15:59:24 <ggus> #startmeeting Community Team - 10-28-2019
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15:59:30 <ggus> hello!
15:59:36 <ggus> Community Team meeting starting now :)
15:59:37 <bluemoon> wait pili isn't it "spring forward fall back"
15:59:46 <Mac_10101> in question 9, there is some mention of "above message" but there is no message or SS !
15:59:56 <bluemoon> so my clock will move back, and that means... the team meeting will be earlier
15:59:58 <Highflyer910> o/
16:00:06 <RotationMatrix> \o
16:00:07 <bluemoon> (for me)
16:00:16 <ggus> Please update the pad - https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-community-team-2019-keep
16:00:35 <ggus> i'll grab a tea while people update it :)
16:00:50 <Highflyer910> my clock won't move at all in my country luckily
16:01:17 <bluemoon> that's easy Highflyer910 :)
16:01:25 <bluemoon> It's such a pain when they do
16:02:03 <Highflyer910> bluemoon: agree:)
16:02:04 <bluemoon> yes Mac_10101 I think I noticed that as well
16:03:55 <pili> bluemoon: I'm a mess of timezones atm after travelling and clocks changing :) all I know is that the UTC time is always constant so if your clocks changed last weekend then this meeting will be at a different time from what you are used to
16:04:23 <ggus> bluemoon: did you receive my last email? i sent last friday
16:06:57 <antonela> o/
16:07:07 * antonela is nearby
16:07:56 <ggus> \o hey antonela
16:14:47 <bluemoon> ggus from you last email I have is the support questions
16:14:57 <bluemoon> is that the one?
16:15:11 <ggus> yep
16:16:35 <ggus> people are still updating, last wait 2 minutes more and we start
16:19:36 <ggus> ok, let's start
16:20:09 <ggus> Last friday I submited some questions to you by email. Did you receive it?
16:20:33 <bluemoon> +
16:20:38 <Asong> I received ggus
16:20:56 <Highflyer910> I did too
16:21:21 <c1e0> Same :D
16:21:21 <yamakat> yes!
16:21:34 <Mac_10101> yah ggus, Package received :D
16:21:45 <ggus> great! if you didn't receive, ping me during this meeting.
16:23:22 <ggus> so, about question 9: it's basically an user telling you they can't login to a website.
16:23:50 <ggus> it's an easy one. :)
16:24:15 <c1e0> ggus: It spoke of an attachment which wasn't included
16:24:34 <bluemoon> so "the above message" was not necessary to answer the question :)
16:24:41 <Mac_10101> user is saying he is getting an above message but we can't see any message :D
16:25:12 <ggus> bluemoon: yep
16:25:36 <Mac_10101> Do we have older versions of tor somewhere? some sort of archive directory?
16:25:39 <ggus> it's a very common question.
16:25:59 <bluemoon> Mac_10101: try gettor
16:26:04 <ggus> https://dist.torproject.org/torbrowser/
16:26:26 <ggus> you can find 8.5.x and old alpha
16:27:51 <ggus> any questions about registering your final contribution to Oureachy?
16:27:55 <ggus> Outreachy
16:28:15 <c1e0> ggus: Do we need to show you reddit and stack answers before recording them? And is there a specific way to record these?
16:28:59 <Highflyer910> ggus how about registering Reddit QA to Outreachy?
16:29:16 <ggus> c1e0: please submit to my email all the links. you can also create a github gist with all the links
16:30:01 <c1e0> ggus: Noted. Thanks
16:30:44 <Highflyer910> ggus: so can I use a github gist for that?
16:31:03 <ggus> Highflyer910: yes
16:31:16 <Highflyer910> ggus: Great! Thanks
16:31:47 <ggus> People that are building the website locally, questions?
16:32:08 <bluemoon> Ah the gettor archive also only has 8.5.5 I think. I thought there were more; they're just different languagues.
16:32:50 <Mac_10101> yes, Some files needs to be copied from lego directory while the file exists but contains path to the file in lego directory
16:32:57 <ggus> bluemoon: gettor should delivery the newest version
16:33:19 <Mac_10101> and two times, I broke the local site when I copied that
16:33:40 <c1e0> ggus: I have faced too many errors with building the local version. The documentation is definitely not beginner friendly.
