17:01:01 <phw> #startmeeting anti-censorship weekly checkin 2019-09-19
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17:01:11 <phw> hi everyone
17:01:17 <phw> here's our meeting pad: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-censorship-2019-keep
17:01:34 <cohosh> hi
17:01:53 <serna> Hi
17:01:58 * catalyst is sort of here
17:02:18 <phw> hey serna, good to have you around again
17:02:19 <arma2> i am a tiny bit here but will be running off to medical adventures soon
17:02:42 <arma2> my main item is that when i am back, i plan to get up to speed on all the angles of race that we (the race team) are doing, so i can explain them to people in the hallways at the PI meeting
17:03:16 <phw> sounds good, arma2
17:03:27 <serna> phw: I came to ask some help with #25598
17:03:52 <phw> looks like gaba has two reminders for today: we should use the BugSmashFund keyword for non-sponsor tickets and we should remember to use 'actual points' when closing tickets
17:04:35 <phw> serna: alright, let's talk about it after we're done with our announcement and discussion section, ok?
17:04:43 <cohosh> i am really bad about putting actual points
17:04:45 <phw> (in the meeting pad, that is)
17:05:02 <serna> Sure
17:05:05 <phw> cohosh: to keep track of them or to remember to enter them?
17:05:09 <cohosh> both
17:05:25 <gaba> o/
17:06:19 <cohosh> i'll try to remember to do it
17:06:26 <phw> i'm working with this "time tracker" gnome app. i use it to keep track of how much time i spend per ticket. it sometimes get messy though, when you get interrupted and forget to update it
17:06:33 <cohosh> yeah
17:06:39 <phw> it's the best solution i have for now, though. i'm curious if anyone has found something better
17:06:52 <cohosh> keeping track of my time on this granularity stresses me out
17:07:09 <cohosh> does it have to be very accurate?
17:07:18 <gaba> it does not have to be totally accurate
17:07:25 <gaba> if paper and pencil works for you then go for it
17:07:36 <cohosh> ok
17:07:54 <phw> i think it would be useful to at least have a sense of "this took much, much longer than anticipated because of X, Y, and Z"
17:08:55 <gaba> yes, that is mostly the idea
17:09:01 <phw> ok, a brief announcement from my side: i took a look at bridgedb's logs the other day and it looks like the bot switched its http headers, to bypass our anti-bot mechanism
17:09:02 <gaba> and to get better at estimating tasks
17:09:13 <cohosh> :o
17:09:14 <phw> so our theory that it's no longer maintained doesn't seem true
17:09:29 <dcf1> that's so interesting. how many days did it take to adapt?
17:09:30 <cohosh> wow interesting
17:09:31 <phw> i wouldn't be surprised if whoever made this change is reading this now
17:09:57 <phw> dcf1: i don't know, i'm afraid. our bridgedb logs only go back a few hours
17:09:58 <gaba> that is kind of creepy :P
17:10:26 <dcf1> phw: yeah but upper bound, when did you make the change and when did you notice the headers had changed to compensate?
17:10:50 <cjb> (hey folks! I'm an occasional volunteer dev who's gonna lurk for a meeting or two and see if anything pops out as a good fit.  have done some things like webrtc, p2p, webdev in the past.)
17:11:07 <phw> i noticed the header change yesterday. let me check when i first deployed this
17:11:38 <gaba> hi cjb o/
17:11:44 <cohosh> welcome cjb!
17:11:47 <phw> i think i deployed it almost exactly a month ago
17:11:48 <dcf1> hey cjb! everyone should know cjb, they did the first version of a standalone webrtc client/server app long time ago.
17:11:59 <dcf1> phw: that's great, thanks.
17:12:00 <cohosh> oh nice
17:12:05 <phw> hi cjb! o/
17:12:43 <serna> Hi cjb!
