13:59:46 <antonela> #startmeeting ux team
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13:59:51 <antonela> hello people!
14:00:13 <antonela> nice to see all you around
14:00:24 <thurayya> hello world
14:00:25 <diogosergio> hi!
14:00:25 <emmapeel> hello
14:01:03 <antonela> lets start like if is not one of the last meetings of the year (!) https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-ux-team-2019-keep
14:01:08 <antonela> pad is there ^^
14:01:16 <antonela> add your updates and topics to discuss
14:03:55 <antonela> okey, lets start
14:04:06 <antonela> hi emmapeel, c1e0, pili, diogosergio, thurayya
14:05:44 <pili> is it? :o/
14:05:50 <pili> oops, too many messages sent at once :)
14:06:43 <antonela> so, last week we talked about the issues at the /download page
14:06:45 <antonela> #32460
14:07:27 <diogosergio> I don't know if anyone picked this one up, but I've been looking into it.
14:07:28 <antonela> hiro and i we are working on a version in [develop] branch
14:07:45 <diogosergio> Ah okay, just saw the update.
14:07:48 <antonela> diogosergio, we did yes, but you can run review over it :)
14:08:13 <antonela> is a wip at the moment but you can sneak peek here https://lektor-staging.torproject.org/tpo/develop/download/
14:08:32 <antonela> the plan is run two user-research sessions over this new iterated version this month
14:08:46 <diogosergio> ahaha yeah, pretty much what I had done *thumbs up*
14:08:54 <antonela> :)
14:09:17 <antonela> we can discuss it during the www meeting this week, but basically we need this [develop] branch working fine for the usability testing
14:09:23 <emmapeel> nice! what about changing ' Defend Yourself' with ' Download Tor Browser' ?
14:09:56 <emmapeel> also maybe the signature link centered
14:10:03 <diogosergio> There a couple more improvements we could do to this page, like introducing why people should verify after download.
14:10:33 <emmapeel> yeah its further in the page but maybe a (?) or something
14:10:42 <antonela> yes, we should
14:11:24 <antonela> diogosergio: there is a ticket https://dip.torproject.org/torproject/web/tpo/issues/6
14:11:51 <antonela> do you want to work on it? i can assign it to you if verify signatures is something that excites you :)
14:12:09 <diogosergio> Yeah, I can do that one.
14:12:35 <diogosergio> In the #32460 you guys only touching the top section?
14:13:00 <antonela> yes, we are using a minified version to focus in the download flow and to avoid the double download button
14:13:20 <diogosergio> Is it out of scope to restructure the page?
14:13:31 <antonela> diogosergio: do you have an account in dip.tpo?
14:13:38 <diogosergio> I don't
14:14:10 <antonela> diogosergio: maybe? you can propose immediate changes for those problems that are blockers and future iterations for those ideas that you would like to share
14:14:23 <diogosergio> Okay, sounds good :)
14:14:23 <antonela> pili can we give diogosergio dip credentials?
14:14:28 <pili> yeah, sure
14:14:35 <antonela> awesome
14:14:45 <antonela> maybe you want to exchange emails via dm :)
14:15:04 <diogosergio> I was also curious about we mention the Onion Browser in IOS, but not at the top.
14:15:09 <diogosergio> Is it because its not oficial?
14:15:30 <diogosergio> (pili, i will message you after the meeting)
14:15:35 <pili> yup, no rush :)
14:16:22 <antonela> diogosergio: right, is not developed by us but we recommend it because mike is a community member and other things too
14:16:53 <diogosergio> should we mention it next to the official downloads?
14:17:26 <antonela> maybe in the future, but not now
14:17:27 <diogosergio> its kinda lost in the page at the moment
14:17:32 <diogosergio> Okay!
14:17:39 * diogosergio thumbs up!
14:17:56 <antonela> cool
14:19:07 <antonela> anything else regarding the download flow?
14:19:26 <antonela> oki, next
14:19:34 <antonela> IFF
14:19:43 <thurayya> \o/
14:19:44 <antonela> we will be making IFF next year
14:19:54 <antonela> (thanks for adding it nah!)
