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18:00:57 <phw> hi everyone
18:01:06 <phw> here's our meeting pad: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-censorship-2019-keep
18:01:27 <gaba> hi
18:01:44 <phw> i wonder if the bright green items are from last week or this week?
18:02:09 <gaba> I added a few things
18:02:14 <gaba> in green
18:02:53 <phw> ok, our announcement says that we're moving from nc.riseup.net to nc.torproject.net
18:03:42 <phw> the first item on our discussion list is gettor's survival guide.
18:03:47 <gaba> and shutting down storm.torproject.org in February
18:04:08 <phw> oh, thanks gaba
18:04:20 <cohosh> i think hiro is not here for the meeting
18:04:59 <phw> ok
18:05:10 <phw> then let's postpone this to next week's meeting
18:05:12 <cohosh> i sent some review comments about the survival guide and we've been working on getting the deployment details figured out
18:05:15 <cohosh> cool
18:05:44 <phw> that's great news
18:06:11 <phw> next up is a "team handle" for irc
18:06:33 <phw> the idea is that our team members configure a highlight in their irc client that makes it easy to reach us all
18:06:52 <phw> for example, the network team is using "network-team" to reach all team members
18:07:17 <phw> do we want this too? i think we do
18:07:20 <gaba> it could be both... ac-team and anti-censorship-team
18:07:41 <cohosh> i can never remember what the network team hilight is exactly
18:08:05 <dcf1> anti-censorship_team
18:08:20 <cohosh> aNtI-CeNsOrShIp-TEAM
18:08:25 <gaba> :)
18:09:16 <phw> it certainly is a bit confusing that the network team uses "network-team" and the tor browser team uses "tb-team"
18:09:23 * cohosh writes a script to generate irssi hilight config
18:09:30 <phw> so i like gaba's idea of proposing both
18:09:48 <cohosh> works for me
18:09:49 <phw> or all four, rather
18:10:05 <GeKo> a-team
18:10:38 <gaba> the anti-team :P
18:10:47 <GeKo> haha
18:12:04 <ahf> https://pad.riseup.net/p/PT2WfSEjEBmEt9KG-JpV is the email i wrote to the network-team with setting up their irssi's to highlight on this
18:12:43 <phw> ahf: thanks, that's useful
18:13:45 <phw> then let's configure both 'ac-team' and 'anti-censorship-team', to increase the odds of people getting the right handle?
18:14:02 <gaba> yep
18:14:09 <cohosh> sounds good
18:14:18 <phw> alrighty
18:14:25 <phw> cohosh: the next discussion items is yours, right?
18:14:41 <cohosh> oh yeah i guess there's not that much to discuss
18:15:03 <cohosh> but i did a snowflake update yesterday that had an additional effect of kicking out old proxies
18:15:22 <cohosh> i'm waiting for 24 hours to pass so we have metrics but it looks like we still have quite a few proxies
18:15:39 <cohosh> i also noticed that cupcake hasnt been updated at all since it was first integrated with snowflake
18:15:56 <phw> hm, has anyone heard from griffin since the last dev meeting?
18:15:59 <cohosh> so perhaps the cupcake proxies weren't even polling due to that infinite loop bug we had
18:16:42 <cohosh> i have not heard from him, no
18:18:35 <cohosh> anyway, something to keep in mind
18:20:23 <phw> have we reminded griffin at some point to update cupcake?
18:20:37 <cohosh> i think dcf reached out a while ago?
18:20:54 <cohosh> i'll send another email
18:21:08 <phw> thanks cohosh
18:21:36 <arlolra> I've had this evergreen task on the pad to make that process easier (updating)
18:21:45 <arlolra> maybe now's the time to finally tackle it
18:22:11 <cohosh> that would be really useful
18:22:29 <phw> arlolra: +1
18:23:13 <phw> next up is sponsor 30. i've had a brief chat with hellais during the otf summit
18:23:49 <phw> basically, there should be a feedback loop between ooni and bridgedb. bridgedb will hand ooni bridges to test, and learn in return what bridges are (un)reachable.
