13:59:28 <antonela> #startmeeting ux team
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13:59:34 <dunqan> hey everyone o/
13:59:37 <antonela> hi all!
13:59:42 <antonela> T_ which was the problem?
13:59:47 <antonela> hey dunqan o/
14:00:07 <ggus> hola! o/
14:00:20 <T_> Perhaps it was timing. I joined immediately after the Tor meeting
14:00:25 <antonela> ciao ggus!
14:00:30 <T_> and the next hour after that too
14:00:37 <antonela> mmm strange
14:00:47 <antonela> https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-ux-team-2019-keep
14:01:00 <antonela> hi nice people, lets do it as always ^^
14:01:11 <antonela> leave your updates and also add items for discussion, if you have those
14:01:17 <ggus> T_: we didn't have meeting on tor-south last week
14:01:20 <antonela> hi emmapeel !
14:01:26 <T_> Oh, Ok
14:02:07 <thurayya> hi!
14:02:15 <antonela> hey thurayya
14:02:52 <antonela> since we have dunqan and T_ here i also added an item in the discussion list to talk a bit about next iteration of personas
14:03:11 <dunqan> awesome
14:03:26 <antonela> oki, lets start
14:04:07 <T_> Antonela mentioned a review of the research interview questions. I need that to complete the pretest this month
14:04:59 <antonela> dunqan: T_ is running a research with users from Nigeria, Cameroon, Ethiopia and Zimbabwe specific on circumvention
14:05:15 <antonela> i'd like to work with tunde on the next iteration of personas
14:05:39 <dunqan> oh that's great, for sure!
14:05:47 <antonela> his research + ooni data will inform our target personas specific for circumvention
14:06:39 <antonela> i just wanted you two to meet each other and sync this collab
14:07:04 <antonela> dunqan if you want to work on stockholm feedback first, that is cooll
14:07:07 <antonela> *cool
14:07:35 <dunqan> are you wanting to work up new personas with T_'s findings, or just amend existing?
14:07:51 <dunqan> I guess there are three jobs needing done from my pov
14:07:57 <antonela> both maybe?
14:08:06 <dunqan> 1. general tidying-up (i.e. making more print friendly)
14:08:11 <dunqan> 2. Stockholm feedback
14:08:18 <dunqan> 3. Addition of new personas
14:08:26 <antonela> right
14:08:29 <dunqan> <+antonela>	both maybe?  <- yup for sure
14:09:10 <antonela> i talked with T_ that extending our personas will also be a deliverable for his research
14:09:15 <dunqan> 1 and possibly 2 can be done this week, no prob
14:09:32 <antonela> and it is interesting because we can render a cross team collaboration with that deliverable
14:09:49 <antonela> dunqan: cool, that works
14:09:54 <dunqan> maybe we could have a chat T_ about your research and findings, and figure out when would be best to bash this out together?
14:10:16 <antonela> that could be ideal
14:10:25 <dunqan> I'm flexible this week and next :)
14:10:41 <antonela> but T_ research is just starting
14:11:12 <T_> This month we're pretesting our interview questionnaire
14:11:15 <dunqan> gotcha, that's fine then – plenty time ^_^
14:11:20 <antonela> yes, awesome
14:11:31 <dunqan> really looking forward to it ^^
14:11:34 <T_> We're reviewing this week ahead of pretest interviews
14:11:58 <antonela> i'll start that thread with you dunqan, T_ and thurayya so we can sync on personas
14:12:11 <dunqan> yeah that'd be great, thanks
14:12:12 <antonela> okey, thats cool :D
14:12:21 <antonela> my second item is about TB9
14:12:25 <T_> Thanks, that's great
14:12:28 <ggus> ey!
14:12:40 <antonela> you all can test a nightly http://f4amtbsowhix7rrf.onion/tor-browser-builds/2019-10-14/
14:12:43 <ggus> i started to map here: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tb-9-update-docs-keep
14:12:55 <antonela> ggus <3
14:13:00 <antonela> yes a quick intro
14:13:16 <antonela> TB9 is going to release on october 22 i think and we will need to update docs regarding that
14:13:43 <antonela> oh ggus perfect
14:13:48 <antonela> you already did it
14:14:28 <antonela> i'd like to highlight some critical links
14:14:29 <ggus> i'll need to review based on this latest tb build, but it's more or less this :)
14:14:35 <antonela> which are those that are linked from the TB UI
14:14:50 <antonela> and i think those need more priority for localization
14:15:28 <antonela> #31768 has more details
14:15:30 * antonela thanks dunqan!
