16:59:32 <ahf> #startmeeting network team meeting, 21 october 2019
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16:59:36 <ahf> hello everybody!
16:59:39 <ahf> who is here today?
16:59:41 <catalyst> o/
16:59:45 <dgoulet> o/
16:59:46 <nickm> I am
16:59:47 <ahf> our pad is at https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-netteam-2019.1-keep
17:00:20 <gaba> hi!
17:00:31 <ahf> let us all start by checkout out the 0.4.2 status: https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/org/teams/NetworkTeam/CoreTorReleases/042Status
17:01:09 <ahf> nickm: do you need me to do anything regarding backport for #31091 or is that up to the mergers?
17:01:20 <nickm> fwiw I don't know if I will be able to figure out #31683 or #31364.
17:01:39 <nickm> ahf: looking...
17:01:48 <nickm> ahf: I don't think you need to take action.
17:01:54 <ahf> oki, great. thanks
17:02:07 <ahf> are those two bugs you posted something where more eyes will help or is it just a very hard to reproduce bug?
17:02:39 <nickm> maybe more eyes will help, but it is a big time-eater, and it only happens infrequently, and the impact is small.
17:03:02 <catalyst> nickm: i seem to recall at least one of those looked suspiciously like a host-level memory corruption problem?
17:03:20 <nickm> I don't think it is, but I could be wrong.
17:03:21 <ahf> swati: btw, can i get you to stick around a bit after the meeting? i would like to chat about asciidoc and tor and windows with you if possible
17:03:38 <swati> Yes sure ahf!
17:03:47 <swati> I will be here.
17:03:50 <ahf> swati: otherwise we can do it over email, that is also possible. i don't know if you have something you need to do after the meeting :-)
17:04:10 <swati> No, let's do it over the chat. I am free.
17:04:14 <ahf> cool!
17:05:13 <ahf> nickm: what do you suggest we do for those? keep them around and see if anybody else manages to reproduce them and finds more info for them?
17:06:16 <nickm> yeah. Also I'll write up everything I am able to guess about them in case that makes somebody else think of the solution
17:06:23 <dgoulet> my 042 stuff is being worked on actively. One needs unit tests I'm working on, other one needs asn opinion and last one is a hard one I need to re-re-re-analyze :S
17:06:41 <ahf> nice
17:07:10 <ahf> i no longer see any very high priority tickets that are not in merge_ready
17:07:12 <ahf> that is good
17:07:31 <ahf> should we move to next item? our kanban board! https://dip.torproject.org/torproject/core/tor/boards
17:07:32 <nickm> go us!
17:07:39 <ahf> yes, go everyone! very nice
17:07:54 <ahf> it looks like dip is more friendly to us this week
17:08:27 <dgoulet> oh I need to move stuff there
17:09:20 <ahf> yeah, remember that last week we had problems with the dip service, so we are probably 2 weeks behind on updates there
17:09:21 <nickm> I can't scroll
17:09:29 <ahf> no, i had to zoom out too to see things :-/
17:09:34 <ahf> the horizontal scroll is b0rked
17:09:49 <nickm> oh wait, shift-mousewheel works
17:10:03 <nickm> I hope we can solve this
17:10:14 <dgoulet> what do I do with a ticket that was pushed out for now from the sponsor?
17:10:37 <dgoulet> oh wait nvm!
17:10:48 <gaba> for gettor we added a column/label called 'needs_review' in gitlab (and that is how the needs review from trac will get translated). Do you think it would be useful here?
17:10:55 <gaba> dgoulet: move it to icebox
17:13:08 <ahf> i think i removed the footer
17:13:21 <ahf> the scrollbar returned here
17:13:29 <dgoulet> same here!
17:13:30 <dgoulet> nice
17:13:38 <gaba> yes!
17:13:39 <gaba> nice
17:13:54 <ahf> oki, great
17:14:03 <ahf> is everybody done with the kanban board?
17:14:10 <ahf> dgoulet: have we had tickets distributed this week for review?
17:14:11 <nickm> i am
17:14:25 <dgoulet> gaba: there is a TB ticket in the "Next" section for s27
17:14:43 <dgoulet> ahf: we do haev a bunch! I have yet to assign them :( ...
17:14:46 <dgoulet> I will certainly today
17:15:01 <dgoulet> sorry about that, asn is not here and he usually poke me in the morning about it and now it slipped lol
17:15:22 <ahf> ah, oki, so they will be assigned today at some point
17:15:29 <dgoulet> gaba: https://dip.torproject.org/torproject/core/tor/issues/42 ... this has no action item from net team afaik :S
17:15:32 <dgoulet> ahf: yes
17:15:34 <gaba> dgoulet: it is a placeholder as i understand tb has to do some work
17:15:35 <gaba> ahh, ok
17:15:40 <ahf> everyone should take a look later and see if they think what they got looked fine and otherwise prod me and i can try to help distribute them
17:15:41 <gaba> we can close it then
17:16:10 <ahf> ok, that was the items we have to do every week
17:16:20 <ahf> please remember to update the october work pad
17:16:31 <ahf> our next team retrospective is the 12th of november
17:16:48 <ahf> i see no discussion items, but some items around proposals
17:16:59 <ahf> nickm writes that not everybody have submitted C style poll results
17:17:08 <dgoulet> sorry, what is the "october work pad" ?
17:17:28 <ahf> dgoulet: * Please update https://pad.riseup.net/p/october-2019-tor-netteam for your October work so we can send out a summary once October is over.
17:17:31 <ahf> this one
17:17:44 <dgoulet> nickm: who is missing? as in maybe mine got lost? :S
17:17:55 <dgoulet> ahf: ok! thanks
17:17:56 <nickm> I need mikeperry and asn.
17:18:04 <ahf> nickm: yeah, maybe write who is missing? or ask them in private if they are 0 values everywhere :-)
17:18:11 <nickm> asn is out; I think I should wait for him to get back before I tabulate the results
17:18:22 <nickm> I'll ping mikeperry
17:18:23 <ahf> okay, we can do that
17:18:30 <mikeperry> I did not do much network team things this month due to Firefox review. I can add a couple lines
17:18:52 <nickm> mikeperry: will you have time for the C style survey this week?
17:19:42 <mikeperry> ah, yah I can do that
17:19:49 <nickm> cool; thanks!
17:20:44 <ahf> we have some status updates on the 3 proposals: one is withdrawn, one awaiting revision from me, and one we need to tune the parameter of whether it is 3, 6, or 12 month before commit bit
17:20:54 <ahf> i assume with people being out we want to continue that discussion on the ML?
17:21:49 <dgoulet> we sorta have to yes
17:21:55 <dgoulet> asn is afk for some days still
17:22:00 <ahf> ye, for some weeks i think
17:22:09 <ahf> i don't think he will be much around during the otf summit either
17:22:13 <ahf> those day were quite intense iirc
17:22:14 <dgoulet> and the one in discussion can't go forward like that
17:22:25 <dgoulet> yeah no chance
17:22:42 <ahf> i don't see any "help with" items in the pad - does anybody have anything they would like to talk about here ?
17:23:34 <ahf> oookay, i see nothing. let's end early then!
17:23:37 <ahf> happy hacking everyone!
17:23:40 <ahf> #endmeeting