16:00:36 <ggus> #startmeeting Community Team Meeting 09-23-2019
16:00:36 <cy63113> hi
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16:01:01 <ggus> hi, here's our pad: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-community-team-2019-keep
16:01:09 <ggus> please write your updates :)
16:01:22 <tgeek> Hello all
16:03:08 <clash> o/
16:05:02 <antonela> holaa!
16:05:25 <ggus> hola antonela!
16:07:28 <kat5> Hi
16:08:02 <emmapeel> o/
16:08:25 <ggus> for those who arrived now, here's our community pad: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-community-team-2019-keep
16:16:09 <ggus> we have only two topics to discuss today
16:16:14 <ggus> - FOSDEM participation
16:16:31 <ggus> pili: do you want to give an update about this?
16:16:39 <pili> sure
16:17:23 <pili> we're looking at having a booth at FOSDEM and we would like to submit a main track talk
16:17:25 <pili> so looking for volunteers to submit this :)
16:18:00 <ggus> last time we had a wiki page on trac to organize this, should we open a new one?
16:18:19 <pili> yup, definitely
16:18:38 <cy63113> and there's mozfest next month
16:18:54 <pili> there's also hopefully going to be a  "decentralized internet and privacy" devroom organised by brabo
16:19:43 <pili> so if that happens, there'll be a CFP happening around the 15th October
16:19:48 <pili> so I guess watch this space...
16:19:53 <pili> cy63113: yes! and Mozfest :)
16:20:03 <ggus> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/org/meetings/2019Brussels
16:20:08 <pili> thanks ggus !
16:21:24 <pili> I don't think I had anything else to say about FOSDEM for now, other than reach out to me if you're interested as I'm helping to coordinate this
16:21:55 <clash> Tor at FOSDEM sounds nice!
16:22:42 <tgeek> I'm going to try to be there...
16:22:47 <communia> Hi, Pili. I might be able to give a hand ir organizing something for Fosdem.
16:22:49 <tgeek> Can't make any promises though
16:23:10 <clash> If I can help out in any way, I would be happy to.
16:23:27 <pili> communia: great! send me an email (pili@tpo) and we can talk some more! :)
16:23:30 <ggus> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/org/meetings/2020Brussels
16:23:41 <communia> Sure!
16:23:51 <brabo> hey! i indeed submitted for one, i have been in contact with some people involved past years, and that group seems to have fallen apart. it can be a part i do not have contact with submitted for one as well, but at least there is at least 1 proposal for one :)
16:24:10 <ggus> nice, brabo
16:24:11 <ggus> hello communia
16:24:12 <brabo> 30/09 we know, and 15/10 latest a cfp should be done
16:24:35 <tgeek> Are we having a booth at Chaos Communication Congress 36C3 in Leipzig?
16:24:37 <ggus> brabo: if you want, please update that wiki page so we know who is doing what
16:24:42 <communia> Hello gus! It's been a while!
16:24:53 <brabo> communia: are you the communia i met at TBD?
16:25:04 <communia> Brabo!!!
16:25:12 <brabo> *hug*
16:25:21 <communia> hugs!
16:25:28 <ggus> <3
16:25:33 <pili> :D
16:25:54 <ggus> tgeek: there's nothing official yet, but probably yes
16:27:26 <ggus> ok, anything else on fosdem? we are coordinating this on tor-project mailing list
16:29:00 <ggus> next topic
16:29:00 <pili> https://lists.torproject.org/pipermail/tor-project/2019-September/002484.html <- fosdem thread
16:29:31 <pili> so, about the tor-lang-es mailing list
16:29:44 <pili> I guess we have the global-south one already which is more inclusive
16:29:52 <pili> so we should point people to that one?
16:29:55 <emmapeel> oh yeah.. i didnt even knew it existed!
