17:59:22 <ahf> #startmeeting Network team meeting, 25 november 2019
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17:59:27 <ahf> hello everybody
17:59:27 <ahf> o/
17:59:30 <dgoulet> hello
17:59:31 <nickm> hi ahf ! hi all!
17:59:34 <asn> hello!
17:59:39 <ahf> pad is at https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-netteam-2019.1-keep
17:59:47 <catalyst> o/
18:00:11 <ahf> let's start by looking at our 0.4.2 status: https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/org/teams/NetworkTeam/CoreTorReleases/042Status
18:00:58 <ahf> last week we talked about that we should either decide if things should be in 0.4.2 or be postponed
18:01:34 <mikeperry> hi
18:01:48 <nickm> I moved #31683 and #31364 to "Unspecified", but apparently I should have unassigned them too :/
18:02:29 <nickm> There.
18:03:21 * ahf just moved two tickets forward and closed a duplicate
18:04:06 <ahf> nickm: why unassign them? so they go back in the pool?
18:04:44 <nickm> so they don't appear as "accepted".
18:04:48 <ahf> ahh, right
18:04:49 <nickm> or "assigned".
18:05:01 <nickm> Maybe just setting status to "new" would do it?
18:05:18 <nickm> maybe we should edit the page to only list owner-action tickets in the appropriate milestone?
18:06:00 <ahf> so that only tickets that have owners for the currently active milestones we have?
18:06:48 <nickm> I mean, maybe the 042status page should only list 042-should/042-must tickets in "Tor: 0.4.2.x-final".
18:07:48 <nickm> anyways, that's a digression :)
18:07:51 <ahf> i wouldn't mind that i think
18:07:52 <ahf> yeah
18:07:52 <ahf> ok!
18:08:03 <ahf> let's do roadmap
18:08:16 <ahf> please go to https://dip.torproject.org/torproject/core/tor/-/boards
18:09:53 <nickm> Once we hit end of S31, I think we will declare most of the S31 "doing" things to be "done", and open new tickets for followup tasks.
18:10:20 <ahf> sounds like a good idea. it ends this week, right?
18:10:46 <nickm> right
18:11:02 <nickm> so that would be something to do on monday
18:11:10 <ahf> yeah, sounds like a good idea to do
18:11:13 <dgoulet> what do we do with things that went from -must to -can in the roadmap?
18:11:49 <nickm> dgoulet: any examples in mind?
18:12:02 <dgoulet> as I'm under the impression those things are the -must sponsored stuff
18:12:12 <dgoulet> #26294 is "done" under the -must umbrella
18:12:19 <dgoulet> but ticket is far from being closed so ...
18:12:39 <dgoulet> it will linger in the roadmap for a bit because it won't get "closed" before s27 is over
18:12:44 <asn> i have a plan for handling #26294 after our meeting this week
18:12:47 <asn> but i didnt do it last week
18:12:50 <asn> because of other stuff going on
18:12:53 <asn> but i have a plan to finish up the triaging
18:12:59 <dgoulet> ah ok!! then nvm :)
18:12:59 <nickm> I think talking to gaba would be a good idea
18:13:02 <asn> so i will try to find a solution to your question dgoulet
18:13:18 <nickm> my own idea would be to split it into the done and not-done parts, and file each part accordingly
18:13:23 <nickm> but gaba might have a different idea?
18:13:24 <asn> nickm: yep
18:13:29 <asn> that's what i was planning t odo
18:13:36 <dgoulet> asn: same goes for #31648  ... is it like under OB dev or it is OK to leave in the Next column?
18:14:03 <asn> im gonna close that after i completely finish that part of OB
18:14:06 <asn> the code is done
18:14:12 <asn> but i havent actually used it
18:14:13 <dgoulet> ok so should be in "Doing"
18:14:26 <dgoulet> moved
18:14:27 <asn> could be but im not actively working on that part of OB right now
18:14:29 <asn> ok
18:14:32 <asn> sounds good
18:15:04 <ahf> cool
18:15:19 <ahf> dgoulet, asn: we good with reviewer assignments? i think you spoke about that earlier today
18:15:26 <dgoulet> yeah it is done
18:15:39 <ahf> cool, are people good with what they have?
18:15:50 <ahf> s31 people: do you have any meetings this week or can i remove the s31 meeting item on our pad?
18:15:57 <dgoulet> asn: FYI, I took the Permanent ticket as a reviewer
18:16:02 <asn> great
18:16:15 <nickm> ahf: i think we have no s31 meeting this week.  (catalyst: you agree?)
18:17:07 <catalyst> i think we're not planning to meet this week
18:17:13 <ahf> okay, i've removed it now
18:17:18 <ahf> okay, we have a couple of announcements this week
18:17:30 <ahf> (1) please if you haven't already respond to gaba's doodle with roadmap planning :-)
18:18:07 <ahf> (2) we managed to migrate all tickets from trac to gitlab. now is the time to pick a few of your most loved tickets, go over them, and find issues from the transition from trac to gitlab: either information loss or very weird formatting. there is a link to the pad
18:18:16 <nickm> [folks, please try to respond to these things quickly, if you can? It's hard keeping open every time that I said I was free so long]
18:18:30 <ahf> this will greatly help the migration as once we have moved we wont be moving back (or it will be someone else than me doing the migration back) :-)
18:18:30 <nickm> [for "these things" == gaba's doodle polls]
18:18:55 <dgoulet> ahf: the ticket numbers were kept I suppose?
18:19:01 <ahf> i will be prodding people to do this over the next week as next friday is the day where i will try to fix many of these and i will need some tickets to look at
18:19:04 * catalyst still having problems getting doodle to load in Tor Browser
18:19:06 <ahf> dgoulet: that is correct, that info is in the pad
18:19:25 <ahf> so we want people to log issues based on ticket ID, so i have some tickets to look at and figure out what went wrong and fix it :-)
18:19:34 <dgoulet> ack
18:19:39 <ahf> and (3) starting next week we will begin doing interviews with our upcoming hire for the shadow developer position
18:20:14 <ahf> we could *really* use to have some people sitting in on these interviews. you wont have to prepare any questions or speak, but we want people to tell us what they think of the candidates
18:20:19 <mikeperry> I am also getting the cloudflare infinite captcha loops for doodle still..
18:20:34 <ahf> this is the best option at this point if you want to influence this hire :-)
18:20:39 <ahf> anybody who is interested in this?
18:20:54 <ahf> we don't know the times for the meetings yet, but that will be fiured out over the next week or so
18:20:57 <dgoulet> (took me some 5 or 6 circuits I think until I got the doodle.com to load, captcha would never work)
18:21:04 <dgoulet> ahf: I am
18:21:09 <ahf> dgoulet: woh, neat! thanks
18:21:18 <ahf> i'm gonna let erin know that you should receive the emails too
18:21:26 <ahf> if anybody else figures out they are interested, then please let me know
18:21:33 <ahf> okay, discussion items
18:21:41 <ahf> do we want to have a meeting the 23/12 and 30/12? :-)
18:22:01 * nickm votes no
18:22:04 <dgoulet> I would be bold here and say "no" :)
18:22:07 <ahf> i'm also wearing my no hat here
18:22:10 <dgoulet> need to put brain to off :)
18:22:17 <ahf> so the 16/12 is going to be our last meeting this year :-)
18:22:18 <asn> -1
18:22:24 <asn> great
18:22:37 <ahf> do we have anything else to discuss this week? :-)
18:23:22 <ahf> i take that as a no :-) short meeting today!
18:23:27 <ahf> #endmeeting