17:12:44 <dcf1> http://blog.printf.net/articles/2013/05/17/webrtc-without-a-signaling-server/ https://blog.printf.net/articles/2014/07/01/serverless-webrtc-continued/
17:13:13 <cjb> tyty!  that was super long ago.
17:13:49 <phw> an eternity in internet years
17:14:04 <dcf1> seven eternities in internet dog years
17:15:04 <phw> another brief announcement: somebody created https://ntc.party, an internet censorship-focused forum.
17:15:09 <cjb> lately I'm working at Keybase and trying to think about applying binary transparency to our updater, so happy to chat about things like that too.
17:15:10 <phw> ValdikSS, apparently
17:15:52 <phw> gaba: do you want to cover your items on our agenda?
17:16:00 <gaba> yes
17:16:13 <gaba> i added other announcement about where we are at with gitlab
17:16:28 <gaba> and then for the discussion I want us to look at what we had planned in the roadmap for july and august
17:16:37 <dcf1> ValdikSS isn't just a somebody, they wrote GoodbyeDPI among other things.
17:16:40 <gaba> and see what to do with the tickets letf from there
17:17:10 <phw> oops, i didn't know that dcf1. thanks for the context
17:18:13 <gaba> from July we have #30830
17:19:16 <cohosh> gaba: are these on the board in gitlab?
17:19:25 <gaba> mmm, I'm seeing that is not
17:19:48 <gaba> I wonder why but it had the keyword
17:19:56 <gaba> for july
17:19:59 <cohosh> that's what i've been using for choosing what to work on >.<
17:20:04 * gaba is going to look at the stuff from sweden
17:20:06 <gaba> yes
17:20:09 <cohosh> ok
17:20:09 <gaba> that makes sense
17:20:36 <cohosh> i can take care of that ticket, it should be pretty quick since we have metrics for measurements now
17:20:49 <gaba> I will add it to the roadmap in dip
17:20:53 <gaba> ok. thanks
17:21:49 <phw> any other orphaned tickets, gaba?
17:22:06 <gaba> that is the only one for July
17:22:21 <gaba> For August there are  a few
17:22:33 <gaba> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/query?status=accepted&status=assigned&status=new&status=reopened&keywords=~anti-censorship-roadmap-august&col=id&col=summary&col=keywords&col=status&col=owner&col=type&col=priority&col=milestone&col=component&col=severity&col=resolution&col=actualpoints&col=points&col=reviewer&col=sponsor&order=status
17:22:52 <phw> #31153 is on ice
17:23:04 <gaba> and they are in 'Next' column in dip roadmap
17:23:14 <gaba> ok
17:23:16 <phw> #30986 is done by our race project partners, with our assistance
17:23:30 <cohosh> #29205 and #19001 are solved by #25483 which is in review now
17:23:49 <phw> #30716 is a ticket that's still ongoing and will likely require many more weeks of work
17:24:27 <phw> #29285 will also require much more work
17:25:24 <cohosh> #30368 we can probably close for now. we have a lot of measurements and found some interesting blocking behaviours
17:25:41 <cohosh> if we want to do more or different measurements we can re-open another ticket?
17:26:02 <gaba> can we close #30986 ?
17:26:03 <cohosh> now that we have so many snowflakes we'd probably want to change how we do the measurements anyway
17:26:15 <cohosh> i'd say so
17:26:29 <cohosh> i'l; put it in review and let someone else second that
17:26:32 <phw> i don't want to close #30986 because we'll end up with some insight that we should share in the ticket
17:27:09 <gaba> I will move it to backlog and have it to check again in October, ok?
17:27:12 <cohosh> okay we can leave it open indefinitely
17:27:23 <cohosh> i'd like to make another snowflake network health ticket which is somewhat related
17:27:24 <phw> ok, let's do that
17:27:37 <cohosh> and involves measurements but isn't quite the same
17:27:52 <cohosh> cool
17:29:39 <cohosh> i think that's all of them?
17:29:47 <gaba> yes
17:29:48 <gaba> thanks!
