github.com/ooni/probe/issues/881
14:44:22 <antonela> https://github.com/ooni/probe/issues/826
14:44:36 <antonela> if you are a designer and you want to comment on them, feel free to do it
14:44:49 <hiro> develop is built on lektor-staging.tp.o
14:45:09 * clash is a designer I think 🤔
14:45:12 <antonela> hiro: and for community?
14:45:38 <antonela> clash: take a look on those! are related with ooni probe, which is the app for running ooni tests
14:45:59 <antonela> clash: i'll jump on them probably next week, but more eyes are good
14:46:01 <clash> I'm going to explore explorer and probe the probe :P
14:46:12 <antonela> clash: have fun :D
14:46:36 <antonela> that's all
14:46:39 <antonela> emmapeel you next
14:47:12 <antonela> i think?
14:47:42 <emmapeel> ok
14:48:02 <emmapeel> disclaimer: i am not sure this is a UX topic
14:48:38 <emmapeel> i sometimes get confused about the meetings. i wanted to talk about the community portal translations but maybe i wait till the website meeting?
14:48:54 <emmapeel> i think i can send some sections of the website to translate, if you give the list to me
14:49:02 <antonela> thurayya: i linked the outreach material in PR-br in the pad. Please, check typos! if those exists, we can update the docs to fix them
14:49:08 <hiro> all branches are built on lektor-staging
14:49:30 <antonela> emmapeel: is fine, we can talk about proceses too
14:49:31 <thurayya> antonela: thanks!
14:49:53 <pili> I'm happy to discuss here for the time we have left
14:49:58 <pili> we can have a pre-discussion :)
14:50:11 <emmapeel> ok, regarding process: i said i ¡t was too much work and prone to errors to send only a part of the website to translate, but i found a solution now
14:50:12 <antonela> emmapeel: do you think that will be useful to have a ticket (maybe) with a list of ready for l10n pages?
14:50:28 <antonela> emmapeel: oh, tell us
14:50:41 <emmapeel> i can just delete the incomplete stuff on my local repo and generate the translation file
14:51:10 <emmapeel> and i wanted to propose that for the translation of the pt-BR because otherwise we duplicate work... but the materials nah is translating are not on the community portal yet, i think?
14:52:18 <emmapeel> are they supposed to be here https://community.torproject.org/training/ or here https://community.torproject.org/outreach/
14:52:59 <emmapeel> first link should be https://community.torproject.org/training/resources
14:53:28 <thurayya> i think they will be at the user research page (that is not there yet)
14:53:45 <ggus> emmapeel: community.tpo/user-research
14:53:46 <pili> emmapeel: depends, if it's ggus slides then training
14:53:52 <pili> if it's posters then outreach
14:53:59 <pili> and if it's the user tests the user-research
14:54:21 <emmapeel> oh. they will not be text based materials, but graphics and slides (that we still have not found a way to localize)
14:54:54 <antonela> well, we have some workflow for the outreach material - then i run the hamster bot to move it to a printable stuff
14:55:05 * antonela is the hamster bot
14:55:24 <antonela> like, we used .md text for it
14:56:02 <emmapeel> i see
14:56:21 <antonela> i think we should somehow inform emmapeel when the content is ready for l10n
14:56:36 <emmapeel> yeah!
14:56:39 <antonela> and stick to a process that keep all parties involved, up to date
14:56:45 <emmapeel> and not start localizing without me :D:D:D
14:56:54 <emmapeel> i mean... without our translators and reviewers etc
14:57:23 <antonela> yes, how we can do it pili?
14:57:28 <emmapeel> i cannot offer a solution to translate slide yet tho
14:58:10 <pili> ufff, no idea yet... :/
14:58:19 <pili> we were going to use pandoc
14:58:19 <emmapeel> it would be easier if the texts are in the portals already, instead of a repo of markdown but without a translation framework
14:58:44 <antonela> oki, will think about it
14:58:47 <emmapeel> antonela: i understand that you dont want to add it to the production site but a staging branch would be great
14:58:54 * antonela wow is 11.59
14:59:01 <antonela> emmapeel: yes, agreed
14:59:07 <pili> yup, we should go
14:59:07 <antonela> folks, anything else?
14:59:13 <pili> I have another meeting in here now :D
14:59:25 <antonela> sorry for the abrupt closure
14:59:29 <antonela> yes
14:59:34 <antonela> thanks all!
14:59:38 <emmapeel> thansk!
14:59:43 <alarith> ok! Thanks! (silent today :-D)
14:59:45 <ggus> o/
14:59:48 <antonela> #endmeeting