13:59:31 <antonela> #startmeeting ux team
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13:59:37 <antonela> hello nice people :)
13:59:50 <thurayya> hello o/
13:59:55 <alarith> hello!
13:59:58 <pili> hi! :)
14:00:21 <antonela> a rainy tuesday here in hometown, so good for being in the computer *all* day
14:00:31 <antonela> https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-ux-team-2019-keep
14:00:44 <dunqan> o/
14:00:52 <antonela> here is the pad, feel free to add your updates, items for discussion, etc
14:01:26 <antonela> dunqan: thanks for the delivery yesterday!
14:01:42 <dunqan> no problem, hope they turn out nice ^^
14:01:43 <pili> antonela it's somehow nice and sunny in London! :O
14:02:19 <antonela> dunqan: i think they will print the version with the user journey, tho -- but i shared with isabela anyways just in case
14:02:34 <antonela> oh nice pili
14:02:42 <antonela> pili <> thurayya did you meet?
14:02:53 <pili> not yet :)
14:02:58 <pili> just trying to coordinate that ;)
14:03:03 <antonela> oki nice
14:03:07 <clash> hello nice antonela :)
14:03:13 <antonela> hi clash!
14:03:25 <antonela> the favicon is live :) thanks for working on it
14:03:33 <antonela> okey, lets start
14:03:45 <antonela> i added a few items for discussion
14:04:21 <antonela> the first one is for emmapeel or pili, acat is going to work on #30783
14:04:27 <antonela> do we have l10n strings ready to go?
14:04:34 * thurayya gonna flight to london tonight
14:04:41 <thurayya> fly*
14:04:47 <antonela> oh nah you still in transit
14:05:02 <thurayya> yes
14:05:39 <pili> antonela yes, i think I put them on the ticket
14:05:56 <pili> although maybe emmapeel wants them on some tor browser repo first
14:06:05 <pili> to import into transifex
14:06:18 <antonela> isnt that done?
14:06:41 <antonela> will check with emmapeel later when she is around
14:07:06 <antonela> also, who is going to work on that banner for tpo.org pili? should i?
14:07:39 <pili> afaik, unless we're asking alon to do it?
14:07:54 <antonela> alon?
14:08:03 <antonela> i mean, the mockups are ready
14:08:11 <pili> I can't think of anyone else who would do it? :)
14:08:26 <antonela> we can use the same banner structure we used for the global climate strike
14:08:32 <antonela> okey, i should do it so
14:08:41 <pili> or do you mean the css/html side of it?
14:09:01 <antonela> yes, the implementation
14:09:17 <antonela> mockups are done
14:09:30 <antonela> https://marvelapp.com/7f6eha5/screen/62377684
14:10:12 <pili> ok
14:10:13 <clash> I've basically been trying to beat jetlag all day
14:10:28 <antonela> oh clash, drink water!
14:10:40 <pili> or maybe hiro can do it :)
14:10:47 <antonela> okey, pili let me know if anything else is needed on the EOY campaign side of things
14:10:50 <antonela> next
14:10:55 <pili> ok
14:10:56 <dunqan> eat spicy food clash
14:11:01 <dunqan> it's weird but it helps
14:11:05 <antonela> thurayya: https://community.torproject.org/user-research/ is live
14:11:12 <antonela> i also applied steph's comments and review
14:11:42 <antonela> i found some missing links here https://community.torproject.org/user-research/guidelines/
14:11:46 <intrigeri> thurayya, antonela: congrats!
14:11:56 <antonela> hi intri <3
14:11:58 <antonela> thanks!
14:12:14 <thurayya> for past user research i didn't find the report on tor laucher - mumbai / also tor user demographics (2018) < this one i think someone might have?
14:12:21 <thurayya> intrigeri :)))
14:12:29 <clash> I've basically been trying to beat jetlag all day
14:12:34 <clash> I've basically been trying to beat jetlag all day
14:12:41 <clash> the new personas looks quite great, duncan, I think Fernanda's hair is sort of cut off. Is that intentional?
14:13:00 <antonela> thurayya: dont we have those in NC?
