15:01:44 <karsten> #startmeeting metrics team
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15:01:55 <gaba> the riseup pads are down so maybe we continue in this nc pad
15:02:02 <karsten> heh.
15:02:13 <gaba> i sent you all a mail about the issues with the nc pad
15:02:16 <karsten> it worked last time, what could go wrong.
15:02:17 <gaba> but so far is working for us
15:02:20 <gaba> :)
15:02:35 <gaba> added a section to the meeting on interesting links to share :)
15:02:50 <gaba> to the meeting pad*
15:03:29 <karsten> anything to add to the topics?
15:03:37 <irl> not from me
15:04:02 <karsten> okay, then let's start!
15:04:09 <karsten> collector disk space, and unreliable physical host (irl)
15:04:25 <irl> we are are 80% disk space and generating a lot of alerts
15:04:30 <irl> we have the option to double the disk space
15:04:43 <karsten> let's do it!
15:04:44 <irl> i've noticed though the host has gone down a couple of times
15:04:49 <irl> and maybe it is a good idea to move it
15:05:00 <irl> do we have anything that tells us if it's missing data when it's gone down?
15:05:02 <karsten> do you know why it went down?
15:05:07 <irl> i think it is the vm host being rebooted
15:05:33 <karsten> we have the reference checker that tells us if things go really bad.
15:05:55 <karsten> but I think in most cases it would just sync over things from the other instance.
15:06:00 <irl> it might be that the reboots happen quickly enough that everything is ok
15:06:33 <karsten> I can't say for sure that the syncing works, but I didn't see any breakage.
15:06:47 <irl> ok then, i will just ask for the disk space to be doubled
15:06:54 <karsten> that sounds great!
15:06:57 <irl> that's all on this topic
15:07:09 <karsten> in the future I'd want collector modules to clean up better after themselves.
15:07:28 <karsten> just like they're cleaning up in the recent/ directories. they should do the same in out/ directories.
15:07:47 <karsten> but you know, they still need to grow older until they understand the benefits of cleaning up....
15:07:56 <karsten> it's on the list.
15:08:05 <irl> heh
15:08:24 <irl> #32644
15:08:24 <karsten> okay, cool!
15:08:31 <karsten> nice, that was quick.
15:08:42 <karsten> "metrics-team" keyword on IRC (karsten)
15:08:55 <karsten> this is based on a suggestion by the network team.
15:09:03 <karsten> they have a similar keyword: "network-team".
15:09:15 <gaba> and one for the anti cen sor ship team
15:09:16 <karsten> team members have a highlight for that.
15:09:29 <karsten> ah, cool.
15:09:37 <gaba> +1 for the metrics-team keyword
15:09:44 <karsten> it sounds like a good idea to me. I already have a highlight for "metrics" from years ago.
15:10:03 <irl> i used to have highlights for metrics and atlas but i think i don't right now
15:10:21 <karsten> would you want to create one for metrics-team?
15:10:28 <irl> i could do, yes
15:10:43 <karsten> cool! I'll do the same.
15:11:00 <irl> do we have an index of these team highlights?
15:11:01 <karsten> gaba, are you collecting team highlights somewhere?
15:11:10 <irl> and when and when not to use them
15:11:13 <gaba> i'm not doing it right now
15:11:22 <gaba> we could add this info to each team wiki page
15:11:25 <irl> i imagine network team has a lot of people on it, and they all get distracted
15:11:34 <irl> something about amplification attacks
15:11:45 <gaba> that is a good idea
15:11:51 <gaba> we can add some information on when to use it
15:12:04 <gaba> in general is for when we need to reach anybody in the team
15:12:06 <karsten> I can update the metrics team page.
15:12:13 <gaba> ty
15:12:48 <karsten> should we do more?
15:13:09 <karsten> like tell the network team who initiated this idea?
15:13:28 <irl> it doesn't reach anybody
15:13:32 <irl> it reaches everybody
15:13:57 <karsten> that's true.
15:14:44 <karsten> but that works with mailing lists, too.
15:15:14 <irl> i treat an irc highlight as a lot more urgent than an email
15:15:25 <gaba> yes
15:15:30 <gaba> and less urgent than a signal msg
15:15:36 <irl> nope, the same
15:15:43 <irl> i get irc highlights on my phone (when it's working)
15:15:49 <gaba> oh, i see
15:15:50 <karsten> oh, I don't.
