13:29:31 <pili> #startmeeting websites 10/17
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13:29:45 <pili> we won't have antonela today :)
13:29:57 <pili> who else is around though?
13:30:12 <emmapeel> o/
13:30:42 <hiro> o/
13:31:04 <pili> here's the pad: https://storm.torproject.org/shared/9jSZy7ZUedRmxn7NRRhcIO2B9xOm3_dtjTXf0qRUptM
13:31:21 <pili> please add your update :)
13:31:32 <pili> or more than one if you want... ;)
13:34:49 <pili> also, please update the community portal project board: https://dip.torproject.org/torproject/web/community/-/boards
13:34:50 <pili> I've just realised I have a few items that are not updated
13:35:59 <pili> ok, shall we start? :)
13:36:46 <emmapeel> not sure it merits an update in the pad, but hey have you seen the 'howto write content' page? https://dip.torproject.org/torproject/web/tpo/wikis/Writing-the-content i would like to add small instructions, i added the first looking at the changes i ask for in the reviews.
13:37:03 <emmapeel> it may be cool for outreachy kind of contributors
13:37:53 <pili> put it in the pad :)
13:37:56 <pili> it's a nice update
13:38:35 <emmapeel> you are welcome to add content-writing related instructions there
13:38:45 <ggus> imo, this kind of documentation should live on readme.md, so if you access tor github mirror, you can see how to contribute.
13:38:52 <pili> maybe you could add something about lists? I had a query about this PR: https://github.com/torproject/community/pull/22#issuecomment-543122812 and wanted a second opinion
13:39:01 <pili> ggus: +1
13:39:13 <pili> I think we have a readme on some of the repos already
13:40:15 <emmapeel> ggus: i can move it yeah. i was ading to the wiki because it was what hiro proposed
13:40:16 <pili> ok, maybe we can start going through some of the updates that need discussion, like mine... ;) :D
13:40:48 <pili> can someone please review and merge my 2 PRs? :)
13:40:58 <pili> they've been pushed to develop already
13:41:05 <pili> and seem to be working
13:41:10 <emmapeel> yeah i agre with lily, although i am not sure about the numbers working well, i wanted to test it in local
13:41:28 <pili> I already tested it
13:41:29 <pili> it works
13:41:41 <pili> anyway, these are my commits that need merging: https://gitweb.torproject.org/project/web/community.git/commit/?h=develop&id=a661be3303a736c854e13d37fa761130b2320f2d
13:41:47 <emmapeel> it doesnt really matter the number you put
13:42:04 <pili> and https://gitweb.torproject.org/project/web/community.git/commit/?h=develop&id=b37bee859afbf66b8bfb58cf7adb19e57b6f35d8
13:42:15 <pili> ok, I'll merge it then
13:42:37 <emmapeel> the system decided on the items according to the text. an important details is to always start in-between lines of texts in line with the text on the numbered sentence
13:42:57 <emmapeel> let me show you with an example
13:43:12 <pili> I was also trying to merge some of egypcio's PRs but one of them needs a small fix and the other one has a conflict that I'm somehow not able to resolve correctly (due to not being experienced enough with git... )
13:43:41 <hiro> why is the training resources template in lego?
13:43:47 <hiro> is that shared among different repositories?
13:43:50 <emmapeel> i think egypcio needs to run the wiki in local. i am ok with people that is not technical not to run the wiki but... comeon...
13:44:15 <ggus> pili: bridge documentation is maintained by phw, we should ask him first
13:44:48 <pili> :)
13:45:34 <pili> other than that I'm happy to review and merge any other PRs from people, just let me know if you have any waiting
13:45:53 <hiro> emmapeel pili ^
13:46:01 <hiro> why is that template in lego is it shared?
13:46:17 <pili> hiro: I don't know, I thought I removed it from there
13:46:33 <emmapeel> https://share.riseup.net/#OhYSokE7egmfjbGxgw5wZw here about the lists, pili !
13:46:48 <pili> and also I didn't put it there in the first place... :)
13:46:49 <pili> or at least I don't think I did... ;?
13:46:50 <pili> :/
13:46:55 <pili> but git will tell all
13:47:05 <pili> hiro: anyway, it's not and can be remove
13:47:28 <hiro> ok lego is just a different git repository for shared resources
13:47:39 <emmapeel> hiro: i dont know about templates and lego much
13:47:46 <hiro> please don't add templates there if these aren't shared
13:48:03 <emmapeel> ah training resources. no idea.