14:13:08 <dunqan> thanks clash! yeah but i should probably just redraw it
14:13:16 <dunqan> otherwise it'll look weird when printed
14:13:19 <emmapeel> ooops im late
14:13:31 <pili> thurayya  I need to check about the mumbai one :)
14:13:42 <pili> not sure if we did any user research there.... :/
14:14:01 <antonela> thurayya: 2018 demographics #27032
14:14:11 <thurayya> user demographics we don't
14:14:12 <clash> dunqan: I'm indian so just food :P
14:14:15 <pili> ah, that visit
14:14:29 <dunqan> haha good ^^
14:14:55 <antonela> thurayya: and sending DM for tor launcher in Mumbai
14:15:08 <antonela> thurayya: done
14:15:11 <antonela> hey emmapeel o/
14:15:26 <alarith> the user research page looks great
14:15:33 <thurayya> thanks, i just found them too, sorry! :/
14:15:45 <antonela> wondering if EOY campaign strings are in place for you since TB developers and tpo.org banners are going to be live soonish
14:15:51 <emmapeel> ey antonela ! i was reading #30783 . do you have the strings frozen then?
14:16:00 <antonela> tb developers are not going to be live, just the updated about:tor
14:16:02 <alarith> I've been drowning in work recently and still am until end of November, but I'd still like to get more into that
14:16:03 <antonela> :)
14:16:49 <antonela> alarith: thanks!
14:16:55 <thurayya> antonela: and for current research the ones that we don't have links we don't have yet (in development)
14:16:58 <emmapeel> i propose we do a branch with the text and so i can use it to generate the translation template
14:17:07 <thurayya> maybe we should put a note (in development)
14:17:11 <thurayya> ?
14:17:15 <antonela> thurayya: yes, works for me
14:17:28 <antonela> emmapeel: oki, who should do it? you? pili? me?
14:17:56 <emmapeel> i generate the translation template in local and update it from my install, so i can upload the one wiht the banner before we actually have it on the main site
14:18:00 <pili> a branch where? :)
14:18:11 <emmapeel> in tpo
14:18:38 <emmapeel> like, there is going to be a banner, riht? with the strings. lets make the banner put the strings etc and then i can generate the template on that branch
14:18:41 <emmapeel> i.e. develop
14:18:56 <pili> Tracking, surveillance, and censorship are widespread online. Take back the internet with Tor. Donate now.
14:18:57 <pili> Give today, and Mozilla will match your donation.
14:19:00 <pili> those are the strings
14:19:27 <pili> I think I put them in the gitlab issue also :)
14:19:31 <pili> but if not, I will add them now
14:19:38 <emmapeel> hehhee yeah but i am still scarted heh
14:19:39 <antonela> and for tor browser? aren't those strings in transifex yet?
14:19:44 <emmapeel> i mean, if they have a link in the middle, etc...
14:20:34 <emmapeel> i have added those strings pili said to the tweets resource to get them translated before. i think the ones in tor browser are already on the .dtd files
14:20:41 <pili> great :)
14:20:44 <ggus> hey about EOY banner, are we considering the full screen style or just footer?
14:21:00 <antonela> emmapeel:  cool
14:21:11 <antonela> ggus: where? in tpo.org?
14:21:42 <ggus> yes
14:22:34 <antonela> mmm maybe? maybe next month? i think is something to discuss with fundraising
14:22:55 <pili> +1 about discussing with the fundraising team
14:23:06 <pili> I'll take it to the meeting
14:23:36 <clash> fwiw, the footer climate change banner looked real nice
14:23:37 <antonela> cool, thanks pili
14:23:42 <antonela> yes and was just css
14:24:01 <antonela> anything else related with the EOY?
14:24:22 <ggus> if we're going to reuse the climage change css, it needs some webdev work to fix a few issues
14:25:00 <ggus> eg, the banner didn't open in some tpo pages
14:25:15 <antonela> good points ggus
14:25:32 <antonela> do we have a dip ticket with that issues?
14:25:56 <pili> do we need it to open in all pages though?
