16:00:12 <ggus> #startmeeting Community Team meeting - 09-30-2019
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16:00:25 <ggus> hola folks
16:00:35 <ggus> it's community team time!
16:00:46 <clash> o/
16:00:59 <pili> hi
16:01:04 <antonela> buenas
16:01:13 <ggus> please update our meeting pad with things that you are doing - https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-community-team-2019-keep
16:04:31 <emmapeel> today is translators day!
16:06:42 <ggus> emmapeel: where's the cake?
16:06:55 <emmapeel> here!
16:07:25 <ggus> share with the community
16:09:53 <ggus> ok, if everyone is done updating the pad, we can start
16:10:08 <ggus> ops, pili is still updating
16:10:23 <pili> sorry, running a bit late
16:10:26 <pili> you can start without me though
16:10:55 <pili> done I think
16:11:34 <ggus> Fosdem - updates?
16:12:20 <ggus> brabo wrote some updates, pili are you going to organize the proposals on tor side?
16:13:21 <cy63113> I never went to fosdem so I'm thinking to submit a session
16:13:42 <brabo> i can say, unofficially i have been told there was no other decentralized internet and privacy devroom proposal and mine was accepted. cfp will follow shortly after confirmation. i hope someone will want to do something tor related :)
16:13:57 <pili> brabo: nice one :)
16:14:07 <brabo> if anyone wants to do a main track talk, probably should submit to be processed in the first batch, so before 11/10
16:14:22 <pili> I'm still working on submitting for a booth
16:14:29 <pili> it would be good to know if there are any other orgs such as GP or Tails that would like to share it with us
16:14:34 <pili> but not sure that any are going
16:14:35 <brabo> pili: cool!
16:14:56 <pili> also working on the main track talk submission
16:15:03 <cy63113> brabo:  do you think a not so tech tor talk is good to send?
16:15:18 <pili> I want to get both of these done by the end of this week
16:15:32 <brabo> hm depends on how not so tech. fosdem is mainly tech-oriented in nature..
16:15:34 <pili> then we should probably do a relay operators meetup[
16:15:43 <pili> or find someone to run it
16:16:02 <brabo> i am all for that. i am becoming active for torservers too now
16:16:23 <pili> and possibly have some other talks in the decentralized internet and privacy devroom
16:16:28 <brabo> but i will need to focus a bit on the di&p devroom as well
16:16:37 <pili> of course :)
16:17:06 <ggus> pili: i think last time was emmapeel on booth, maybe emma could ask tails folks?
16:17:21 <pili> I can help with the organizational details for the meetup, I just might need someone to facilitate it at FOSDEM
16:17:25 <pili> still not sure if I'll go or not
16:17:34 <emmapeel> yeah i already did, well there is not much enthusiasm to go to fosdem this year
16:17:35 <pili> depends on who else wants to go
16:17:46 <pili> emmapeel: not even from you? ;)
16:17:56 <brabo> i did add myself as vooth volunteer already on the trac wiki page
16:18:09 <brabo> that meetup, would it be at fosdem, or outside in the fringe?
16:18:22 <pili> great, thanks brabo !
16:18:37 <emmapeel> brabo: during the meeting i guess
16:18:48 <ggus> i can help reaching out relay operators, but i don't think i'll go to fosdem
16:19:49 <brabo> pili: what is needed to help facilitate that meetup? do we need to ask the orga for a room to use or?
16:20:16 <ggus> a room, someone to take notes and help on Q&A
16:20:23 <pili> I think last time we organised it outside fosdem
16:20:24 <pili> but if we can get organised earlier and get a room from them that'd be good
16:20:27 <pili> I haven't done it before at FOSDEM so not 100% sure
16:20:49 <antonela> last year we got a room, quite small (some of us were sitting in the floor)
16:21:17 <brabo> i am asking friend in the core orga right now who to bug/how
16:22:00 <brabo> "BoF devroom, they are always available, there should be even more this year. Just book it on paper (infodesk H) any available slots, at the event itself."
16:23:24 <pili> ah, thanks for confirming antonela
16:24:40 <tgeek> For the Q&A, It would be great to do a short 10-minute demo on how to set up a middle node and/or a bridge.
16:25:34 <ggus> yeah, for some audiences is useful
16:25:45 <tgeek> and it's technical! :)
16:26:40 <ggus> ok, i think for fosdem that's it for now. let's move to other topic
16:26:48 <ggus> Outreachy - contribution period opens Tuesday Oct 1
16:27:19 <ggus> let's week we submitted two projects to outreachy -           https://www.outreachy.org/apply/project-selection/#tor-project
16:27:35 <ggus> one intern to work with Comms team
16:27:43 <ggus> and the other to work with community team \o/
16:28:13 <emmapeel> yay! is it planned what the person will do?
