13:59:44 <antonela> #startmeeting ux team
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13:59:52 <antonela> hi diogosergio o/
14:00:16 <clash> heluuu
14:00:29 <antonela> hey clash
14:00:55 <antonela> a new ux team meeting this week !
14:01:03 <pili> hi! :)
14:01:10 <antonela> please use the pad to add your updates and also suggest topics for discussion https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-ux-team-2019-keep
14:01:16 <clash> :D
14:01:37 <antonela> first of all, thanks pili for running the meeting last week
14:01:40 <pili> yw :)
14:01:58 <antonela> is there anything left from the triage that needs discussion?
14:02:14 <pili> let me double check, if so I'll add it to the topics for discussion
14:02:58 <antonela> oki, thanks
14:03:22 <antonela> diogosergio: we can talk about #32119 a little bit during this meeting
14:03:30 * antonela adds the item to the agenda
14:03:35 <diogosergio> Yeah, that sounds good.
14:04:19 <antonela> do we have thurayya around?
14:05:20 <antonela> emmapeel, thurayya: i'm writing the october report for the ux team here https://pad.riseup.net/p/ux-report-kp please feel free to add your highlights so i can send it this week
14:06:09 <antonela> oki, lets do it
14:06:24 <antonela> diogosergio: thanks for working on the onboarding iteration
14:07:22 <antonela> i think the doorhanger approach is great; we got some issues in the past loading a new tab at the onboarding
14:07:29 <diogosergio> My pleasure. I didn't really know what was possible, so tried to reuse funcionality.
14:07:37 <antonela> basically, the onion takes some time to load and users close the tab before it loads
14:07:38 <antonela> BUT
14:07:51 <antonela> we can display a unique doorhanger without opening a new tab
14:08:21 <antonela> so lets say we have a button at the onboarding card and we have the 1. button highlight at the toolbar and 2. the doorhanger with a larger explainer
14:09:00 <diogosergio> Yeah, that works.
14:09:19 * antonela #29925 < this is the bug opened after the new tab implementation
14:10:50 <antonela> so, your onboarding suggestion could work perfectly without a new tab -- diogosergio could you want to update the ticket after this meeting with this review so we can discuss it with the dev team during the next tor browser meeting?
14:11:11 <diogosergio> Yes, I will update and upload.
14:11:24 <antonela> awesome, thank you!
14:11:41 <diogosergio> What about the illustration, do we want to change that? something more clear? Is it worth it?
14:11:57 <diogosergio> I included an example today.
14:12:26 <antonela> i see
14:13:33 <antonela> im not sure about the red cross
14:14:16 <clash> hmm that struck me too
14:14:19 <diogosergio> Yeah, its just an example, no good with illustrations. But can try to rework it to something better.
14:14:39 <clash> maybe red circle?
14:14:58 <clash> it felt weird to me because the green was a solid shape but the cross was like lines
14:16:03 <diogosergio> I will try some different approaches, and see what works.
14:16:17 <antonela> that sounds like a good idea, thanks diogosergio!
14:16:36 <antonela> something to have in consideration is: we will need to rework our onboarding pattern for TB9.5, probably during Q1/Q2 next year
14:16:53 <clash> yeah it is just my opinion so maybe I'm overthinking too 🤔
14:17:06 <antonela> the current cards are not supported in ESR and maybe we will want to follow Firefox's flow there
14:17:30 <antonela> each time Firefox get updated, it loads a www source like https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/70.0/whatsnew/all/?oldversion=69.0.3
14:17:58 <antonela> it can give us more freedom on listing updates and also featuring new improvements
14:18:48 <diogosergio> Thats a good approach.
14:19:05 <antonela> we have this ticket for that work #31660
14:19:12 <pili> antonela: so it just loads a website?
14:19:17 <antonela> pili yes
14:19:17 <pili> sorry, webpage
14:19:26 <pili> hmm, ok, interesting
14:19:41 <pili> might mean more work for websites "team" :)
14:19:51 <diogosergio> Works better. For example the example I worked on, we have the modal and then the doorhanger on top. Already two levels.
