13:59:31 <antonela> #startmeeting ux team
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13:59:40 <antonela> hi there! T_, emmapeel, welcome
14:00:20 <T_> Happy to be hear
14:00:34 <antonela> lets start as usual adding the updates to the pad and also the items for discussion https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-ux-team-2019-keep
14:00:36 <T_> *here
14:00:46 <antonela> hey T_ glad to have you here :)
14:01:37 <antonela> afaik we don't have pili nor thurayya today
14:03:41 <antonela> so, seems to be a short meeting
14:04:19 <antonela> T_ i replied to your email, what do you prefer to do? following the original timeline or update it?
14:04:41 <T_> The original timeline. I'll write Adam copying you
14:04:48 <emmapeel> ey ey
14:05:09 <antonela> T_ perfect, i thought that too
14:05:14 <antonela> hey emmapeel o/
14:05:36 <antonela> T_ i can review those docs you shared with me this week and then you can report back to the sponsor the week after, sounds good?
14:06:20 <antonela> i have two items for discussion/sharing here
14:06:27 <antonela> maybe three
14:06:38 <T_> Yes, great! Just wondering if that would be okay for them? I think they asked for a mid-month report? If they okay this then that's fine
14:07:04 <antonela> i think is good if you show progress on your research, and you made progress so is good
14:07:33 <T_> Okay, great
14:07:58 <antonela> cool, thanks T_
14:08:41 <antonela> so, first the ** Design Open Call **
14:09:19 <antonela> the [LocLab] is looking for a graphic designer who can help with a guide for protestors in Egypt
14:09:54 <antonela> if you are reading this and you have some time to spend in a good way, please ping me or email me, i'll put you in contact with Erin
14:12:11 <antonela> the other thing i want to share is a design case study from simply secure about NoScript, is a very nice reading so i recommend you to take a look https://simplysecure.org/blog/noscript-case-study
14:12:24 <antonela> and that is all what i have for this meeting
14:12:33 <antonela> emmapeel: do you need help with the l10n blogspot?
14:12:51 <antonela> i've been tagging some trac issues with the l10n tag, is that useful for your workflow?
14:13:23 <emmapeel> yeah maybe a review, the post is at https://pad.riseup.net/p/translators-day-post
14:13:56 <emmapeel> yeah tagging with l10n is nice. i am not sure im getting notifications tho
14:14:59 <antonela> cool, i'll keep doing it so :)
14:15:25 <antonela> do you have anything for this meeting emmapeel?
14:16:12 <emmapeel> not really
14:17:22 <antonela> oki so, we can save some time this week
14:18:28 <T_> I'm with you
14:19:26 <antonela> T_, lets move to tor-ux to review your progress
14:19:37 <antonela> thanks for coming, folks!
14:19:40 <antonela> #endmeeting