15:00:33 <karsten> #startmeeting metrics team
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15:00:49 <karsten> https://storm.torproject.org/shared/5h1Goax5eNusxjXJ_Ty5Wl7hFR1uqCReUiN8xdlBG8T <- agenda pad as usual
15:01:23 <karsten> please add topics if anything's still missing.
15:02:48 <irl> all done
15:03:06 <karsten> I don't have more topics, either.
15:03:07 <acute> nothing from me
15:03:55 <irl> gaba: ?
15:04:32 <karsten> okay, let's start and append anything else that comes up to the end.
15:04:36 <karsten> Onionoo deployments (irl)
15:04:41 <irl> did you get my mail about this?
15:04:45 <karsten> yes!
15:04:46 <gaba> yes
15:04:53 <gaba> nothing else from me :)
15:04:58 <karsten> and I totally forgot the time suggestion there.
15:05:03 <karsten> sorry for that!
15:05:10 <irl> that's ok, i did reviews instead
15:05:32 <karsten> can we do that tomorrow morning?
15:05:51 <irl> i won't be working tomorrow, but you can do the AWS version of it and let me know if the instructions break down?
15:06:46 <karsten> or maybe I'll do that on monday then. I would be around for a meeting but was otherwise planning to take it easy after all that index.json hacking.
15:06:57 <irl> monday is fine too
15:07:06 <karsten> okay, then I'll plan to do this on monday.
15:07:20 <irl> i'll be around on irc most of monday if you find yourself stuck
15:07:27 <karsten> sounds good!
15:07:43 <irl> that's all for this topic (:
15:07:48 <karsten> cool!
15:08:02 <karsten> Exit scanner (gaba)
15:08:05 <gaba> ok
15:08:11 <gaba> how are we doing with it?
15:08:59 <irl> there is an architecture, an implementation plan, some very rough code exists and i found a flaw in the control port protocol #32190
15:09:45 <gaba> next steps?
15:10:10 <irl> #32262
15:10:28 <irl> this is the foundation of the "scanner" portion of it
15:11:56 <karsten> would you mind writing a short summary like this on the pad?
15:12:11 <karsten> just so that we don't forget until next week. ;)
15:12:24 <gaba> i'm going to be adding exitscanner keyword to the tickets in trac to keep track of the ones that needs to be done for this to be complete.
15:12:31 <irl> ok
15:12:44 <irl> they are all child tickets of #29654
15:13:38 <gaba> should we have #32190 in the roadmap after that one?
15:14:09 <irl> i am hoping that that will be done by arlo(?)
15:14:22 <irl> yeah arlo
15:14:35 <irl> no wait
15:14:55 <irl> that's core tor, #32186 is the bug that i filed that i think arlo will hopefully do
15:15:02 <irl> #32190 we will just work around
15:15:06 <irl> it's not that big a deal
15:15:09 <irl> just annoying
15:15:25 <gaba> ok
15:16:10 <gaba> are you block by #32186 in any of this?
15:16:16 <irl> not yet
15:16:19 <gaba> ok
15:16:37 <irl> i will be later but that's when we start deploying new hosts and installing the new stuff
15:17:11 <gaba> and that may be in december, right?
15:17:28 <gaba> are we on track for having this then? is there anything we can do to help?
15:17:30 <irl> i think it is unlikely we will deploy in december, but hopefully we would have something to deploy
15:18:18 <irl> there is not really any way to make this go faster
15:18:22 <gaba> ok
15:19:40 <gaba> done with exit scanner for me :)
15:19:48 <irl> cool (:
15:20:02 <karsten> great!
15:20:12 <karsten> moving on:
15:20:15 <karsten> Updating the wiki page for the metrics team https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/org/teams/MetricsTeam
15:20:33 <irl> i think this topic and the next topic are the same
15:20:42 <karsten> ah, maybe.
15:20:45 <karsten> Release announcements, cf. #32142 (karsten)
15:20:52 <gaba> yes, similar
15:21:15 <gaba> the wiki will be moved to gitlab and that could be an oportunity to update it
15:21:20 <karsten> heh
15:21:27 <karsten> when is that going to happen?
15:21:35 <gaba> hopefully december
15:21:40 <irl> who is going to do that?
15:21:56 <gaba> there are a few volunteers for this like me and ahf and pili
15:22:11 <gaba> ahf is working on the migration
15:22:26 <karsten> we can easily throw out a bunch of stuff that is outdated.
15:22:33 <karsten> but do we want to keep old roadmaps somewhere?
15:22:55 <karsten> subpages?
15:23:06 <gaba> yes, i think it would be good to keep it as history
15:23:53 <karsten> okay. I can go through the wiki page and remove or move stuff.
15:23:59 <gaba> i can take it into other page for old_roadmaps
15:24:06 <gaba> ah, thanks karsten
15:24:21 <irl> if we're going to move to the gitlab wiki it will break metricstimeline
15:24:40 <karsten> uhh, I wonder when I last updated that on metrics.tpo...
15:24:49 <karsten> but yes, that's a good point.
15:24:54 <irl> is there some gitlab way for people to contribute to it better?
15:25:27 <gaba> irl: what do you mean?
15:25:41 <irl> we have this page with a table https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/doc/MetricsTimeline
15:25:55 <irl> is there some way for people to contribute to this table in a way that is more robust than editing a wiki page?
