15:01:35 <karsten> #startmeeting metrics team
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15:02:02 <karsten> What do we continue taking notes in? nc pad, riseup pad, other?
15:02:11 <karsten> that's the first item on the agenda.
15:02:19 <gaba> I'm ok with either. The pad in the nc.torproject is easier to track
15:02:29 <irl> the nc pad is ok
15:02:30 <gaba> but we can move to pad.riseup.net
15:02:37 <gaba> ok
15:02:40 <karsten> having a single place would be good.
15:02:53 <karsten> I'm fine with this pad, even though it has no author colors.
15:03:08 <karsten> or can we somehow enable that?
15:03:27 * gaba briefly looking
15:04:43 <irl> i don't think it's possible
15:04:50 <gaba> yes, i do not see it
15:04:53 <karsten> okay.
15:05:24 <gaba> I just added my name near the stuff I added to the agenda
15:05:47 <karsten> yep.
15:05:52 <karsten> next item?
15:06:03 <gaba> yes
15:06:09 <karsten> #25924 ? (gaba)
15:06:20 <karsten> I found out that this has become a problem.
15:06:30 <karsten> I'm currently working on this.
15:07:06 <karsten> my goal is to tweak it and try hard not to rewrite major portions of it. in that case I'd say something on the ticket first. I'm still optimistic that it can be tweaked.
15:07:07 <gaba> ok. I'm going to add it to the roadmap (checking that it was not there)
15:07:21 <karsten> it's not there. we tried to get funding for it, but that didn't happen.
15:07:35 <karsten> in fact, that's the reason for the ticket to exist, IIRC.
15:08:20 <karsten> moving on?
15:08:30 <gaba> yes
15:08:34 <irl> ok
15:08:37 <karsten> ExitScanner status? (gaba)
15:09:22 <irl> we have an exit scanner, i got some details from tsa, i am working on a testing deployment on aws which i will then run for a bit and then ask for review
15:09:35 <irl> we don't have a dns server or integration with check.tpo yet
15:09:40 <irl> but one problem at a time
15:09:56 <karsten> I'm ready to review code or results as they appear.
15:10:01 <irl> cool
15:10:06 <gaba> sounds good! thanks irl
15:10:22 <karsten> glad to see progress there!
15:10:28 <irl> should have a review ready on tuesday
15:10:33 <irl> well, a thing to review
15:10:40 <karsten> sounds good!
15:11:22 <karsten> next item?
15:11:25 <irl> ok
15:11:34 <karsten> Do we have OONI data resolved? https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/32126 (gaba)
15:11:48 <karsten> see my huge comment on that ticket.
15:11:56 <karsten> from 5 weeks ago.
15:12:12 <irl> arturo responded
15:12:20 <irl> 6 minutes ago
15:12:23 <karsten> hah
15:12:27 <irl> (:
15:12:32 <karsten> okay, I did not see that yet.
15:12:37 <karsten> great!
15:12:48 <gaba> so things are moving forward :)
15:12:51 <karsten> will take a look after the meeting.
15:13:00 <irl> i did think it sounded odd about the replication because i was sure it was meant to sync, not load a new database every time
15:13:17 <irl> i vaguely remember doing this with ultimate debian database but i don't remember exactly how
15:14:31 <karsten> do we even have a machine for keeping a db clone?
15:15:18 <irl> that's a question for tsa
15:15:33 <karsten> right.
15:15:41 <irl> so far i'm working on the assumption that tsa will give me whatever i ask for as long as it's reasonable
15:15:46 <irl> maybe this is a bad assumption
15:16:03 <gaba> i would assume so
15:16:14 <gaba> irl: do you want to bring it to anarcat to check if it is possible?
15:16:26 <gaba> or i can talk with him to follow up on that ticket
15:16:54 <irl> well, we would need to know what we want
15:17:04 <gaba> ok, let's continue in the ticket then
15:17:05 <irl> in terms of cpu, disk space, network requirements, memory
15:17:06 <karsten> yes, it's two problems to solve.
15:17:07 <gaba> and after the meeting
15:17:09 <irl> yeah
15:17:20 <karsten> ok.
15:17:38 * anarcat raises head
15:18:07 <gaba> uh, sorry that i mentioned you
15:18:10 <anarcat> no probs
15:18:28 <anarcat> just saying i'm around to answer a specific question, but i lack context and don't have time to catchup with backlog :)
15:18:42 <irl> this is not a problem for this month
15:18:51 <irl> but expect a problem in the future
15:18:54 <irl> that you will have to fix
15:18:55 <karsten> heh
15:18:59 <gaba> ha
15:19:06 <karsten> yes, we'll first figure out what we want and then reach out to you, okay?
15:19:17 <gaba> challenges are good, right?
15:19:42 <karsten> okay. moving on to the next challenge?
15:19:45 <irl> ok
15:19:57 <karsten> Let's work on a new roadmap for the Scalability/OnionPerf project in January. (gaba)
15:20:10 <karsten> are we going to start this work in january?
15:20:24 <irl> is this related to anti-censorship team?
15:20:36 <irl> also, what is "this work" here?
15:20:43 <karsten> Scalability/OnionPerf
15:20:54 <karsten> the thing we wrote a proposal for. AFAIU.
15:20:54 <gaba> I would like us to start working in the project as soon as we can
15:20:54 <anarcat> irl: the usual ;)
15:21:05 <irl> aah ok i see
15:21:20 <gaba> We are applying for funding and it will take some time but I think we should still start working on this as it is something we need.
15:21:24 <gaba> what you both think?
