14:00:12 <ggus> #startmeeting www meeting 2019-10-10
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14:00:32 <pili> thanks ggus :)
14:00:45 <ggus> :) hello
14:00:57 <pili> here's the usual pad: https://storm.torproject.org/shared/C1GuzsLlQLCKgRgC-ASkyAh0Lxm5wdFqTgGCmzRZDyr
14:01:32 <antonela> hello!
14:01:45 <Asong> hello:)
14:02:25 <pili> hi everyone :)
14:02:28 <pili> who else is around?
14:03:21 <pili> I'll give a few minutes for people to update the pad
14:03:26 <pili> and then we can get started
14:05:12 * clash lurks
14:05:17 <pili> no community portal updates? :)
14:05:22 <pili> I'll add one ;P
14:05:38 <pili> oh, thanks antonela !
14:05:43 <antonela> so, next week i aim to move the user-research section from develop to master and make it live in community.tpo
14:05:52 <antonela> could we have a content review by then?
14:06:03 <pili> I'll add another one
14:08:07 <pili> stephw ^ :)
14:08:36 <stephw> hello! thanks!
14:08:59 <stephw> will be doing some reviewing today :)
14:09:05 <pili> thanks stephw ! :)
14:09:17 <pili> I need to do a clean up of the community portal board at some point also I think
14:09:36 <pili> s/at some point/soon
14:10:21 <pili> a reminder that we have a deadline for the content and copy freeze next week: 15th October
14:10:40 * emmapeel crosses fingers
14:10:55 <ggus> i'd like to review onion service section
14:11:01 <ggus> but i don't know if i'll have time
14:11:20 <pili> let me get the gitlab link with the outstanding tickets up
14:11:45 <antonela> the clean up in dip is critical, i feel so bad spammed with old deadlines grr
14:11:46 <clash> ggus, I had made that PR that got merged for the onion service section but I don't see the changes reflected on the production site
14:12:04 <pili> https://dip.torproject.org/torproject/web/community/-/milestones/9
14:12:05 <pili> we have 15 tickets still open
14:12:08 <pili> I'll clear my schedule tomorrow to just work on the community portal
14:12:23 <ggus> clash: hmm, i merged that one?
14:12:39 <clash> yes
14:12:47 <clash> https://github.com/torproject/community/commit/d556fe5afce4b2c24c8264f1db5ce1f6d2484ddf
14:13:39 <ggus> emmapeel: do you know if community.tpo is building ok?
14:14:02 <emmapeel> ey ggus, your latest merge breaks the build
14:14:14 <emmapeel> it would be better if you test that your local build does not break before pushing to master
14:14:25 <emmapeel> (tpo)
14:14:38 <Asong> I submitted a ticket on october 8th,dont know if it was been seen
14:15:22 <ggus> emmapeel: uff, the vm that i do merge stuff is not the same that i do local build
14:15:34 <emmapeel> you can pull to both
14:15:35 <emmapeel> and make sure
14:15:53 <emmapeel> i mean that is the whole point of reviewing
14:16:12 <ggus> ok, i will do
14:17:28 <pili> Asong I can review it tomorrow if no one else gets there first :)
14:18:02 <pili> ok, anything else on community?
14:18:03 <pili> shall we move on?
14:19:03 <ggus> clash: i think it's there
14:19:27 <pili> I see things are moving along on the support portal :) anything that we want to highlight there?
14:19:42 <Asong> pili okay, this is the link https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/32005
14:20:06 <clash> looks like it's a duplicate
14:21:03 <clash> also, ggus, I think you're right and it's just my browser serving the cached page
14:22:20 <Asong> clash oh,you are correct. Just seeing the comments on the ticket. Thanks
14:24:02 <pili> is everyone ok on this issue then? :)
14:24:22 <pili> hiro I created a ticket for the developer portal (#31486)
14:24:33 <pili> is that one ok? do you need any more info to get that going?
14:24:40 <pili> oops, wrong one
14:24:45 <emmapeel> user research and dev portal are the same?
14:24:54 <pili> #31965
14:24:57 <emmapeel> ah heh
14:24:58 <emmapeel> phew
14:25:37 <pili> #31486 would also be nice to get done though for antonela ;)
14:26:27 * antonela just commented on #32005; is an easy fix but needs to happen in lego
14:27:56 <emmapeel> i cannot find the ticket, i think it was in trac at least, the one about 'impossible to change language on the webpage in android because of the footer and navbar overlapping'
14:28:07 <emmapeel> that would be nice to fix!
14:28:34 <ggus> if you open in dip, outreachy applicants could take a look
14:28:48 <emmapeel> yeah i am looking if it was copied over
14:28:57 <emmapeel> i guess it should be a lego ticket, right?
14:30:02 <pili> the thing is that 32005 doesn't happen for other websites
14:30:03 <pili> it's also in dip already and I think someone was already working on it?