14:15:45 <dunqan> oh haha, sorry to drop you in that
14:15:53 <dunqan> do you need anything from me or is it all sorted?
14:16:21 <antonela> nono, is done
14:16:29 <antonela> ggus: https://tb-manual.torproject.org/en-US/bridges/
14:16:39 <dunqan> thanks for that ^^
14:17:07 <antonela> that is from `about:preferences#tor`
14:17:36 <antonela> “Advanced > Configure how Tor Browser connects to the internet. Learn More” doesnt have link
14:17:36 <antonela> 
14:17:37 <antonela> and i just discovered that ^
14:18:02 <antonela> but your list is good ggus, what do you need from us?
14:18:19 <ggus> i'll need one gif and some screenshots
14:18:34 <ggus> https://tb-manual.torproject.org/static/images/security-settings-anim.gif
14:18:48 <emmapeel> btw there is a lot of content to localize for the manual and the support portal
14:18:53 <ggus> since we don't have more the tor button, we need a new gif
14:18:56 <emmapeel> all those strings we added or changed
14:19:19 <antonela> emmapeel: is that expected? which strings? onboarding?
14:19:28 <antonela> ggus right
14:20:55 <ggus> antonela: there's another thing in tb9
14:21:12 <antonela> is a question?
14:21:27 <ggus> yes
14:21:30 <ggus> preferences > tor browser support -> opens firefox support
14:21:30 <antonela> i think you cover all in your pad
14:21:34 <antonela> OH
14:21:36 <ggus> ops, sorry
14:22:03 <antonela> right
14:22:10 <antonela> i can file that ticket now
14:22:28 <ggus> i think it should open support.tpo
14:22:57 <antonela> yes, we should open support.tpo and if at some point we build tb with an offline manual and tb is offline it should link to the offline manual
14:23:10 <ggus> yess!
14:23:15 <antonela> but yes, now support.tpo should be the a href
14:23:28 <antonela> oki will file it, good catch ggus!
14:23:42 <ggus> :D
14:24:17 <antonela> people if you find something while playing with the nightly please ping me or open a ticket!
14:24:26 <antonela> we are in a good time to fix those small things
14:24:30 * antonela think :)
14:25:00 <ggus> In menu > help can we add "Tor Logs"?
14:25:31 <antonela> we have tor logs
14:25:40 <antonela> not at the menu but in about:preferences#tor
14:26:02 <antonela> https://share.riseup.net/#aeU9jCCnv2j5Fxzsd7ivIw
14:26:05 <antonela> ^^
14:26:44 <ggus> ok!
14:26:59 <antonela> but maybe is a good suggestion, file a ticket :)
14:27:20 <antonela> anything else on TB9 release?
14:28:21 <ggus> we should announce dark theme as a feature too
14:28:34 <antonela> :D
14:28:56 <antonela> not sure how deep we want to go with the dark word but yes, i'm a dark theme fan and acat made it real :
14:28:58 <antonela> :D
14:29:27 <emmapeel> thanks acat! nerd lives matter!
14:29:32 <antonela> emmapeel: the new strings are new because the latest changes in docs? or are you talking about new strings in TB?
14:29:41 <ggus> we can say it's more secure... it's all black
14:29:42 <emmapeel> the latest changes in the docs
14:29:46 <emmapeel> after the hackathon
14:29:47 <antonela> oh i see
14:30:16 <acat> yw :)
14:30:21 <antonela> anything we can do to improve that emmapeel?
14:31:31 <antonela> maybe a call for translators after tb9, early next month?