14:26:05 <pili> I can't remember what the behaviour was like last year
14:26:05 <ggus> we don't, it was just for a week.
14:26:14 <ggus> pili: for donation, yes
14:26:15 <pili> as in, I thought it just needs to be on the landing page
14:26:20 <ggus> every page, please
14:26:40 <pili> ok :)
14:26:41 <pili> got it
14:26:47 <emmapeel> the landing page is any page you visit?
14:26:52 <dunqan> are there general bug fixes for tpo.org in this deployment as well btw? or just the banner going online?
14:27:13 <dunqan> I noticed some glitches but wasn't sure if they were being worked on behind the scenes already
14:27:38 <pili> dunqan we're constantly updating tpo.org, there's no releases including multiple fixes as such :)
14:27:41 <antonela> dunqan: we are tracking tpo.org bugs/issues here https://dip.torproject.org/groups/torproject/web/-/issues
14:27:54 <antonela> if you find something weird, please open a ticket in dip
14:27:57 <dunqan> gotcha, thanks, i'll read through and check!
14:27:58 <pili> +1
14:28:11 <antonela> thanks!
14:28:15 <antonela> oki next item
14:28:21 <antonela> we are going to release TB9.0 this week
14:28:24 * antonela \o/
14:28:25 <antonela> https://lists.torproject.org/pipermail/tor-qa/2019-October/000971.html
14:28:35 <antonela> you can try it early bird ^^^
14:29:08 <antonela> there are two tickets ux-team labeled for this release and i'd like to discuss together a little bit about them
14:29:22 <antonela> #32118
14:29:25 <antonela> #32119
14:32:59 <emmapeel> yeah the broom confused me a bit too. also, there are no onions!
14:33:44 <antonela> i think we will have more feedback regarding the New Identity icon and will be smart to collect all them together and plan the next improvement. I feel like we can improve the wording here to have a better correlation with the icon + the message we are giving about it
14:33:45 <antonela> https://share.riseup.net/#R1nBtr3MSnay5XRlmr2u8w
14:35:03 <antonela> something interesting that came up from user research in brazil was this > https://nc.riseup.net/s/SwnjKeCS4KS9oBT
14:35:17 <pili> antonela shall we just keep using ticket #32118 to collect this feedback?
14:35:30 <antonela> 
14:35:30 <antonela> If you could, what would you change about it?
14:35:31 <antonela> He didn't understand very well what happened. But thinking about the term "new identity", he
14:35:32 <antonela> suggests that it would change the identity. For example, to create a new avatar, and change the
14:35:34 <antonela> image of this avatar, like it could be a turtle and then change to an ostrich.
14:36:09 <antonela> ^^^ this is a very cool mental model about new identities and maybe we can rely over it during the next iteration
14:36:26 <antonela> pili: yes we could
14:36:53 <nah> ^ i like this one too (i missed some parts of the conversation :/)
14:38:03 <antonela> for #32119 i think we got a lot of changes on the toolbar this release and we tried to condense all this info in just two cards to avoid overwhelming users
14:38:12 <antonela> dunqan: any throughs?
14:38:15 <dunqan> I guess retaining the language of "new identity" helped existing users, but it's not really self-explanatory what that means for new or less experienced folk
14:38:28 <antonela> agreed
14:38:37 <dunqan> I suppose ideally it's like a super refresh? clean and refresh all tabs?
14:38:52 <nah> +1 agreed
14:39:14 <dunqan> the difficulty with the icon's maybe exacerbated by the fact the new circuit icon is very good
14:39:23 <dunqan> i.e. an onion/refresh combo
14:39:40 <dunqan> which thematically is on point, but means new identity has to be visually distinct from that
14:41:03 <antonela> yep, but i'd like to ask users when they should ask for a new circuit and when for a new identity?
14:42:00 <antonela> im afraid that people just click buttons to make a website load - maybe we can improve the way we present new identity explaining what is the core functionality and how it can improve users privacy in real terms
14:42:09 <dunqan> yeah, I mean it's effectively the same feature from the user's POV but just applied at a different scale?
