16:01:03 <ggus> #startmeeting Community Team - 07/10/2019
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16:01:13 <ggus> Hello folks! Community team meeting starting :)
16:01:17 <cy63113> hi!
16:01:26 <ggus> Let's update our pad here: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-community-team-2019-keep
16:01:38 <clash> o/
16:01:55 <bim> hiii :))
16:02:20 <ggus> hello cy63113 clash bim :)
16:02:25 <emmapeel> o/
16:02:28 <slacktopus> <sbs> hellais: correct!
16:03:21 <bluemoon> Hello! I'm an Outreachy participant :)
16:03:28 <ggus> hello bluemoon :)
16:03:34 <antonela> hello!
16:03:52 <clash> hi!
16:04:03 <clash> also, outreachy sounds nice :)
16:04:10 <bim> I wasn't aware of Outreachy, but I have contributed to community stuff before and would like to get involved and participate in that still... is that possible?
16:04:11 <c1e0> Hi. I'm participating in Outreachy as well o/
16:04:12 <Highflyer910> Hi all:)
16:04:23 <bim> I belive there was a deadline I missed
16:04:41 <c1e0> Yep. You missed the initial deadline.
16:04:52 <ggus> bim: hum, i don't think so :/
16:05:11 <bim> bummer :9
16:05:12 <bim> :(
16:05:37 <bluemoon> My first meeting. Hello @ggus :). I have not started my contributions yet but "Check and answer common questions from our users (probably some of
16:05:40 <bluemoon> them you will need to do some research) - we will email this to
16:05:44 <ggus> for those who arrived now, here's our pad: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-community-team-2019-keep please update it with what you have been working
16:05:45 <bluemoon> applicants, get in touch with us."
16:05:50 <c1e0> There's always next year, bim. :D
16:05:57 <pili> hi, sorry, I'm a bit late today :)
16:06:10 <ggus> bluemoon: oh yes, we will arrive there. see Discussion at the end of the pad :)
16:06:15 <bluemoon> Since I got an email adding me to a list I haven't sent separate email but is that what I need to do?
16:06:16 <clash> hello pili!
16:06:21 <bluemoon> ok :)
16:07:23 <jyox> Hello everyone, I am an outreachy applicant:)
16:09:49 <c1e0> Hi jyox. Welcome
16:10:55 <cy63113> hi outreachy applicants, welcome!
16:11:22 <jyox> Thank you:)
16:12:19 <ggus> since everyone updated the pad, let's start
16:12:33 <ggus> * Outreachy applicants introduce yourselves (if you want)
16:12:59 <ggus> since last week we have some new faces around here on IRC
16:13:18 <ggus> we have two projects in this Outreachy edition
16:13:30 <debgal> Hi, I'm Debora from Paraguay (I've sent an email to everyone but not sure if you got it), I'm another Outreachy applicant :)
16:13:41 <ggus> one project is connected with Community team
16:14:10 <ggus> and the other (influencers and improve Tor's image) is connected with stephw
16:14:11 <emmapeel> hola debora! bienvenida!
16:14:28 <debgal> Hola Emma! Gracias!
16:14:56 <ggus> for project 1 - support tor users, we have weekly meetings here in IRC, every monday, 1600 UTC.
16:15:33 <ggus> in other to collaborate, you must send an email to us to get a gitlab account (dip.torproject.org)
16:15:52 <ggus> you can email me (gus@torproject.org) and pili (pili@torproject.org)
16:15:58 <pili> o/
16:16:39 <ggus> some of you are starting to contribute, sending pull requests to our documentation, and it looks pretty good! :D
16:16:45 <Highflyer910> Hi, I'm Teona from Georgia (country), Outreachy applicant for the 1st project:)
16:17:15 <cy63113> If someone need help with project 1, you can reach me out
16:17:39 <ggus> i'll review these PRs this week. If you have questions while working on the website, please join us on #tor-www
16:18:05 <Highflyer910> My PR needs to review still..........
16:18:11 <ggus> in that channel we discuss all about the websites and we can help you to contribute
16:18:25 <reta> Hello all, I'm Renate from Cameroon and am interested in tor's second project. Nice to meet you all
16:19:12 <ggus> Highflyer910: yep, it's on my list
16:19:37 <Highflyer910> How about new frontdesk questions?:)
16:19:50 <ggus> Good question!
16:19:51 <ggus> so
16:20:45 <emmapeel> for outreachy people and other people that wants to start contributing to the website, i prepared some notes about how to write content on the website. you can read them at https://dip.torproject.org/torproject/web/tpo/wikis/Writing-the-content
16:20:46 <ggus> for now, you all will not have directly access to frontdesk, since it's a private communication. But I'll email common questions that we receive there to you
16:22:03 <ggus> more questions?
16:22:06 <debgal> Thanks emmapeel ;)
16:22:24 <bluemoon> yes thanks :)
16:22:40 <ggus> good stuff, emmapeel
16:23:05 <Highflyer910> Thanks emmapeel!
16:23:09 <debgal> I have a question about opening tickets to report bugs to Tor Browser devs
16:23:17 <debgal> do we have access to this?
16:23:36 <ggus> To report TB bugs, you need to use trac.torproject.org
16:23:41 <ggus> you can create an account
16:24:00 <ggus> and you don't need pili or I to approve that
16:24:23 <debgal> Ah ok, I just saw a broken link and I guess this is where I notify, right?