14:20:04 <antonela> i think is related with the idea we discussed around having release notes also outside the blog
14:20:20 <clash> maybe we could have a template for it so that means relatively less edits every release
14:20:20 <pili> yup
14:20:32 <antonela> is a holistic approach on informing releases and may need different coordination across teams
14:20:47 <antonela> anyways, this is the future but i wanted to share it since we were reviewing onboarding stuff
14:21:02 <pili> I wonder what functionality we'll want, I'm guessing we'll keep the lektor approach and just load static content
14:21:06 <pili> yup, it's interesting :)
14:21:09 <diogosergio> Its good to know. Thanks for pointing it out.
14:21:38 <antonela> pili, that would be the case yes
14:21:54 <antonela> we will need boklm onboard too :)
14:22:06 <antonela> but yes, that is 9.5 stable work
14:23:15 <antonela> oki, anything else regarding tb onboarding?
14:23:36 <diogosergio> From me thats it.
14:23:51 <antonela> cool
14:24:02 <antonela> thanks diogosergio for helping us with this
14:24:07 <antonela> next item is pili's
14:24:21 * diogosergio thumbs up!
14:24:36 <pili> yup, I was just wondering if we had any plans for the letterboxing tickets
14:25:04 <pili> or whether you (antonela) had any ideas about when to schedule this work for :)
14:25:07 <pili> that was the main query I had from the triage last week
14:26:35 <antonela> well, i think letterboxing onboarding is the next item on letterboxing
14:26:44 <antonela> today's release has pospeselr improvements on theming
14:27:09 <antonela> i should focus on s27 tb stuff during december but i can take a look at that too
14:27:25 * pili just updated tbb9.5 and is checking it out
14:27:44 <antonela> oh wow those tickets are mine
14:27:45 <antonela> haha
14:27:46 <pili> sure, we'll see how it goes, don't take too much on :)
14:27:51 <diogosergio> I can pick something else after today.
14:28:13 <antonela> diogosergio: if you want to jump on #32325 please feel free
14:28:29 <antonela> ideally we have a section in about:preferences that allow users to enable/disable letterboxing
14:28:55 <clash> right now I think it's in about:config
14:29:16 <diogosergio> Okay, I will look into it.
14:29:27 <antonela> diogosergio: Tor Browser is based on Firefox so we use https://design.firefox.com/photon to make sure we are reusing the right components/patterns
14:29:42 <antonela> if you have any question about it just ask
14:30:37 <diogosergio> Will do, I think for now I have enough to go on.
14:30:48 <antonela> perfect
14:31:02 <antonela> oki, the last item is about my OOO
14:31:20 <antonela> i'll be out next week until wednesday on vacations, i think we can jump the ux meeting
14:31:40 <antonela> so next ux meeting will be on the 26th
14:32:29 <antonela> if you have anything urgent going on, you can email pili :P
14:32:57 <diogosergio> Nice one. Enjoy your time off.
14:33:16 <antonela> thank you ^__^
14:33:43 <pili> yes! :)
14:33:46 <antonela> jiji
14:33:56 <antonela> anything else for this meeting folks?
14:34:15 <diogosergio> Thats it for me :)
14:34:16 <pili> I'm good :)
14:34:32 <antonela> ahh one more thing
14:35:03 <antonela> bernard sent an invite for the open design room at fosdem https://lists.torproject.org/pipermail/ux/2019-November/000471.html
14:35:39 <antonela> this is a really good space to share experiences about open source design with designers and with muggles :)
14:35:56 <antonela> if you happen to be in europe early next year, you should apply for a slot
14:36:04 <clash> you're a wizard :)
14:36:11 <diogosergio> Ah yes, I spoke with him. I've been working on a git workflow for designers, might look into presenting it. If times works out.
14:36:23 <antonela> good stuff!
14:36:51 <antonela> yes, the community is very friendly and warming so i encourage you to do it
14:37:14 <antonela> im more like a witch clash
14:37:20 <antonela> *___*
14:37:27 <antonela> that's all folks
14:37:36 <antonela> lets call it so
14:37:43 * diogosergio thumbs up!
14:37:46 <antonela> thank you for being around!
14:37:51 <antonela> #endmeeting