16:34:19 <Mac_10101> I think we need to update our doc of compiling local site
16:34:23 <bluemoon> I didn't build it yet; I'm actually not sure where the instructions are
16:34:36 <Mac_10101> there is almost no troubleshooting info
16:34:41 <c1e0> successfully fixed a path issue, only to come across import errors and others.
16:34:46 <pili> c1e0: any suggestions to improve
16:34:47 <pili> Mac_10101: also ^
16:34:49 <ggus> Mac_10101: right, do you have a recipe on how you built the website on windows?
16:35:05 <c1e0> Mac10101: agreed!
16:35:28 <pili> Please collect all these errors and how you managed to solve them (if you did) so we can update the wiki :)
16:35:56 <ggus> yes, you can open a ticket for lektor and website build
16:36:03 <Mac_10101> bluemoon: https://dip.torproject.org/torproject/web/tpo/wikis/Compiling-a-local-version-of-the-website
16:36:11 <c1e0> pili: More troubleshooting workarounds and a steps. I could compile my errors and the solutions (if I figure them out), in a doc and show y'all
16:36:20 <Mac_10101> yes, I can share my experience of building local site
16:36:23 <ggus> mostly of us are using linux or mac, so windows was a new platform
16:36:37 <pili> Thanks both :)
16:37:00 <Mac_10101> First, clone the correct repo
16:37:27 <Highflyer910> Do I and Mac_10101 only use Windows here?:)
16:37:30 <Mac_10101> 2nd make sure you get the lego foler by cd tpo/lego && git submodule update --init
16:37:38 <ggus> Mac_10101: please open a ticket with the instructions, so c1e0 can collaborate
16:37:50 <Mac_10101> You can skip the cd part if you open your terminal in lego folder
16:38:03 <Mac_10101> ggus: sure
16:38:42 <Mac_10101> 3rd, You must have the translations plugin, otherwise build will give many errors which will relate to "_"
16:39:05 <Mac_10101> and if I am not mistaken, they are added to translatable content
16:39:12 <c1e0> Mac_10101: Please, ping me when you do :)
16:39:37 <bluemoon> thanks for the link Mac_10101. But yes maybe put the instructions in the ticket it will be clearer there; now it's getting mixed up with other messages in the chat.
16:39:43 <Mac_10101> Here is plugin link : https://github.com/numericube/lektor-i18n-plugin
16:40:12 <Mac_10101> open up terminal in your project directory and use lektor plugins add lektor-i18n
16:40:30 <c1e0> Mac_10101: Speaking of translations, the doc speaks of downloading a branch into a folder but offers no clue how to do so. I'm stuck there.
16:40:38 <ggus> any other question about Outreachy? :)
16:40:46 <ggus> c1e0: about translations, you can ping emmapeel
16:41:02 <bluemoon> So, the deadline is November 5th which is a Tuesday
16:41:05 <ggus> c1e0: there's a wiki page in trac about it, but i never compiled the website with the translations
16:41:16 <bluemoon> We have one more meeting before then, correct?
16:41:23 <ggus> bluemoon: yes
16:41:28 <Highflyer910> Mac_10101 do you have Python 3..0.x installed?
16:41:31 <emmapeel> i will make it more clear c1e0 , each website has a branch at https://gitweb.torproject.org/translation.git/
16:41:38 <emmapeel> for example the support portal has https://gitweb.torproject.org/translation.git/commit/?h=support-portal
16:41:42 <bluemoon> ok
16:41:49 <emmapeel> (i mean i will add it to the docs)
16:42:29 <Mac_10101> Highflyer: I have three versions of python but it seems 2.7.2 is being used
16:43:11 <Highflyer910> Mac_10101: but i18n plugin needs Python 3 and above
16:43:21 <Mac_10101> Whether we import translation or not but we must have to install translations plugin or face the monstrous error log
16:43:26 <bluemoon> Mac_10101: consider using pyenv
16:43:31 <bluemoon> and virtualenv s
16:43:32 <pili> Mac_10101: I found I could get everything working with python 3
16:43:47 <pili> And not with 2
16:43:52 <RotationMatrix> Same here. Got a bunch of errors with 2.7.
