14:00:23 <pili> #startmeeting websites 10/31
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14:00:37 <pili> who's around? :)
14:01:06 <pili> Welcome to the websites meeting Halloween edition 🎃
14:01:25 <pili> antonela said she'd join late
14:01:34 <pili> ggus is afk today
14:01:53 <pili> hiro emmapeel are you guys busy with the build errors?
14:02:22 <pili> stephw are you around? :)
14:02:43 <stephw> yes hello!
14:02:52 <emmapeel> o/
14:03:45 <pili> hi :)
14:04:22 <pili> here's the pad: https://storm.torproject.org/shared/ii76x8dte3i2KdEvzNV2Wv0A5sTFgQ-4n8cdMdcmXqH
14:04:25 <pili> I have a feeling it's going to be a short meeting today...
14:06:27 <antonela> o/
14:06:40 <antonela> hello!
14:07:53 <pili> ok, let's get started
14:08:21 <pili> I don't have many updates
14:08:22 <pili> I just merged my changes to the training resources page a few minutes ago
14:08:23 <pili> so we have something showing there now
14:08:24 <hiro> yes I am here
14:08:49 <pili> emmapeel: the idea is that the training resources will have a prefix to show the language
14:09:49 <emmapeel> i see.
14:09:52 <pili> and we should somehow hook in the localization plugin so it takes in the correct file for the language: https://gitweb.torproject.org/community/training.git/tree/2019/all-about-tor
14:10:00 <emmapeel> and how are they going to be translated?
14:10:46 <pili> well, we could upload the .md file to transifex
14:10:49 <pili> for people to localize
14:11:24 <hiro> I am a bit confused is this material a markdown file?
14:11:42 <pili> we have a markdown file for it and we will also have an odp file
14:11:48 <pili> and hopefully a pdf in future
14:11:59 <hiro> all the documents will be md + odp + pdf?
14:12:22 <pili> but the file we will want to translate is the markdown
14:12:23 <pili> yeah, people can choose the format they want to download
14:12:40 <emmapeel> pili: i wouldnt send the materials to translate if we are not sure how to lay them out. i wonder specially about languages right to left, or very different. We cannot choose the languages for each translation resource unfortunately
14:12:43 <pili> I mean, we don't have to list the md version
14:13:08 <hiro> the markdown will be the html file?
14:13:11 <hiro> generated by lektor?
14:13:40 <pili> nope, the markdown is not generated by lektor
14:13:43 <emmapeel> but can you generate the odp from the markdown file?
14:13:49 <pili> the markdown is just the content from the slides
14:13:54 <pili> emmapeel: not yet
14:14:13 <hiro> do we expect lektor to produce a html out of that?
14:14:22 <pili> right now ggus is doing it manually I believe
14:14:23 <pili> hiro: nope
14:14:32 <hiro> ok so why not serve it as txt?
14:14:51 <hiro> I guess we will offer it as a text file right?
14:15:06 <pili> we could do also, but the idea is that in future we can use it to generate the slides
14:15:13 <pili> maybe using pandoc or something similar
14:15:52 <hiro> in any case if we just want to serve file+loc.pdf
14:16:05 <hiro> the locale is generated with the alternative running in the website
14:16:10 <hiro> is not the localization plugin in that case
14:16:53 <hiro> and the <loc> part need to be the same as our alternatives
14:17:00 <emmapeel> i would rather wait until they are use to generate the slides for the markdown file to be sent to translators. also that way they will be able to review it
14:17:11 <pili> so should I create another databag file for each language?
14:17:17 <hiro> no
14:17:28 <hiro> the alternatives exists already in the website
14:17:32 <hiro> they just need to be the same
14:17:52 <pili> emmapeel: that's fine, ggus has a few versions of these files translated to other languages though
14:18:21 <pili> is it ok to upload them to this training materials repo?
14:18:51 <pili> hiro: I'm not sure I understand exactly how it works, let me look into it and maybe you can show me if I still don't get it
14:19:12 <hiro> there is a databag called alternatives.ini in each website
14:19:17 <hiro> those are the alternatives we have
14:20:23 <hiro> the text that we use for the url needs to be the same that we put in file+alt.pdf
14:20:28 <hiro> escluded
14:20:33 <hiro> the /
14:20:50 <pili> ok
14:21:13 <hiro> so if url is /es/ alt is just es
14:21:18 <pili> I'll try it out once we upload a few more languages
14:21:30 <pili> for the training slides
14:23:13 <pili> does anyone else have any updates on the community portal?
14:24:05 <antonela> nope here
14:24:22 <pili> stephw: how's it going with the reviews?
14:24:32 <pili> emmapeel and stephw, we should sync up to see when we can start sending content for localization
14:25:17 <stephw> i wasn’t able to do any more this week because of the campaign launch
14:25:31 <stephw> and i think some of my old ones didnt make it through because other work was done before mine were merged
14:25:53 <stephw> but it looks like there are just a handful more for me
14:25:54 <pili> stephw: do you remember which ones?