18:24:22 <phw> we should think about what ooni results would be maximally useful for us
18:24:33 <dcf1> No I have not read from griffin despite sending to different emails I know.
18:24:47 <dcf1> When Cupcake updates its proxies can be brought back into the fold, I expect.
18:25:33 <cohosh> phw: what is the plan to do with that information?
18:25:47 <cohosh> because we don't currently take into account where users of bridgedb are located
18:25:53 <cohosh> and blocking is very region specific
18:25:54 <phw> in particular, the ooni team will soon add an obfs4 test to its client and is wondering what obfs4 addresses to test
18:26:39 <phw> cohosh: we have yet to come up with a plan.
18:27:17 <phw> for example, bridgedb has code that can mark a bridge as blocked in certain countries. we could use ooni's data to actually make use of this.
18:27:24 <cohosh> ah i see
18:27:31 <cohosh> nice
18:27:38 <phw> that's just one example. i'm sure that there are other useful things we could be doing.
18:28:13 <gaba> ok
18:28:35 <phw> i want to summarise the current situation, so we have something more concrete to discuss soon
18:29:06 <phw> gaba: anything else related to s30?
18:29:23 <gaba> i wonder how are you doing with the activities I added to the pad after line 46
18:29:33 <gaba> I need to prioritize them in the roadmap (didn't do it yet)
18:29:56 <phw> i believe the first item is mostly our bridgedb metrics, which already exist
18:30:10 <phw> the second item was mostly finished as part of our bridge campaign
18:30:23 <gaba> yes
18:30:32 <phw> same for item three but i'm still working on #31834
18:30:46 <phw> i don't remember what item 4 is supposed to be, off the top of my head
18:31:59 <gaba> it is related to #31282
18:32:17 <gaba> A2 and will help antonela but it could be something to discuss with ehr
18:32:18 <gaba> her
18:32:21 <gaba> when she is back
18:32:25 <gaba> in our December meeting
18:32:30 <phw> ok, no progress on this one
18:32:43 <gaba> ok
18:32:58 <gaba> np
18:33:05 <phw> oh, another discussion item
18:33:06 <gaba> that is it for s30 from me
18:33:42 <phw> looks like the discussion already happened in the pad :)
18:34:14 <phw> dcf1, cohosh: anything else to coordinate wrt the ipv6 host?
18:34:27 <dcf1> team is back from the summit, yes?
18:34:44 <phw> yes
18:34:55 <dcf1> that's the main thing I was waiting on, ok
18:35:05 <cohosh> actually maybe we're okay with the metrics log, as long as we have it somewhere, collector should already have the old data
18:35:45 <cohosh> thanks dcf1
18:37:54 <phw> ok, last item is our roadmap. i'll make a pass over it soon
18:38:11 <cohosh> ah same
18:38:16 <phw> and please add your october'19 highlights to our monthly report: https://pad.riseup.net/p/Z7EjorhnnuNLVnA7Tdda
18:38:32 <phw> i dropped the ball on this one
18:39:22 <phw> any reviews?
18:39:33 <phw> looks like sina still hasn't taken care of #31890
18:39:50 <dcf1> we could assume it's taken care of?
18:40:11 <phw> do we have reason to believe he updated?
18:40:18 <dcf1> I wish we were more on top of the update process. This time isn't so critical, but it may be next time.
18:40:30 <dcf1> I thought that you noticed the host had been rebooted or something.
18:40:49 <phw> oh, yes, it went offline for a short while. but that doesn't mean that he actually updated
18:40:59 <phw> more generally, we shouldn't have unresponsive people run infrastructure for us
18:42:28 <phw> i'll send sina another reminder and ask if there's a way to handle this better
18:43:53 <phw> anything else for today?
18:45:08 <phw> #endmeeting