17:00:15 <ahf> #startmeeting Network team meeting, 28 october 2019
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17:00:21 <emmapeel> c1e0: i dont know, i use lektor build && lektor server
17:00:22 <ahf> hello everyone o/
17:00:32 <dgoulet> o/
17:00:39 <nickm> hi all!
17:00:44 <ahf> our pad today is at https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-netteam-2019.1-keep
17:01:23 <ahf> the meeting next week is gonna be on wednesday the 6th of november at 23:00 UTC, so remember we wont have a meeting on monday :-)
17:01:24 <catalyst> o/
17:01:43 <ahf> let us start by looking at our 042 status
17:01:49 <ahf> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/org/teams/NetworkTeam/CoreTorReleases/042Status
17:02:07 <ahf> we have some owner = none tickets it seems
17:02:21 <ahf> what do you hope happens there, nickm? we delegate owners to them or?
17:02:45 <nickm> looking...
17:03:03 <nickm> #32103 has a patch, so it doesn't need an owner unless it needs substantial revisions.
17:03:10 <ahf> no priority = very high tickets have shown up since last week, that is good
17:03:20 <nickm> #32140 and #32141 seem like they should get split between asn and dgoulet, given the topic?
17:03:37 <nickm> #32143 doesn't block a release IMO.
17:03:48 <ahf> what is ALL_BUGS_ARE_FATAL ?
17:04:13 <nickm> a compile-time option that turns tor_assert_nonfatal() and BUG() into crashes.
17:04:21 <ahf> should we move #32143 to 043?
17:04:26 <ahf> oh, ok, smart. i didn't know of that
17:04:38 <nickm> Unless teor wants to do it themself? Not sure.
17:04:59 <ahf> i will ask on the ticket
17:05:29 <ahf> ok, commented
17:05:47 <dgoulet> I've assigned #32140 and #32141
17:05:53 <ahf> thanks, dgoulet!
17:06:20 <ahf> ok, and catalyst is set as reviewer of #32103, great
17:06:28 <ahf> anything else we need to dive into around 0.4.2 today?
17:07:08 <nickm> not by me.
17:07:22 <ahf> okay, let's move on to our roadmap: https://pad.riseup.net/redirect#https%3A//dip.torproject.org/torproject/core/tor/boards
17:07:52 <ahf> hm, i wish we could somehow merge the anti-censorship items and these here
17:07:58 <ahf> scrolling sideways should work nicer now
17:09:10 <ahf> ok, both this and anti-censorship one looks ok for me
17:09:26 <nickm> my tickets look ok to me. everybody else see there work there?
17:10:13 <ahf> a yes will do 8)
17:10:26 <dgoulet> looks fine on my side
17:10:56 <ahf> are we just the 4 of us today?
17:11:03 <ahf> mikeperry, asn: you two around?
17:11:44 <mikeperry> ahf: yah
17:11:55 <ahf> oki, cool!
17:12:06 <ahf> okay, let's go to review assignments
17:12:13 <ahf> i think dgoulet did it earlier today
17:12:18 <dgoulet> yup
17:12:25 <dgoulet> only 3 tickets, I killed one right away :P
17:12:25 <ahf> does anybody have anything they need to shuffle around or wont have time ot do this week?
17:12:29 <ahf> nice :-D
17:12:39 <ahf> i got rid of mine pretty quickly after assignment i think, was also a small one
17:13:06 <ahf> i wonder if there was only 3 because people have been so good at asking each other for reviews during the week. if that is the case, awesome!
17:14:15 <ahf> we have #32213, i am gonna take that one for now and hope to give it a skim tonight, but i might need someone to help me follow up with teor over the week as i will be less online than usual
17:15:00 <ahf> ok taken
17:15:24 <ahf> please remember to update the october pad with updates to what you have been up to. i'd like to send out the october status email on monday
17:15:44 <ahf> remember next week there is the s31 meeting on the 5th of november at 23 UTC
17:15:51 <nickm> We have some work to do to get it in that state; I think you may need to start chasing people down
17:15:59 <nickm> I've made notes there, but they could be expanded into paragraphs
17:16:10 <ahf> nickm: yeah, i will
17:16:30 <ahf> and i will also expand some of it, last month the report was largely taken from a sponsor report, but i think i will need to do some expansion for this one too
17:16:48 <ahf> okay, to the discussion points
17:16:54 <ahf> * C style poll: results sent to the network team list. What next?
17:17:02 <ahf> i think nickm wants to lead that one
17:17:36 <ahf> ... unless someone else added it?
17:17:41 <nickm> I send out the responses last week
17:18:01 <nickm> My next step was to write up my opinions on what the responses show us, and my opinions on next steps in each area.
17:18:10 <nickm> I've got those written, and I want to send them out after the meeting
17:18:22 <nickm> (I finished writing them 15 minutes before the meeting, and didn't want to be distracting.)
17:18:49 <nickm> In some cases we have clear consensus; in sme we have none, and in some cases our only consensus is that we should follow through on the consensus that we do not have :)
17:18:59 <nickm> but there are lots of areas where we broadly agree
17:19:13 <nickm> I think next steps is for people to react to what I write and let me know what they think?
17:19:49 <ahf> i think that sounds like a good next step
17:20:25 <ahf> maybe split things up in the "easy ones" (the ones where we have mostly consensus) and then the ones where we are a bit further away from each other, so we don't end up spending too much time on things we mostly agree on?
17:21:11 <nickm> maybe! I think we can make some good progress pretty fast.
17:21:24 <ahf> oki, cool!
17:22:25 <ahf> anything else to this?
17:22:44 <ahf> otherwise we hve the commit bits for ci and review roles proposal by teor that is in status = voting right now, so people should be voting!
17:23:26 * ahf moves to needs help with
17:23:39 <ahf> catalyst needs some help with #32103 - some additional review would be nice
17:23:53 <ahf> it is related to some threading stuff now that the bot wont say the ticket info
17:23:58 <ahf> anybody up for helping here?
17:24:14 <nickm> I'm not seeing the first round review?
17:24:21 <nickm> looks like CI is failing on that ticket...
17:24:34 <catalyst> nickm: i'm going to write up my first round soon
17:24:44 <nickm> catalyst: kick it to me once that is done?
17:24:46 <catalyst> nickm: CI failure is practracker; i'll make a note in my review
17:24:55 <nickm> ack
17:25:18 <ahf> dgoulet: asn have a question for you on the pad for S27 october report
17:25:23 <dgoulet> yes
17:25:49 <ahf> you are on it? cool!
17:25:54 <dgoulet> yes yes
17:25:56 <ahf> anybody else who have anything we need to talk about this week?
17:26:30 <ahf> i will be traveling some of the time this week, so will be less online. send an email or expect a bit slowness on irc 8)
17:26:51 <ahf> cool!
17:26:54 <ahf> happy hacking everyone!
17:26:56 <ahf> #endmeeting