14:00:15 <antonela> #startmeeting ux team
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14:00:19 <antonela> hello nice people!
14:00:39 <antonela> december is here *____*
14:01:02 <thurayya> hello :)
14:01:27 <antonela> hi thurayya o/
14:01:52 <antonela> lets start as always by adding updates / topics to discuss in our regular pad https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-ux-team-2019-keep
14:03:15 <pili> hi! :)
14:03:25 <antonela> hi pili!
14:04:03 <antonela> okey, lets start
14:04:20 <antonela> first duty first, triage
14:04:31 <antonela> pili do you have a query? or a list of tickets we should take a look?
14:04:51 <pili> hi
14:04:58 <pili> not yet, one sec :)
14:07:31 <pili> let's just use this one for now
14:07:34 <pili> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/query?status=accepted&status=assigned&status=merge_ready&status=needs_information&status=needs_review&status=needs_revision&status=new&status=reopened&keywords=~ux-team&col=id&col=summary&col=status&col=type&col=priority&col=milestone&col=component&col=keywords&desc=1&order=id
14:07:39 * antonela opening
14:07:47 <pili> I had a spreadsheet on the riseup nextcloud with the list
14:07:56 <pili> so I can see which are the new tickets
14:08:11 <antonela> oki, lets start
14:08:33 <pili> the last one I have in riseup is #31768
14:08:45 <antonela> [closed]
14:08:46 <antonela> yes
14:09:13 <pili> so we can start from #31776
14:09:19 <pili> and work our way up from there :)
14:09:22 <antonela> cool
14:09:37 <antonela> i think we should plan mobile work for Q1/Q2 2020
14:09:52 <pili> yup
14:09:57 <antonela> there are a lot of tickets that involve mobile UI but we need to coordinate with devs this work
14:09:58 <pili> a lot of it will depend on Fenix also
14:10:07 <antonela> maybe yes
14:10:20 <emmapeel> what is fenix?
14:10:32 <pili> in fact, some of them may not start until that transition is done
14:10:41 <pili> so we can a) have the opportunity to work on some during the Fenix transition b) wait for the transition to be done for others
14:10:46 <antonela> emmapeel: https://github.com/mozilla-mobile/fenix/
14:11:00 <pili> emmapeel: it's the new mobile browser from mozilla
14:11:14 <pili> we will need to switch to it soon
14:11:17 <emmapeel> oh shit
14:11:22 <pili> and will start the process early next year
14:12:23 <antonela> yes, i'd start listing all this mobile tickets somewhere so we can plan that work early next year pili
14:12:25 <antonela> next?
14:13:07 <emmapeel> #32006?
14:13:22 <antonela> i love it
14:13:39 <antonela> can we have it for next release?
14:14:06 <pili> hmm, which next release? ;)
14:14:31 <pili> depends who would work on it but I don't think we'd have anything until after January if it's acat
14:14:41 <pili> he's on vacations all of December
14:15:19 <pili> anyway, there's a release today
14:15:26 <antonela> next release is not today's release :)
14:15:33 <pili> and the next one after that is on the 7th January :(
14:15:38 <antonela> is good
14:15:41 <pili> then 11th February
14:16:06 <antonela> i think we can have it listed in wish-tickets for jan 7
14:16:44 <pili> ok
14:16:51 <pili> I can tag it
14:17:18 <antonela> cool
14:19:14 <antonela> next?
14:19:30 <pili> yup
14:19:39 <emmapeel> i want to talk about my ticket! :D
14:19:42 <emmapeel> #32118
14:20:18 <antonela> we discussed it last week i think, but yes we can discuss it after the triage emmapeel
14:20:20 <emmapeel> (that is not my ticket, is the following going up from #31776)
14:20:37 <antonela> pili what is the next ticket in the queue?
14:20:49 <emmapeel> antonela: is this one ^ ^
14:20:50 <pili> #32119
14:20:53 <emmapeel> aah
14:21:22 <pili> oh
14:21:40 <antonela> is that ticket assigned to devs? what is the outcome of it?
