15:00:59 <karsten> #startmeeting metrics team
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15:01:05 <karsten> hello!
15:01:43 <karsten> let's wait a few minutes until the agenda pad is populated.
15:01:56 <gaba> yes, I need 5 sec
15:02:03 <karsten> sure!
15:02:05 <gaba> public pad agenda: https://storm.torproject.org/shared/5h1Goax5eNusxjXJ_Ty5Wl7hFR1uqCReUiN8xdlBG8T
15:03:12 <gaba> ok. I'm done :)
15:03:28 <karsten> okay, cool!
15:03:28 <gaba> do we have irl and acute today?
15:03:33 <karsten> I saw irl.
15:03:38 <irl> i am here, acute is driving lesson
15:03:55 <gaba> ok
15:03:58 <karsten> okay, shall we start?
15:04:03 <gaba> ok
15:04:12 <karsten> Proposal status
15:04:22 <karsten> is this still on pause?
15:04:27 <gaba> Proposal status. We stopped working on it to be able to finish the other proposal on time (as we are submitting by tomorrow)
15:04:36 <gaba> Yes. We will resume on Monday
15:04:40 <karsten> okay, great.
15:04:44 <gaba> and hopefully submit next week
15:04:57 <irl> ok
15:05:03 <gaba> It is almost done so we have to apply alsmith magic
15:05:09 <karsten> heh
15:05:21 <karsten> sounds good!
15:05:30 <karsten> moving on to:
15:05:31 <karsten> Reminder:  Bug Smash Fund campaign
15:05:42 <gaba> yes, I do not remember if I brough this last meeting or not
15:05:52 <gaba> actually I can see the notes :)
15:05:52 <gaba> hehe
15:06:06 <gaba> I already talked about this so I'm removing it . Sorry
15:06:19 <karsten> well, it's good to be reminded of this every now and then.
15:06:24 <gaba> :)
15:06:33 <gaba> thanks
15:06:42 <karsten> alright:
15:06:43 <karsten> Transition to gitlab is slowly moving forward:
15:06:48 <gaba> Next is to mention where we are at about this transition to gitlab
15:07:07 <gaba> Not sure if any of you had time to look at that document but so far we are discussing it.
15:07:14 <gaba> Next meeting is in 2 weeks
15:07:27 <karsten> I noticed that there's a discussion going on.
15:07:28 <irl> did we fix the 500 errors when opening pull requests or changing branches in the tree view?
15:07:44 <gaba> irl: I didn't see that
15:08:07 <gaba> do we have a ticket in trac for those 500 errors?
15:08:18 <irl> no i had no idea there is a trac component
15:08:34 <gaba> it is internal/services or hiro
15:08:58 <irl> ok, will file a ticket there next time then
15:09:07 <gaba> thanks
15:09:16 <irl> we just went back to using emails for the patches instead because gitlab was being too broken
15:09:22 <gaba> oh
15:09:33 <gaba> which repo?
15:09:49 <irl> acute was trying to open a merge request from her onionperf repo to the metrics one
15:09:54 <irl> and it was giving 500 server error
15:10:45 <gaba> here: https://dip.torproject.org/torproject/metrics/onionperf ?
15:11:00 <irl> yes
15:11:11 <gaba> and which one is her repo?
15:12:02 <irl> i would have to find my phone
15:12:05 <irl> because two factor auth
15:12:14 <irl> this two factor thing is the worst
15:12:22 <karsten> heh, yes, that's problematic.
15:12:33 <hiro> I know about that 500 error I am on it
15:12:37 <karsten> having trouble with that, too.
15:13:10 <irl> ok cool, thanks hiro
15:13:41 <gaba> ok. thanks
15:14:06 <karsten> alright, anything else on the gitlab topic?
15:14:13 <gaba> not from me
15:14:48 <karsten> okay. roadmap?
15:14:52 <gaba> yes
15:15:08 <karsten> I just moved two cards to Done: #31558 and #29461.
15:15:23 <karsten> and #19332 is under review.
