13:59:45 <antonela> #startmeeting ux team
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13:59:57 <antonela> hello!
14:00:17 <clash> hi!
14:00:42 <thurayya> hi :) i'm in another meeting, but i'll try to keep an eye here
14:00:55 <kevun> I will lurk
14:01:12 <antonela> hi clash and kevun!
14:01:19 <antonela> thurayya: is good, thanks for coming :D
14:01:38 <pili> hi
14:01:52 <pili> ( I need to leave at 30 past... sorry!)
14:02:07 <antonela> lets do the regular duties: add your updates in the pad and items for discussion https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-ux-team-2019-keep
14:02:12 <antonela> hi pili
14:03:55 <antonela> i have just one item for the group and i'd like you to review together the next TB9 release onboarding
14:04:17 <antonela> i don't see anything else from the updates, so this will be a short meeting :)
14:04:18 <pili> sounds good :) I've been meaning to do that for a while! :)
14:04:40 <antonela> what is that? :)
14:04:43 <pili> do we have emmapeel today? I want to talk about localization for the onboarding (again!)
14:04:52 <antonela> ah, i see
14:04:59 <pili> antonela: review the TB9 onboarding :D
14:06:10 <antonela> re onboarding: TB9 will release with a few of critical changes, the main one is the complete removal of the Tor button at the toolbar. This was a progressive work since 7.5 (i think?!) and now is the last step
14:07:03 <antonela> re onboarding: we also have a new New Identity button, which will be placed at the toolbar, we'll have Network Settings in about:preferences and hopefully we will have support for the default dark theme :)
14:07:26 <clash> dark mode is always good!
14:07:56 <antonela> i know !
14:08:22 <antonela> #31768
14:08:27 <clash> is it possible to change the setting from the shield icon itself or it just displays the info?
14:09:01 <antonela> that is the relevant ticket for the onboarding, if you want to read more
14:09:07 <antonela> clash: are you talking about the Security Settings?
14:09:47 <clash> yes I think so
14:09:52 <clash> the shield icon next to the onion icon
14:11:07 <antonela> clash: no, users cannot change global security settings directly from the icon; they need to visit about:preferences to configure it as other default global settings
14:13:20 <pili> looking good :)
14:13:29 <antonela> hi T_
14:13:43 <antonela> pili, yes we still need to define some details about the content
14:13:50 <pili> we have a build with the network settings changes but not the onboarding, right?
14:13:55 <antonela> pili: when it is done, the strings are done
14:14:00 <pili> ok
14:14:05 <clash> ah I might be getting sidetracked, but it's also not possible to have per site settings either right? So like I might want safest in general but maybe standard on a website where I need JS
14:14:16 <T_> Hello Antonela
14:14:20 <antonela> pili: we dont have a build with the onboarding yet
14:14:51 <antonela> clash: yes, we are working on that #30570
14:14:52 <pili> the localization of tor browser strings is still a bit of a mystery to me so I would like to know how it works better so I can properly understand any dependencies
14:15:12 <antonela> we should catch emmapeel and sync on it
14:15:33 <clash> antonela: awesome, I'll check that out
14:16:34 <antonela> super
14:17:49 <kevun> Have to bail. Talk to you all later!
14:18:12 <antonela> kevun: o/
14:18:30 <antonela> so, anything else for today? pili?
14:18:47 <pili> I'm thinking :)
14:19:00 <pili> I'm deep in a fosdem and mozfest and proposals hole atm :)
14:19:09 <antonela> oh that is the future ha
14:19:14 <T_> Some updates from my ICFP
14:19:21 <pili> T_: yes please!
14:19:36 <antonela> T_: tell us
14:19:46 <emmapeel> ey sorry im late
14:20:04 <T_> I'm recruiting interviewees to pretest the interview questionnaire Antonela and I developed
14:20:40 <T_> The ones are I had in mind are out of town but will be back next week
14:20:54 <clash> what's the interview about?
14:21:13 <antonela> T_ i'd like to review those together again and ask phw to join us - we are starting a project focused specifically in circumvention and your research will inform our efforts as well
14:21:28 <antonela> T_ is good if we do it next week?
14:21:32 <T_> Understanding the use of tools to circumvent information controls in Africa
14:21:38 <T_> Yes, next week
14:22:03 <antonela> T_: awesome, will email you about it
14:22:16 <antonela> T_: what is your timeline for pretesting?