14:22:33 <pili> I'm a git lost are we talking about #32119? or another ticket
14:22:40 <pili> s/git/bit
14:22:42 <pili> ugh
14:22:47 <antonela> si
14:22:50 <pili> ok
14:23:09 <antonela> that ticket is labeled with 122019
14:23:22 <pili> it is assigned
14:23:23 <antonela> so seems like should i review it
14:23:37 <pili> for this month :) we need to add some points to it
14:23:54 <antonela> points for review? for design? for development?
14:24:03 <pili> for development
14:24:08 <antonela> ok
14:24:13 <antonela> i added it to my review list
14:25:12 <pili> thanks :)
14:25:27 <pili> next one is #32228
14:25:58 <antonela> love it
14:26:03 <antonela> will add a comment there
14:26:04 <pili> I guess this one needs another ux perspective
14:26:04 <emmapeel> siiiiiii
14:26:08 <pili> yup :)
14:26:26 * emmapeel felt ashamed not to have noticed before
14:26:33 <pili> I think we have a couple of options for how we can do it
14:26:36 <pili> it could also be a nice one for a new contributor
14:26:47 <pili> as the code changes seem relatively easy
14:26:57 <antonela> yep
14:26:58 <pili> the hardest thing is probably building tor browser to test it :P
14:26:58 <emmapeel> also about this, i was thinking maybe on the websites we should add the onion address tiny on the footer or somewhere
14:27:19 <pili> well, we should dogfood and add the Onion-Location header really ;)
14:27:30 <emmapeel> yeah indeed
14:27:37 <emmapeel> i thought that was not finished or something
14:27:56 <antonela> do you know if acat's patches are streamed to the latest nightly pili?
14:28:19 <GeKo> no
14:28:22 <GeKo> they still need review
14:28:34 <antonela> thanks GeKo
14:28:36 <GeKo> and testing
14:28:38 <GeKo> yw
14:28:39 <pili> GeKo was too fast ;)
14:28:46 <antonela> oki, next?
14:29:20 <emmapeel> #32324 a blockbuster
14:29:34 <pili> yup...
14:30:10 <antonela> mmm
14:31:02 <pili> did we ever discuss the mocks?
14:31:05 <pili> I don't remember
14:31:12 <antonela> that needs more work, and maybe firefox's approach on it is just adding letterboxing silently under fingerprint protections and that is all
14:31:44 <antonela> pili we didn't, i talked a bit with tjr about them in the ticket
14:32:33 <pili> is it worth discussing here or is it better left for the browser team meeting?
14:32:56 <antonela> maybe we can discuss it here, after the triage
14:33:44 <pili> ok
14:34:01 <pili> #32325
14:34:02 <emmapeel> following ticket is related, #323
14:34:04 <pili> yup
14:34:33 <antonela> we are working on that ticket, yes
14:35:14 <pili> ok, next: #32330
14:36:12 <antonela> i disagree with mcs there, it doesnt need to be so easy but is a good feature for advanced users
14:36:19 <antonela> i'll add a comment
14:36:26 <emmapeel> i think we should change the 'new'  on the tickets we are working on
14:36:37 <antonela> emmapeel: yes
14:36:43 <emmapeel> new is like unconfirmed
14:37:11 <antonela> which is somehow related with #32572
14:37:47 <antonela> #32459 << this one
14:38:30 <antonela> #32330 is a new for me, i should add it for january? or for december?
14:38:39 <pili> hmm, emmapeel I see what you mean, but it's not assigned or planned yet
14:38:42 <pili> let me check again
14:38:55 <pili> I'd be tempted to wait for ETP for this...
14:39:19 <pili> since we're not going to implement a new UI
14:39:42 <pili> antonela: maybe january
14:39:52 <pili> that's when it's currently scheduled for on browser side
14:40:14 <antonela> cool, added to jan list
14:40:38 <pili> ah, wait I didn't realise you'd moved on to #32459
14:40:50 <pili> I thought you were mentioning that in relation to the previous ticket
14:41:23 <antonela> yes yes
14:41:29 <pili> anyway, we could make it a bit easier to edit torrc from tor browser
14:41:38 <pili> but that's not anything we'll work on any time soon
14:41:39 <pili> #32460 ?