15:26:24 <gaba> ahh, I see. I would have to investigate a little
15:26:50 <gaba> maybe via issues in a project and then we render them in the wiki
15:26:53 <gaba> i would have to check
15:27:17 <gaba> or just a file that ppl send PRs to
15:27:20 <irl> it might be that dcf is the only person that edits it
15:27:26 <karsten> in any case we should update events on metrics.tpo one last time before the move to gitlab.
15:27:44 <gaba> ok
15:28:12 <irl> yes, dcf, phw and me are the only ones to recently edit it
15:28:55 <karsten> so, release announcements.
15:29:49 <irl> we don't have the capacity to be doing full release engineering with press releases
15:29:52 <karsten> I wonder when we last made them.
15:30:03 <irl> we mostly do releases for ourselves
15:30:29 <karsten> maybe we could mention new releases in the weekly meeting summary?
15:30:44 <karsten> there's always a ticket for a new release.
15:30:49 <irl> sounds good
15:30:53 <karsten> we could link to those tickets for new releases.
15:30:55 <gaba> yes, mention them somewhere would be fine
15:31:07 <gaba> weekly meetings summary is ok
15:31:14 <irl> the wiki can just link to the relevant folder on dist, not to a version
15:31:19 <irl> that way it's never out of date (:
15:31:33 <gaba> yep
15:32:22 <karsten> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/query?component=%5EMetrics&summary=%5ERelease&max=10&col=id&col=summary&col=component&col=type&col=status&col=priority&col=milestone&col=changetime&desc=1&order=changetime
15:32:42 <karsten> we could include the "Release*" tickets on the wiki page, too.
15:33:17 <gaba> ahh, I see. yes
15:33:44 <karsten> is that sufficient? dist.tpo link + this ticket list on the wiki page?
15:34:04 <karsten> we could also add something to the weekly mail, but that's yet one more thing to keep in mind.
15:34:56 <gaba> Let's try to include it in the weekly mail if possible.
15:35:00 <irl> we should have checklists for releases so we don't have to keep things in mind
15:35:16 <irl> we can add release checklists at https://help.torproject.org/metrics/ops/onionoo-ops/ and make other pages there for other services
15:35:47 <irl> (this is a git repo anyone can commit to)
15:35:58 <irl> (if you have a git-rw account that is)
15:36:08 <irl> https://gitweb.torproject.org/project/help/wiki.git
15:36:56 <karsten> gaba, you're writing the weekly mails. would you be checking release tickets before writing them, or how would and when you want to learn about new releases?
15:37:07 <karsten> how and when would*
15:37:09 <gaba> karsten: yes, I can check release tickets
15:37:22 <karsten> okay, cool!
15:37:25 <gaba> I will try to check them before the meeting and add them to the summary
15:38:10 <karsten> irl: I'll write down steps for releasing metrics-lib + collector for the index.json update.
15:38:27 <karsten> and then we can see whether they're good to go on that ops page.
15:38:30 <irl> ok cool
15:38:39 <gaba> ok
15:40:04 <gaba> I need to go now. The last item is the update of the roadmap
15:40:15 <gaba> we should move the exitscanner tickets up in the backlog
15:40:20 <karsten> okay, I'm done writing the summary.
15:41:12 <karsten> one quick question about the roadmap: wouldn't it make more sense to have icebox on the left, then backlog, then in progress, then on review, and then done?
15:41:22 <karsten> just so that cards flow from left to right?
15:41:43 <irl> that would seem logical but i've never seen it done that way
15:41:58 <karsten> ah, do we follow a convention here?
15:42:15 <gaba> yes, we have it that way in other teams
15:42:22 <irl> i'm just going on what i've seen other projects do
15:42:23 <irl> i don't really mind
15:42:39 <karsten> better, thanks. :)
15:42:51 <gaba> i like it better with icebox on the left :)
15:43:23 <gaba> and now i really need to step out... I will read the backlog later and send the logs to the mailing list
15:43:32 <karsten> bye!
15:44:19 <irl> for roadmap updates, i've moved #31659 to "on review" for you to look at on monday karsten
15:44:23 <irl> otherwise no changes for me
15:44:24 <karsten> I'll add #31071 to in progress, too.
15:44:32 <karsten> sounds good!
15:45:08 <karsten> after spending more time on #31204 than anticipated, I hope that my three items in progress or on review will be done next week.
15:45:32 <karsten> not adding more at this time.
15:45:40 <irl> cool
15:45:51 <acute> I've moved an onionperf automation task for irl to review, but it has no ticket number
15:45:51 <karsten> alright!
15:46:02 <irl> yes, i'll make some ticket numbers for those tasks
15:46:08 <karsten> great!
15:46:13 <irl> they've been in the roadmap since last week but i didn't make tickets yet
15:46:28 <acute> thanks!
15:47:08 <acute> that's all from me
15:47:24 <irl> are we all done?
15:47:25 <karsten> okay, I think we're out of topics!
15:47:27 <karsten> yes.
15:47:38 <irl> excellent
15:47:43 <karsten> talk to you next week, same time!
15:47:54 <karsten> bye! o/
15:47:54 <irl> cool, bye!
15:47:57 <acute> bye!
15:48:00 <karsten> #endmeeting