15:59:50 <ggus> #startmeeting Community Team - 2019-11-04
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15:59:54 <cy63113> Hi everybody!
16:00:13 <ggus> Hello folks! starting now our weekly meeting
16:00:28 <clash> sup folks!
16:00:32 <ggus> here's our meeting pad, please add your updates - https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-community-team-2019-keep
16:02:53 <pili> o/ just here to say I'm probably going to have to miss this one :(
16:07:37 <kushal> Hello everyone
16:07:46 <ggus> hey kushal!
16:11:00 <kushal> ggus, updated the pad
16:11:21 <ggus> thanks!
16:14:34 <ggus> i think everyone updated the pad. last start :)
16:14:55 <bluemoon> last start? :o
16:15:02 <ggus> let's start
16:15:07 <bluemoon> ok :)
16:15:13 <ggus> i was reading another thing heeh
16:15:14 <thurayya> hi :)
16:15:15 <Mac10101> pad updated, all good
16:15:46 <ggus> last days to register the final contribution to Outreachy, right?
16:15:51 <bluemoon> yes
16:15:59 <c1e0> Yup :D
16:16:00 <ggus> how it's going?
16:16:03 <bluemoon> I just started doing that; it's not hard
16:16:08 <Mac10101> yeah
16:16:14 <c1e0> ggus: The easiest thing so far XD
16:16:15 <Mac10101> I have some questions regarding it
16:16:42 <ggus> Mac10101: bring it
16:16:51 <bluemoon> but I had a couple things that consisted of IRC conversation, and I realized we have to put URL, so I just put this URL: https://webchat.oftc.net/
16:16:54 <Mac10101> I have commented/answered some of users questions on Reddit. How to record them as contribution? Do we have to email them to ggus?
16:17:29 <ggus> Mac10101: nope, as i explained to Highflyer910, you can save all the links in a github gist
16:17:48 <Mac10101> and send the gist link to you via email?
16:18:20 <ggus> to the application form
16:18:27 <bluemoon> Do the Outreachy mentors (i.e. Gus) look at the contribution list on Outreachy?
16:18:37 <ggus> bluemoon: i do
16:19:11 <bluemoon> I guess it's kind of a convenience thing, because you already have access to our stuff in github trac etc
16:19:32 <bluemoon> ok.
16:19:56 <Mac10101> How to add the answered questions via email (Final project) to Outreachy site? Or it is not required?
16:20:28 <bluemoon> I think last time ggus said we can put no URL, but I realized the form requires one
16:20:58 <ggus> from my email:"You won't need an URL for this contribution, just add to your
16:21:01 <ggus> contribution notes ("answered Support questions") and that will be fine
16:21:01 <Mac10101> bluemoon: I am asking just to be sure, don't wanna make any mess :)
16:21:04 <ggus> "
16:21:34 <Mac10101> What are we supposed to write in Project Timeline?
16:21:35 <bluemoon> yes that's the thing I'm saying the form requires one.
16:22:13 <bluemoon> Because it looks like we should record each individual PR or whatever as a separate "contribution"
16:22:24 <bluemoon> and each one gets a URL, you can't leave it blank
16:22:27 <Highflyer910> The form requires an URL, so I used Github gist, as ggus said last Monday
16:22:28 <ggus> bluemoon: you can collect all the links and things you have done and publish it as a Github Gist
16:22:44 <bluemoon> Ok
16:22:47 <bluemoon> I didn't try that
16:23:00 <bluemoon> Would you prefer us to put it all in one gist?
16:23:20 <bluemoon> regardless of what kind of contribution it was?
16:23:40 <Mac10101> ggus: I have recorded as one contribution per PR, Should I make a gist now or leave it as it is?
16:24:17 <ggus> bluemoon: i'd prefer a gist, so it would be easy to review the applicants
16:24:18 <ggus> Mac10101: ^
16:24:19 <Mac10101> probably it will be more manageable for you if a gist is provided.
16:24:56 <Mac10101> ggus: aright, will do that but in that case I should delete the existing contributions?
16:25:29 <ggus> Mac10101: nope, if you can add just the gist link, that would be great
16:25:54 <Mac10101> ggus: roger.
16:26:09 <c1e0> ggus: It turns out that entering a URL for the frontdesk contribution is mandatory. Outreachy form requires one.
16:26:28 <Mac10101> What I am supposed to write in Project Timeline? the page asks to consult with mentor.
16:27:41 <Highflyer910> I have put all my contributions in Project Timeline by date, is it okay?
16:27:42 <ggus> Mac10101: you can write what you're going to do during december - march 2020 to achieve these goals:
16:27:45 <ggus> 1. Improve our support documentation
16:27:50 <ggus> 2. Collect feedback from our support channels and write a montlhy report to Tor Browser Developers
16:28:07 <ggus> 3. Answer Tor users
16:29:02 <Highflyer910> oh so it's about future plans?!
16:29:04 <ggus> Highflyer910: from what i read, they are asking to the applicant to organize a work plan
16:29:08 <ggus> Highflyer910: yep
16:29:15 <Mac10101> and anything about fixing our site issues?
16:30:16 <Asong> ggus, what are we supposed to say as timeline
16:30:47 <ggus> Mac10101: fixing what exactly?
