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14:00:35 <pili> how's everyone?
14:00:40 <pili> and who's around?
14:00:57 <antonela> <-- is here
14:01:56 <pili> I think we don't have ggus today
14:02:00 <pili> or stephw
14:02:07 <pili> emmapeel: hiro are you around?
14:02:38 <pili> I think that's everyone :)
14:02:47 <pili> please add your notes and any discussion points to the pad
14:03:17 <pili> let me know if you need me to share the link again
14:03:49 <hiro> I am around if needed
14:04:13 <ggus> hey, my flight is delayed o/
14:05:15 <pili> hey ggus
14:06:09 <pili> let's give a few more minutes for any updates
14:06:14 <thurayya> i'm around if needed too
14:06:15 <pili> I see it's just antonela so far ;)
14:06:22 <pili> hey thurayya !
14:06:45 <pili> one thing we can do today is do a quick visual review of the user research section before stephw does the content review
14:06:53 <pili> and then I have a few other discussion points
14:07:33 <pili> here's the link again, just in case: https://storm.torproject.org/shared/lYl55v6IauTz0U5ke3UVFlUVI2_eXPLkJ4zEAktNUS6
14:07:36 <emmapeel> ey there sorry got sdistracted
14:08:05 <thurayya> sounds good to me. i'm working on it right now < adding links to user research section
14:09:06 <antonela> yes, as we signed this week i've pushed the content to the develop branch so we can stick to the flow :3
14:09:22 <pili> ok, let's get started  with the review: https://lektor-staging.torproject.org/community/develop/user-research/
14:10:10 <antonela> what do you want to review pili?
14:10:40 <antonela> something i noticed is that the develop branch is outdated
14:10:46 <pili> mainly the visual layout, I don't think we should get into the content as much
14:10:51 <pili> ah :)
14:11:00 <antonela> so we will have some issues on upgrading that to master
14:11:23 <pili> should we check staging instead?
14:11:24 <pili> or we can leave it for another time if you're not looking for comments from people yet
14:11:58 <pili> when it's ready for review, you can push to staging also :)
14:12:18 <antonela> we are in staging
14:12:23 <antonela> that is what the develop branch does
14:12:30 <antonela> as far i understood
14:12:38 <hiro> it's the same really
14:12:51 <antonela> right
14:12:54 <hiro> I created develop because emmapeel uses staging for the translations
14:12:55 <emmapeel> antonela: we can look on how to keep topic branches updated after meeting if you want
14:13:00 <hiro> so it's always in a messy state
14:13:15 <antonela> emmapeel: yes please
14:13:15 <emmapeel> hehehe is not messy! only it has some more commits on top
14:13:22 <pili> ok, it would be nice if stephw can have somewhere she can see the new content in context whilst reviewing
14:13:32 <hiro> so to test UI and content we can use develop
14:13:35 <pili> I didn't realise about staging being used for translations
14:13:43 <pili> ok, so I need to update my workflow doc ;)
14:13:52 <emmapeel> pili: for iunfinished-unplublished translations
14:13:53 <hiro> it's what the translators need to see how things look like
14:14:18 <pili> also we should talk about how we can work so that people don't clobber each other's changes on develop
14:14:31 <hiro> pili: with pull requests?
14:14:34 <antonela> yes we have stephw here https://dip.torproject.org/web/community/issues/9
14:14:48 <antonela> here https://dip.torproject.org/web/community/issues/12
14:15:27 <antonela> and thurayya is working on https://dip.torproject.org/web/community/issues/11 so we didn't ping steph yet
14:15:31 <emmapeel> aaah, yes! that repo, stephw asked me for help but i didnt knew how it was working
14:15:56 <pili> yeah, but that repo is just the text, not the actual community portal user research section
14:16:13 <antonela> right
14:16:13 <emmapeel> i have helped her on the other repos, the ones that are mirrored from gitweb, but i told her i could not help on that one cause i didnt even knew what was about
14:16:16 <pili> I think it would be good to be able to review the content "in place"
14:16:45 <pili> hiro: about the PRs, do you mean that people should make PRs before pushing to develop and someone merges that?
14:16:52 <pili> same as with master?
14:16:58 <pili> I'm fine with that, just want to clarify
14:17:05 <antonela> just commented the ticket
14:17:30 <pili> ok!
14:17:53 <antonela> stephw let us know if that works for you!
14:18:46 <hiro> pili: just in case someone if worried about stepping onto other people
14:18:54 <pili> fair enough
14:19:07 <emmapeel> maybe people could open other branches too
14:19:08 <hiro> but in general w git you don't if you rebase from upstream every once in a while
14:19:18 <hiro> yes any branch is built
14:19:23 <pili> so antonela do you want comments from the rest of us today or shall we wait? :D
14:19:32 <hiro> if you want a preview you can open a different branch
14:19:33 <pili> hiro: yup, I can add some guidelines when updating the workflow in the readme
14:19:40 <antonela> y'all can comment pili
14:20:17 <pili> hiro: so I could create a "pili" branch on gitweb and could get to it by going to : https://lektor-staging.torproject.org/community/pili and everyone could see it?