14:20:01 <antonela> we are planning to apply for a village
14:20:25 <antonela> but we can also apply for activities in the regular days
14:21:07 <antonela> i think we should have a 1. user testing table 2. a l10n table 3. a kind of feature request board with post its for tor browser
14:21:12 <antonela> what else do you think we can do?
14:21:25 <antonela> i loved the way that people gave feedback during the l10n activity last year emmapeel
14:21:41 <emmapeel> yeah
14:21:46 <antonela> more about the content and how it matches or not the locale reality
14:21:47 <pili> antonela: I'm guessing you're just looking for ideas from the UX side? :)
14:21:52 <antonela> oh yes
14:21:57 <antonela> pili ^
14:22:23 <diogosergio> Whats IFF?
14:22:31 <antonela> oh sorry
14:22:37 <antonela> https://internetfreedomfestival.org/
14:22:50 <diogosergio> Oh, sweet.
14:23:00 <thurayya> what about a conversations session about privacy and feminism by design? something like it... i think it would be good to hear from our feminists friends around the world
14:23:15 <antonela> the internet freedom festival is an event in Valencia where we usually met friends, users and other orgas running internet freedom related projects
14:23:22 <antonela> ay si <3
14:23:27 <antonela> we should
14:23:34 <antonela> more about infra or?
14:23:49 <antonela> more about product?
14:23:58 <pili> thurayya: that's a really nice idea, you should submit that one! :)
14:24:34 <antonela> nah is looking for partners in crime pili
14:24:35 <antonela> hahha
14:24:37 <pili> :D
14:24:38 <thurayya> hahahaha
14:24:51 <pili> I think there's a bunch on the infra side, I'm sure gaba knows most of them :)
14:25:00 <thurayya> i'm thinking. gonna set up a pad and share if y'all
14:25:02 <pili> for product, I'm not so sure, that could be interesting
14:25:10 <thurayya> i was thinking more about infra too
14:25:21 <antonela> last year conversation circle was very nice
14:25:24 <thurayya> and maybe hiro wants to join too? :)
14:25:27 <antonela> will they repeat?
14:26:22 <thurayya> i think i wasn't in this conversation circle last year :/
14:26:37 <antonela> you were dude, you was speaker there
14:26:38 <antonela> hahha
14:26:57 <thurayya> hahahahha oops
14:27:01 <antonela> the feminist infrastructure convo
14:27:10 <antonela> the one about protocols
14:27:12 <thurayya> ahhh ok! that was about the ietf
14:27:17 <antonela> yes right
14:27:47 <antonela> nah if you start the pad, i can drop things there too
14:28:02 <thurayya> perfect, will do :)
14:28:06 <antonela> and if they dont accept our stuff, we have the village to run them anyways
14:28:17 <antonela> are you going to be there as part of moz thurayya?
14:28:33 <thurayya> yes!
14:28:36 <antonela> niiice
14:28:45 <antonela> we should re-print the global south sticker
14:28:46 <antonela> s
14:29:14 <antonela> okey cool
14:29:23 <antonela> anything else re iff? emmapeel are you going to be around next year?
14:29:57 <antonela> i dont have too much else for today folks
14:30:14 <antonela> im writing the november report for the ux team, if you have any highlight please add it to the pad soonish
14:30:31 <emmapeel> yeah i plan to go. i live nearby
14:30:39 <antonela> great :)
14:31:12 <pili> we should be quick to submit something
14:31:44 <pili> the proposal deadline is this Sunday!
14:31:45 <pili> :)
14:31:46 <pili> 15th December
14:31:47 <pili> I think we've already said that we're doing a village
14:31:59 <pili> but if we want to submit any additional sessions we need to get a move on
14:32:14 <antonela> yes, the deadline is this week
14:33:04 <antonela> ok!
14:33:11 <antonela> last but not least
14:33:23 <antonela> i've been reading this article by simply secure folks > https://24ways.org/2019/iconography-of-security/
14:33:32 <antonela> you may find it interesting like me :)
14:33:52 <antonela> anything else folks? am i missing anything?
14:34:09 <diogosergio> Not from me :)
14:34:33 <thurayya> thanks! gonna read it
14:34:36 <antonela> cool, lets call it so
14:34:37 <antonela> thanks all!
14:34:40 <antonela> #endmeeting