16:31:35 <Mac10101> ggus: in issue tracker there are some issues related to our sites. So isn't the internee supposed to fix them as well? :D
16:31:43 <ggus> Asong: you will need to deliver a simple work plan. it's more an exercise to see how you understand the work that you will need to do
16:32:54 <Highflyer910> ggus: and how about the question: Past experience with other communities? Do they mean communities outside Outreachy or not?
16:33:36 <ggus> Mac10101: if it's tagged with 'documentation'
16:34:13 <ggus> Highflyer910: yep, communities outside Outreachy
16:34:39 <Mac10101> ggus: Please describe your experience before this Outreachy application period with this free software community. What does "this free software community" refers to? Does it refer to "Tor Project" here?
16:35:29 <ggus> beyond Tor Project :)
16:35:55 <ggus> what are other projects that you are or were involved?
16:36:34 <Mac10101> What is "free software community"? Is it another word for Open Source software or it is some organization?
16:36:35 <c1e0> Mac10101: I think that question is asking if you've ever contributed to open source before this
16:37:22 <bluemoon> ggus: it will be the first time I create a gist. So I guess it should be public because Outreachy wants public links?
16:37:24 <clash> yeah basically your experience with the open source community, if any
16:37:40 <ggus> bluemoon: yep
16:37:52 <bluemoon> and it will be under my own Github?
16:38:46 <ggus> bluemoon: yes, so it's directly linked to your profile
16:38:54 <Mac10101> ggus: I made a secret gist but anyone with url can see it
16:39:02 <ggus> Mac10101: looks good
16:39:07 <c1e0> bluemoon: I made my links secret. Anyone with url can view it
16:39:17 <c1e0> my gist**
16:40:15 <bluemoon> I see.
16:40:58 <Mac10101> ggus: Are there any community specific questions? its on final application page.
16:41:50 <ggus> Mac10101: can you give more context?
16:41:53 <bluemoon> And it looks like you can not convert from public to secret but I suppose the other way works since github doesn't say otherwise. I think secret will be ok then.
16:42:21 <Mac10101> ggus: am gonna copy paste it
16:42:22 <Mac10101> (Optional) Community-specific Questions:
16:42:40 <Mac10101> Some communities or projects may want you to answer additional questions. Please check with your mentor and community coordinator to see if you need to provide any additional information after you save your final application.
16:42:43 <ggus> bluemoon: secret or public, both will work since we're just collecting public information (PRs, reddit comments, etc)
16:43:00 <Highflyer910> ggus: https://share.riseup.net/#5_qVDsM3LizwSlnr5jRqNQ this
16:43:07 <Mac10101> bluemoon: github says, you cant change gist type later.
16:43:10 <bluemoon> Oh, ggus I also was wondering, since there are many PRs that are outstanding does it matter? I guess you all have been busy but when I put in Outreachy they want "date accepted" and I can't put anything :)
16:43:54 <ggus> Highflyer910, Mac10101, you don't need to add anything there
16:44:00 <Mac10101> bluemoon: same, just have one PR merged and it was urgent :D
16:44:17 <Mac10101> ggus: Acknowledged.
16:46:08 <Highflyer910> Is it the last meeting?
16:46:18 <ggus> bluemoon: you mean to register the contribution?
16:46:47 <ggus> Highflyer910: well, the community team meeting will continue to happen, same day, same time
16:47:14 <Highflyer910> ggus: good:) <3
16:47:51 <ggus> so now you all know how to contribute to Tor
16:47:54 <ggus> :)
16:48:01 <ggus> we still have 10 minutes more
16:48:13 <Mac10101> ggus: what happens after contribution period? will we be able to continue working on dip?
16:48:42 <Mac10101> simply speaking, contribute to Tor Project just as we are doing in contribution period.
16:48:51 <bluemoon> ggus: yes, I guess when I am adding the contributions and most of them were not merged it just looks sad to me :)
16:49:06 <bluemoon> on the Outreachy form.
16:49:39 <bluemoon> So I guess I don't have to worry because I know you and other Tor members just didn't get around to most of the PRs
16:49:42 <ggus> bluemoon: i'm trying to review at least one pr per person, but in the last month i had too many aplicants
16:49:49 <bluemoon> I see
16:49:50 <ggus> bluemoon: yep
16:50:15 <Mac10101> ggus: I see only a few on dip
16:50:32 <bluemoon> Mac10101: from what I read on Outreachy site they suggest you continue being active
16:50:41 <ggus> Mac10101: what do you mean?
16:50:47 <bluemoon> pretty sure most of the projects would appreciate it
16:51:34 <bluemoon> though I guess for the internship you will be evaluated on the contribution period
16:51:40 <Mac10101> ggus: I meant can we contribute to Tor Project after the contribution period just as we did in contribution period?
16:51:50 <ggus> Mac10101: yes, you can
16:51:57 <ggus> it's a free software project
16:52:03 <Mac10101> bluemoon: it should be this way!
16:52:20 <ggus> people can contribute! :)
16:53:20 <clash> everyone can contribute :D
16:53:33 <Mac10101> Yay :D
16:53:38 <bluemoon> So for the gist any preferred filetype / name ?
16:54:04 <Mac10101> bluemoon: should of type txt. This is what I think
16:54:11 <ggus> it was a great month, folks! a lot of work! it was awesome to see people joining the meetings and helping
16:54:51 <ggus> i'm stopping the bot :)
16:54:54 <ggus> #endmeeting