16:28:34 <ggus> we're looking for soemone to help us on support (RT/frontdesk) and improve our documentation (tb manual, support portal)
16:29:31 <ggus> the candidates will need to submit some contributions to us, so i'm tagging #documentation in our repositories in dip.tpo
16:31:06 <emmapeel> i think it would be nice if the contributor for the lektor portals knows git. in a level 2 or something. otherwise they will spend the internship learning git
16:31:13 <pili> FYI I think this edition is only open to candidates from the southern hemisphere
16:31:20 <emmapeel> but maybe it is too late to say that :D
16:31:41 <pili> as iuc it coincides with their long vacation break
16:32:21 <T_> Hello all, Tunde. Happy to join
16:32:50 <ggus> the internship will be from december-march 2020
16:33:12 <cy63113> since I've had been an intern, I can help to coordinate with the community team intern candidate
16:34:23 <pili> thanks cy63113 :)
16:35:04 <cy63113> just let me know if and/or how to help
16:35:11 <ggus> if you see someone lost on irc, point them dip repositories
16:35:39 <cy63113> ok!
16:35:40 <antonela> emmapeel: good point. Should we add git level 1? dip make edits very easy.
16:36:33 <emmapeel> antonela: it says 'nice to have'level 1. i would say level one is required, level 2 is nice to have
16:37:06 <pili> the thing is that depending on the candidate they can concentrate on one thing or another
16:37:13 <pili> e.g more frontdesk and less git
16:37:22 <pili> also there are ways to update the docs that don't involve git
16:37:35 <pili> I don't think we want to turn away good candidates because of git
16:37:48 <pili> but I guess we'll see what kind of candidates we get :)
16:38:01 <ggus> yeah, i agree that it's not required level 1. if the person knows how to edit on github and submit the PR, it's enough
16:38:09 <ggus> for 80% of the open tasks
16:38:19 <antonela> so, is more about content than frontend, right?
16:38:24 <ggus> yep
16:38:27 <antonela> perfect
16:38:49 <ggus> it's someone to help users
16:39:05 <antonela> you can help users in many ways ggus :)
16:39:27 <ggus> for sure
16:39:32 <antonela> will we announce it social media? do we already did it?
16:39:40 * antonela wants to share ^_^
16:39:56 <pili> antonela: please do!
16:40:13 <ggus> tomorrow the applicants will be able to see the full project and its tasks
16:40:22 <pili> I'm not sure if it's shared on social media yet
16:40:23 <pili> I think stephw is afk today also
16:40:43 <pili> I guess stephw can share then
16:40:49 <pili> I don't think we'll write a blog post this time
16:42:55 <ggus> yeah, i don't think so
16:42:58 <thurayya> https://twitter.com/torproject/status/1176894253848563712
16:43:21 <pili> good thing thurayya is paying attention ;)
16:43:35 <thurayya> o/
16:43:44 <antonela> nice nice
16:44:31 <ggus> next topic: mozfest activities
16:44:47 <ggus> pili: do you need help with state of the onion - community team slides/
16:44:49 <ggus> ?
16:45:19 <pili> I think I'm good for now, I might reach out again when gaba and I have a better idea of the exact content :)
16:45:33 <ggus> ok!
16:45:56 <pili> thanks :)
16:46:39 <ggus> - hacktoberfest
16:46:55 <ggus> should we replace docshackathon to hacktoberfest?
16:47:01 <pili> I think so
16:47:10 <pili> although there's the added complication that the PRs need to be on github
16:47:11 <cy63113> I just talk to Hiro, I gonna present the session together in mozfest
16:47:15 <pili> and we don't have issues on github
16:48:00 <pili> cy63113: maybe we should coordinate a bit so we don't duplicate content :)
16:48:40 <cy63113> yes! it's important :)
16:49:43 <ggus> ok, so i'll move docshackathon tag to documentation on dip
16:50:39 <pili> fwiw, ooni is participating in hacktoberfest
16:50:45 <pili> but they have everything on github
16:51:06 <ggus> yep, they have a different workflow
16:53:04 <ggus> ok, all that's all we had on agenda
16:53:11 <ggus> anything else?
16:53:31 <emmapeel> im going to start to send tshirts to the translators
16:53:41 <emmapeel> well, to tell them to get tshirts
16:53:54 <antonela> pili, your help with items for this team has been shared?
16:54:20 <ggus> make translators happy :)
16:54:23 <pili> nope
16:54:24 <pili> but maybe the UX meeting is a better place for it
16:54:25 <pili> basically those 2 tickets are becoming quite urgent
16:54:54 <antonela> #31886
16:54:56 <pili> or at least the first one (korean) caused quite a serious bug
16:55:07 <antonela> #30054
16:55:13 <pili> and is related to #30054
16:55:18 <pili> yup :)
16:55:22 <antonela> i thought those were 9.0 related, sorry
16:55:43 <pili> but I need to understand what we need from the git admin side of things
16:55:50 <pili> and who we can ask
16:56:32 <pili> let's discuss it during the UX meeting tomorrow
16:57:21 <ggus> ok, let's finish this meeting
16:57:27 <ggus> #endmeeting