15:15:37 <gaba> ok
15:15:38 <karsten> I'm not sure yet what to work on next.
15:15:56 <karsten> I looked through backlog and nothing stood out.
15:16:04 <karsten> is there anything that I could do to unblock others?
15:16:06 <gaba> the priorities for september were onionperf (that irl is working on) and notification system
15:16:20 <irl> #28322 is still in progress, i have stuff to deploy but i don't want to do it just before i am away for the weekend without computer access
15:16:21 <gaba> And we agreed to start with torDNSEL in October, right?
15:16:31 <karsten> yep.
15:16:38 <irl> that sounds about correct
15:16:38 <gaba> ok
15:17:10 <gaba> Is the backlog column in the roadmap correct?
15:17:33 <karsten> speaking of: Did we say that "Deploy a CollecTor for experimental OnionPerf results" can go away?
15:17:58 <irl> i think we will keep that anyway, for the guard enabled onionperfs
15:18:04 <irl> as a simple backup solution
15:18:20 <karsten> we could add those to the CollecTor instance we already have.
15:18:30 <irl> this is true
15:18:34 <irl> up to you
15:18:41 <irl> #31435 can go to the icebox
15:18:58 <irl> #31439 can go to the icebox
15:19:06 <karsten> I'll change it to "Add experimental OnionPerf results to CollecTor", so that we don't forget about it.
15:19:18 <gaba> ack
15:19:42 <irl> #31659, #26543 and #19893 are probably becoming more urgent
15:20:03 <irl> oh wow someone did one of those already
15:20:09 <gaba> #26543 is part of the sponsor 30
15:20:18 <irl> that's the wrong ticket
15:20:21 <karsten> yeah...
15:20:41 <irl> #26543 was assigned to me
15:20:53 <irl> i'm happy if someone else does it because it's going to take me time to bootstrap on that
15:21:16 <irl> "Ensure title of BridgeDB page uses the translated language" is the title of the other ticket that was assigned to me, also s30 bridgedb
15:21:25 <irl> but i don't know the ticket number it's wrong on the roadmap
15:22:07 * karsten didn't know about #31659 and cc's metrics-team there.
15:22:16 <gaba> 26543 is in the roadmap for anti-censorship.
15:22:42 <irl> i think these anti-censorship tickets were given to me because python webdev, i'll be quicker at doing this than someone that hasn't done python webdev before
15:22:43 <gaba> irl: it says it could only take 1 day? #26543
15:22:46 <irl> yeah
15:22:50 <irl> if that
15:23:05 <irl> but maybe someone who knows the codebase could do it in 10 minutes
15:23:15 <irl> i think the problem was that we had no one that knew the codebase
15:23:34 <gaba> yes, i would have to find who worked on this before
15:23:53 <irl> i know they need to be done before the end of sponsor 30, and i think in the roadmap stickies they were already done by now
15:24:04 <irl> so maybe i need to do those next week
15:24:12 <irl> or maybe they can wait a month
15:24:21 <gaba> it was for september BUT that sponsor was still not signed and we are looking at the contract right now...
15:24:26 <gaba> so things are a little delay there
15:24:38 <gaba> this one can wait a month
15:24:56 <irl> ok cool
15:25:01 <gaba> the issue is if you have more time now than in a month :)
15:25:08 <irl> then only the onionoo one is urgent
15:25:13 <irl> i don't have more time ever
15:26:25 <gaba> ok
15:26:34 <irl> shuffled the backlog to better reflect the priorities
15:26:47 <gaba> karsten: is #31659 something that makes sense for you to work on?
15:26:48 <karsten> should #31659 be in progress?
15:27:01 <gaba> who is taking it?
15:27:08 <gaba> oh, it said irl
15:27:10 <irl> i think it will be in progress next week
15:27:21 <irl> but at the end of the week, proposal depending
15:27:30 <gaba> ok
15:27:37 <karsten> if irl already started with that, I'd say it's best to leave it in his hands.
15:27:41 <gaba> ok
15:27:54 <gaba> next one without irl on it is 'perform one off page load metrics for use perf metrics'
15:28:28 <gaba> or can we start with anything related to tordnsel?