16:25:09 <reta> i just wish to ask what criteria are taken into consideration when choosing an Influencer who could help improve Tor's image
16:25:10 <ggus> If it's documentation, you can report to us. The community and ux team are responsible for the content
16:25:30 <ggus> if it's tor browser onboarding: UX team
16:25:38 <ggus> if it's website stuff: community team
16:26:12 <ggus> debgal: but you can open there, and if it's wrong we modify it. so, don't worry :)
16:26:33 <debgal> ;)  cool, got it!
16:26:37 <Asong> I wish to know how I can submit answers to questions/issues on GitLab. And maybe an alternative means to submitting proposed answers to questions on GitHub perhaps,so that I can get familiar with how those platforms work,since I am new to Open source
16:26:54 <pili> reta: that's more of a question for stephw :)
16:27:01 <ggus> reta: so, this project is coordinated by stephw. get in touch with her. i don't know what she is planing there :)
16:27:29 <Highflyer910> ggus I had my 1st attempt to answer a question on Reddit. Should I send the link to you on email?
16:28:12 <reta> ok thanks i will get to her.
16:28:23 <ggus> Hey Asong. We don't use GitHub issues. Because...well, long story short, it would create a new bug tracker and in tor project we use Trac.
16:29:31 <ggus> So, in order to contribute, you need to ask a gitlab account for us
16:29:54 <ggus> Highflyer910: Yes
16:31:57 <ggus> Another important thing: in march of this year, we moved from this website 2019.www.torproject.org to https://www.torproject.org. So we're still working on migrating stuff from there to the new portals: support.torproject.org, community.torproject.org and soon dev.torproject.org
16:32:22 <clash> what will dev.tpo be about?
16:32:49 <ggus> the developers portal. everything about little-t-tor
16:33:25 <clash> ah sounds nice!
16:34:11 <debgal> Could we help with migrating stuff too?
16:35:32 <ggus> not now, because we need to check if it's updated, if it's going to dev/community/support/tb-manual, or if we don't it want anymore :)
16:35:50 <emmapeel> debgal: there are already some tickets for moving things
16:36:38 <debgal> ok, I see
16:38:19 <Asong> Thank ggus
16:38:45 <ggus> More questions? :)
16:39:02 <Asong> my worry is how to make contribution for Outreachy after seeing an issue i want to work on ,on the GitLab Repo
16:39:36 <clash> I think you're supposed to make the changes on GitHub and propose a PR
16:39:47 <ggus> Asong: the workflow is: you comment on the issue, go to your github or other git instance, and submit a PR to us
16:40:02 <ggus> We will review the PR and approve it or ask you to make changes
16:40:57 <Asong> So what should be the flow of the PR
16:41:06 <Asong> Question, then answer?
16:41:30 <Asong> Like i highlight the questions i am answering?
16:42:03 <Asong> and am i creating a new repo to answer the questions?
16:42:28 <ggus> let me give you an example
16:42:33 <emmapeel> ttyl pipol!
16:42:45 <Asong> ggus,that will be perfect. Thanks
16:43:34 <Asong> ggus,i didnt get the reply to Highflyer910 questions
16:43:35 <ggus> RotationMatrix checked that this issue was open: https://dip.torproject.org/torproject/web/manual/issues/11
16:44:20 <ggus> and here's the pull request: https://github.com/torproject/manual/pull/51
16:44:55 <ggus> Asong: could you share the link?
16:45:09 <ggus> what questions?
16:47:08 <ggus> Asong: ?
16:48:29 <ggus> ok people, more questions?
16:48:36 <Highflyer910> Btw there were questions on reddit , that can't find on manuals , so what can I do in this case?
16:48:45 <Asong> about their 1st attemp to answering questions on reddit
16:49:14 <Highflyer910> Asong I should send Ggus the link of the QA
16:49:34 <ggus> Highflyer910: if you think it's relevant to the documentation, you can open a new issue on dip.torproject.org
16:49:42 <Asong> okay Highflyer910
16:49:53 <ggus> if you don't know the answer, you can ask #tor-www or #tor-project
16:50:14 <Highflyer910> Thing is those were not
16:50:21 <Highflyer910> Okay, good:)
16:51:40 <ggus> and please don't forget to fill the pad: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-community-team-2019-keep
16:52:03 <ggus> add your nick in presents, what you have been working, etc
16:52:13 <ggus> ok, more questions? we have more 8 minutes
16:52:49 <Highflyer910> Oh and when we can start to record our contributions on Outreachy site?
16:53:13 <ggus> hm, this is a good question to ask Sage/outreachy org
16:53:45 <bluemoon> @Highflyer910 I think you can start recording them any time and you can edit them after
16:54:48 <bluemoon> "You can record a contribution as soon as you start working on it. You can go back and edit your recorded contribution at any time. "
16:55:00 <bluemoon> https://www.outreachy.org/docs/applicant/#make-contributions
16:55:59 <Asong> And also, how do i make a proporsal to the dev team for new features or edits?
16:56:00 <ggus> thanks, bluemoon
16:56:04 <Highflyer910> bluemoon thank you!
16:56:19 <Asong> Thanks bluemoon
16:56:35 <Asong> Thank you too Highflyer910 for the question
16:56:42 <bluemoon> No problem :)
16:57:19 <ggus> Asong: depends on what kind of edits. and features we can discuss on community/ux team meetings, but you can open a ticket on trac
16:57:52 <ggus> ok people, it's almost on time. i'll stop the bot.
16:58:04 <ggus> if you have questions, we will available on #tor-www
16:58:07 <Asong> Okay,I will open a ticket
16:58:24 <debgal> Thanks ggus !
16:58:25 <ggus> thanks all for coming to the meeting. I'm very happy to work with you all! :D
16:58:36 <ggus> #endmeeting