14:42:33 <dunqan> I keep thinking about DDG's burn all tabs feature in their mobile browser, and how nice that was
14:42:39 <antonela> exactly
14:42:46 <antonela> and is a perfect feature for mobiles
14:43:02 <antonela> im wondering if we can improve new identity by loading a different new page on the restart
14:43:24 <antonela> some feedback like "all was burn out and you have a fresh new identity now"
14:44:05 <dunqan> that would definitely help teach the behavior, but would still be open to user error before the first attempt
14:44:12 <dunqan> maybe a first-time modal instead?
14:44:17 <antonela> yes
14:44:26 <dunqan> e.g. an improvement on the dialogue we already have?
14:44:29 <emmapeel> well, you get a message saying evertyhing will be lost, before
14:44:30 <antonela> https://nc.riseup.net/s/SwnjKeCS4KS9oBT < this one
14:44:36 <dunqan> yup
14:44:49 <dunqan> maybe we could humanise it a little
14:45:05 <antonela> i can open a ticket to track this convo, could we follow it up together dunqan?
14:45:09 <dunqan> we could test mocks too, to see if users understand the intent
14:45:12 <dunqan> sure, sounds good!
14:45:17 <antonela> exactly
14:45:28 <dunqan> i need to read this study too ^^
14:45:35 <antonela> oki, will file that ticket just after this meeting and next meeting
14:46:12 <antonela> yes and that is the other part, we can collect more feedback after the release and plan the next iteration accordingly
14:46:52 <dunqan> yeah and the work done for TB9 will be super helpful in pushing us in the right direction here
14:47:03 <antonela> yes, that too
14:47:24 <antonela> so, thanks for all the work you have been doing for this release people!
14:48:16 <antonela> okey, those were my items for this meeting
14:48:22 <antonela> anything else?
14:49:24 <nah> we expect to have new trainings for s9 coming soon and see if they can run research on new identity
14:49:37 <pili> yup!
14:49:46 <nah> gonna add this question: < antonela> yep, but i'd like to ask users when they should ask for a new circuit and when for a new identity?
14:49:46 <pili> (I'm good)
14:49:52 <antonela> nah could we have duncan's review on the questions?
14:50:05 <nah> please!
14:50:14 <T_> I apologize for joining late
14:50:15 <nah> :)
14:50:22 <dunqan> thanks! will look out for it
14:50:26 <antonela> nah if you can share with him, that 'd be awesome
14:50:36 <antonela> hi T_
14:50:50 <nah> ok! thanks!
14:50:57 <antonela> im up for meeting with Adam during Taipei, we can bring more people to that meeting :)
14:51:06 <antonela> thanks dunqan!
14:51:15 <antonela> and nah !
14:51:19 <T_> Ok, great! Let me quickly share updates on my ICFP activities
14:51:35 <antonela> go for it T_
14:51:44 <T_> I've been pretesting the questionnaire while I wait for your updates and Adam's
14:52:23 <T_> I've learnt it takes between 35 - 50 minutes to go through the questions
14:54:00 <antonela> nice, what about the outcomes? did you upload those answers somewhere?
14:54:03 <T_> I'm also learning that I need a deeper understanding of some of the circumvention tools myself, in order to properly administer the interview. I'll need to update my knowledge
14:54:39 <pili> T_ let us know if we can help with this last point
14:54:46 <antonela> yes, is a huge topic
14:55:55 <antonela> i feel we will have really good sessions on that topic during the summit too T_
14:56:10 <T_> Ok, thanks Pili, Antonela, I'll reach out. I'll upload the interview answers this week
14:56:46 <antonela> in fact, Eillen from simply secure is going to run a session about it with design/ux pov and we (Tor) are going to run one as well
14:56:57 <antonela> T_ thanks for the update, looking forward to reading those
14:57:07 <antonela> i think that is all for today folks
14:57:12 <antonela> thank you so much for coming!
14:57:36 <T_> Thanks!
14:57:40 <dunqan> bye everyone o/
14:57:44 <alarith> thanks :-)
14:57:55 <pili> thanks! :)
14:57:56 <pili> bye!
14:57:57 <antonela> #endmeeting