14:41:45 <pili> this is a hot topic ;)
14:41:55 <emmapeel> oh yeah
14:41:59 <antonela> we talked about this last week, we will run user research over it
14:42:07 <pili> yup, can move on to the next ticket
14:42:10 <antonela> should i mention it in the ticket? thurayya do you want to jumo it?
14:42:16 <antonela> *jump on it
14:42:33 <pili> #32562
14:42:36 <thurayya> antonela: yes!
14:42:51 <antonela> thurayya: thank you!
14:42:57 <pili> I think nothing for us to do on #32562
14:43:17 <antonela> not there, but we need to define what we are going to do in TB
14:43:24 <antonela> the net team already did their part
14:43:49 <emmapeel> yeah it has dissapeared from the query during our meeting!
14:44:00 <pili> I'm a bit confused about this one, is #19757 the browser counter part?
14:44:33 <pili> emmapeel: yeah, it was closed in the last 15 minutes!! :D
14:45:29 <antonela> i think so pili, will comment there
14:45:39 <antonela> how many tickets left?
14:45:46 * antonela wants to talk about emmapeel's one
14:45:54 <pili> not many :)
14:45:59 <pili> thanks antonela
14:46:32 <pili> #32572
14:47:10 <emmapeel> #32572
14:47:25 <pili> zwiebelbot doesn't want to work :P
14:47:38 <emmapeel> nope.  Expose Tor advanced settings in about:preferences#tor
14:47:38 <antonela> that is related with #32459, will merge both tickets by closing one - maybe
14:47:49 <emmapeel> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/32572
14:48:13 <antonela> yes, i mentioned it before, that is why the bot is not doing their work
14:48:29 <emmapeel> i see
14:48:46 * antonela btw #19757 is not related with #32562
14:49:15 <antonela> so, that is all isn't?
14:49:15 <pili> I'm a bit confused about #19757 someone will have to explain it to me later...
14:49:16 <pili> anyway
14:49:29 <pili> #32645
14:49:32 <emmapeel> yeah and i want to say something: it is onion service, not hidden service@
14:49:33 <pili> is the last one
14:49:38 <pili> emmapeel:+1
14:49:50 <antonela> that is mine and should me a must on a s27 objective
14:50:03 <antonela> i'm discussing it with pospeselr and the tbb dev team
14:50:56 <antonela> okey, i'll move to emmapeel's item and we can discuss the kanban update next week
14:50:59 <antonela> #31963
14:51:04 <antonela> i think is a YES
14:51:14 <antonela> i opened a similar ticket at dip for tpo.org
14:51:15 <emmapeel> thanks. the translator open this ticket a while ago but i slept on it
14:51:28 <pili> ok
14:51:41 <pili> :)
14:51:48 <emmapeel> i think it is very important and also maybe it is even part of our license requirements
14:52:18 <emmapeel> the translators names can be pulled somehow automatically from the .po files, but not from the .properties and .dtd files from tor browser
14:52:48 <emmapeel> but there are more names to pull everywhere in the code as well
14:52:53 <antonela> yes
14:52:56 <antonela> i love it
14:53:10 <antonela> i hope we can move it forward with the dev team as well
14:53:11 * antonela https://dip.torproject.org/torproject/web/tpo/issues/27
14:53:17 <antonela> that is the one i made for the website
14:53:32 <sysrqb> win 3
14:53:38 <sysrqb> :(
14:53:57 <emmapeel> ha!
14:54:24 <emmapeel> oh sysrqb i didnt ha at you, but at antonela
14:54:33 <pili> let me add it for February...
14:54:45 <antonela> hi sysrqb /o
14:54:47 <antonela> haha
14:55:06 <sysrqb> :) *disappears*
14:55:13 <antonela> oki, for next week we have 1. the last meeting of the year, 2. the kanban update and we want to discuss letterboxing related stuff
14:55:35 <antonela> pili, could you review the kanban and update our roadmap so we have a better reflection of the reality?
14:56:09 <pili> yup! might not get around to it today though, still have a few reports to finish off  :(
14:57:39 <antonela> yes, i mean for next week
14:57:46 <antonela> ok, i think that is all folks
14:57:52 <antonela> thank you!
14:58:19 <emmapeel> thanks!
14:58:51 <antonela> #endmeeting