14:30:34 <pili> https://dip.torproject.org/torproject/web/tpo/issues/46
14:31:48 <Asong> pili,yes you are correct. I tested on safari and it didnt happen
14:32:15 <clash> the comment antonela made on trac might be helpful to them
14:33:06 <pili> ok, anything else on this one or shall we move on?
14:33:36 <pili> I need to leave in 10 minutes at the latest
14:34:03 <pili> (or I can continue the meeting on the move without notes... :) )
14:34:41 <Asong> emmapeel have you found it?The ticket you are searching for
14:35:06 <emmapeel> Asong: no :S
14:35:42 <Asong> okay.we are waiting
14:36:43 <pili> let's move on to the discussion while we wait :)
14:37:02 <pili> who added the one about the search description for tpo? :)
14:37:05 <Asong> ggus still haven't seen my email?
14:37:12 <ggus> pili: o/
14:37:19 <ggus> Asong: about?
14:37:19 <pili> ggus  go for it
14:37:37 <emmapeel> i added the search one, i was wondering how was that going
14:37:51 <Asong> ggus: answers to the questions you emailed to me
14:37:57 <emmapeel> oh i was about to add it but i saw that description thing
14:38:31 <ggus> so, isa asked if we could add gettor or something to google search engine, so people in censored network could learn about gettor
14:38:50 <ggus> Asong: this is not the meeting to discuss outreachy tasks.
14:39:07 <ggus> we can talk later
14:39:42 <Asong> ggus: ops,noted. sorry
14:39:48 <ggus> if you search "tor project", you will find download tor browser, download tor browser alpha
14:40:46 <pili> Ok
14:41:06 <pili> Does anyone know how we add this? :)
14:42:16 <clash> some seo stuff I think 🤔
14:42:22 <ggus> https://search.google.com/search-console/about
14:42:31 <ggus> we need to reclaim torproject.org property
14:42:34 <pili> FWIW I think it’s a good idea and we should do it
14:42:48 <pili> So like with meta tags or something?
14:43:03 <ggus> after that we can choose the links that we want to display
14:43:11 <clash> yeah I think meta description is displayed in google
14:43:37 <clash> https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/35624?hl=en
14:43:48 <ggus> people from tor office must to subscribe to this google service
14:43:57 <ggus> they're going to receive a letter or a call
14:44:05 <ggus> to activated the service
14:44:27 <pili> Oh wow, i r l stuff
14:45:08 <ggus> yep
14:45:40 <emmapeel> get the blue mark on their name
14:47:11 <ggus> i'll bring this topic to anticensorship team meeting...
14:47:12 <pili> ggus: do you want me to push that forward or will you do it?
14:47:36 <pili> ggus: sounds like a Vegas topic potentially also
14:48:00 <ggus> ok, the google part is vegas, what link is anticensorship
14:48:30 <pili> Yup
14:48:52 <pili> Sounds good, thank you for looking into it
14:49:47 <pili> Anything else on this?
14:50:12 <pili> Shall we move on to the next item?
14:50:23 <ggus> ok
14:51:11 <pili> Was that antonela and emmapeel with the YE banner?
14:51:23 <antonela> strings are ready
14:52:00 <antonela> comms and fundraising signed them yesterday
14:52:01 <emmapeel> where is the banner? in lego? somewhere?
14:52:06 <pili> I saw, I added them to the corresponding gitlab tickets
14:52:09 <antonela> no yet, im working on the deliverables emmapeel
14:52:18 <antonela> i hope finish those stuff today
14:52:22 <emmapeel> oh those are the ones pili put in the ticket right?
14:52:50 <emmapeel> antonela: but are they going to be on the lego or for example in donate.tpo?
14:52:53 <antonela> what is the ticket? (not sure how public we are going with it until the lauch fyi_
14:53:18 <antonela> emmapeel: i need to sync with hiro about it
14:53:28 <pili> The tor browser ones won’t be on a repo until end of October so if we can put them “somewhere else” in transifex for people to start translating that would be great
14:53:49 <emmapeel> https://dip.torproject.org/torproject/ux/team/issues/39 this one i think
14:54:21 <emmapeel> tor browser ones are already on transifex, i think, the ones for the new features and goodbye onion
14:54:34 <emmapeel> last night the files wree updated
14:55:38 <pili> This is for the ye banner though
14:55:55 <emmapeel> oh i see
14:56:22 <pili> Browser team won’t work on that until after 22nd October
14:57:34 <emmapeel> https://dip.torproject.org/torproject/ux/team/issues/38 this one is scary
14:58:37 <emmapeel> i dont really know the strings and the due date was 2 days ago
14:58:49 <pili> That’s related to the other ones
14:59:03 <pili> I think we’re good
14:59:06 <ggus> i'll kill the bot
14:59:09 <ggus> #endmeeting