15:21:29 <karsten> sure!
15:21:39 <irl> on the assumption that the exit scanner is wrapped up, yes
15:21:40 <karsten> I'm happy to start working on that, if it's something we can do.
15:22:17 <irl> if the exit scanner needs another week or two i think it is important to finish it properly so we really can not worry about it again for a while
15:22:17 <karsten> the two might overlap for a bit. unless the exit scanner project keeps both of us busy.
15:22:25 <karsten> totally agree with that.
15:22:36 <gaba> agree on that yes
15:22:46 <karsten> just saying, if you're still busy for a week or two in 2020, and I'm not, I could start with the onionperf work.
15:22:47 <gaba> exit scanner needs to be finished
15:23:03 <irl> yeah sounds good
15:23:04 <gaba> maybe we can have a voice meeting in mid December to discuss and build a roadmap for this project
15:23:14 <karsten> sounds good to me.
15:23:19 <irl> when is mid-december?
15:23:57 <karsten> first half of december?
15:24:06 <karsten> if mid-december is too close to other events?
15:24:13 <irl> i am at a conference on the 6th, and my last working day will be the 18th
15:24:56 <irl> also the 2nd is a public holiday
15:25:15 <karsten> we'll find a date. :)
15:25:39 <gaba> ok
15:25:45 <irl> ok
15:26:06 <gaba> could it be monday 16th?
15:26:16 <karsten> yep.
15:26:25 <gaba> or we could leave it for January
15:26:30 <gaba> and start with this roadmap exercise
15:26:34 <karsten> or that.
15:26:50 <irl> 16th december is ok, but i wonder how much i can think about a new project then
15:27:06 <karsten> january?
15:27:13 <irl> if we do it in january i can re-read the proposal and things over the break and be ready for an excellent roadmapping session
15:27:47 <irl> january 3rd 15:00 utc?
15:28:10 <karsten> or 6th?
15:28:25 <irl> i am looking at the wrong year
15:28:30 <gaba> I'm coming back on Jan 9th
15:28:47 <karsten> so, 9th?
15:28:54 <gaba> or 10th :)
15:29:01 <irl> 10th 15:00 utc?
15:29:02 <karsten> ok.
15:29:05 <gaba> ok
15:29:07 <irl> woo
15:29:10 <irl> cool
15:29:25 <karsten> great!
15:29:30 <gaba> I'm going to add it to the 'metrics calendar' in nc.torproject :P . You may get an email about it
15:30:02 <irl> ok
15:30:09 <karsten> okay.
15:30:18 <karsten> next item?
15:30:23 <gaba> ok
15:30:37 <karsten> Roadmap - how are we doing? (gaba) https://trello.com/b/Mu5fYg53/tor-metrics-roadmap
15:31:17 <irl> #32265 went into review and back out again into in progress, #32264 is still in progress
15:31:49 <irl> acute is still travelling but has been working on the cloudformation/ansible for onionperf
15:32:20 <karsten> #32473 is still in progress, because I expect more results to evaluate next tuesday or wednesday.
15:32:30 <irl> ok cool
15:32:33 <karsten> #25294 is what we discussed briefly earlier.
15:32:49 <karsten> same with #32126.
15:33:05 <karsten> hmm, not that one.
15:33:08 <irl> i don't think 25294 is right
15:33:28 <karsten> #25924
15:33:52 <karsten> that one. fixed in the roadmap.
15:34:18 <karsten> fixing an exception in firefox.exe would take me more than a week...
15:34:31 <irl> heh
15:34:42 <karsten> first challenge would be to find a test system. anyway.
15:34:55 <karsten> I think the roadmap is fine.
15:35:12 <irl> yes, all up to date
15:35:28 <karsten> regarding releases: nothing new this week.
15:35:47 <karsten> we do have unreleased patches in master, but I don't think they're urgent.
15:36:25 <karsten> btw, I did push a few fixes to the various masters. nothing important enough to create a ticket for and ask for a review, though.
15:36:34 <karsten> except for the collector config thing.
15:36:45 <karsten> which isn't urgent, either.
15:37:05 <gaba> ok
15:37:25 <karsten> anything else for today?
15:37:34 <irl> not from me
15:37:43 <irl> i can review #32554 just now
15:37:52 <karsten> sure!
15:38:13 <karsten> before we close, what about next week?
15:38:43 <karsten> I hear it's a holiday in the U.S.
15:38:48 <irl> i am not in the US
15:38:49 <gaba> oh yes
15:38:56 <gaba> I will not be working on Thrusday
15:39:01 <gaba> but I will be in Europe next week :P
15:39:10 <karsten> should we move the meeting to wednesday?
15:39:17 <irl> we could do that
15:39:17 <karsten> heh, nice!
15:39:28 <gaba> that could work although I will be on a panel on Wednesday and I need to look at what time
15:39:52 <karsten> or friday?
15:40:00 <gaba> Friday is much better for me if you all can make it
15:40:11 <irl> friday is also a US holiday
15:40:12 <karsten> if that works, holiday-wise, fine with me.
15:40:21 <gaba> yes but I can meet Friday
15:40:39 <karsten> then friday 15 utc?
15:40:42 <irl> ok friday is ok
15:40:42 <gaba> ok
15:40:53 <karsten> great!
15:41:16 <karsten> that's all for today. thanks, and bye! o/
15:41:25 <irl> bye!
15:41:32 <gaba> o/
15:42:06 <gaba> karsten: you need to stop logging, right?
15:42:58 <karsten> aiiii
15:42:59 <karsten> #endmeeting