16:59:47 <cohosh> #startmeeting
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17:00:09 <cohosh> #topic anti-censorship meeting 2019-10-31
17:00:15 <gaba> hi!
17:00:16 <gaba> nice :)
17:00:17 <cohosh> hello \o/
17:00:25 <gaba> hello
17:00:28 <cohosh> our meeting pad is here: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-censorship-2019-keep
17:00:55 <cohosh> it will probably be a quiet meeting, phw and dcf are both away today
17:01:18 <cohosh> looks like there are no announcements this week
17:01:41 <cohosh> so i guess we can just jump in to discussion
17:01:58 <cohosh> the first item is about a snowflake protocol upgrade between the broker and the proxies
17:02:26 <cohosh> we have a few update strategies for snowflake, but for this ticket i was thinking of not being backwards compatable with old snowflakes
17:02:36 <cohosh> this might help clear out some snowflakes that haven't been updated and are causing problems
17:02:52 <cohosh> i wanted to get some input on this but perhaps today isn't a good meeting for that
17:03:09 <gaba> yes, can this feedback wait for 2 weeks?
17:03:24 <gaba> or be done in the ticket
17:03:34 <cohosh> i do not want to wait 2 weeks, i'll ping phw or dcf directly and see if i can get a quick ok
17:03:41 <cohosh> yeah we can discuss this on the ticket
17:03:54 <gaba> ok
17:03:56 <cohosh> but i also don't think there's a harm in moving forward
17:04:22 <cohosh> alright, the next item on the agenda is gettor
17:04:27 <cohosh> hiro: you around?
17:04:28 <gaba> sounds good
17:04:54 <gaba> hiro worked on the survival guide
17:05:07 <gaba> last meeting we said that after that you were going to review it, right?
17:05:11 <cohosh> yeah it looks really nice, i was just skimming it before the meeting
17:05:26 <cohosh> yes, i will review it and the other gettor reviews this week
17:05:45 <gaba> ok
17:05:46 <hiro> here
17:06:01 <cohosh> hi!
17:06:16 <hiro> and the bridgedb check ... or should that be phw?
17:06:34 <cohosh> oh maybe phw wants to review the bridgedb check
17:07:28 <cohosh> hiro: are you okay for waiting a while for that review?
17:07:36 <hiro> yeah it is fine
17:07:51 <cohosh> ok great, thanks!
17:07:55 <hiro> I am also out tomorrow here is a bank holiday
17:08:01 <hiro> so won't be back till last week
17:08:26 <cohosh> sounds good :)
17:08:27 <hiro> sorry next week monday I meant
17:09:02 <cohosh> looks like phw won't be back until the 11th
17:09:18 <hiro> it's ok it can wait
17:09:38 <cohosh> cool, any other gettor things to discuss?
17:09:43 <hiro> nope
17:09:56 <cohosh> ok thanks hiro!
17:10:08 <cohosh> next item is to update the roadmap
17:11:15 <cohosh> gaba: i think i want to add #31971 to the list of tasks to handle soon
17:12:04 <gaba> ok
17:12:42 <gaba> i'm going to add it to next
17:12:49 <gaba> can you estimate it?
17:12:56 <cohosh> yes i can do that
17:13:58 <gaba> thanks
17:14:34 <cohosh> gaba: anything else w.r.t. the roadmap? it looks good to me so far
17:15:15 <gaba> i do not think so
17:15:39 <gaba> it looks good
17:16:13 <cohosh> cool, any other things to discuss?
17:16:24 <gaba> not from me
17:16:55 <cohosh> alright, i'll wait another minute or so and then close the meeting
17:18:22 <cohosh> okay, thanks everyone!
17:18:25 <cohosh> #endmeeting