16:44:15 <Mac_10101> Highflyer: the link I sent says so about Lektor version not python version
16:44:38 <Mac_10101> pili: debian user?
16:44:55 <pili> Nope Mac
16:45:01 <bluemoon> I have a few issues I wanted to ask about with the community portal; I guess I will ask them on www (possible issues to create tickets)
16:45:10 <c1e0> Also, the doc tells me to finally run "lektor build -O <folder>", but this doesn't work hitch-free. And the link is still a Problem Loading page
16:45:44 <Mac_10101> bluemoon: we aren't supposed to work on community portal? gus said that !
16:45:57 <ggus> ey, about community portal: it's a working in progress, and you don't need to focus on it. If you submit a pull request, we will review it soon, but it's not a priority
16:46:15 <bluemoon> eh, ok
16:46:16 <Mac_10101> c1eo: I never tried  "lektor build -O <folder>". intead go with "lektor server"
16:46:26 <ggus> you can see blank pages, broken links and other things
16:46:27 <bluemoon> it was in "stuff we need to read"
16:46:30 <bluemoon> so I read it
16:46:36 <bluemoon> and I found some possible issues
16:46:39 <c1e0> Mac_10101: Did that as well. Didn't help
16:46:48 <ggus> bluemoon: yeah, i saw your PR. thanks :)
16:46:55 <Mac_10101> alright, hope we our community portal will be ready soon
16:47:11 <Mac_10101> ggus: Who works on the development of sites?
16:47:16 <bluemoon> ok
16:47:45 <ggus> Mac_10101: depend on which part and which websites.
16:48:17 <Mac_10101> Hi all outreachy people, Should we make a discord server to collaborate and fix the errors specifically lektor :)
16:48:20 <Highflyer910> c1e0: same issues
16:48:47 <Highflyer910> Mac_10101: good idea
16:48:54 <bluemoon> we could just have an irc room
16:48:54 <Mac_10101> ggus: Actually I was more interested in working on site development
16:49:10 <ggus> Mac_10101: please don't create parallel forums
16:49:23 <Highflyer910> irc room is great too
16:49:45 <ggus> if you need a room, people can use #tor-www
16:49:46 <c1e0> emmapeel: Also, downloading lektor was a problem as well. Took me about two hours just to do it. We should write more on that.
16:49:47 <Asong_> Mac, irc is cool
16:49:57 <Mac_10101> alright ggus: it was only meant to talk about errors if we face among outreachy people only
16:50:01 <Mac_10101> but its fine
16:50:30 <emmapeel> c1e0: feel free to update the wikipage with information you find important! i added some changes about the repo etc https://dip.torproject.org/torproject/web/tpo/wikis/Compiling-a-local-version-of-the-website
16:50:31 <bluemoon> If we use tor-www more experienced tor people can help us too :)
16:51:00 <c1e0> emmapeel: Cool :D
16:51:49 <ggus> any more questions? :)
16:52:10 * har00ga waves
16:52:11 <bluemoon> as for the user questions, I understand we can do research
16:52:24 <bluemoon> but is there any limitation on discussing them in tor forums?
16:52:41 <Asong_> good question
16:53:06 <Mac_10101> good one bluemoon. I was wondering that too
16:53:18 <ggus> bluemoon: i prefer that people answer using only the documentation that we have
16:53:25 <bluemoon> ok
16:53:28 <bluemoon> I think that makes sense
16:53:51 <ggus> hello har00ga :)
16:54:05 <bluemoon> if we have any more questions regarding the questions, should we ping you ggus?
16:54:23 <har00ga> Hello :]
16:54:47 <ggus> this week i'll be mostly afk, so expect some latency
16:55:16 <bluemoon> ok, maybe email is better than IRC then
16:55:24 <bluemoon> I think I'll mostly be ok :)
16:55:27 <Mac_10101> ggus: In which repo I should open a ticket about lektor?
16:55:42 <ggus> Mac_10101: support repo
16:55:46 <bluemoon> some of them I thought "I know where to find that" but others "hmm not sure where to find that"
16:55:48 <ggus> bluemoon: yes
16:56:51 <ggus> ok people, i'm stopping the bot.
16:57:00 <bluemoon> ok
16:57:03 <ggus> #endmeeting