15:01:43 <karsten> #startmeeting metrics team
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15:02:02 <karsten> anything else for the agenda?
15:02:33 <irl> nope
15:02:36 <acute> not from me
15:02:54 <karsten> okay.
15:03:00 <karsten> Debian Buster and Java 11 (irl)
15:03:10 * karsten noticed tickets
15:03:20 <irl> it looks like onionoo has some bugs
15:03:45 <irl> when we start off a fresh instance we're getting errors that look the same as a bug we did a workaround for before
15:04:00 <irl> i can look into that one and see what's going wrong if you don't already know the answer
15:04:07 <karsten> which ticket is that?
15:04:23 <irl> #31953
15:04:38 <irl> the old bug is #26711
15:04:54 <irl> it's the same error happening at the same place as before
15:05:27 <karsten> I'd have to look into this, too. I can do it, or you can give it a try if you want.
15:06:02 <karsten> you could set yourself a timeout and pass it on to me if you don't find a fix.
15:06:30 <irl> i don't have a plan yet for it, i've not started on it
15:06:47 <irl> it might be that the error goes away if i copy over state from the other instance to test with
15:07:25 <irl> the other error might be more of a blocker though #31952
15:07:35 <karsten> I commented on that one.
15:07:41 <irl> i've pasted the log there
15:07:47 <karsten> ah, okay.
15:07:54 <karsten> might be an easy fix. (without looking)
15:08:25 <karsten> how about I give this a try tomorrow, before disappearing for a week, and if I don't succeed, you can give it a try next week?
15:08:30 <karsten> this == both tickets
15:08:33 <irl> that sounds great
15:08:38 <karsten> okay, cool!
15:09:22 <karsten> AWS + CloudFormation (irl)
15:09:29 <karsten> I received some emails. :)
15:09:44 <irl> yes, the nagios notification system should be working now for a whole bunch of checks
15:09:52 <irl> including https cert expiry warnings
15:10:04 <karsten> neat!
15:10:06 <irl> but the topic here is actually something else
15:10:11 <karsten> ah ok.
15:10:26 <irl> i noticed there are EC2 instances appearing that are not attached to cloudformation templates
15:10:34 <irl> and there is launch wizard cruft being left behind ):
15:11:02 <irl> so the great thing about cloudformation is that when you delete a stack, it cleans up everything that was created as part of the stack
15:11:25 <irl> but the way that you are using it seems to leave behind at least security policies, and sometimes volume snapshots too
15:11:28 <karsten> I did create 2 EC2 instances today.
15:11:55 <karsten> this EC2 thing is a complicated beast.
15:12:04 <irl> we might want to discuss this more at our next tor dev meeting but i might have a suggestion that could work
15:12:15 <irl> https://aws.amazon.com/lightsail/
15:12:35 <irl> lightsail is meant to be an easier less configurable version of ec2
15:12:46 <irl> everything is self-contained and can tidy up after itself
15:12:56 <karsten> sounds great to me!
15:12:57 <irl> could you give it a try and see if it does everything you need from ec2?
15:13:19 <karsten> I can do that, yes. this is also the first time after several months that I'm using EC2. it's for the ooni db stuff.
15:13:41 <irl> yeah, i noticed after drilling down the cost reports that there was the "ooni database" description
15:14:01 <irl> so at least it was identifiable cruft (:
15:14:06 <karsten> next time I need a machine I'll try out lightsail.
15:14:09 <irl> awesome
15:14:31 <karsten> yes, learning from past situations where I was looking at 40 instances without having a clue what they were.
15:14:36 <karsten> ;)
15:14:50 <irl> i have no idea how large organisations manage this
15:14:55 <irl> it must be a nightmare
15:15:08 <irl> that's all on this topic
15:15:28 <karsten> yes, I can only imagine..
15:15:40 <karsten> okay, roadmap?
15:15:45 <gaba> :)
15:15:57 <irl> sounds good
15:16:12 * karsten moves #31071 to On Review.