17:30:08 <phw> ok, shall we move on to reviews?
17:30:22 * phw wonders if hiro is here and needs some reviews
17:30:25 <gaba> one more question, cohosh: you are closing #30368 ?
17:30:58 <gaba> (sorry i do not understand what you said before about this one)
17:31:07 <cohosh> gaba: sorry, no we're leaving that one open
17:31:14 <cohosh> but we can put it on ice for now
17:31:23 <cohosh> it seems like a convenient place to log censorship events
17:31:36 <cohosh> and plan how to measure them
17:31:49 <gaba> it will continue on your plate for now then
17:31:55 <cohosh> ok
17:32:14 <gaba> ty
17:32:57 <phw> review tiiime
17:33:29 <cohosh> i just have #28942
17:33:30 <phw> hmm, sina mentioned that he already updated meek server but hasn't found the time to update #31455
17:34:10 <dcf1> cohosh: sorry for losing track of the pion progress, I didn't have any time last week and won't have much time next week either
17:34:21 <cohosh> dcf1: no worries
17:34:30 <hiro> sorry I am here my screen was probably frozen
17:34:50 <phw> hi hiro! is there anything we can review for you?
17:35:03 <hiro> This week I finished the monitoring part for gettor emails
17:35:17 <hiro> since it also checks if links are delivered it can be also usesd for bridgedb
17:36:00 <phw> oh, that's very cool. did you do this in nagios?
17:36:05 <hiro> yes
17:36:34 <phw> we even have an ancient ticket for this: 12802
17:36:39 <phw> #12802
17:37:01 <hiro> well we will probably close this acient relict this week or the next
17:37:06 <hiro> \o/
17:37:14 <phw> that's great, thanks
17:37:54 <phw> serna: you wanted to discuss #25598, right?
17:38:08 <serna> Yeah
17:39:09 <serna> I'm having some trouble with the js proxies
17:40:05 <serna> Bc of the js event loop and I don't want to make a big change
17:40:15 <cohosh> if you have specific questions about the code, that might be a better discussion over in #tor-dev after the meeting
17:41:01 <cohosh> i will for sure be around and can take a look with you
17:42:02 <serna> Sure, as I said, the main problem is whit the js event loop and its asynchronicity
17:42:47 <cohosh> yeah i found it difficult to deal with that as well with the polling behaviour
17:42:54 <phw> cohosh: do you mind taking a look at my revisions for #31780?
17:42:56 <cohosh> i am still not sure if what we are doing there is good
17:43:14 <cohosh> phw: yes, added it to my todos for today
17:43:18 <phw> thanks
17:43:58 <phw> it looks like these were all the reviews. did we forget anyone?
17:44:10 * phw wonders if anything popped up as a good fit for cjb
17:44:52 <cohosh> cjb: since you have a background in webrtc, i definitely wouldn't mind a second look at the library switch we are contemplating :)
17:44:59 <cohosh> in ticket #28942
17:45:04 <cohosh> but no pressure
17:45:11 <cjb> sure thing, will take a look
17:45:31 <cjb> anything that doesn't ship half of Chromium is good :)
17:46:08 <cohosh> heh
17:46:39 <cohosh> that is part of the reason for the switch, we could not build and link the chromium library on windows
17:48:05 <cjb> I see you already switched to pion-webrtc, is there another move after that being considered?
17:48:21 <cohosh> cjb: we haven't merged the branch yet
17:48:26 <cjb> ah! ok
17:48:27 <cohosh> it's in review now
17:50:18 <cjb> looks like a good idea, no specific experience with pion-webrtc.  did you manage to get golang reproducible builds?
17:50:56 <dcf1> golang reproducibility has never been a problem, except in some cases with Cgo.
17:51:07 <cjb> great
17:54:16 <phw> anything else to talk about? if not, let's wrap it up for today
17:54:59 <phw> #endmeeting