15:00:56 <pili> #startmeeting S27 11/26
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15:01:23 <pili> hi everyone
15:01:53 <pili> here's the pad: https://pad.riseup.net/p/s27-meeting-keep
15:01:54 <pili> please add your notes
15:02:05 <antonela> hello 👋
15:02:58 <acat> hi
15:03:54 <pili> hello :)
15:04:07 <pili> who else is around? asn dgoulet?
15:04:24 <pili> mcs/brade are you still working on S27 stuff? I've lost track... :/
15:05:16 <gaba> hi!
15:05:54 <pili> hi gaba, nice to see you here :)
15:05:59 <gaba> :)
15:07:20 <pili> we don't seem to have any network team representatives here today
15:07:54 <pili> maybe they're running late
15:08:11 <gaba> pili: did you see the mail from asn/dgoulet on s27?
15:08:20 <pili> yup, I'm just adding it to the discussion
15:08:27 <gaba> ok
15:08:28 <pili> I saw it but didn't really process it
15:09:54 <pili> ok
15:10:00 <pili> let's get started with some logistics for the next few meetings
15:10:07 <asn> hello
15:10:13 <pili> the next meeting will be on the 10th December
15:10:15 <pili> hey asn
15:10:22 <asn> ok whats up
15:10:23 <pili> after that it will be Christams
15:10:34 <pili> so the last meeting for this year will be on the 10th December
15:10:40 <asn> ok great
15:11:02 <pili> does the 7th January work for the first meeting of the year? or do we want to push it out to the 14th January?
15:11:11 <asn> 7th sounds good to me
15:11:20 <antonela> works for me
15:12:00 <dgoulet> o/
15:12:32 <pili> ok
15:12:33 <pili> hey dgoulet
15:13:13 <asn> dgoulet: https://pad.riseup.net/p/s27-meeting-keep
15:13:28 <pili> next item (while people are still updating their notes...) is the november monthly report
15:13:53 <pili> I've started a pad for this here: https://pad.riseup.net/p/AwLTShMbdFVHm44UVVfu
15:13:58 <pili> please add any sponsor 27 tickets you worked on in November and I'll try to weave them into a nice narrative :)
15:14:47 <sysrqb> ( o/ sorry i'm late )
15:14:53 <asn> sysrqb: o/
15:15:07 <asn> pili: do you want me to do nov report now? or asynchronously later?
15:15:36 <asn> dgoulet: please add net team work that i didnt mention
15:16:08 <pili> asn: depends how well you can multi-task :D
15:16:20 <asn> i have finished doing the biweekly status report
15:16:22 <asn> so i can do the other one
15:16:26 <asn> with single-tasking
15:16:34 <asn> it's more about how much time we want to devote to this phase of the meeting
15:18:04 <pili> ah, it was just an FYI, feel free to fill it out some other time :)
15:18:20 <asn> dgoulet: i think it would be useful for you to also fill out tickets you did during november
15:18:23 <pili> I probably won't start writing it until friday at the earliest
15:18:31 <asn> dgoulet: because i mainly worked on the few OB tickets, wheras you went all over with the o1a1.1
15:18:32 <dgoulet> asn: yeah I'm collecting them...
15:18:48 <dgoulet> asn: my Trac timeline is quite big with bunch of things :S
15:18:58 <asn> yeah :)
15:19:14 <mcs> sorry; lost track of time :(
15:19:15 <dgoulet> asn: but don't we want that in the Nov. report also?
15:19:22 <brade> (oops! sorry, reviewing code)
15:19:36 <asn> dgoulet: i meant nov report
15:19:41 <dgoulet> (also I can only go 15 days in the past with this timeline, so delays)
15:19:53 <pili> if everyone is good we can move on to discussing Objective 1 for the network team and whether we should try and make all remaining tickets -can instead of -must :)
15:20:07 <dgoulet> ah yes ofc I will update the nov report with all the goodies
15:21:07 <dgoulet> #29995
15:21:25 <asn> pili: aha
15:21:30 <asn> what should we do about this?
15:21:36 <asn> (also re: the mail we sent)
15:21:53 <pili> yup
15:21:54 <pili> so I'm happy to do what you propose
15:22:03 <asn> ok sounds good
15:22:08 <pili> and we just need to have a good reason/explanation for this
15:22:21 <asn> ok we can do that
15:22:22 <asn> if needd
15:22:23 <asn> if needed
15:22:36 <pili> the follow up question I have is whether we are at 100% now or we will be by the end of the year
15:22:52 <pili> if we move some tickets from -must to -can
15:23:06 <asn> we are at 100% of #29999 right now.