13:49:18 <pili> hiro: yup, got it, I've been trying to steer clear of it :D
13:50:14 <pili> ok, it seems like the next portal there are updates on is the developer portal
13:50:48 <pili> hiro: are you able to create the git repo or do I need to ask someone else
13:50:49 <pili> it seems like no one is creating the repos I've asked for in the past month... :/
13:51:00 <hiro> ok so I think everyone should be able to push to the web repositories, but not to lego
13:51:24 <hiro> so we make sure push to lego are revied by me first , otherwise all the builds can break
13:51:37 <pili> hiro: sounds good
13:51:59 <pili> so did I break teh build by removing the training-resources template from lego? :/
13:52:47 <hiro> I don't know have you updated the links?
13:53:37 <pili> which links? this is the commit I'm talking about:  https://gitweb.torproject.org/project/web/community.git/commit/?h=develop&id=b37bee859afbf66b8bfb58cf7adb19e57b6f35d8
13:53:44 <pili> but it's only on develop branch
13:54:00 <emmapeel> i think it is not so bad to break develop as it is to break master
13:54:35 <hiro> if you edit lektor you are editing master not develop
13:54:46 <hiro> the symlinks to the resources btw
13:56:08 <emmapeel> oh pili , i think you deleted 'templates/macros/resources.html' but that was a link to '../../templates/macros/resources.html'
13:56:13 <pili> yup
13:56:18 <hiro> anyways I'll check that out
13:56:20 <emmapeel> maybe it is better to unlink instead of rm
13:56:47 <pili> ok
13:57:00 <emmapeel> first try unlinking, and if it does not work, then rm
13:57:31 <pili> I still don't understand why it was moved to lego or when... :/ because I've not been working in lego
13:57:40 <pili> but let's move on if everyone is ok with this?
13:57:48 <emmapeel> but lego is a folder inside the repo, is a submodule
13:57:55 <emmapeel> so a part of your repo is another repo
13:58:07 <pili> right, but I haven't been making changes inside lego folder either
13:58:09 <emmapeel> if you push the changes with add * you run into this risks
13:58:24 <emmapeel> i always choose one by one the files and look at the diff before pushing
13:58:48 <pili> it's fine though I think I know what to do if I'm in this situation again :)
14:00:50 <pili> is everyone happy to move on?
14:01:21 <emmapeel> yep
14:01:41 <emmapeel> i mean, i am... not sure about everybody
14:02:48 <pili> hiro: when can we get the developer portal lektor instance initialized? :)
14:03:09 <hiro> more than the instance initialize I have to code the website
14:03:19 <emmapeel> ggus: regarding the readme, there is one readme for each website based in lektor. and the wiki is only one website if i copy the instructions then i will have to keep three instances of the documentation. maybe i can add a link to the wikipage on the readmes of the lektors?
14:04:30 <hiro> yeah link sounds better
14:04:47 <pili> hiro: ah ok
14:05:03 <pili> I imagine that will take a while... can someone else help you with this?
14:05:24 <pili> I was planning to work on website stuff tomorrow so maybe I could do something
14:05:41 <pili> it would be nice to have the git repo at least though
14:06:19 <hiro> ok I will start this between tonight and tomorro
14:06:50 <pili> thanks, let me know if i can help you with it
14:06:58 <pili> let's move on to the discussion
14:07:01 <pili> emmapeel: you're up first
14:07:10 <ggus> emmapeel: open a ticket so we can follow up on this.
14:08:21 <emmapeel> yes, i think it would be very positive to work on gitlab-CI support for lektor. we could see to have a .yml file configured and a runner so we can see if a PR breaks the build before merging
14:08:44 <emmapeel> when a build is broken, there is no posibility of updating that website
14:08:54 <emmapeel> we should give people all the tools needed to prevent that situation
14:09:28 <hiro> we don't have gitlab runners at the moment
14:09:50 <hiro> people can run lektor locally though... if it builds locally it is a clear indication that it works
14:09:57 <hiro> (most of the times)
14:10:02 <emmapeel> but we could, we could ask people to gives us runners for example
14:10:14 <hiro> we cannot do that atm
14:10:36 <emmapeel> why
14:10:43 <hiro> it's not a matter of hardware only... we have just started to migrate to dip
14:11:02 <hiro> this feature is not implemented yet
14:11:09 <emmapeel> but it does not matter. somebody could run a runner like a mirror
14:11:28 <hiro> you have to allow runners and setup the ci
14:11:34 <hiro> we aren't doing that atm
14:11:41 <hiro> it hte future yes we will have it
14:11:44 <emmapeel> i bring this up here in the meeting so we can discuss about it, pool some resources for that, etc. for example there was this email from anarcat about services
14:11:49 <emmapeel> we could ask some gitlabCI runners
14:11:51 <hiro> and we won't have jenkins
14:12:04 <emmapeel> is there a ticket_
14:12:05 <emmapeel> ?
14:12:12 <hiro> not yet
14:12:22 <hiro> open a ticket if you feel inclined
14:12:39 <emmapeel> ok i wil, thanks!
