15:59:43 <ggus> #startmeeting Community Team meeting - 2019-11-25
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15:59:57 <ggus> hello folks! starting now our weekly meeting
16:00:28 <kushal> Good morning everyone
16:00:35 <ggus> here's our meeting pad, please add your updates: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-community-team-2019-keep
16:00:40 <cy63113> Hi!
16:01:06 <ggus> pili is away today
16:01:26 <emmapeel> o/
16:01:27 <Mac10101> Hi everyone !
16:09:39 <ggus> one more minute e then we start?
16:10:25 <c1e0> o/
16:10:29 <antonela> hello nice people!
16:10:36 <bluemoon> hi
16:10:49 <bluemoon> I just came back because I missed you guys
16:11:17 <ggus> hello c1e0 antonela bluemoon :)
16:13:28 <ggus> last week we talked about IFF - https://internetfreedomfestival.org/
16:13:45 <ggus> and their call for activities is open now
16:14:06 <Highflyer910> Hi everyone! :) <3
16:14:15 <ggus> hello Highflyer910 o/
16:14:20 <ggus> https://internetfreedomfestival.org/cfp-guide-2020/
16:14:41 <ggus> So, they updated the conference format.
16:15:04 <ggus> "
16:15:05 <ggus> This current call for proposals is for the first three days of the IFF. While we are excited for this new format, this also means that session selection will be more competitive than previous years since we will be looking to fill three days instead of two. To ensure you submit the best proposal possible, we have compiled a guide below which will help answer many questions."
16:15:12 <antonela> !
16:15:30 <gaba> ggus: just sent a mail to vegas about it
16:16:11 <antonela> i love the new art direction <3 looks like the tarot's fool
16:16:16 <ggus> gaba: i see
16:16:28 <ggus> gaba: this village part. do you have more information?
16:19:23 <gaba> that is the info i have. We can set one. The are offering a room for 1
16:19:26 <gaba> or 2 days
16:19:33 <gaba> sorry I keep getting disconnected from irc
16:19:36 <gaba> i'm at a train station
16:19:50 <Mac10101> ggus: did you get my email about the Human Rights Organizations in Pakistan?
16:19:55 <gaba> the villages are an experiment right now so they are not totally open but there is an offer for Tor to do one
16:20:11 <ggus> gaba: ah, very nice!
16:20:20 <antonela> gaba: woah nice
16:20:48 <ggus> Mac10101: i got it, but also add contact info to that list.
16:21:22 <gaba> the organizing would be on our part. they only give the pace
16:21:24 <gaba> space*
16:21:29 <kushal> ggus, nice
16:21:54 <gaba> organizing as in doing the CFP and deciding what to have there
16:21:55 <Mac10101> ggus: Including the link of "contact us" page of those organizations will be ok?
16:22:00 <gaba> or just give sessions ourselves
16:22:29 <ggus> Mac10101: yep!
16:23:01 <Mac10101> ggus: Anything more in that regard?
16:23:31 <ggus> with this new info, i think we could submit a collaborative talk and then starting to organize the schedule for the village
16:23:46 <Mac10101> ggus: Will you have time to review the TBA manual content after this meeting? :)
16:24:05 <ggus> Mac10101: later today
16:24:13 <ggus> antonela: what do you think?
16:25:06 <antonela> we need to know which budget we have for it, i think we can do a lot of cool things. Not sure how demanding the village setup will be
16:26:10 <emmapeel> we will need more swag i guess
16:26:16 <emmapeel> for a whole village!
16:26:23 <ggus> true, but i don't think we will have budget info before the end of CFP (15 dec)
16:26:54 <antonela> mmm, we should actually
16:27:03 <emmapeel> maybe we could have a user research station and prepare different tests
16:27:17 <emmapeel> on the village
16:27:20 <antonela> otherwise people will apply randomly for different stuffs
16:27:44 <antonela> yes we can run user research, we can have a l10n sprint, we can do a lot of things
16:29:44 <ggus> ok, i think the village thing we don't need to submit the schedule now
16:30:56 <ggus> i'll check with some global south partners who are going to iff
16:31:08 <ggus> then we can think about a collaborative talk
16:31:52 <emmapeel> something like the state of the onion?
16:32:08 <emmapeel> i mean cause of collaboratie
16:33:08 <ggus> no, state of the onion i'd prefer to the village schedule. since the main schedule is smaller, i think they will approve more robusts talks
16:33:15 <emmapeel> i see
16:33:41 <ggus> last year one of our main talks wasn't approved
16:34:02 <ggus> and that one with derechos was approved
16:36:40 <ggus> ok, i'll follow up with vegas+ isabela
16:36:49 <ggus> to see budget
16:37:20 <ggus> anything else about iff?
16:37:41 <antonela> yep, if we got the village we can expand on: global south update, the state of the onion, user research, l10n sprint
16:38:07 <ggus> yeah, and also do that censorship challenge
16:38:13 <antonela> yep
16:39:34 <kushal> also workshop+project plans targeting new groups of users maybe.
16:41:49 <ggus> if we have a full village day, maybe securedrop folks would like some space too? ;)
16:42:00 * ggus looks to kushal
16:42:27 <kushal> ggus, we would love to work with the rest of the Tor team present.
16:43:41 <ggus> :)
16:44:22 <ggus> ok, this village looks very nice!
16:44:41 <antonela> yes, the best part of the village is that we can do it with friends
16:45:12 <ggus> #action check with Pili+Isabela about IFF budget
16:45:49 <emmapeel> yeah i am pretty sure Tails would participate of such a village. i will check.
16:46:06 <ggus> emmapeel: yesss, let me add to the pad too!
16:46:22 <ggus> the onion village
16:46:40 <emmapeel> but i havent confirmed tails participation!
16:46:57 <emmapeel> maybe is the IFF Onion Space so we can entice people to open their Onion Spaces elsewhere
16:47:26 <ggus> barcelona looks promissing :P
16:47:32 <emmapeel> use it as an example setup
16:48:45 <ggus> anything else about iff?
16:50:03 <antonela> i think that is all from me
16:51:22 <cy63113> Not related to IFF
16:51:49 <cy63113> We'll have Global South meeting this friday, 16UTC, #tor-south
16:51:49 <ggus> right, go ahead cy63113
16:52:11 <cy63113> And I had a talk this saturday in a conference here in Brazil
16:52:18 <cy63113> was great
16:52:25 <ggus> yess, we should also ask there if people are going to iff
16:52:36 <cy63113> yes!!!!
16:52:38 <ggus> great, cy63113
16:53:13 <cy63113> in this conference, many people showed interest to setup relays
16:53:28 <cy63113> despite the talk wasn't exactly about it
16:55:02 <cy63113> So maybe we should think a workshop/hackaton about it, here or even in IFF, RightsCon,etc
16:55:36 <emmapeel> oh yeah. also now we are translating a lot of docs for relay support
16:55:43 <ggus> we had this kind of workshop during cryptorave
16:55:47 <emmapeel> and soon more
16:56:10 <cy63113> ggus: i know, but more step by step, for noobies
16:56:29 <emmapeel> oh i have a topic: are the contents of community.tpo ready for translation?
16:56:48 <ggus> emmapeel: we can discuss that next week?
16:56:59 <ggus> we only have 3 minutes
16:57:06 <emmapeel> ok!
16:57:18 <ggus> emmapeel: some sections are ready.
16:57:41 <kushal> ggus, stephw, I will need a help for a tweet about the Tor Workshop in the weekend, link is in the pad.
16:57:47 <ggus> #action discuss next meeting about community.tpo translation
16:58:10 <ggus> #endmeeting