14:20:31 <pili> as an alternative to running locally and to easily share what you are working on
14:20:40 <pili> if it doesn't work like that already, that's fine
14:20:46 <pili> I'm just wondering if we can take advantage of it
14:21:44 <pili> anyway, does anyone have any comments about the user-research section?
14:21:51 <pili> it's looking good so far! :)
14:23:08 <emmapeel> the paragraphs look a bit too stuffed... is it possible to add some linebreaks?
14:23:14 <emmapeel> or maybe shorter paragraphs
14:23:50 <antonela> we could, i think we have some issues with the template. Some margins are not there
14:23:57 <antonela> i can review those after the content review
14:24:16 <antonela> and then there is a huge padding top at the footer which needs to be removed
14:24:27 <antonela> i should fix that too
14:24:28 <emmapeel> i like the way the user research is presented tho
14:24:28 <pili> I would love to create some databags for some of this content also, e.g the past user research and the current testing needs here: https://dip.torproject.org/web/community/blob/develop/content/user-research/open/contents.lr
14:24:39 <pili> emmapeel: yup +1 on the presentation
14:24:57 <pili> I'm thinking about how we make it easier to maintain in future :)
14:25:10 <antonela> is a good idea yes
14:25:28 <emmapeel> 'Make an impact in your local community by listening to our users'  maybe could be 'by helping us to listen to our users'
14:25:55 <antonela> i'm willing to have just one page for both old and current tests so we have all listed in one place -- having databags could help on that too
14:26:16 <pili> I think for now, it's good the way it is
14:26:43 <pili> and once we have and know the data we want to present, we can find ways to extract that out to other files for easier future maintenance
14:27:06 <antonela> we already know and have the content we want to present
14:27:23 <pili> as in, let's not spend time now trying to figure out databags and models for this data, but once this is all finalised, let's extract that out
14:27:35 <pili> the important thing is that we have it available for people now
14:27:46 <pili> cool, any other comments?
14:27:54 <antonela> after thurayya finishes, if you want to work on the databags is good
14:28:01 <emmapeel> yeah, it would be great to find a more elegant solution in the manual and support.tpo for repeating content
14:28:37 <emmapeel> (also) and in finding i mean, for me to find it documented and easy to replicate. i am sure there is a way to do it in lektor :D
14:28:57 <pili> antonela: I always want to work on these things, but I rarely find the time :D (maybe tomorrow :P )
14:28:58 <emmapeel> i just dont know how
14:29:23 <pili> there is, I have done it for other stuff
14:29:30 <pili> it's easier once you look at other similar examples
14:29:39 <pili> anyway, maybe we can move on if there's no other comments?
14:30:42 <antonela> im groot, thanks folks for the review!
14:31:22 <pili> ok, let's move on... I want us to start having a formal roadmap for website work and I want us to try to think about, realistically, how much time we can each dedicate to website work
14:31:25 <pili> e.g half a day, 1 day, 2 days, etc...
14:31:54 <pili> I understand this may vary from week to week, but let's think about the minimum we can each dedicate regularly
14:31:54 <antonela> good stuff
14:32:15 <pili> I'll start, I would like to spend between half a day and 1 day a week on website work
14:32:28 <pili> including managing website projects and doing some small development
14:32:33 <pili> who wants to go next? :)
14:33:33 <pili> antonela: emmapeel ggus hiro stephw ? :D
14:33:48 <pili> I see us as the main ones who will need to spend time on this
14:34:07 <antonela> i think my response depends on priority? i can block thursdays to do website stuff
14:34:12 <pili> (you can also say no time and then I'll be sad :P )
14:34:21 <pili> ok, antonela so 1 day for you? :)
14:34:26 <pili> seems reasonable to me
14:34:29 <emmapeel> i am spending more time on the website that i would like, but i feel it needs some more work and there is anyone doing it
14:34:36 <antonela> you know my capacity pili :)
14:34:57 <pili> antonela: no time then ;P
14:35:11 <antonela> i mean, we can do it until we finish the dev portal
14:35:14 <antonela> and then lets see
14:35:22 <pili> I would love if you could spend one day a week on it, but we'll see...
14:35:23 <pili> antonela: ok
14:35:28 <pili> sounds good
14:36:10 <pili> emmapeel: well, I understand this is not a priority for you, shall we say about half a day per week?
14:36:38 <emmapeel> yeah. 2 hours per week.
14:36:51 <pili> ok
14:37:31 <pili> thurayya: do you want to be included in this capacity calculation? :D
14:37:40 <pili> (I think the others are not around...)
