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15:59:35 <ggus> hello folks! o/
15:59:38 <pili> hi!
15:59:42 <cy63113> Hi!
15:59:43 <ggus> community team meeting starting now
15:59:45 <ggus> :D
15:59:46 <Mac10101> Hi folks!
15:59:51 <ggus> o/
16:00:05 <ggus> here's our pad: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-community-team-2019-keep
16:00:17 <ggus> please add your updates and then we start
16:00:38 <Highflyer910> Hi all! o/
16:01:48 <ggus> hi, Highflyer910 :)
16:03:28 <ivhro> Hello everyone!
16:05:28 <kushal> Hello everyone
16:06:02 <clash> Hey
16:07:34 <kushal> ggus, Updated the pad
16:08:31 <emmapeel> o/
16:09:38 <ggus> thanks, kushal
16:09:51 <Mac10101> pad updated
16:10:52 * ggus reading the pad
16:12:37 <ggus> ok, if everybody is ready, let's start
16:13:10 <ggus> so, probably this week IFF will open their call for activities
16:13:38 <Mac10101> I am wondering what's this Internet Freedom Festival (IFF)
16:13:58 <cy63113> awesome! and seems RightsCon is already open
16:14:01 <Mac10101> Anything we outreachy people can do in it?
16:14:02 <ggus> https://internetfreedomfestival.org
16:14:17 <ggus> Mac10101: maybe.
16:15:21 <ggus> this year we did some activities
16:15:30 <ggus> one about tor in global south with derechos digitales
16:16:01 <ggus> - a global south meetup
16:16:17 <ggus> - hiro and antonela talked about running onion services in containers
16:16:28 <ggus> (maybe i'm wrong)
16:16:50 <cy63113> (hiro did this talk in mozfest)
16:17:05 <ggus> and we also had a booth with our outreach materials
16:17:36 <ggus> and we should figure out what we want to do next year :)
16:17:58 <ggus> so people that went to there, do you have opinions on what we should submit? or what you are going to submit?
16:18:25 <emmapeel> i tend to talk to translators a lot but not sure about activities
16:18:51 <emmapeel> i did one on last IFF though, to gather requirements for a glossary
16:18:52 <ggus> emmapeel: do you know if localization lab are going to run a pre-iff activity?
16:19:08 <emmapeel> they usually do they yearly summer just before IFF
16:19:29 <emmapeel> but i havent heard about this year.
16:20:33 <ggus> kushal: how was iff for you? do you have plans to join in 2020?
16:21:31 <ggus> last month talking with antonela and gaba, with sponsor30 scope, we're planning to run this activity: https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/31870#comment:5
16:22:04 <ggus> thoughts?
16:22:49 <emmapeel> i think the IFF is great to do such thing. there are lots of security trainers there
16:24:36 <ggus> yup, and the idea is to have kind of a game
16:26:04 <ggus> if you have more ideas about activities that we could organize there, please add to the pad
16:26:09 <ggus> or just say :)
16:26:10 <cy63113> I'd like to propose that envelope game to explain how the information travels through Tor
16:27:05 <cy63113> It's a fun activity
16:27:44 <cy63113> what do you think?
16:29:04 <pili> I still haven't seen that one yet! :)
16:29:22 <cy63113> It's a fun caos
16:30:53 <ggus> last time iff approved activities that were 'new' or engaged other partners
16:31:33 <emmapeel> i suck at planning activities but i hope erinm will help me
16:32:03 <pili> I was planning to just go and help out in general but if it would be useful for me to submit an activity I can do that also :)
16:32:08 <ggus> pili: do you remember when they close their call for activities?
16:32:29 <emmapeel> i like the booth a lot, and i would volunteer for that
16:32:35 <pili> 13th december
16:33:04 <ggus> right, so we have less than one month to submit a main talk + other activities
16:33:38 <cy63113> everything depends on how you describe the activity to engage partners, people, etc
16:34:01 <cy63113> something quick not related
16:34:04 <cy63113> I found this little article after my talk in Mozfest: https://www.voicemag.uk/blog/6337/the-onion-routing-c-mon-join-the-joy-ride
16:35:12 <pili> nice one cy63113 !
16:35:21 <cy63113> :)
16:35:52 <emmapeel> nice!
