13:59:56 <pili> #startmeeting
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14:00:21 <pili> here's the pad: https://storm.torproject.org/shared/lvnudQy_qC-mrK9MCm0Kz01qOyyMxf2P7LAvGEA_9jh
14:00:29 <pili> apologies, I haven't had much time to update it today
14:00:41 <antonela> hola!
14:04:05 <pili> do we have ggus today?
14:04:18 <stephw> i did a few reviews this week and should be able to get to more today
14:04:51 <pili> thanks stephw
14:05:06 <stephw> and thanks pili for updating the links :)
14:05:08 <antonela> thanks stephw!
14:05:15 <pili> yw :)
14:05:23 <pili> there's probably still a few missing
14:05:32 <stephw> all lookin so good!
14:05:35 <pili> emmapeel and I sat together with hiro and plotted for a bit last week :)
14:05:46 <pili> was good
14:06:30 <pili> there's a few things pending that I want to get to with the community portal:
14:06:38 <pili> 1. Training resources
14:06:38 <emmapeel> yeah... im hopeful we have tested the wrokflow a bit
14:07:12 <pili> 2. media.tpo for the outreach materials/street team kit
14:07:27 <pili> 3. Talk about Tor section in general
14:07:48 <pili> 4. Onion Services - update the layout to match the others
14:07:58 <pili> what am I missing? :)
14:08:06 <emmapeel> i want the list!
14:08:13 <pili> that's what I think is on my plate
14:08:18 <antonela> i think stephw has been working with onion services content
14:08:24 <antonela> i can work on the layout of it
14:08:25 <emmapeel> the list of finished sections to send for translation
14:08:38 <pili> I would welcome help if people can offer it, I want to do it myself but I'm not getting around to it
14:08:42 <pili> maybe tomorrow :P
14:08:43 <antonela> (i already have my face un that ticket, i think)
14:09:04 <antonela> for 1. what is missing ggus?
14:09:12 <pili> shall I hand over onion services layout to you then antonela ?
14:09:13 <pili> (or not if you already are on it :D )
14:09:21 <pili> I think we need the localized material and a strategy for presenting it
14:09:28 <pili> I know how I want to do it and I want to do a PoC for it
14:09:35 <antonela> oki
14:09:42 <antonela> yes, i can work on onion services layout
14:09:44 <pili> also open to other ideas
14:09:45 <antonela> let me find that ticket
14:10:58 <antonela> can stephw take the ownership of https://dip.torproject.org/torproject/web/community/issues/67
14:10:59 <antonela> ?
14:11:14 * antonela is looking at https://dip.torproject.org/torproject/web/community/-/milestones/9 which is very nice
14:11:28 <antonela> and i have https://dip.torproject.org/torproject/web/community/issues/41
14:12:13 <pili> I don't think I've put everything that needs to go on that milestone :)
14:12:38 <antonela> oh we should!
14:12:49 <antonela> lets do it now?
14:12:50 <pili> I know, I just need to review it
14:12:51 <pili> ok
14:13:14 <pili> yup 67 should move to review
14:15:08 * antonela adding needs-review labels
14:19:42 <pili> ok, I think I've moved everything to either soft launch (mid october) or public launch (end of the year)
14:20:15 <hiro> I thought we had already soft-launched
14:20:58 <emmapeel> its like the sofists and the arrow, we are halfway to softlaunch
14:21:12 <pili> /o\ :P
14:21:52 <pili> well, we have gone live but there's not enough content there to be useful for e.g training partners
14:22:14 <pili> so the soft launch coincides with the launch of the S9 pilot
14:22:38 <pili> and the public launch of the community portal coincides with the public launch of the S9 training and user testing program
14:23:15 <antonela> good coincidences :P
14:26:25 <pili> so... the issues here are the ones we need to prioritize before the 15th October: https://dip.torproject.org/torproject/web/community/-/milestones/9
14:26:41 <pili> 1 a day :P
14:28:14 <antonela> cool, do we need to estimate those pili? or?
