16:00:02 <ggus> #startmeeting Community Team meeting - 21-10-2019
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16:00:08 <ggus> hey o/
16:00:11 * kushal is here for the meeting
16:00:15 <ggus> community team meeting starting
16:00:43 <ggus> if you have updates or topics to discuss, please add to our pad: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-community-team-2019-keep
16:00:44 <Highflyer910> Hello all o/
16:00:54 <ggus> \o hello Highflyer910
16:00:58 <bluemoon> hi
16:01:05 <c1e0> o/
16:02:55 <antonela> buenas
16:03:34 <Asong_> buenas
16:10:59 <ggus> ok, i think everyone updated the pad
16:11:06 <ggus> * Documentation - Tor Browser 9 release (22 October)
16:11:53 <bluemoon> ahhhh I didn't realize how old Windows XP is
16:11:54 <ggus> last week i started to update TB Manual with new features and changes that we will have in Tor Browser 9
16:12:39 <ggus> https://dip.torproject.org/gus/manual/commits/torbrowser-9
16:12:42 <bluemoon> speaking of which I still noticed several items in the glossary and support that are referring to either an onion icon or torbutton.
16:12:56 <antonela> ggus: regarding screenshots/images, what is remaining ggus? could i help you with it today
16:12:57 <ggus> antonela: we will need help at least with the gif that we have now in tb manual
16:13:00 <antonela> lol
16:13:05 <ggus> bingo
16:13:12 <antonela> so synced dude
16:13:15 <antonela> yes lets do it
16:13:18 <antonela> after this meeting?
16:13:22 <ggus> yes!
16:13:29 <antonela> cool
16:13:36 <antonela> thanks for working on it!
16:13:44 <ggus> thank you! :)
16:14:34 <ggus> I still need to work on updating support portal questions & tb 9
16:16:53 <Asong_> my network is horrible
16:17:04 <emmapeel> yeah there is a lot of new text imported from the FAQs
16:17:05 <ggus> if you're looking for an interesting contribution to the documentation: https://dip.torproject.org/torproject/web/support/issues/70
16:17:24 <emmapeel> i have been fixing the strings but i am not finished yet, so i haven' t sent it to translation
16:17:30 <ggus> you will probably need to ping #tor-dev
16:17:42 <ggus> emmapeel: hold it, because more updates are coming
16:17:53 <emmapeel> yeah cool
16:18:08 <bluemoon> it was claimed by someone Pollet?
16:18:21 <emmapeel> i mean... it is ok to send strings that are final, but not unfinished ones
16:18:26 <Asong_> issue seems to be claimed already
16:18:37 <Highflyer910> who is working with that?
16:18:47 <emmapeel> if we are going to correct them i prefer to wait a bit, because recover already translated strings is more boring than translating a new string
16:19:22 <ggus> ok, commented on that issue.
16:19:42 <ggus> Highflyer910: cohosh and others from anti censorship team
16:20:56 <ggus> i'll try to open some issues about tb9 and support, so you folks can help too :)
16:21:18 <Highflyer910> ready to help:)
16:21:54 <ggus> moving to the other topic
16:21:59 <ggus> * Outreachy Q&A
16:22:34 <ggus> - How to create an account on GitLab and access to Tor project
16:23:00 <ggus> ivhro are you around?
16:23:15 <ggus> you need to send an email to pili@torproject.org + gus@torproject.org
16:23:28 <ggus> - How to join frontdesk service
16:23:42 <ggus> i will send the questions this week to you all
16:24:45 <ggus> more questions?
16:26:00 <Highflyer910> How can I mention my Reddit QAs on Outreachy contribution forms?
16:26:11 <Asong_> okay ggus
16:26:35 <Highflyer910> May I just copy the links there?
16:26:57 <ggus> Highflyer910: i don't know how Outreachy contribution forms looks like. could you share a screenshot? share.riseup.net
16:27:37 <Highflyer910> okay, thanks!
16:28:27 <ggus> i mean, share a screenshot with me
16:29:51 <Highflyer910> blob:https://share.riseup.net/98ec2eba-81fc-4d3a-b86b-010aa89dcbdb
16:30:03 <Highflyer910> shared:)
16:30:29 <bluemoon> I get 404
16:30:42 <ggus> yeah, you need to copy the url
16:30:46 <Asong> i get 404 too
16:30:57 <Highflyer910> https://share.riseup.net/#aP_sfT__CXt2kSFEvUF1hQ
16:31:12 <Highflyer910> ops, now?
16:31:29 <Asong> works
16:31:32 <Asong> thanks
16:32:27 <ggus> Highflyer910: and it only accepts one url, right?