15:28:48 <karsten> but it's still september! :)
15:29:07 <gaba> :P
15:29:20 <karsten> I don't have a good answer yet.
15:29:47 <karsten> this week is almost over.
15:29:58 <karsten> how about I start thinking about this on monday and move something there then?
15:30:21 <karsten> the three tasks related to collector are over now. well, one in review, but not actionable.
15:30:27 <karsten> those were closely related.
15:30:28 <gaba> ok
15:30:45 <karsten> do we need to do anything with the data?
15:30:59 <karsten> like a quick one-off analysis for a report?
15:31:14 <karsten> or is it sufficient to say that things are in collector now?
15:31:15 <irl> there are some non-roadmap tasks like #24429 #31649
15:31:35 <karsten> yes, those sound useful tasks.
15:31:40 <karsten> just not on the roadmap (yet).
15:31:48 <karsten> sound like*
15:32:08 <irl> it might also be nice to add the number of snowflakes to the servers pages if that is easy, but we weren't asked for it
15:32:23 <irl> it's the kind of thing i would see being useful for reports though
15:32:30 <gaba> do you all know who is reviewing each of the issues in the 'on review' column? I see that they are not in review in trac.
15:32:52 <irl> i am reviewing the top 3
15:33:03 <irl> they are onionperf tasks in gitlab, but gitlab was broken so they are only in my inbox
15:33:10 <gaba> ah, ok
15:33:18 <karsten> irl: adding a graph with the number of snowflakes might take more effort, including review time. doing a one-off thing would be faster.
15:33:29 <karsten> would that help with a report?
15:34:04 * karsten notes down the two non-roadmap tickets above; if there are more, please let me know.
15:34:20 <irl> i'm not sure of any specific report that is needed in the near future, it just seemed like a generally useful graph
15:34:54 <phw> karsten: fyi, we are changing the metrics spec for #19332 a bit. see #31780
15:35:49 <karsten> phw: should we put the review on hold then?
15:36:38 <karsten> irl: agreed that it would be a useful graph. ideally we would know if there are related useful graphs that we can aggregate data for at the same time.
15:37:09 <karsten> irl: but this is not in the roadmap, which is why I'm careful about adding more things.
15:37:54 <phw> karsten: the changes are minor, e.g., the version format changes from "1.0" to "1" and the keyword bridgedb-stats-end becomes bridgedb-metrics-end
15:38:07 <karsten> oh!
15:38:14 <phw> it will only require a handful of minor changes in the code
15:38:15 <karsten> that last one is a major change.
15:38:20 <phw> oh :)
15:38:26 <karsten> it's the keyword we're using to identify the descriptor type.
15:38:46 <karsten> will take a look at #31780 and comment there.
15:38:57 <karsten> thanks for the hint! :)
15:39:12 <phw> ok, thanks. the spec changes are still under review and your thoughts are greatly appreciated
15:39:27 <karsten> cool!
15:39:58 <karsten> alright, how about I add cards to the inprogress swimlane on monday?
15:40:21 <irl> sounds good
15:40:28 <irl> if i start on the onionoo ticket, i'll add it when i start on it
15:40:43 <karsten> okay.
15:40:43 <irl> but we should not count on me doing it next week
15:40:58 <gaba> karsten: sounds good
15:41:15 <gaba> let's keep the onionoo ticket there until you start or next meeting
15:41:55 <karsten> alright!
15:42:06 <karsten> anything else for today?
15:42:09 <irl> not from me
15:42:12 <gaba> not from me
15:42:16 <karsten> not from me
15:42:25 <gaba> :) we are set then
15:42:28 <karsten> great! next meeting in 1 week!
15:42:36 <karsten> thanks, and bye, everyone! o/
15:42:39 <irl> bye!
15:42:41 <gaba> I will send logs to mailing list
15:42:43 <gaba> bye! o/
15:42:45 <karsten> sounds good!
15:42:49 <karsten> thanks for that!
15:42:52 <karsten> #endmeeting