14:59:40 <pili> #startmeeting 10/29
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14:59:50 <pili> oops, forgot the sponsor
14:59:57 <brade> o/
14:59:59 <antonela> hello!
15:00:00 <dgoulet> yello!
15:00:01 <pili> This is the S27 meeting :)
15:00:08 <pili> (for posterity)]
15:00:34 <mcs> hi
15:00:39 <pili> here's the pad: https://storm.torproject.org/shared/uEfq05gpKxYLQvE5K229k5PV-sFx5n6deLIFL6ruD6r
15:00:40 <pili> I'm still collecting some thoughts there, please add your updates :)
15:00:46 <pili> acat: will you join us for this one today?
15:01:04 <acat> hi! yes :)
15:01:14 <antonela> nice :)
15:02:06 <dgoulet> Storm keeps disconnecting for me ... so I can't add much stuff :S ... so I guess I'll spill it out the net team update here? :)
15:02:39 <pili> dgoulet: wfm
15:02:50 <pili> dgoulet: you can share it now while everyone else is writing on the pad
15:04:23 <dgoulet> asn was afk since last meeting so won't go about asn. On my side, I've updated #30382 to the level where it can be fully tested by TB team. It lacks 2 error code that are very tricky to get and so I need to sync up with asn that came back this week about those
15:04:35 <dgoulet> (and it has the timeout issue fixed ^)
15:04:44 <pili> nice :)
15:05:33 <dgoulet> I've also attack many s27 HS ticket that were bugs found some weeks ago. I do not have the full list but I plan today to put them all in the s27 report for October
15:05:41 <dgoulet> we've fixed _so_ many issues...
15:05:48 <pili> dgoulet: that's great to hear, thank you for that :D
15:06:08 <mcs> dgoulet: thanks for all of that; we will test with your latest patch this week (for client auth at least).
15:06:21 <dgoulet> mcs: great, let me know if my test HS is still working for you also :P
15:06:28 <mcs> will do
15:06:38 <dgoulet> to finalize my report
15:07:04 <pili> dgoulet: is there any of the S27 work that is also going to make it into the 0.4.2 release? it's not a problem if it isn't it would just be nice to be able to tell the sponsor which tor versions contain the work
15:07:52 <dgoulet> I think very soon we'll wrap up s27 activities on the net team side since OnionBalance work done by asn is progressing super well. And the rest of the S27-must ticket are all assigned and being worked on
15:08:03 <dgoulet> pili: some fixes did yes
15:08:06 <dgoulet> pili: I'll list them in the report
15:08:10 <dgoulet> pili: including big ones
15:08:45 <dgoulet> pili: we found a pretty epic issue some months ago because of s27 but just recently made us actually remove a LOT of relays from the network due to this
15:08:51 <dgoulet> pili: you recall the big removal I bet? :P
15:08:59 <pili> :D
15:09:02 <dgoulet> pili: anyway, I'll mention it in the report as well because it is directly due to s27 work
15:09:08 <pili> that will be very nice to mention
15:09:34 <pili> I didn't realise it was thanks to work on this sponsor
15:09:37 <pili> really happy to hear that
15:09:43 <dgoulet> yeah mostly...
15:09:56 <dgoulet> anyway, s27 super in good shape net team side imo :D
15:09:59 <dgoulet> done --
15:10:06 <pili> thanks dgoulet
15:10:39 <pili> antonela: any highlights from UX? :)
15:11:03 <pili> happy to read that we're picking up the client auth work again :D
15:12:45 <pili> or if no one wants to share any other updates we can move on to reviewing the roadmap for the next few months
15:13:00 <antonela> not really, i'm working in a questionnaire to interview folks who are heavy onion services users
15:13:16 <antonela> i'd like to include this feedback at the end of the project delivery
15:13:29 <antonela> (even if we dont have any specific activity for it)
15:13:45 <pili> That's fine, I think that will be very useful also
15:13:53 <antonela> and im up to work with devs on tor browser updates
15:14:04 <pili> it can also be a "what's next for onion services after S27"
15:14:06 <pili> cool
15:14:11 <antonela> errors are almost done, i'd like to have asn back to see what we are missing
15:14:29 <antonela> we will be together in the summit at the end of this week so we can sync about this sponsor too
15:14:44 <pili> I guess that will pick up end of november/start december
15:14:56 <pili> I think asn is also concentrating on onion balance for the next few months
15:15:03 <pili> i.e until the end of the year
15:15:07 <antonela> seems like he is, yes
15:15:57 <antonela> thats all on my side
15:16:40 <pili> dgoulet: Is there anything outstanding with O1A1.1: Make v3 default ? I had this activity as being finished in October?
15:16:50 <pili> I'm not sure how much work is left from the network team on this side
15:16:56 <pili> s/side/sponsor
15:17:14 <pili> e.g right now it seems like it's mostly Onion Balance work?
15:17:15 <dgoulet> pili: oh wow the child tickets are a mess.....
15:17:39 <pili> plus small bits here and there... for O1A1.1 and O1A2
15:17:54 <dgoulet> pili: I think the overall idea of that ticket was "make v3 feature parity with v2" as in we can now officially turn the page on v2 because everything has been moved to v3 in terms of functionnalities
15:18:01 <pili> right
15:18:02 <dgoulet> pili: and yes I believe OB is the _last_ piece for that
15:18:16 <dgoulet> pili: I'll re-triage the child ticket there, it is quite a mess lol
15:18:27 <dgoulet> pili: in theory, that activity should be solely linked to OB I believe
15:18:38 <pili> dgoulet: ok, thank you
15:19:04 <pili> what about #29999
15:19:20 <pili> I wonder whether we can bill for completion of either of these yet
15:19:53 <dgoulet> pili: hmmm so out of these tickets
15:20:01 <dgoulet> #26294 was the last one with outstanding issues
15:20:27 <dgoulet> pili: and it was recently said that we won't do it and need to check a different strategy in 043
15:20:52 <dgoulet> pili: so I would say yes we did it all for the sponsor has the bulk of the work is done and merged
15:21:07 <pili> ok
15:21:17 <dgoulet> pili: the remaining things are very research questions and things we delayed due to security concerns
15:21:22 <pili> sure
15:21:23 <dgoulet> pili: and they can linger for a long time :S
15:21:51 <pili> and after you clean up #29995 will this activity be also finished?