16:32:38 <Highflyer910> seems so
16:33:29 <ggus> Highflyer910: i'll talk with pili and we will give you an answer.
16:33:52 <Highflyer910> ggus thank you
16:33:56 <ggus> :)
16:34:10 <ggus> ok, more questions?
16:34:32 <bluemoon> @ggus I see two of the items I noticed were fixed but I created this issue for the remainder of support items that need to be updated: https://dip.torproject.org/torproject/web/support/issues/75
16:34:40 <bluemoon> I don't know the answers :)
16:34:56 <bluemoon> Oh but question,
16:34:57 <bluemoon> in trac
16:35:05 <bluemoon> do we have access to set tags
16:35:08 <bluemoon> because I don't know how
16:35:23 <ggus> bluemoon: good catch on the glossary!
16:35:36 <ggus> bluemoon: you just need to add the tag
16:36:31 <ggus> it's not controlled, so you can create
16:37:45 <bluemoon> hmm, are they referred to as "labels"? Clicking in that area doesn't seem to work
16:39:17 <ggus> bluemoon: where it sasy 'labels'?
16:39:20 <ggus> says
16:40:04 <ggus> i thought you were talking about 'keywords' in ticket.
16:41:11 <bluemoon> Like say this is a Documentation task so I should probably label / tag it "Documentation"
16:41:16 <bluemoon> I'm not sure how to do that
16:42:00 <bluemoon> Also speaking of the glossary I found something else I was unsure of:
16:42:02 <ggus> bluemoon: on trac you could do that using keywords or selection Component / Community / Tor Browser Manual (or Support)
16:42:13 <ggus> *selecting
16:44:11 <bluemoon> I don't see anything called keywords
16:44:21 <ggus> bluemoon: https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/newticket
16:44:28 <ggus> when you create a new ticket
16:45:09 <bluemoon> Oh sorry I meant in dip >.<
16:45:36 <ggus> ohh, in dip.
16:45:41 <bluemoon> sorry
16:46:05 <ggus> in dip i don't know if guest accounts can set it to documentation tag
16:46:17 <ggus> but i can do it for you
16:47:10 <ggus> bluemoon: i'll do it after the meeting
16:47:17 <ggus> any more questions? :)
16:47:35 <bluemoon> ok thanks
16:47:51 <bluemoon> I have another question but maybe can ask in www
16:48:05 <bluemoon> it's another specific thing relating to a glossary item
16:48:22 <ggus> ok! :)
16:48:36 <Highflyer910> I had problems with compiling and needed help
16:49:09 <ggus> Highflyer910: where did you get stuck?
16:49:18 <Highflyer910> https://dip.torproject.org/torproject/web/tpo/wikis/Compiling-a-local-version-of-the-website tried all from here
16:49:41 <Highflyer910> but the website doesn;t work on my laptop
16:50:03 <ggus> OS and python version?
16:50:31 <Highflyer910> yes yes, all is installed but seems I do somethihng wrong
16:50:32 * emmapeel needs to step out for a bit
16:50:59 <ggus> Highflyer910: any error messages?
16:51:24 <Highflyer910> says it can't build html file
16:52:07 <ggus> Highflyer910: did you try $ git submodule update --init --recursive ?
16:52:19 <Highflyer910> yes, I did
16:52:22 <ggus> in lego directory?
16:52:23 <Highflyer910> well, decided to try it on another laptop and let's see....
16:52:32 <Highflyer910> in lego too:)
16:53:04 <Highflyer910> https://dip.torproject.org/torproject/web/tpo/issues/46 wanted to work on this and...
16:53:21 <ggus> let's try it later on #tor-www, it's probably python version or missing package
16:53:36 <ggus> Highflyer910: nice one! :)
16:53:53 <Highflyer910> yes, have the same doubts
16:54:32 <ggus> ok, anything else? :)
16:56:29 <bluemoon> I heard there are not enough people for the other tor project
16:56:37 <bluemoon> Are there now?
16:56:58 <ggus> dunno
16:57:11 <bluemoon> I am debating also joining that one... though I'm worried about spreading myself too thin.
16:57:18 <bluemoon> (I mean Outreachy project)
16:57:25 <ggus> maybe pili or stephw knows?
16:57:37 <bluemoon> I will contact the contact person and see; I think it was stephw?
16:57:38 <ggus> bluemoon: ping them on #tor-project
16:57:43 <bluemoon> ok
16:57:44 <ggus> yep
16:57:51 <ggus> ok, i'm stopping the bot
16:57:56 <ggus> and jumping to tor-www
16:58:00 <ggus> #endmeeting