14:22:19 <emmapeel> about the localization of tor browser strings, we have several .dtd and .properties files in torbutton.git and torbrowser.git
14:22:56 <pili> emmapeel: are those the only tor browser ones?
14:22:57 <T_> Timeline is the whole of this month
14:23:17 <emmapeel> most of them are dtd and properties, f the top of my head, yes
14:23:24 <antonela> T_: perfect
14:24:31 <antonela> emmapeel: we are defining the onboarding last iteration of strings ASAP/today
14:24:35 <pili> ok, and if there's ever a new string in those files , how do you find out? there is a job that pulls the new strings into transifex?
14:24:58 <antonela> emmapeel: could we have a transifex update lets say today EOD / tomorrow morning?
14:25:01 <emmapeel> yes pili twice a day from transifex
14:25:02 <pili> I think we've gone through this before but I just want to make sure I get it
14:25:03 <pili> ok
14:25:14 <emmapeel> yes, we have gone to this before
14:25:15 <pili> last question, and if there's ever a new file, how do you find out? Does someone tell you about it?
14:25:16 <pili> ;)
14:25:18 <emmapeel> through this
14:25:38 <ggus> T_: hey, we have some Tor work in some countries in global south. Which countries are you working? If you want, we can chat on #tor-south after this meeting
14:25:56 <emmapeel> yes, the best is with a ticket, see https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/doc/translation/developers
14:26:20 <T_> Sure! I'm working on Ethiopia, Nigeria, Zimbabwe and Cameroon
14:26:52 <T_> I also recently subscribed to the mailing list Global South
14:26:58 <antonela> nice :)
14:27:13 <pili> emmapeel: ok, got it!
14:29:19 <clash> oh antonela, for #19251 I had a suggestion. I always found the Cloudflare error pages to be helpful to diagnose where the error was. Might be similar for onion services https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/article_attachments/115003660331/image1.png
14:29:34 <ggus> T_: great! i have some contacts in Zimbabwe and probably Ethiopia. Maybe you can send an email to global south mailing list explaining your research and i think people will answer you. :)
14:29:45 <antonela> clash: yes exactly, is a similar idea
14:30:01 <antonela> clash: do you want to comment in that ticket and refer that page?
14:30:15 <pili> ok, gtg now :) o/
14:30:42 <T_> ggus: Thanks, great idea
14:30:45 <antonela> clash: i think is very useful for technical users to understand whats going on, for non-technical users a quick idea about what is happening and how to recover is enough
14:31:38 <clash> I'll do that
14:31:51 <antonela> clash: appreciated :)
14:32:16 <clash> definitely, I had something wrong with my onion's nginx config the other day and it took a while before I was able to isolate it
14:32:16 <emmapeel> antonela: most of the files are updated automatically, do you want to update any one in particular, in transifex?
14:32:57 <antonela> emmapeel: i think those will get updated automatically but we will need a call for translators (maybe?)
14:33:32 <antonela> emmapeel: our release date is october 22 if im not wrong so we will have 15~ days for l10n
14:35:25 <emmapeel> ah ok
14:35:53 <antonela> emmapeel: will ping you when it is done
14:35:58 <emmapeel> cool
14:36:03 <antonela> do we have anything else for today folks?
14:36:43 <emmapeel> just reporting that i will get gettor in transifex (code and website)
14:36:46 <ggus> one small thing o/
14:36:53 <antonela> emmapeel: awesome
14:37:13 <ggus> if you have small css things to fix, please open tickets in dip, so i can ask outreachy applicants to take a look :)
14:37:44 <antonela> i have a lot of styleguide/lego tickets opened in trac, i'd like to move those to dip and plan some maintenance
14:37:57 <antonela> but i cannot do it this week ggus
14:38:04 <ggus> we have this month :)
14:38:05 <antonela> probably the last week of this month
14:38:08 <antonela> ye
14:38:18 <antonela> but yes, is a to-do in my list
14:38:49 <antonela> thanks for mention it ggus!
14:39:34 <emmapeel> ok ggus  i will try to get picky for the outreach ppl
14:41:16 <antonela> okey, lets call it
14:41:21 <antonela> thanks folks!
14:41:28 <ggus> thanks! o/
14:41:35 <antonela> #endmeeting