14:32:16 <emmapeel> lots of calls this last days
14:32:21 <antonela> i know
14:32:23 <emmapeel> better to leave them to notice by themselves i think
14:32:30 <emmapeel> so we give priority
14:32:30 <antonela> im cool with it
14:32:53 <emmapeel> there are a lot of strings that are easy to recover, because only a link changed for example
14:33:04 <emmapeel> or there were typos on the english source, but the translation does not need to change
14:33:09 <antonela> yes, but that is manual work
14:33:10 <antonela> :/
14:33:15 <emmapeel> they appear as suggestions, but you need to get through them and change them
14:33:29 <emmapeel> some translators have done already:D
14:33:35 <antonela> thanks translators \o/
14:33:37 <antonela> emmapeel: last thing, i think pili is talking with you about the EY campaign strings, is that right? are we ok there?
14:33:42 <emmapeel> but yeah is a very small proportion of the content
14:33:58 <emmapeel> yeah lots of strings,  ineed to check out the lego and donate strings
14:34:37 <emmapeel> i have added some sentences to the 'tweets'file to jumpstart translation
14:34:42 <antonela> <3
14:34:43 <emmapeel> i hope they will not change much!
14:34:46 <antonela> thank you emmapeel
14:35:06 <emmapeel> (if they change one silly char, then the translation does not autocomplete)
14:35:07 <antonela> please, ping me this week if you need help with anything there
14:35:10 <antonela> i know
14:35:12 <emmapeel> ok!
14:35:15 <antonela> thanks!
14:35:28 <antonela> that is all from me folks, anything you want to share? discuss?
14:36:45 <ggus> i'm good
14:36:57 <T_> I'm good
14:37:14 <antonela> just last thing, onion share 2.2 released this week with a new feature that allows you to create your own onion site!
14:37:25 <antonela> if you try it and have some feedback let us know!
14:37:30 <antonela> https://onionshare.org/
14:38:21 <dunqan> i saw this! really impressive
14:38:28 <ggus> i'll try! :)
14:38:47 <antonela> yes it is, is very nice
14:38:58 <antonela> so, thats all folks here
14:39:08 <T_> Thanks
14:39:13 * GeKo reads backlog
14:39:20 <antonela> hey GeKo o/
14:39:23 <GeKo> o/
14:39:26 * antonela the boss is here
14:39:35 * ggus cleans the table
14:39:38 * GeKo bows
14:39:40 <antonela> hahaha
14:39:59 <antonela> haha are we missing anything for TB9? we found some small things, i'll file those tickets right after this meeting ends
14:40:16 <GeKo> for the learn more link
14:40:21 <antonela> yes
14:40:24 <GeKo> pospeselr hides that in this latest patch
14:40:30 <GeKo> which will make it into tb9
14:40:35 <antonela> oh cool
14:40:44 <GeKo> although ideally we would fix it by having something to link to
14:40:51 <GeKo> but i am not sure what is missing here
14:40:59 <antonela> right
14:41:12 <antonela> and then [Tor Browser Support] in about:preferences is linking to firefox support
14:41:25 <GeKo> yeah
14:41:35 <GeKo> where should it link to instead?
14:41:48 <antonela> support.tpo.org seems good for now
14:41:59 <GeKo> that should be easily doable for tb9
14:42:04 <antonela> nice
14:42:17 <GeKo> could you file a ticket for that (too)?
14:42:29 <antonela> just to dont forget :)
14:42:33 <antonela> will do it
14:42:34 <antonela> yes
14:42:39 <GeKo> thanks
14:42:48 <antonela> do you need anything from us GeKo?
14:43:18 <GeKo> i guess some participation in the tb9 blog post
14:43:28 <GeKo> i am not sure what we should put in yet
14:43:29 <antonela> i can do that
14:43:38 <GeKo> we can coordinate with stephw i guess
14:43:55 <antonela> yes, lets do it
14:43:56 <GeKo> but i bet we want to have some, you know, gifs :)
14:44:03 <antonela> yes we want
14:44:05 <antonela> :)
14:44:14 <GeKo> so working on that would be helpful
14:44:21 <GeKo> the deadline is tue next week
14:44:32 <antonela> sure thing, let me ping steph and see what is missing and what we can have there
14:44:40 <GeKo> thanks!
14:44:49 <antonela> no problem, thanks for coming :)
14:44:54 <GeKo> that's all that comes to mind right now
14:44:56 <GeKo> sure
14:45:32 <antonela> okey, now is the end i think
14:45:45 <antonela> thank you people! always a pleasure being here building stuff with you!
14:45:53 <ggus> :D \o/
14:45:56 <antonela> #endmeeting