16:30:00 <emmapeel> i overlooked it when i entered
16:30:24 <pili> I'm subscribed to it and there was an email from someone on it last week, introducing themselves and asking if there was anyone else there... :)
16:30:31 <ggus> i think it was created, but we didn't reach a consensus about that
16:30:41 <pili> I replied and pointed them to global south so maybe we want to review if it's really needed
16:31:06 <ggus> if we are going to have mailing lists based on l10n or regions or other things
16:31:07 <emmapeel> i am not sure about the purpose of tor-lang-es but if it is for spanish discussions i would rather have them on tor-south. if it is for discussions about translations in spanish i would publicise it
16:31:51 <ggus> i don't know why it was created if we didnt have a final proposal for it
16:32:10 <pili> ok, so it sounds to me like maybe we should remove it
16:32:17 <emmapeel> just these days cy63113 was looking for communication channels between translatos
16:32:41 <emmapeel> maybe she or communia want to say something about language lists
16:32:42 <ggus> it was an initiative of some core contributors in global south, they wanted to have ES support
16:32:53 <emmapeel> in tails we have a general l10n list and then some languages also have theirs
16:33:14 <cy63113> maybe we can tell people they can write in spanish as well in global south
16:33:35 <emmapeel> i think pili did that already?
16:34:15 <pili> so, we have global-south and tor-l10n lists already
16:34:23 <pili> I think we're covered on those 2 fronts :)
16:34:24 <ggus> i'll open a ticket to close this mailing list -> lang-es
16:34:36 <pili> thanks ggus !
16:34:40 <communia> wait
16:34:55 <communia> there is a purpose in having a local mailing list
16:35:11 <communia> sometimes it's difficult to reach all the translators
16:35:31 <communia> because in transifex we have to write to them individually
16:35:34 <emmapeel> if spanish speaking translators want a list, i would call it tor-l10n-es anyway. but nobody manifested the need yet
16:35:47 <emmapeel> we already have a list, tor-l10n
16:35:58 <emmapeel> more general
16:36:12 <communia> maybe cy63113 would have more to say about the list for pt-br
16:36:29 <pili> communia: right, but it's not clear that this is what the tor-lang-es list is for :)
16:36:29 <emmapeel> pt-br is another thing. this is a -es list
16:36:40 <cy63113> would be awesome people subscribe to the mailing list so we can reach them all
16:37:35 <cy63113> IF we need talk with pt-br translators, I can do this through list/irc
16:37:52 <pili> well, if we do decide to close it down, I'll send an email to the thread to let people know that they can write to the global-south mailing list in spanish if they wish (people already do)
16:38:01 <ggus> there's also cebolas@lists.riseup.net for pt-br :)
16:38:24 <cy63113> of course if they join the channels. communia could help me with that (?)
16:38:32 <communia> is this list for translation, gus?
16:39:55 <ggus> communia: cebolas@l.r.n can be used for portuguese/brazilian activities
16:39:59 <ggus> but lang-es
16:40:13 <ggus> we didn't reach a consensus on its use
16:40:32 <ggus> last time we talked was about having efforts on global-south mailing list
16:41:14 <communia> cy63113 we can continue the discussion on transifex. I just sent you  a message.
16:43:53 <emmapeel> ok, so we agree that we can close lang-es? who are the moderators - admins of the list? if they are not here we should check with them
16:44:16 <pili> I don't think they are here
16:44:21 <ggus> it was created by ilv
16:44:23 <pili> we can start with the ticket from ggus
16:44:31 <pili> and tag any list admins
16:44:34 <pili> and see if there is any strong objection
16:44:40 <ggus> yep
16:46:23 <ggus> ok, this was our last topic for today's agenda. anything else ppl want to discuss?
16:47:19 <antonela> i have one ggus
16:47:34 <antonela> there is a component community/mirrors in trac https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/query?status=!closed&component=Community%2FMirrors
16:47:55 <antonela> and i wonder if we should tag it under S30 or is S9 websites or?
16:48:04 <antonela> or moving them to dip, not sure
16:48:20 <ggus> good point
16:48:49 <ggus> i have this ticket open: https://dip.torproject.org/web/tpo/issues/31
16:49:06 <antonela> nice, the query host more needs tho
16:49:13 <ggus> but it also involves some sysadmin/webdev work, since they aren't working now
16:49:18 <antonela> yep
16:49:59 <ggus> i'm not very familiar with s30 project work
16:50:09 <antonela> we should ask pili / gaba about it, i think it fits good for s30
16:50:57 <ggus> i think we could add to www meeting
16:51:02 <pili> ok
16:51:15 <ggus> and think we it could fit better (community.tpo, tpo, or dev)
16:51:20 <ggus> *where
16:53:58 <antonela> oki, cool
16:54:00 <antonela> thanks ggus!
16:54:44 <ggus> ok folks, i'm stopping the bot
16:54:48 <ggus> thanks everyone! :D
16:54:51 <ggus> #endmeeting