15:23:13 <asn> and we can be 100% of O1A1.1 soon
15:23:16 <asn> probs by EOY
15:23:39 <asn> I can close #29999 right now.
15:23:48 <asn> closing.
15:23:53 <pili> ok
15:23:56 <pili> \o/
15:24:07 <asn> boom closed.
15:24:12 <dgoulet> great success
15:24:15 <antonela> 29999, what a number
15:24:20 <mcs> (answering question from backlog): meeting on Jan 7, 2020 works for brade and me
15:24:34 <pili> thanks for confirming mcs !
15:24:39 <asn> O1A1.1 just requires a bit more work and it can be 100% soon (right dgoulet?)
15:24:53 <pili> one last thing before we move on to the learning lab question
15:24:53 <asn> in particular it's the children of #30200 that need to be closed down
15:25:05 <dgoulet> yes so about this ^
15:25:22 <dgoulet> #30200 I'm currently finalizing those for -must work... most of these tickets will get closed or retriaged differently
15:25:23 <pili> are there any current dependencies on network team that the browser team needs help on?
15:25:29 <dgoulet> the remaining -must should be done very soon
15:25:38 <dgoulet> then remains #22893
15:25:41 <asn> pili: as far as we know, the TB team should be satisfied right now
15:25:55 <pili> (or vice-versa...)
15:26:10 <asn> #32562 is our latest export, which we hope the TB team samples and let us know if it tastes well
15:26:18 <asn> (after request from mcs)
15:26:26 <antonela> good stuff
15:26:29 <mcs> asn: ack, and thanks for your work on that one
15:26:39 <asn> mcs: no problem. was good. we learned stuff out of it.
15:26:44 <mcs> I am sure it will taste good
15:27:01 <asn> i hope so!
15:27:14 <pili> good good :)
15:27:28 <mcs> one thing to note for pili and antonela if they missed it: we will not have nicknames for keys
15:27:45 <asn> not in the little-t-tor layer
15:27:50 <asn> if needed ,they can be done on the TB layer
15:27:54 <mcs> that means users will probably see .onion addresses
15:27:54 <pili> I thought I saw something on irc about this yesterday...
15:27:59 <antonela> i discover that this week yes
15:28:14 <mcs> my thinking is first pass to not include them but we will see
15:28:35 <mcs> (I am not sure how many people will use this feature at all)
15:28:43 <asn> ye
15:28:46 <mcs> “this feature” being client auth
15:28:51 <asn> it's a niche feature
15:28:51 <pili> right
15:28:59 <mcs> feedback would be welcome from actual users :)
15:29:02 <antonela> onionshare is using plain http auth for their onions
15:29:03 <pili> well, hopefully by making it easier we will make it more mainstream :)
15:29:07 <asn> O2A2..O2A5 is where the users are
15:29:19 <asn> pili: yes def
15:29:21 <asn> that's the goal
15:29:26 <antonela> mcs will review the mocks, my latest version doesnt have nickname
15:29:26 <asn> mcs: we will get feedback for sure
15:29:36 <mcs> sounds good
15:30:35 <pili> ok, anything else anyone is collaborating on?
15:30:45 <pili> or shall we move on to learning lab?
15:31:05 <asn> fine by me
15:31:18 <dgoulet> o/
15:31:32 <antonela> the learning lab item is mine and is so short - i want to make sure that we are applying to it more soonish than later
15:31:59 <asn> agreed
15:32:07 <antonela> i have some expectations about the work they can do with us and i hope we got good deliverables that we can reuse in other communications too
15:33:23 <pili> I'm fine with that also, I can work on that with Steph in early December
15:33:53 <pili> I think that's what we had decided
15:33:54 <pili> happy for others to get involved also :)
15:34:38 <antonela> i think we have the right people in the email thread
15:34:47 <antonela> lets see if comms needs anything else for apply
15:34:56 <pili> ok
15:35:14 <pili> sounds good
15:35:19 <pili> anything else on this?
15:35:30 <pili> or other S27/Onion Services related topics?
15:35:43 <asn> nope
15:35:55 <mcs> no (and sorry again for being late)
15:36:08 <dgoulet> all good
15:36:12 <antonela> question
15:36:28 <antonela> are this sponsor reports being public?
15:36:33 <antonela> i mean in otf-talk?
15:37:04 <pili> I think not yet
15:37:19 <pili> let me bring this up with bekeela
15:38:14 <antonela> lets do it, is a good way to share our work wiht the broad otf community
15:38:24 <antonela> cool
15:38:40 <pili> ok, I think if there's nothing else we can end the meeting here :)
15:39:26 <pili> thanks everyone!
15:39:30 <antonela> thanks pili!
15:39:35 <brade> o/
15:39:54 <pili> #endmeeting