14:28:27 <antonela> i mean, we should close all them by the deadline
14:28:41 <pili> we can do estimates, a lot of them just need review :)
14:28:50 <pili> I don't think we should count those necessarily
14:29:54 <pili> each person can estimate the ones that are assigned to them
14:29:55 <antonela> perfect
14:30:03 <pili> or un-assign themselves if they don't think they should do it
14:30:13 <antonela> right
14:30:24 <pili> to estimate you can add a comment with /estimate 1d or /estimate 2h etc...
14:31:48 <pili> ok, let me check the pad and see if there's anything else to discuss
14:31:59 <pili> btw, does anyone have any questions about any of this so far?
14:33:19 <pili> emmapeel: do you need us to give you a list of sections that are ready for translation?
14:33:30 <pili> I think once we are done with the soft launch we should be able to do that
14:33:47 <pili> as in the soft launch content can be considered frozen and go for localization
14:33:54 <emmapeel> i though on making a pre/release with only the finished translations because it is a lot of content
14:34:07 <emmapeel> but i see that stephw is reviewing wuite quickly anyway
14:35:14 <emmapeel> and i bet once we launch a lot of poeple is going to come wanting changes so i would rather wait until the content is more frozen because otherwise translators get upset of retranslating stuff with only minor changes
14:35:59 <pili> of course
14:36:18 <emmapeel> 'only the finished translations'  should have been ' only the reviewed texts'
14:37:45 <pili> yup
14:37:46 <pili> ok
14:37:54 <pili> anything else on community portal?
14:38:11 <antonela> iamgroot
14:39:26 <emmapeel> not from me
14:39:30 <pili> ok, the next item is about the developer portal
14:39:41 <pili> we're going to kick this off next week
14:40:14 <pili> hiro: what details do you need to initialise this as a new lektor project?
14:40:39 <pili> I will work on a sitemap and have it ready to share by the time we do our kick off meeting for this portal
14:40:40 <hiro> finalised mockups? has anything changed?
14:40:51 <hiro> I don't need a sitemap
14:40:56 <hiro> just the mockups of the sections
14:41:13 <pili> hmm, maybe it's too soon for the lektor project then
14:41:14 <pili> I don't think we have any mockups yet
14:41:25 <pili> especially since we don't really have a sitemap
14:41:36 <antonela> we have mockups, yes
14:41:41 <pili> ah, where are they?
14:41:44 <pili> I only saw some very old ones
14:42:09 <antonela> hold on
14:43:20 <antonela> https://marvelapp.com/4471ig9
14:43:37 <antonela> https://marvelapp.com/4471ig9/screen/38283346
14:44:00 <antonela> im sure the content will change based on the sitemap
14:44:36 <pili> ah, cool, I hadn't seen those before
14:45:00 <antonela> landing https://marvelapp.com/4471ig9/screen/38979926
14:45:12 <antonela> network https://marvelapp.com/4471ig9/screen/38979951
14:45:20 <antonela> apps https://marvelapp.com/4471ig9/screen/38979943
14:45:35 <antonela> project page https://marvelapp.com/4471ig9/screen/38979970
14:45:45 <pili> ok, so I'll take a look at that and compare with what was discussed in stockholm and see if there's a middle ground between the 2
14:45:54 <antonela> cool
14:46:13 <pili> ooh, I like the project page
14:46:22 <antonela> somehow research.tpo is here too https://marvelapp.com/4471ig9/screen/38979977
14:47:39 <pili> research is mostly irl maintaining it, right?
14:47:50 <antonela> yes i think so
14:47:51 <irl> yes
14:47:54 <pili> :)
14:47:57 <irl> others have commit access
14:48:34 <pili> cool, as long as you have others helping you!
14:49:33 <irl> oh is research.tpo turning into a single page thing?
14:49:43 <antonela> oh nono, those mockups are old
14:49:49 <antonela> we can improve based on what you have right now
14:50:08 <irl> ah ok (:
14:50:30 <irl> i can uncomitted changes on my laptop that i should get round to committing #31590 and subpages from that
14:51:53 <pili> ok
14:51:58 <pili> we have 8 minutes left
14:52:06 <pili> I think we can leave things here if there's nothing else to discuss
14:53:27 <pili> ok
14:53:32 <pili> I'll take that as a yes :)
14:53:36 <pili> thanks everyone
14:53:39 <pili> #endmeeting