15:22:41 <dgoulet> pili: until OB is a thing, not sure?
15:22:56 <pili> hmm, ok, they are separate activities though :)
15:23:02 <pili> but I'm fine to hold off for now
15:23:23 <pili> i.e #29998 is the OB ticket
15:23:38 <dgoulet> aaaaaaah
15:24:27 <dgoulet> pili: sorry about that... ok so #29995 is almost done. It has the #30200 ticket which is the parent ticket for all the HSv3 issues we've been finding with regards to reachability
15:24:37 <dgoulet> pili: and that one is the one I'm actively trying to fix all the things ^
15:24:56 <pili> ah ok
15:24:59 <dgoulet> pili: after that, yes def. we should be done for the "MUST" section of s27 for #29995
15:25:29 <dgoulet> pili: to summarize
15:25:52 <dgoulet> pili: #29999 imo can be considered DONE for the "must" part
15:26:03 <dgoulet> pili: #29995 should be in a month _max_
15:26:22 <dgoulet> pili: #29998 is progressing well but can't put a number on the progression bar ;)
15:26:38 <dgoulet> and I think that covers the net team activities?
15:27:06 <pili> I think so :)
15:27:13 <pili> thanks for that
15:27:27 <pili> maybe we won't even need to roadmap for network team beyond the end of the year... ;)
15:27:30 <pili> ok
15:28:32 <dgoulet> we do have a lot of -can ticket so we could always cherry-pick stuff ehehe
15:28:43 <pili> yup :)
15:28:59 <T_> Happy to be here
15:29:17 <pili> hi T_ I think maybe you meant to join the UX team meeting earlier? :)
15:29:53 <T_> Yes, is it over?
15:29:56 <pili> this is a meeting about Onion Services and you're welcome to lurk also :)
15:30:07 <pili> T_: yes, it happened during the last hour
15:30:22 <T_> Oh, I missed it then.
15:31:04 <pili> ok, for the Browser team, we have brade and mcs working on the client auth activity #30000
15:31:38 <pili> and acat will start working on #21952
15:32:02 <pili> which is part of O2A3: #30024
15:33:23 <pili> I would also like someone to start working on #30029	(O2A5) soon-ish but I've lost track of whether someone had "volunteered" for this one
15:33:33 <pili> brade or mcs, do you recall if we decided?
15:34:12 <brade> sorry; I don’t recall
15:34:23 <mcs> I cannot remember for sure, but I don’t think we decided yet who will take that one.
15:35:24 <pili> ok
15:35:37 <pili> yeah, we probably haven't decided
15:35:40 <syverson_> I would like to be sure to coordinate with whoever that is, once decided.
15:36:04 <antonela> hi syverson_ o/
15:36:12 <mcs> Improved error reporting (#30025) might get assigned to brade and me (since client auth already requires some improvements to error handling inside the browser).
15:36:19 <syverson_> hi antonela et al.
15:36:48 <pili> mcs: will you be picking that one up after the client auth work?
15:36:52 <pili> hey syverson_ :)
15:37:13 <pili> syverson_: sure, I want to start coordinating this soon, so I'll keep you in the loop
15:37:15 <mcs> that is what I am thinking unless someone has a better plan
15:37:16 <antonela> mcs nice, im planning to review the child tickets soonish
15:37:22 <pili> mcs: sounds good to me :)
15:37:38 <antonela> mcs: to make sure we are not missing anything :)
15:37:58 <mcs> antonela: thanks, and sounds good
15:37:59 <pili> syverson_: I think there'll be a few external stakeholders for this one so it makes sense to engage them early
15:38:24 <syverson_> pili: sounds good. just ping me vai mail as I'm on irc pretty much for these S27 mtgs only.
15:38:39 <pili> syverson_: yup, will do
15:39:12 <syverson_> At some point we should also discuss Isa's idea of having a face-to-face "summit" on this.
15:39:46 <GeKo> costa rica :)
15:40:03 <pili> I was wondering if there was another one planned... ;)
15:40:14 <pili> and yes, I imagine that's the most likely situation
15:40:39 <pili> other than that I'm done with my roadmap review discussion for now
15:40:42 <pili> does anyone else have any topics they'd like to discuss?
15:40:51 <antonela> im groot
15:41:07 * dgoulet is allg ood
15:41:13 <syverson_> GeKo: This was meant to be a separate and focused err retreat(?)
15:41:48 <pili> syverson_ I didn't hear that idea and I'd be interested to learn more :)
15:42:03 <pili> but I guess we need to hear more from isabela on this one
15:42:38 <syverson_> Isa and I had a _long_ discussion about it in Stockholm. Can tell you more later w/out taking up S27 mtg time.
15:42:46 <pili> sure
15:42:51 <mcs> no more topics for today from me or Kathy
15:42:52 <pili> otherwise, last chance for any last minute discussion points, thoughts, ideas :)
15:43:42 <pili> ok, I'll take that as a no :)
15:43:45 <pili> thanks everyone!
15:43:50 <dgoulet> o/
15:43:50 <pili> #endmeeting