16:35:57 <kushal> ggus, I will join in at IFF 2020.
16:36:05 <kushal> ggus, Amazing experience.
16:37:37 <ggus> kushal: ey, check with securedrop folks and/or fpf about activities they will submit :)
16:38:10 <ggus> ok, about iff i think that is it for now, maybe we can brainstorm more next week
16:39:09 <ggus> 2020 calendar: human rights events and other activities that are happening next year?
16:40:06 <ggus> kushal: in january will have privacy activities in india?
16:40:40 <kushal> ggus, I am planning to do a workshop + talk in delhi in December, January we will have a few college level events at max.
16:41:09 <Mac10101> ggus: Do we have some activities in Pakistan as well?
16:41:12 <ggus> kushal: right, do you know if mozilla will do that privacy meetup?
16:41:34 <kushal> ggus, no clue, but, they (delhi folks) generally join in.
16:41:36 <ggus> Mac10101: not that i'm aware. if you know, please add to the pad
16:42:18 <kushal> ggus, I am planning to start a campaign with the Internet Freedom Foundation (India) to increase general Tor users in India, I will cc you from the first email.
16:42:35 <ggus> kushal: great! :D
16:42:39 <emmapeel> nice article about firefox in the guardian yesterday https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2019/nov/17/firefox-mozilla-fights-back-against-google-chrome-dominance-privacy-fears
16:42:51 <Mac10101> ggus: I couldn't see any official activities in Pakistan but I think think there should be
16:42:58 <ggus> kushal: hope that we have a massive migration like is happening with mastodon in india
16:43:02 <Mac10101> People need that
16:43:10 <Mac10101> we need to spread word to people here
16:44:27 <Mac10101> There had been cases which wouldn't have happened if people cared about privacy. People got persecuted for speaking out online
16:44:40 <ggus> Mac10101: yes! sometimes doing tor activity inside other events is a good starting point
16:44:59 <ggus> Mac10101: and one of Tor directors is from Pakistan, btw.
16:45:38 <ggus> https://digitalrightsfoundation.pk/
16:46:25 <emmapeel> maybe translating the manual would help... there is no translation to Punjabi or Urdu
16:46:56 <kushal> ggus, yes, I am spending a lot of time everyday to answer Tor questions over Mastodon + signal
16:47:05 <kushal> People are suddenly interested to learn more.
16:47:21 <kushal> ggus, we need the Tor's mastodon account to boost more.
16:47:24 <Mac10101> ggus: Which one? Didn't know that. Do we plan to increase users in Pakistan as well? I will be happy to assist
16:47:56 <ggus> kushal: we should sync with comms team about mastodon
16:48:17 <ggus> Mac10101: https://www.torproject.org/about/people/ Nighat Dad
16:48:49 <ggus> Mac10101: we do have plans. but we're looking for funding
16:49:36 <Mac10101> ggus: If I am not wrong, Tor has some universities supporting it
16:49:55 <Mac10101> Can we try to get such support from universities of Pakistan as well?
16:50:09 <kushal> ggus, yup.
16:52:01 <ggus> Mac10101: we can. pakistan is our list of countries that we want to develop activities
16:53:04 <ggus> there's also rightscon in costa rica happening in june/2020
16:53:44 <ggus> do we know when it closes their call for activities?
16:53:55 <cy63113> next year
16:54:00 <Mac10101> ggus: any kind of support I can provide in this regard?
16:54:32 <cy63113> ggus: closes January 14, 2020 at 23:59 Pacific Standard Time.
16:54:35 <ggus> Mac10101: if you could compile a list of potential human rights organizations in Pakistan, that would be very nice!
16:55:08 <ggus> cy63113: gracias!
16:55:24 <cy63113> And very important to remember
16:55:31 <cy63113> People from Global South
16:55:50 <cy63113> We have meeting Nov 29, 16UTC #tor-south
16:55:59 <Mac10101> ggus: Added that to do. Where will I submit that list?
16:56:13 <ggus> Mac10101: to my email :D
16:56:24 <ggus> and gpg encrypted :)
16:56:49 <ggus> people we have to wrap up this meeting.
16:57:00 <Mac10101> I hope you'll get that in this week :0
16:57:38 <ggus> i'm stopping the bot
16:57:41 <ggus> #endmeeting