14:26:21 <pili> stephw: yeah, I think so
14:26:57 <pili> actually, there's some that are slightly duplicated, e.g 41 and 51 are both for the onion services landing page
14:27:45 <stephw> hrm cant find the emails about which were rejected, but i’ll browse through and see if i can figure it out
14:28:21 <pili> ok
14:28:24 <pili> I'm closing a few items that were in needs-review that are actually not referring to content review
14:28:27 <emmapeel> i can have a look with stephw next week. maybe we can simply go through the 'needs review'  ones and see if there were merges etc
14:28:56 <stephw> this could not be merged https://dip.torproject.org/steph/community/merge_requests/3
14:29:40 <stephw> thanks emma
14:30:08 <stephw> ill see what i can get to today
14:30:29 <pili> thanks stephw :)
14:30:38 <pili> and emmapeel
14:30:39 <stephw> thank you :)
14:31:53 <emmapeel> stephw: i think it is better if you create a new branch with each change, because if you make changes on develop they are being rewritten when somebody else updates that branch
14:33:19 <stephw> i thought i was doing that, that i had my own
14:33:26 <pili> emmapeel: but that merge request is on her own project
14:33:29 <pili> stephw: yup
14:33:43 <pili> I think the issue there is that there are some conflicts
14:33:44 <stephw> so it’s just making sure mine get merged quickly
14:33:47 <emmapeel> pili: i know but i think her git is a mirror or something
14:33:52 <emmapeel> hiro: may know more
14:34:22 <pili> ah, yes, the repo gets updated from master
14:34:23 <pili> gitweb master
14:34:26 <hiro> yes stephw git is a mirror
14:34:49 <hiro> when a push to master is made and dip is updated a bunch of repositories are updated too
14:36:21 <pili> so do we need to make sure that we merge stephw's changes promptly?
14:36:22 <pili> or do we need to update the instructions to work on branches
14:37:26 <hiro> are steph's merge requests being deleted?
14:38:01 <hiro> this shouldn't happen...
14:38:22 <hiro> or is it just a merge conflict?
14:38:36 <pili> I think it's just a merge conflict for this particular issue
14:38:58 <pili> I don't know if there have been any others  that have been overwritten recently
14:39:05 <hiro> ah that could happen
14:39:28 <hiro> I can merge that one if that's an issue... you just have to pull --rebase from master.. who ever merges it can do it...
14:39:55 <pili> yeah, I can take a look also but probably not until next week
14:40:46 <pili> ok, let's move on I think
14:40:55 <pili> we have a developer portal repo created: https://gitweb.torproject.org/project/web/dev.git/ \o/
14:41:06 <antonela> \o/
14:41:20 <antonela> do you want to add your sitemap approach to the pad pili?
14:41:25 <pili> ah yes
14:41:27 <pili> one sec
14:41:34 <antonela> i can work with you on it next month, after my vacs
14:42:20 <pili> this is a read-only version: https://nc.riseup.net/s/tQZDCm6AAMkRRDR
14:42:51 <antonela> we may want to have ahf and maybe nickm in this working group
14:43:10 <antonela> so we can be in the same page about docs, projects, and all what is going on there
14:43:17 <pili> antonela: yup, definitely :)
14:43:40 <pili> let's invite them to this meeting in a few weeks when you're back
14:43:40 <emmapeel> i thin kthey are being overwritten because she saves them in develop, staging or master
14:43:51 <emmapeel> sorry change of topic
14:43:54 <pili> or schedule a separate one to kick this off
14:44:21 <pili> emmapeel: you mean those branches in her own copy of the repo>
14:44:22 <pili> ?
14:44:33 <pili> back to dev portal :)
14:44:35 <emmapeel> yes, sorry i was looking onto that i didnt realised we changed topic
14:45:41 <pili> my idea is to sync with each of the development teams and review the projects that they want to highlight and which should have their own pages with more detail versus links out to docs or trac or somewhere else
14:45:54 <pili> ideally I would like to move some information from trac to the dev portal
14:46:21 <pili> but we should discuss it with the teams
14:46:22 <hiro> emmapeel I think I should review that procedure I have it on my notes for next week
14:46:41 <pili> I did a first pass of the sitemap to try to identify which projects we have some documentation for and which deserve their own page
14:47:57 <emmapeel> yeah hiro that would be great. i think we are still losing some of stephw' s content
14:48:47 <pili> anyway, I think that's all I wanted to discuss today
14:48:56 <pili> does anyone else have any other topics?
14:50:27 <pili> ok, I guess that's it then :)
14:50:30 <pili> thanks everyone!
14:50:33 <pili> #endmeeting