14:38:44 <pili> ok, I'll follow up offline with the rest and update the meeting notes
14:38:55 <thurayya> yes! i'm not sure what else i can do
14:38:56 <pili> then next week we can think about a website roadmap for October
14:39:07 <thurayya> but yes, :)
14:39:24 <pili> thurayya: depends on your other priorities and interests :D
14:40:24 <pili> ok, I won't count you in yet as I'm guessing it could be in a volunteer capacity and not as Tor user researcher :)
14:40:49 <thurayya> i can review my availabity on october
14:41:12 <thurayya> :) but i'll have some free time, and we can set it together
14:41:23 <pili> great! :)
14:41:27 <antonela> :)
14:41:31 <pili> thanks thurayya !!
14:42:08 <pili> let's move on to our next favourite topic... outreach and training content and its localization, thanks antonela and emmapeel for starting to look at this
14:42:42 <pili> antonela: I think your process is good I would like us to discuss the specifics of repo structure
14:43:22 <pili> and how we can make that compatible with lektor and the localisation process
14:43:34 <antonela> cool, im happy with anything that comes out here and also if that gets documented somewhere
14:44:56 <pili> so, with step 1. add .md file to a repo we could think about where the files are added, e.g community/training/<Year>/<content_name>.md
14:45:20 <emmapeel> i am ok with getting the strings translated but i am not sure about how easy it is going to be to insert them on the layout
14:45:34 <antonela> is not easy, is a manual work for now and is fine
14:45:40 <pili> right, we're missing the conversion between md to odp or pdf, etc...
14:45:43 <pili> right
14:46:14 <emmapeel> yes, i would like to know how that goes before signing off the process, because maybe something else needs to change
14:46:18 <pili> and maybe it should be community/training/<Year>/<content_name>/<content_name>.<format>
14:46:47 <pili> and then we have the markdown and odp, pdf, etc... in the same place
14:46:54 <emmapeel> we did a test with the outreach material but i haven't seen translations yet, for example, of ltr languages or ideogram languages
14:47:22 <pili> emmapeel: what's a good way to name the files for the localized version?
14:48:10 <emmapeel> community/training/<Year>/<content_name>/<content_name>-<lang>.<format>
14:48:28 <emmapeel> ?
14:48:35 <pili> or would we want it in a separate folder, e.g community/training/<Year>/<content_name>/<lang>/<content_name>.<format>
14:48:47 <antonela> can we have some stuff outside training? should we have a l10n folder and l10n requirements inside?
14:49:19 <emmapeel> i am not sure i understand the question
14:49:22 <pili> so, the repo is community/training
14:49:23 <pili> we would have to create a community/l10n folder if we wanted that
14:49:33 <pili> this is not the community portal structure
14:49:41 <pili> this is the training materials repo structure
14:50:06 <emmapeel> i think it is easier to see which verion of the doc to take if they are all on the same page. maybe if its not in spanish you take it in french, and translate, etc
14:50:06 <pili> I should have been a bit more explicit with names
14:50:26 <pili> emmapeel: ok, sounds good
14:50:30 <pili> it's how lektor works also
14:51:18 <emmapeel> yeah, lektor does a + instead of a -, we could keep that
14:51:30 <pili> ok
14:51:37 <emmapeel> community/training/<Year>/<content_name>/<content_name>+<lang>.<format>
14:51:49 <pili> I think everything else in antonela's workflow looks good
14:53:34 <pili> And we just need to figure out the conversion to slides
14:53:41 <emmapeel> the materials are going to be md files or also the slides are going to be there?
14:53:47 <pili> Or final presentation format
14:53:56 <emmapeel> yep.
14:54:07 <pili> I want the output to be there also
14:54:32 <antonela> what is the repo we are going to use for it?
14:54:33 <pili> We have 5 minutes before next meeting comes in...
14:54:42 <antonela> https://gitweb.torproject.org/translation.git/tree/?h=tor_outreach_md_completed is outside community/outreach
14:55:28 <emmapeel> antonela: those are the translations from transifex. they all come to that repo
14:55:37 <pili> For that one it would be outreach
14:55:46 <pili> At least the output
14:56:13 <antonela> yep, that is my question - what is the "input" repo and what the "output" repo and how it flows in the middle
14:57:01 <antonela> im general, how one can know that translation.git got updates and make the proper edits in community/outreach
14:57:14 <antonela> s/im/in
14:57:40 <emmapeel> unfortunately transifex dont make that easy without loggin in
14:57:48 <pili> I’m not sure about input from Localisation
14:58:16 <pili> Ok, shall we move to #tor-www?
14:58:18 <antonela> but hey, we can do it manually with labels
14:58:28 <emmapeel> that is why the _completed branch is there, but it publishes things that are translated 100%, not reviewed 100% :S
14:58:36 <antonela> emmapeel: i see
14:58:51 <emmapeel> lets move gimme 5 i make a coffee
14:59:00 <pili> Ok
14:59:09 <pili> #endmeeting