15:15:59 <gaba> i do not have irc in my phone
15:16:35 <irl> i could see if i can come up with a weechat script that enables/disables the highlight depending on when i'm paying attention to irc
15:16:55 <irl> so i won't get highlights when i'm not working
15:17:08 <irl> but then i wouldn't see them in backlog (which i guess is not the aim of the highlight)
15:17:31 <karsten> we can think about this more and make a decision next week.
15:17:44 <irl> ok
15:18:06 <karsten> okay, moving on:
15:18:07 <karsten> Pending reviews (karsten)
15:18:20 <karsten> just wanted to ask whether these are on your radar.
15:18:39 <karsten> these = #25924 and #32605
15:18:56 <irl> yes they are, but it's been a 3 day week this week and i wanted to get the exit scanner running over the weekend to make sure it's stable
15:19:05 <karsten> sounds good!
15:19:29 <irl> they will probably be monday
15:19:43 <karsten> cool!
15:19:46 <karsten> roadmap?
15:19:55 <gaba> yep
15:20:08 <irl> ok
15:20:50 <gaba> how is the exit scanner going?
15:20:52 <karsten> I assume I should leave #32473 where it is?
15:21:54 <irl> yes, we will want to check published times are matching up and also detail the exact differences in documentation
15:22:14 <karsten> differences regarding ports?
15:22:17 <irl> yes, we might want to give warning to exit operators about the change
15:22:56 <karsten> so, did you deploy it to run over the weekend?
15:23:22 <irl> i did, on aws
15:23:39 <karsten> great! happy to look at the data again after the weekend.
15:23:44 <gaba> \o/
15:24:14 <irl> we can leave it running until tuesday, if i do reviews on monday
15:24:21 <irl> and then i'll give you the data tuesday morning first thing
15:24:21 <karsten> sure.
15:25:26 <karsten> back to the roadmap.
15:25:41 <karsten> I didn't get to #32126 yet. will keep it.
15:26:04 <karsten> #25924 is under review (on monday).
15:26:41 <karsten> ah, we need to deploy a new onionoo-backend-01 next week.
15:27:29 <karsten> speaking of, could we just deploy -01 and -02 and disable omeiense and oo-hetzner-03?
15:27:42 <irl> i think my roadmap items look the same next week, but will hopefully be all for review and/or done by the end of the week, i will need to make new tickets for the check integration and dns server
15:27:49 <karsten> having three different setups doesn't make it easier to update things.
15:27:54 <irl> yes, we could request a new backend be provisioned
15:28:06 <irl> the spec of the machine worked well
15:28:09 <karsten> can you do that, with the same spec?
15:28:17 <irl> yes
15:28:26 <karsten> thanks!
15:28:39 <karsten> and shall we meet on tuesday to do the setup?
15:29:49 <karsten> and did you ask for onionoo-backend-01 to be decomissioned and recreated?
15:29:56 <karsten> or do we not have to do that?
15:30:03 <irl> turns out we can do it all ourselves
15:30:10 <irl> to remove something from varnish, we just turn off the webserver
15:30:11 <karsten> ah, okay.
15:30:12 <irl> it's automatic
15:30:19 <karsten> yes, I saw that. pretty cool!
15:30:22 <irl> to put it back, turn it back on (:
15:30:38 <karsten> and we just purge the relevant dirs on -01 ourselves?
15:30:49 <karsten> and recreate them?
15:31:08 <irl> yeah
15:31:15 <karsten> cool.
15:32:00 <karsten> so, tuesday?
15:32:15 <irl> yes, sounds good
15:32:19 <karsten> 1500?
15:32:23 <irl> ok
15:32:54 <karsten> great!
15:33:25 <karsten> anything else on the roadmap topic?
15:33:35 <irl> not from me
15:34:13 <karsten> okay! final topic:
15:34:14 <karsten> [announcement] we are testing phase of migration to gitlab - it would be good to get people to check for possible problems https://pad.riseup.net/p/gitlab-migration-problems
15:34:31 <karsten> I already looked and gave ahf some feedback via email, because the pad didn't work.
15:35:09 <karsten> happy to see this migration making progress!
15:35:21 <gaba> thanks
15:35:54 <gaba> something else to add to today is a reminder that we may do some work for the new data portal that simply secure is going to work on (thanks antonela for the reminder). I will do a follow up with them in january
15:36:05 <irl> ok cool
15:36:07 * antonela o/
15:36:22 <karsten> great!
15:37:08 <karsten> alright, any more topics for today?
15:37:16 <irl> not from me
15:37:24 <gaba> nop
15:37:39 <karsten> yay. have a great weekend, everyone!
15:37:50 <karsten> #endmeeting