17:59:14 <ahf> #startmeeting Network team meeting, 9 december 2019
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17:59:20 <ahf> yoyo network-team folks o/
17:59:36 <ahf> our pad is at https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-netteam-2019.1-keep
17:59:50 <catalyst> o/
17:59:53 <ahf> who is here for the meeting today? :-)
17:59:55 <ahf> o/ catalyst
18:00:05 <dgoulet> o/
18:00:08 <nickm> hihi
18:00:23 <ahf> mikeperry, asn: around?
18:00:39 <asn> hello
18:01:08 <ahf> o/
18:01:13 <mikeperry> hi
18:01:35 <ahf> okay, let's begin
18:01:41 <gaba> hey
18:01:42 <ahf> the first item is to look at our 0.4.2 status page
18:01:54 <nickm> So, I'm planning to release 0.4.2 today
18:01:56 <ahf> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/org/teams/NetworkTeam/CoreTorReleases/042Status
18:02:06 <nickm> maybe we can take 0.4.2 status off our meeting agenda? :)
18:02:13 <ahf> yes, i was gonna ask that like last week
18:02:50 <ahf> so, what do we want to do here? do we want to have an 0.4.3 status page soon'ish? this time i think everybody was a bit "surprised" about the release scheduling coming up and maybe we can do something to keep the next release in people's minds
18:02:55 <ahf> maybe we also wait a bit of time before we do that
18:03:20 <nickm> For 043, freeze is on 15 Jan and stable is meant to be ready 15 Apr
18:03:39 <ahf> so beginning a 0.4.3 status might make sense at the freeze when bug hunting begins?
18:03:44 <ahf> freeze point*
18:04:19 <ahf> we can chat about that in january maybe?
18:04:31 <asn> ok
18:05:07 <ahf> ok, next up is roadmap
18:05:24 <ahf> our board is at https://dip.torproject.org/torproject/core/tor/-/boards
18:06:29 <nickm> looks correct-ish to me
18:06:38 <ahf> seems ok to me too
18:06:47 <asn> ok
18:07:00 <ahf> asn: how are we doing with review assignments?
18:07:03 <ahf> and dgoulet too
18:07:17 <asn> i assigned them in the afternoon
18:07:20 <asn> it was just one so i took it
18:07:29 <ahf> okay, i see none that are unassigned, great
18:07:56 <asn> tbh
18:07:57 <asn> over the past weeks
18:08:04 <asn> there hasnt been many needs_review things that needed to be assigned by us
18:08:15 <ahf> okay, then it's discussions. i'm a bit unsure about the upcoming releases was just an artifact from last week or if we had a follow up to do this week?
18:08:20 <ahf> asn: that is a very good sign
18:08:21 <asn> maybe subteams are assigning them in-team
18:08:28 <ahf> wonderful to hear
18:08:31 <nickm> only followup for releases is:
18:08:32 <asn> yeah
18:08:47 <nickm> I'm planning to put them out today, after the meeting.  Please let me know right now if I shouldn't. :)
18:08:54 <ahf> the more reviews we can get during the week between peers in the network team the better
18:09:02 <ahf> nickm: okay, great!
18:10:07 <ahf> moving to next item (let me know if it's going too fast): meeting time policy proposal
18:10:35 <ahf> i thiiink it's added by tim, but not 100% sure. they submitted it to the ML
18:11:10 <ahf> my personal opinion was that it is fine, but i'm not 100% sure if it has to be a policy? more something we just agree on? but then i might not be viewing the policy framework the same way as everybody else
18:11:13 <ahf> what does people think?
18:11:56 <nickm> I don't think it hurts to have it as a policy
18:12:06 <nickm> it would save time
18:12:36 <ahf> yeah, that was also the thing i was thinking of. so the step here would be to ask people to build up some thoughts on this and reply with that :-)
18:12:49 <nickm> or just vote if you don't have much to say :)
18:12:50 <gaba> it is fine for me to have it as a policy
18:12:51 * catalyst thinks it's guidelines more than policy, but the content is fine
18:12:58 <gaba> yes, guidelines +1
18:13:07 <ahf> but we can adopt guidelines as part of the policy framework IMO
18:13:18 <nickm> I'm not sure we have a  policy about what counts as a policy.
18:13:37 <nickm> I think that de facto, it's guidelines, since it says "ignore this with an explanation whenever you think it's a good idea"
18:13:45 <ahf> true
18:14:03 <nickm> so even if we call the document a MUST, all of its contents are SHOULD.
18:14:15 <ahf> okay folks, please spend a bit of time this week thinking about this proposal and respond to it :-) tim spend some time thinking of this, and is the one suffering the most from being far away from the rest of us when it comes to TZ choices we make :-)
18:14:47 <ahf> do we have anything else we need to discuss this week? :-)
18:15:18 <gaba> we need to start thinking about what we want to include as priorities for the roadmapping meeting next week
18:15:30 <ahf> yeah
18:15:45 <gaba> but we do not have to discuss it here :)
18:16:16 <ahf> right
18:17:01 <ahf> oki, do we have anything else?
18:17:04 <ahf> otherwise we have a very short meeting
18:17:19 <gaba> \o/
18:17:25 <ahf> okay, everybody! gonna end it
18:17:27 <ahf> #endmeeting