15:16:47 <karsten> the OONI metadata database is still ongoing. (it's downloading as we talk.)
15:16:54 <irl> i think #28322 is done, and i've made new tickets under metrics/cloud for other things we should do but are not blocking it being a useful system
15:17:05 <karsten> very cool!
15:17:34 <karsten> are those onionoo bugs related to #31659?
15:17:47 <irl> yes they are blocking that ticket
15:18:14 <karsten> ah, we should copy over the state from an existing instance and start from there, for production use.
15:18:20 <karsten> otherwise we're lacking a lot of history.
15:18:49 <karsten> not saying that we shouldn't fix those bugs, but the illegalstate thing shouldn't block #31659.
15:18:50 <irl> we should, and that is the plan, but for onionoo development i want to be able to stand up a fresh instance quickly
15:18:56 <karsten> yes, great!
15:19:22 <irl> i want to have the ansible script work for both dev and production, to be simple enough that we can stand up a test instance in minutes before we do releases
15:19:59 <irl> if i hit a timeout though, we'll ignore it
15:20:19 <irl> 'll also move the "big" ticket about onionperf automation back to in progress, me and acute will split this ticket up next week so that we can see how far away we are from that being done
15:21:16 <karsten> sounds good!
15:21:31 <acute> thank you for merging the onionperf webserver changes today
15:21:47 <irl> yes, #30763 and #30792 are moved to done
15:21:57 <karsten> nice!
15:22:08 <karsten> how's the disk space issue going?
15:22:12 <karsten> is there still space left?
15:22:29 <irl> there is space for now
15:22:47 <irl> #31945 will help to monitor this
15:23:12 <karsten> ok.
15:23:15 <irl> (which i guess is one of the split up tickets from the big onionperf ticket for acute)
15:23:44 <irl> i also have a diary entry to renew the certificates in a month so they don't expire while we are at ccc
15:23:52 <karsten> heh
15:24:35 <karsten> I guess I shouldn't add anything to in progress for next week, right?
15:24:47 <irl> not if you are away
15:25:12 <karsten> what about the week after? when should I move something to in progress for that week?
15:25:18 <karsten> we're not going to have a meeting next week.
15:25:42 <gaba> we are not?
15:25:54 <karsten> well, you could have one, of course.
15:26:13 <karsten> I won't be able to attend, though.
15:26:36 <karsten> should I just add something on monday when I'm back? or should we have a quick sync on that monday?
15:26:49 <irl> we can do a quick sync on monday when you are back
15:26:54 <karsten> 14th
15:26:59 <irl> ok
15:27:04 <gaba> yes
15:27:09 <irl> 15:00 utc?
15:27:16 <karsten> works for me.
15:27:23 <irl> gives you a chance to read your emails first
15:27:36 <karsten> the first batch... ;)
15:27:39 <irl> heh
15:27:53 <karsten> gaba: 15:00 utc on oct 14 okay?
15:28:52 <gaba> let me check
15:28:52 <karsten> while we wait for that, anything else to discuss today?
15:28:57 <irl> not from me
15:29:12 <gaba> yes, that works
15:29:15 <gaba> not from me
15:29:16 <karsten> cool!
15:29:18 <antonela> karsten: i owe you a response to your email
15:29:19 <acute> not from me
15:29:50 <antonela> karsten: is there a deadline? when do you plan to release those?
15:29:51 <karsten> antonela: no rush, but yes, curious what you think!
15:30:13 <karsten> antonela: whenever it's done. no deadline.
15:30:22 <antonela> karsten: cool, will have it for next week. thanks!
15:30:31 <karsten> sounds great! thank you!
15:30:48 <karsten> (it's about #31071.)
15:31:11 <karsten> alright, next meeting in 11 days. have a great time, everyone!
15:31:16 <karsten> o/
15:31:17 <irl> bye!
15:31:20 <gaba> bye!
15:31:21 <acute> bye!
15:31:23 <karsten> #endmeeting