14:12:40 <hiro> but honestly it will be much quicker to write a few lines so people know how to run lektor locally
14:12:48 <hiro> or via github
14:13:00 <hiro> then when we will have CI in gitlab yes everything will work
14:13:12 <hiro> but I don't think it will be in the next few months... there is so much to do!
14:13:23 <Asong> I have an issue with the interface of https://community.torproject.org/localization/becoming-tor-translator/ on full screen view
14:13:37 <emmapeel> the lines are written. even people that knows how to run it locally, merges without running it
14:13:59 <emmapeel> there is a howto run  the wiki locally but nobody does it
14:14:21 <pili> Asong: can you please create a ticket on gitlab? thankyou!
14:14:41 <Asong> pili: noted
14:14:46 <emmapeel> hiro: i understand that there is much to do but i would like to have that on the bugtracker so we can prioritise and think on the future, get resources and people to do that, etc
14:14:47 <pili> emmapeel: I do it :)
14:15:06 <hiro> yeah add that to the bugtracker
14:15:32 <pili> I think we have a process and if people are not following the process we should find out where the friction is
14:15:43 <Asong> emmapeel: what do you think is the best conclusion for this https://github.com/torproject/community/pull/22
14:15:54 <pili> and try to improve the process or the documentation
14:16:00 <pili> or whatever else is needed :)
14:16:13 <Asong> pili mentioned it earlier on this meeting,but i didnt get the final say
14:16:18 <hiro> reading the documentation and asking questions if unsure is a good start
14:16:47 <pili> Asong: we will go ahead with the merge of the PR without changes
14:17:10 <Asong> ok pili
14:17:20 <pili> I think we should move on to the next point
14:18:10 <pili> so the search box... this is the discussion that we've been having for a while now about the different subdomain for search?
14:18:19 <emmapeel> pili: yes
14:18:21 <pili> unfortunately it's not a priority right now :(
14:18:39 <emmapeel> oh. that is a pity. we are already having alot of content and it would be nice to be able to look for it
14:19:39 <emmapeel> all the torproject teams may benefit of a good searchbox
14:19:42 <emmapeel> specially support!
14:20:22 <ggus> at the moment, i'm more concerned about how google index our website than having a search box
14:20:23 <pili> yup, I know :/
14:20:54 <pili> ggus: what's your concern exactly? and is this the meta tags discussion that we had last week?
14:21:01 <ggus> pili: yep
14:21:52 <pili> did we create a ticket for it? :)
14:23:00 <pili> emmapeel: anyway, regarding the search box, let's revisit it once the developer portal is under way
14:23:09 <pili> I'm thinking early 2020
14:23:27 <pili> just mindful that we have 7 minutes left and 2 more topics...
14:23:54 <pili> I think for the jenkins skillshare the best thing to do is to set up a meeting/session for this with a screenshare
14:24:05 <pili> and whoever is interested can participate
14:24:49 <pili> or maybe we should gather interest first... :)
14:25:12 <emmapeel> yeah something like that
14:25:31 <emmapeel> i think it is important that we can see if we broke the website and try to rebuild
14:25:45 <emmapeel> on the line of the previous proposal, to be able to review more easily
14:26:10 <emmapeel> we shoudl try not to have many false positives because then people gets used to the errors and dont pay attention
14:26:24 <emmapeel> like the tale of 'pedrito and the wolf'
14:26:48 <pili> doesn't the tor-bots channel tell you?
14:26:49 <pili> if you broke the build?
14:28:04 <pili> ok, I'm going to move on to the last point
14:28:09 <emmapeel> yes, it does
14:28:22 <pili> the network team wants to start publishing doxygen generated docs somewhere
14:28:23 <pili> soon...
14:28:46 <ggus> doxygen docs is for little t tor manual?
14:28:48 <pili> this fits into the docs portal work which is linked to the developer portal work
14:28:58 <pili> I think so, tbh I haven't had a chance to look yet
14:29:17 <pili> they are here currently: https://people.torproject.org/~nickm/tor-auto/doxygen/
14:29:40 <pili> one proposal was doxygen.dev.torproject.org but I don't really like that... :)
14:30:09 <pili> because we should think about the structure and information architecture of docs portal properly before
14:30:24 <pili> and I'm not sure yet if this has been discussed
14:30:30 <ggus> there was a ticket from juga talking about it and readthedocs, but i don't remember the final deciison there
14:30:47 <pili> and we're at the hour now and I have to go afk :)
14:30:52 <pili> ok, let's think about it during the rest of the week
14:31:06 <pili> hopefully I'll sit down to think about it tomorrow
14:31:19 <pili> and let's leave things here for today
14:31:22 <pili> #endmeeting